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5 Thing Thursday

A few random things for you today.

1  At this time tomorrow we will be landing in Cayo Coco, Cuba. Come to me!!!


I can’t even contain my excitement! 24 hours from now I will be swimming in that turquoise ocean on the most beautiful beach.


Or getting annihilated by waves, either or. And eating and drinking all the things. And no pants for a whole week! I’ve been looking forward to it so much I’ve been packed since Sunday.

I know I said last time that it would probably be a while before I went back to Cuba and I’d like to try somewhere else first, but then we found a really sweet deal, and I started reading about how the beaches in Cayo Coco are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world… And, of course, the Americans are coming, so we better get there before all the Burger Kings start popping up 🙂 No really, please don’t screw it up. It’s so nice there just how it is.

Oh, and don’t worry about Winnie, Evan’s friend Ian will be looking after her and making sure she gets her Fancy Feast.

2  Speaking of Winnie, she is obsessed with Fancy Feast. She just cannot get enough. Every evening she gets a little bit of the magical Fancy Feast in addition to her special dry food, but if Winnie had her way she would be eating only Fancy Feast, and she would be eating it all the time.


The problem is that Winnie needs to be eating her special dry food for her kidneys. And she can’t have too much Fancy Feast because it gives her explosive diarr-you-know. But she can’t have only dry food either because it makes her constipated. The struggle. Cats, amirite? So I have perfected her delicate balance of dry food to Fancy Feast for optimum happy litter box times, but she doesn’t care. She’ll take uncomfortable bowel activities if it means more Fancy Feast. She sits by her dish and meows incessantly for it. If I have already given her Fancy Feast, she meows at Evan and tries to trick him into thinking she hasn’t had it yet, that sneaky minx.

This all prompted Evan to Google about older cats becoming senile, because he thought that was maybe what was going on with Winnie. Apparently cats that are eight years old are considered older cats and can start showing signs of senility. But no no, not Winnie. She has zero symptoms. Not one. She’s 21 and a half, and she still has all her marbles. She’s just OBSESSED with Fancy Feast.

3  I was reading this article about signs you’re with a good man on the Huffington Post the other day, and it really hit home to me. I thought it was completely bang-on, and I found myself nodding and agreeing on every point. And recognizing a good man may seem like a no brainer, but I know that it isn’t. Because I have been with men who have not been good (to me, I can’t speak to how they are now, maybe it was just with me), and I know how the signs of good can be forgotten. Or you feel like it’s not important. Or you feel like it’s impossible to find. It isn’t, and it is important.

4  Is anyone watching Big Brother Canada?! Ah, Big Brother is my guilty pleasure. I love it.


I love that it is on three nights a week so it’s a short time between episodes and there is always something happening. At first I wasn’t feeling this season’s cast because they are all very young and I feel like Big Brother was headed in a Real World direction (no, they are different)…but now they seem to be growing on me. I think this happens every season. I hate everyone at first because they’re new and I’m comparing them to the cast of last season, and then they end up winning me over. Britney from Big Brother US will always be my fave though.



5  Last point but absolutely not least, if you are in a generous mood, please check out the fundraising page for the brave 7-year-old Logan, who was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.


After receiving a double-lung transplant, Logan developed cancer from the anti-rejection medication (apparently only 1% of transplant patients develop cancer from the anti-rejection medication, and Logan is in that 1%). Logan is a friend of a friend of mine, and his family is very deserving of the support. You can read about Logan’s story here. I tried to sum it up, but my friend Amy is a very talented writer and has laid out Logan’s situation perfectly. Not surprising, since she is my journalism school friend! If you are able to share or donate, even just a little, I very much appreciate it.


21 Facts about Winnie in Honour of her 21st Birthday

Guess whose 21st birthday it is?!


That’s riiiiight. Little miss Winnie kitty turns the big 2-1 this month! I don’t know when exactly her birthday is, but I do know that I had her for her first Christmas, and she was old enough to leave her mom then (6-8 weeks?), which means she was born around this time. So we are celebrating birthday month. Fancy Feast all day err’day (not quite, but that would be Winnie’s dream).

21 is a big deal for anyone. 21 for a cat is a HUGE deal and pretty much unheard of. There are differing opinions on cat to human years, but in human years Winnie is about 100-140 years old. You do not often hear of cats making it to this age, so it’s pretty incredible and I think of Winnie as my little miracle kitty. So in honour of her 21st birthday, here are 21 facts about Winnie.


