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10 Thing Thursday

1. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start doing 12 thing Thursday, or 10 thing Thursday, every Thursday. Or maybe I am. I don’t know. To be honest lately I haven’t been in the biggest of writing moods. Or sometimes I’ll be in a big writing mood but it will strike me at an inopportune time, like when I’m driving or something (I almost wrote when I’m drinking, but that is actually the ideal time for writing. I did most of the Captain Hook story after way, way too much wine). Blog writing time is typically 9pm-ish, and by that time doing anything that requires thinking feels like a bit of a chore. So, often I will begin to write a post and then reading in bed will start calling my name and I’ll be all “Well I’ll just finish this puppy up tomorrow morning before work!” But then of course my alarm goes off and I would rather lollygag around in bed with Evan/Winnie than get up and finish writing. You see what is happening here.


Sleep > Blogging

Anyway, what I am getting at here is that Cely was really onto something with the whole WTF Wednesday and 15 Thing Friday thing because it is very helpful to organize your thoughts in list form and not write an entire post on just one topic. That requires too much thinking sometimes. Lists are just a good way to tie random thoughts together. So here are 10 things. Or, let’s make this number 1, so 9 more things.

2. I recently discovered Candy Crush, and this may be another reason why my blogging is slightly slacking lately… Evan’s good friend Ian was originally playing it, and I was all “Laaaaaame, that game seems super lame,” and he was all “You’d be surprised at how addictive it is,” and I was all scoffy scoffy, sure it is. And then I downloaded it onto my phone, because I did used to like Bejeweled a lot and it seemed similar. And holy sweet swaddled baby Jesus, it is ADDICTIVE.


It is also evil and I am pretty sure I’m going to have to delete it from my phone altogether. For a free app I sure have spent a lot of money on it. Close to $4! I really dislike that you have to pay 99 cents to move onto the next level area OR you have to spam your Facebook friends. I would rather pay 99 cents than harass my Facebook friends with game requests (or let everyone know that I’m addicted to Candy Crush), so I pony up. Everything in the game is clearly geared for you to spend money. Don’t play it. Don’t ever play it. If you haven’t played it you are lucky. I wish I never downloaded it. I’m going back to Wordlands.

3. What is this?


I LOVE The Decadent. I think they are the best store bought chocolate chip cookie of all time (except maybe those delicious soft chocolate chip cookies from Costco), but chocolate flavoured SODA? I am equal parts disgusted and intrigued. Also, no I haven’t updated my iOS on my phone yet. I have an iPhone 4 and it works just fine now so I’m worried if I update it’ll get all laggy. I’m getting a new phone in the new year, so I’m holdin’ out!

4. I, like everyone else on the internet, read the article about the girl who drank 3 litres of water every day for four weeks and looked 10 years younger. A bunch of other good things happened too, she lost weight, inches, got rid of her headaches, etc. At first I read it and was kind of “good for her” didn’t think much of it. And then I started thinking about it all the time. I have been REALLY bad with the water drinking, which is just bad news. Some days I go an entire day without drinking anything but coffee. It cannot be good. I’m sure I’m often dehydrated, and it is extremely dry right now (just ask Winnie, she is a ball of static electricity, no one can pet her without getting shocked), so that can’t be good either.

And so I decided to challenge myself. I am going to drink 3 litres of water a day every day for four weeks. I started on Sunday, so today would be my fifth day. So far I haven’t noticed much of a difference except I have to pee ALL THE TIME. All the time. I have never had to pee so much. It’s ridiculous. And I also feel kind of…I hate this word, but it starts with a b and it rhymes with “goated”. I think that might subside once my body gets used to it though, hopefully. We shall see.

5. On Tuesday night I went out for dinner with my favourite ladies from OFSAA (my old job, I worked there for nearly five years and I love love LOVED it there). I miss my coworkers an insane amount. The ladies and I try to get together once every few months to catch up, but it’s not the same.

We always go to Memories of Japan, and we always get the Teppenyaki cook table and it is eating and talking for at least three hours and it is always a good time.


Me, Lexy, Susan, Beth

That photo is from two years ago, but it’s always the same ladies, always the same restaurant, and always the same cook table. So Tuesday looked exactly like that except we were in sweaters as it is freezing outside.

Seeing them always makes me feel a little nostalgic. I saw these girls every day for nearly five years. Lexy was (and will always be!) my office Bestie and Beth was my office mom (Susan did not actually work directly with us, long story, but I love her too). If I ever had any sort of problem, I could just skip over to either of their offices and vent my little heart out. It is so weird to go from seeing someone every day, to not at all. They were in my life by force, I was forced to see them every day, but I loved it so much. They grew to feel like family. There are so many people from my past that I wish I could stay in better contact with, but time is not a’plenty. Sometimes I wish I could hand pick all my favourite people and make them live on a colony with me so they are always readily available. Like Friends, but on a larger scale. Would that be a cult? I don’t know, but it would be fun.

6. Evan and I made these delicious rice paper wraps again on Saturday (follow that link to the recipe)…



Ohh they are so good. We choose to go to an Asian grocery store/market to get the ingredients for these, as they have the best thin beef and pork there. This is always an adventure, as they have some interesting food items… buckets of cows feet, buckets of pigs’ SNOUTS, a bucket of live eels…and this:


I am just…very intrigued. I don’t know what you would make with that. Is salted jellyfish good? I will probably never know.

7. Winnie is wearing her festive collar for the holidays.


And she likes it. Honestly. Don’t believe her grumpy face, because she doesn’t even try to get it off.

