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Yoga for Lunch

Wanna know a fun way to spend your lunch hour? YeeeeOGA!

Since I work in a building with a bunch of sports organizations, you would think we would be doing sporty things all the time. Not the case. In fact, there is a definite lack of group active activities (besides Office Boccia, which I’ll get into another time).  Myself and a friend who works in my building decided we needed to take matters into our own hands and organize some lunchtime yoga action!

It was a bit of a tricky process, and took several months to get off the ground. We put a call out on Twitter for a traveling yogi who could come into our building at lunch and help us get our ohm on, and eventually we had a lead! Now we are downward-facing-dogging it up every Friday at lunch, 20 of us, in a boardroom in our building. Today was week two.

I used to think yoga was about sitting around and breathing, which doesn’t sound very appealing to me, so I didn’t think I’d be a fan. And when I took my first serious yoga class, I’m pretty sure the person next to me me was an experienced gymnast, because she was contorting her body into all these crazy positions that I couldn’t imagine myself ever being able to do. It was quite intimidating.

But over the past year I have gotten more into it. Hot yoga especially. I love the way my body feels afterward, even if I’m not getting all the moves correct ;). My coworker today said she loved how stretched she felt after, and I think she put it perfectly. That is exactly how I felt.

Anyway, today’s yoga was great! The class was more challenging than last week, I was actually sweating! I had to go back to work sans shower after, but it was casual Friday, so no worries ;). The class is 45 minutes, which still gives us a bit of time to sneak in lunch, which is good ’cause I had a big ol’ salad waiting for my sch-weaty self.

Salad Love

This salad included romaine lettuce, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, cucumba, green onion, flax seeds and shredded cheddar cheese (you can NOT forget the CHEESE!) Dressing was fat free Italian, which I could probably drink a bottle of on its own I love it so much.

Close up of the goods

This salad kept me happy and full until snack time.

After work I had quite the workout with my friend Dawn, one of my besties from high school. She has had some huge success gym-wise over the last four years and put me through a rough weight training session. It’s good to have an awesome motivator (or slave driver ;)).

Catcha lata!