Fact: She’s cute.

21. Winnie was parented by two stray cats and was born under my friend Emily’s neighbour’s air conditioner. It happened on a day that could have been just like this, 21 years ago.

20. Winnie lived in the barn in Emily’s backyard with her mom and her brothers and sisters, until she was old enough to leave her mother and we could adopt her. We adopted Winnie and also her brother Tigger.


Tigger and Winnie…and Eric. And a really, horribly unflattering picture of me and my chins in my Northern Reflections sweater.

That is sadly the only picture I can find of Tigger. I know there are more around somewhere! Unfortunately, Tigger is gone (I will get to that) but apparently Winnie does still have a surviving sister who lives with a friend of Emily’s parents! Barn cats man, they are sturdy minxes.

19. Winnie does not really like children. You can see in the above picture that she is keeping a watchful eye on Eric… He harassed the pants off her, and she did not like it. I don’t know if it is specifically because of Eric that she doesn’t like kids…but probably. He certainly did not change her mind about them. Winnie was also the unfortunate victim of Eric and a bottle of my mom’s Chanel No 5. That was a fun moment for Winnie.

18. Winnie LIVES to snuggle. She has always been like this. As soon as we brought Winnie and Tigger home I made them sleep in my bed with me, but Tigger would never stay. Winnie would though. Winnie would stay with me in my arms every night until I fell asleep, and when I woke up I would find her by my feet. She still sleeps with me every night.


She prefers to be under the covers. So snuggly.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.08.43 PM

We woke up like this.

17. For the first 10 years or so of Winnie’s life, we lived in the middle of nowhere, across the street from a lake and basically in a forest. In her youth Winnie was an outdoor kitty. She was allowed to freely roam around outside at her leisure. Although she had this freedom, she stayed on our property and only dared to go into the very edge of the forest. Very unfortunately, Tigger disappeared when he was about 10 years old, and we can only assume that an animal got him. But that would not happen with Winnie. Not only did she practice safety first, but it was clear that you do not mess with her. You may notice that Winnie has a little cut in her ear.


That is a V for Victory. Some other animal tried to mess her up and she showed them who’s boss and came out unscathed, minus her badass battle scar.

16. Winnie was an excellent mouser in her day. So many times I would walk outside and find a dead mouse “present” on the step of our front porch.



15. Aside from being a fabulous mouser and an excellent guard cat and defender, she is the sweetest little kitty you will ever meet. She has the most beautiful soul in the world. And I don’t just mean cat soul, I mean all souls. She is the nicest. It makes me sad that she is spayed and will never be a mom with kittens of her own, because she would be the BEST mom.


She has also never bit a person and will not bite you even if you stick your finger in her mouth (I have tried). She will refuse. She is friendly to everyone (except kids, she’ll just hide), and she’ll snuggle with anyone.


14. At the lake house, we had a neighbour who lived behind us whose name was also Winnie, coincidentally. So my mom would want Winnie to come in for dinner and she would be at the back door yelling  “WINNIEEEEEEEEE!!!! Come on, hurry up! Winnieeeeee! Are you hungies? Are you hungies? WINNIEEEEE?!” Not awkward for our neighbour Winnie at all I’m sure…

13. Winnie does not like dogs. She has never liked dogs, and I don’t think she ever will. She tolerated Bolt for exactly one evening, and then she went back to avoiding him.


Winnie says “Nope nope nope nope nope.”

My mom was all “well, how do you think Winnie has lived for so long? She knows to stay away from the dogs.” Too true. Smart kitty.

12. She doesn’t like other cats either. Until she gets used to them. When I lived with my old boyfriend we had another cat named Dexter that we introduced to Winnie when he was a kitten, and I think she thought she was his mom because they actually became best friends.


I lost custody of Dexter after the breakup when we sold our house and I moved into a tiny junior one bedroom condo downtown Toronto (well, technically midtown) and couldn’t have two cats. I was very sad to lose Dexy, but I know he has a good life now. I wonder if Winnie ever misses him.


She probably doesn’t miss his harassment.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.17.38 PM

11. Winnie has been with me through everything since I was about 10. She was my kitty all through high school, all through post secondary, has spent time with all my friends and everyone I have ever dated (well, dated seriously, and Evan is her favourite). She has been with me through my parents break up, many, many moves, and many jobs. The Wins has always been the steady constant in my life, for two thirds of my life. She is the pet of my life.


10. Winnie has always been a small cat.


However, she did go through a stage where she put on some weight (too much Fancy Feast), and her body got quite a lot larger. Her head, however, did not change in size. This earned Winnie the nickname “Beetlejuice” because:



9. Winnie is a true sunshine kitty and she loves to be outside. She can’t roam freely like she could in her younger years, but she loves to be outside on the patio and feel the sunshine on her fur.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.08.00 PM

8. For the most part Winnie is very low key and does not get into trouble. But occasionally she will have a destructive moment. She has an issue with plants, she cannot let them go uneaten. And apparently she has an issue with potato bags…

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.09.41 PM

And she has a very discerning taste in cat toys. She likes tinfoil balls, foam balls, balls on string, and that’s about it. She likes balls.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.32.49 PM

Fake mice though? No.

7. Winnie’s destructive moments tend to coincide with the moments that she REALLY. WANTS. FANCY FEAST. and is on a hunt for it.


She absolutely LOVES Fancy Feast and will do anything for it. Imitation Fancy Feast? Forget it. Winnie only likes the real deal. She will not even look at Finicky Cat or those fancy Meow Mix gourmet toppables. She is on a special dry food for her kidney disease and she is supposed to have the corresponding wet food to accompany this, but she really doesn’t like it. She only wants Fancy Feast, and she’s 21 years old so if she wants to eat crap, that’s fine. She can do whatever the hell she wants. She’s earned it. She also likes ham. And cheese, yogurt, and chips.

6. We had to stop giving her Fancy Feast in the morning because she started waking up earlier and earlier and meowing for it. It got to the point where she would wake up at 5am and start meowing in our bedroom and would not shut up until she got her Fancy Feast.


Fancy Feast. She wants it.

So now she gets the Fancy Feast every day at dinner time and the morning meowing has stopped.

5. Winnie loves, loves loves loves, to be brushed. On the ottoman. Always the ottoman. And if you are not going to brush her, that’s fine, she gets things done.

You guys won't brush me? Fine, I'll do it myself. #catsofinstagram #catvideo

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4. Aside from when Winnie was diagnosed with kidney disease (bad times in the litter box, and outside of the litter box, led to this diagnosis, and it is manageable with her special food), Winnie has only been sick enough to require a visit to the vet one other time that I can remember. Again, barn cats. They sturdy.

3. I mentioned this in my Nana vs. My Cat: A Comparison post, but Winnie has the most positive attitude. Again, this is probably why she has lived for so long and is still so spry and full of energy. Winnie doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She lives for the smallest things. Like her alpine scratcher (we have to get her a new one, she loves it!)




2. Winnie is very vocal and meows a lot. Some would say constantly. Evan and I think this is hilarious/cute and it does not annoy us (unless it is happening at 5am for Fancy Feast, then yes, it does).

1. Winnie will seduce you with her cat grass.


I could go on forever about how amazing Winnie has been over the years. She is a one-of-a-kind kitty and I am so lucky to have had her in my life for as long as I have. I can’t imagine my life without her and I know it’s not possible, but part of me thinks that she will live forever because she is just fueled by love.

We love you Winnie!!!! Happy 21st birthday you old miracle!

If you would like to send Winnie a gift she will accept Fancy Feast. And ham.


Happy Birthday Eric! And the last of my mom’s visit

This week has been a bit nutso, so just a few things before it has been too long since my mom left and it is weird to talk about.

But first, happiest of 21st birthdays to my baby brother Eric!


The first time I held him. He was a HUGE baby.


21. 21 years have gone by since that cheeky cat was born. I can’t believe it. I remember when I was eagerly anticipating his arrival and drawing scary clowns to be posted on the walls of his nursery that said “TO BABY!” all over them (not kidding about that, my mom saved one of the clown posters that I drew and it is terrifying. Poor guy). I have a lot more to say on the subject of having a baby brother…I also found a speech that I wrote about little brothers when I was in Grade 6 and it does not paint Eric in the most flattering light (direct quote: “I like him when he is sleeping and when he is playing in his OWN room with his OWN toys. I do not like it when he comes into my room and gets into all my stuff. And forget about putting up a barricade because Eric will just smash through it.”) I think I will have to write more about that speech later…

Anyway, he did turn into a shining, respectable young man. So happy birthday Eric, I love you!

Last weekend when my mom was still here we did the rounds of visiting her old friends. And we dropped in to see my lovely Nana.


I still cannot believe she is 100. And she is still so with it, asking my mom all the questions about what she has been up to. Nana is my dad’s mom, but my parents were married for 20 years so was obviously a big part of my mom’s life. Nana was just thrilled to see her. She is still calling me and raving about our visit and how happy she was to see my mom doing so well.


She’s a sweetheart that Nana. Her annual Elvis impersonator barbecue is coming up and I cannot wait.

Aside from family and friends visiting, we ate a lot. My mom made her famous chicken soup that I love so much.


My friend Melissa was telling me that the reason she loves soup so much to this day is because of my mom and the soups she used to make for us when we were growing up. I totally agree. I never thought about that before but I’m pretty sure that is why I love soup so much now too. I can always go for some soup.

Evan also made his delicious lentils and red curry chicken for my mom, and it was her first time eating anything like that.


With spicy pickle and Evan’s cousin’s chutney and popadoms. My mom loved. I loved! I want to eat that every day!

Evan cooked for us a lot actually…



I’m sorry but sausages are just not photogenic, no matter how you photograph them.

I was happy my mom got to experience Evan’s cooking, because it is dynamite.

Evan and I also took my mom to the flea market last Sunday so she could experience that randomness. And we went to amazing crazy food court with all the foods of the world, and what made the experience for me this time was this pork rice from the Columbian food stall.


It is cooked inside sewed up pork skin and it was incredibly amazing. We all loved it. My mom and I also shared a quesadilla from the Mexican booth, but not even worth taking a picture of, I was too into that rice.

My mom hung out a lot with this little minx.


My mom was Winnie’s first owner. I think Winnie remembered her! She slept with her every night and has definitely been missing her since she left. My mom could not believe how much she still acts like a spry young kitty, and she is turning 21 this October! I haven’t been posting a lot of pictures of Winnie since Bolt’s arrival, but rest assured she is and will always be my number one. She is my favourite.

Other than that, a lot of hanging around and chatting in the condo. Evan and my mom really like each other.



Brotherman came over for dinner a few times and he and my mom really hit it off as well.

I know she had a really great time. I was so sad to see her go. We are going to miss her around here. But I am very happy knowing that Eric (and Kenya and Dixon!) are taking such good care of her in BC.

Have a great weekend!


Butterflies in a Jar, Brothers on the Fridge (and other things)

Bulleted blog post today, because FRIDAY! And I’m typing this as I watch Big Brother so I am very sorry but you don’t have my full attention. But you do have most of my attention. It’s not like watching Big Brother requires any sort of brain power (but I love it and it’s my guilty pleasure).

1. This winter was horrible in the weather department, and though it is technically spring, it does not seem to be as nice as it usually is this time of year. As such I would like three months (June through August, inclusive) of hot, sunny weather. I don’t want no half-assed summer like last year, with one week of extreme heat alerts and the rest of the time feeling like late spring with quite a lot of rain and also a flood. No. That will not do. I want full out, LEGIT, summer.

Well I want three months of sun and ~25C. I am not asking for humidity here. But for all the crap we have put up with this winter I feel that is a fair request.

2. Evan bought me this weird butterfly in a jar from Home Depot the other day.


He left it on my night table for me to find when I got home from work, and I noticed it but I didn’t see the butterfly so I thought it was a plain mason jar. I texted him “Much mason, such jar. Wow. Thanks,” wondering if he had just found a nice jar somewhere and thought I would like it? But then he texted me back and told me to tap the top of the jar, so I did that and I nearly had a heart attack. This is what happens when you tap the lid.


The butterfly is on a thin electronic wire and starts flying around like mad. It looks totally real, and you can hear the fluttering of its little wings against the glass. I have never seen anything like it. It will just go crazy for about a minute and a half, or it will stop and let it’s wings lightly open and close. It’s really cool, but it’s also kind of creepy because sometimes I feel like it’s real. Winnie agrees.


WTF is this?

She just does not know what to make of it.

3. Speaking of that cheeky little kitty named Winnie, while we were in Cuba Evan’s nana stayed at our condo and watched her for us. They had a REALLY good time together. Well, Nana just had a good time here in general. She now knows more people in our building than I do after living here for 8 months. But Nana and Winnie really bonded. Nana was so sad to leave and even shed a tear while saying goodbye to the Winners, and then for a couple days afterwards Winnie was just aimlessly wandering around meowing like she was looking for Nana. I don’t blame Winnie, as she clearly gained some weight in that week (it’s good, she is all elder kitty skinny) so I suspect she was getting a lot of treats. I am guessing lots of cheese and butter.


I LOVE cheese and butter.

Anyway, we were printing a bunch of photos of our trip for Evan’s nana, so we decided to print some pictures of just Winnie for her as well. I didn’t think she would really care about them, because who wants pictures of someone else’s cat? Well, Nana does. When we went to visit her for Easter the pictures of Winnie were ALL on the fridge. There were a lot of pictures on the fridge, of family, etc. but the majority of pictures that were on the fridge were of Winnie.

4. And speaking of pictures on the fridge, this beautiful graduation photo of my brother is on our fridge.


And Evan says that every time he goes into the fridge he can feel Eric staring at him, pondering. Like “Hmmm…what’s for breakfast? Hmm…eggs? Hmmm….” That Eric. Such a ponderer.

5. On Tuesday evening I ate the best Chinese food of my life.


Evan and I went out for dinner with our friends Emily and Corey at this little Chinese/Italian restaurant in middle of nowhere Aurora called Hanson’s. Seriously the middle of nowhere. It is a beacon of Chinese deliciousness at Kennedy and Aurora Roads. Emily had heard really good things about it and it was perfectly in the middle of both our houses so we went with it. It looks so nondescript from the outside but the inside was gorgeous and the menu was ridiculously extensive. Every kind of Chinese food and all sorts of Italian dishes. A weird combination, but I guess 25 years ago it was an Italian restaurant when a Chinese family bought it and started adding Chinese dishes. It’s been going strong since. We all split the dinner for four, and then also added lemon chicken. Amazing. Sometimes I am “eh” about Chinese food as I find it a bit too greasy, but this was perfect. Pretty sure this is going to be a regular date night. If you are near Aurora, GO THERE.

6. Spring has sprung (mostly) and we be runnin’ outside!


There’s a power line corridor not too far from us and it is a pretty decent running route. It’s no cemetery running (but at least I don’t have to worry about getting trapped in there), but it does the trick. I ran 5k by myself on Wednesday eve, and last night Evan and I did 5k together.


We’re sweaty, don’t judge. When I run by myself I just run, but with Evan we do the Couch to 5k app. We have been on week four for about…four weeks. Ha. When we’re outside we usually add some extra walking also. It’s a pretty urban/industrial area, but we actually saw some wildlife. Like this charming Canada Goose:

He didn’t chase us, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking about it. And we saw a skunk. And a lot of garbage, including a boat. Seriously someone ditched a boat there. I think we may have to organize a neighbourhood clean up day.

Anyway, that is it for today. Have a great weekend!!!


10 Thing Thursday

1. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start doing 12 thing Thursday, or 10 thing Thursday, every Thursday. Or maybe I am. I don’t know. To be honest lately I haven’t been in the biggest of writing moods. Or sometimes I’ll be in a big writing mood but it will strike me at an inopportune time, like when I’m driving or something (I almost wrote when I’m drinking, but that is actually the ideal time for writing. I did most of the Captain Hook story after way, way too much wine). Blog writing time is typically 9pm-ish, and by that time doing anything that requires thinking feels like a bit of a chore. So, often I will begin to write a post and then reading in bed will start calling my name and I’ll be all “Well I’ll just finish this puppy up tomorrow morning before work!” But then of course my alarm goes off and I would rather lollygag around in bed with Evan/Winnie than get up and finish writing. You see what is happening here.


Sleep > Blogging

Anyway, what I am getting at here is that Cely was really onto something with the whole WTF Wednesday and 15 Thing Friday thing because it is very helpful to organize your thoughts in list form and not write an entire post on just one topic. That requires too much thinking sometimes. Lists are just a good way to tie random thoughts together. So here are 10 things. Or, let’s make this number 1, so 9 more things.

2. I recently discovered Candy Crush, and this may be another reason why my blogging is slightly slacking lately… Evan’s good friend Ian was originally playing it, and I was all “Laaaaaame, that game seems super lame,” and he was all “You’d be surprised at how addictive it is,” and I was all scoffy scoffy, sure it is. And then I downloaded it onto my phone, because I did used to like Bejeweled a lot and it seemed similar. And holy sweet swaddled baby Jesus, it is ADDICTIVE.


It is also evil and I am pretty sure I’m going to have to delete it from my phone altogether. For a free app I sure have spent a lot of money on it. Close to $4! I really dislike that you have to pay 99 cents to move onto the next level area OR you have to spam your Facebook friends. I would rather pay 99 cents than harass my Facebook friends with game requests (or let everyone know that I’m addicted to Candy Crush), so I pony up. Everything in the game is clearly geared for you to spend money. Don’t play it. Don’t ever play it. If you haven’t played it you are lucky. I wish I never downloaded it. I’m going back to Wordlands.

3. What is this?


I LOVE The Decadent. I think they are the best store bought chocolate chip cookie of all time (except maybe those delicious soft chocolate chip cookies from Costco), but chocolate flavoured SODA? I am equal parts disgusted and intrigued. Also, no I haven’t updated my iOS on my phone yet. I have an iPhone 4 and it works just fine now so I’m worried if I update it’ll get all laggy. I’m getting a new phone in the new year, so I’m holdin’ out!

4. I, like everyone else on the internet, read the article about the girl who drank 3 litres of water every day for four weeks and looked 10 years younger. A bunch of other good things happened too, she lost weight, inches, got rid of her headaches, etc. At first I read it and was kind of “good for her” didn’t think much of it. And then I started thinking about it all the time. I have been REALLY bad with the water drinking, which is just bad news. Some days I go an entire day without drinking anything but coffee. It cannot be good. I’m sure I’m often dehydrated, and it is extremely dry right now (just ask Winnie, she is a ball of static electricity, no one can pet her without getting shocked), so that can’t be good either.

And so I decided to challenge myself. I am going to drink 3 litres of water a day every day for four weeks. I started on Sunday, so today would be my fifth day. So far I haven’t noticed much of a difference except I have to pee ALL THE TIME. All the time. I have never had to pee so much. It’s ridiculous. And I also feel kind of…I hate this word, but it starts with a b and it rhymes with “goated”. I think that might subside once my body gets used to it though, hopefully. We shall see.

5. On Tuesday night I went out for dinner with my favourite ladies from OFSAA (my old job, I worked there for nearly five years and I love love LOVED it there). I miss my coworkers an insane amount. The ladies and I try to get together once every few months to catch up, but it’s not the same.

We always go to Memories of Japan, and we always get the Teppenyaki cook table and it is eating and talking for at least three hours and it is always a good time.


Me, Lexy, Susan, Beth

That photo is from two years ago, but it’s always the same ladies, always the same restaurant, and always the same cook table. So Tuesday looked exactly like that except we were in sweaters as it is freezing outside.

Seeing them always makes me feel a little nostalgic. I saw these girls every day for nearly five years. Lexy was (and will always be!) my office Bestie and Beth was my office mom (Susan did not actually work directly with us, long story, but I love her too). If I ever had any sort of problem, I could just skip over to either of their offices and vent my little heart out. It is so weird to go from seeing someone every day, to not at all. They were in my life by force, I was forced to see them every day, but I loved it so much. They grew to feel like family. There are so many people from my past that I wish I could stay in better contact with, but time is not a’plenty. Sometimes I wish I could hand pick all my favourite people and make them live on a colony with me so they are always readily available. Like Friends, but on a larger scale. Would that be a cult? I don’t know, but it would be fun.

6. Evan and I made these delicious rice paper wraps again on Saturday (follow that link to the recipe)…



Ohh they are so good. We choose to go to an Asian grocery store/market to get the ingredients for these, as they have the best thin beef and pork there. This is always an adventure, as they have some interesting food items… buckets of cows feet, buckets of pigs’ SNOUTS, a bucket of live eels…and this:


I am just…very intrigued. I don’t know what you would make with that. Is salted jellyfish good? I will probably never know.

7. Winnie is wearing her festive collar for the holidays.


And she likes it. Honestly. Don’t believe her grumpy face, because she doesn’t even try to get it off.

8. Today is my mom’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! She sent me a Christmas package in the mail with tons of goodies.


Including stockings (!!), homemade banana bread, and CHEESE!!!!


She knows my deep love for cheese. The cheese and the banana bread could maybe have been considered sketchy, as they had both been in the mail for a week so not exactly refrigerated…but I’ve been eating it and I feel alright. Just very thankful. Any cheese is good cheese in my opinion.

9. To the hundreds of people who have been landing on my blog every day lately after googling “christmas door decorating contest,” or something along those lines, and landing on this post with this door:


Please know that door got us second place. It wasn’t even first. So I don’t know if you want to use it as an example. But we did win cookies, so, maybe you do.

10. My Dad is having hip replacement surgery today, so let’s all say a little prayer for Bobby the Raver.


May his fanny pack rest comfortably on his new hip. He needs to be in tip-top shape to play his keyboards! I know that all will go well and he will be good as new. I am really excited for his new mobility.



This weekend is Thanksgiving! Canadian Thanksgiving! Ours is quite a lot earlier than the American holiday, which I am personally in favour of. I like having the two biggest eating holidays of the year spread out. I can’t imagine having Thanksgiving less than a month before Christmas. That wouldn’t even give me enough time to properly fit in my pants again. Someone should have thought of that when designating the American holidays (not like you guys have a lot to be overly thankful for right now anyway with all the BS going on in your country).

Anyway, I’m excited to eat a lot, and my stretchy pants are laid out and ready for the weekend. My Dad and Mona are in Florida right now, and my Mom and Eric live in BC, so I will be celebrating this Thanksgiving with Evan’s family. First time for a big holiday! It’s kinda like Meet The Parents (but I have already met the parents and the family). Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too badly. But I probably will. I can’t eat anything without getting it all over my face. Just ask Evan (I like to think he finds it endearing).

At least I know this time that his Grandma doesn’t like hugging, so I won’t go in for a huge one and get shafted. Unlike the first time I met her when I hugged her and her arms stayed stiffly at her sides the entire time. Not awkward at all. Evan whispered to me afterwards “I forgot to tell you Grandma’s not a hugger.” Thanks for the heads up!

We will be gone from Saturday until Monday. Brotherman is coming with us, and Ian will be away with his family, so this leaves Winnie. Poor little Winnie, all aloney on her owney. Coming with us would be no good for her as she HATES the car and going on a car ride for two hours would not be her dream (it would in fact be her nightmare). Normally leaving her alone for a few days is fine. If you’re not cat savvy maybe you are unaware of this, but cats are super easy. Throw down some extra food and water and they’re good for days (and this is why I have a cat and not a dog). However, because of Winnie’s recent health issues I have been iffy on leaving her, even though she will really only be on her own for one full day.

So Evan found this app that you can download on both your phone and your computer, and it is basically like a nanny cam, so you can watch what’s going on in your house when you’re not there, FROM YOUR PHONE. Pretty cool stuff. So we will be able to monitor Winnie while we’re away. Is that creepy? Apparently there is a motion sensor also, and you get a notification when something moves. Not that I want to be glued to my phone watching Winnie all weekend, but it will be nice to be able to check in (and see if she craps on the floor, which is what gave away her kidney issues in the first place).

I was touched that Evan suggested this AND I’m excited because I have always wanted to know what Winnie does when no one’s home. Probably just sleep, as usual. But I like to think she is throwing a cat party with all her friends (though she has no friends). Either way, we can keep an eye on her.

Maybe she will spend her time plotting how she is going to get her little paws on more ham. She is obsessed recently, and Evan and Brotherman joke that every time she meows she is actually saying “HAM!!!! HAM! HAAAAM!”

Anyway, this should be an interesting experiment.

Tonight is my friend Lisa’s birthday celebration at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, so basically it’s like Thanksgiving has come early. I’ll just be eating all weekend long, which makes me happy.

Evan texted me yesterday afternoon and said he and Brotherman were toying with the idea of East Side Mario’s for dinner, but also that he took a chicken out earlier and the chicken would be the healthy choice, and what did I think? I thought about it for a moment before saying that the next day was all-you-can-eat sushi and Saturday and Sunday would be all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving dinner so…why wait to get started on the eating fest? Why have chicken when I can have unlimited salad, bread and pasta?

I chose East Side Marios.

photo (9)

My pants and I will deal with the aftermath next week when this is all over.

Have a great weekend, and a great long weekend and HAPPY THANKSGIVING if you are Canadian!