8. Today is my mom’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! She sent me a Christmas package in the mail with tons of goodies.


Including stockings (!!), homemade banana bread, and CHEESE!!!!


She knows my deep love for cheese. The cheese and the banana bread could maybe have been considered sketchy, as they had both been in the mail for a week so not exactly refrigerated…but I’ve been eating it and I feel alright. Just very thankful. Any cheese is good cheese in my opinion.

9. To the hundreds of people who have been landing on my blog every day lately after googling “christmas door decorating contest,” or something along those lines, and landing on this post with this door:


Please know that door got us second place. It wasn’t even first. So I don’t know if you want to use it as an example. But we did win cookies, so, maybe you do.

10. My Dad is having hip replacement surgery today, so let’s all say a little prayer for Bobby the Raver.


May his fanny pack rest comfortably on his new hip. He needs to be in tip-top shape to play his keyboards! I know that all will go well and he will be good as new. I am really excited for his new mobility.


This weekend is Thanksgiving! Canadian Thanksgiving! Ours is quite a lot earlier than the American holiday, which I am personally in favour of. I like having the two biggest eating holidays of the year spread out. I can’t imagine having Thanksgiving less than a month before Christmas. That wouldn’t even give me enough time to properly fit in my pants again. Someone should have thought of that when designating the American holidays (not like you guys have a lot to be overly thankful for right now anyway with all the BS going on in your country).

Anyway, I’m excited to eat a lot, and my stretchy pants are laid out and ready for the weekend. My Dad and Mona are in Florida right now, and my Mom and Eric live in BC, so I will be celebrating this Thanksgiving with Evan’s family. First time for a big holiday! It’s kinda like Meet The Parents (but I have already met the parents and the family). Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too badly. But I probably will. I can’t eat anything without getting it all over my face. Just ask Evan (I like to think he finds it endearing).

At least I know this time that his Grandma doesn’t like hugging, so I won’t go in for a huge one and get shafted. Unlike the first time I met her when I hugged her and her arms stayed stiffly at her sides the entire time. Not awkward at all. Evan whispered to me afterwards “I forgot to tell you Grandma’s not a hugger.” Thanks for the heads up!

We will be gone from Saturday until Monday. Brotherman is coming with us, and Ian will be away with his family, so this leaves Winnie. Poor little Winnie, all aloney on her owney. Coming with us would be no good for her as she HATES the car and going on a car ride for two hours would not be her dream (it would in fact be her nightmare). Normally leaving her alone for a few days is fine. If you’re not cat savvy maybe you are unaware of this, but cats are super easy. Throw down some extra food and water and they’re good for days (and this is why I have a cat and not a dog). However, because of Winnie’s recent health issues I have been iffy on leaving her, even though she will really only be on her own for one full day.

So Evan found this app that you can download on both your phone and your computer, and it is basically like a nanny cam, so you can watch what’s going on in your house when you’re not there, FROM YOUR PHONE. Pretty cool stuff. So we will be able to monitor Winnie while we’re away. Is that creepy? Apparently there is a motion sensor also, and you get a notification when something moves. Not that I want to be glued to my phone watching Winnie all weekend, but it will be nice to be able to check in (and see if she craps on the floor, which is what gave away her kidney issues in the first place).

I was touched that Evan suggested this AND I’m excited because I have always wanted to know what Winnie does when no one’s home. Probably just sleep, as usual. But I like to think she is throwing a cat party with all her friends (though she has no friends). Either way, we can keep an eye on her.

Maybe she will spend her time plotting how she is going to get her little paws on more ham. She is obsessed recently, and Evan and Brotherman joke that every time she meows she is actually saying “HAM!!!! HAM! HAAAAM!”

Anyway, this should be an interesting experiment.

Tonight is my friend Lisa’s birthday celebration at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, so basically it’s like Thanksgiving has come early. I’ll just be eating all weekend long, which makes me happy.

Evan texted me yesterday afternoon and said he and Brotherman were toying with the idea of East Side Mario’s for dinner, but also that he took a chicken out earlier and the chicken would be the healthy choice, and what did I think? I thought about it for a moment before saying that the next day was all-you-can-eat sushi and Saturday and Sunday would be all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving dinner so…why wait to get started on the eating fest? Why have chicken when I can have unlimited salad, bread and pasta?

I chose East Side Marios.

photo (9)

My pants and I will deal with the aftermath next week when this is all over.

Have a great weekend, and a great long weekend and HAPPY THANKSGIVING if you are Canadian!

My Nana and My Cat: A Comparison

I have been thinking a lot lately about how similar my Nana and Winnie are. You are probably wondering how a grown woman can possibly be anything like a cat, and I feel you on that. I know it sounds crazy, but they are kindred spirits. And I’ll tell you why.


They’re both really old.

I’ll just state the obvious here and get that out of the way. They’re old. Winnie is 20 and my Nana is 99. There are differing opinions on cat years compared to human years, but Winnie is anywhere from 100 to 140 years old in human years, so really they’re about the same age.


They are both social butterflies. 

When my Nana first moved into her nursing home she said what she missed the most about her freedom was going to the bank and going out to get her groceries. She just missed those regular, every day interactions with people. She will talk to anyone, and is basically in her element during any social event.

Winnie is the same. She lives for social interaction. She wants to be around people all the time, and she will meow at/snuggle with anyone. Anyone who enters the house. My bestie Lisa told me last time she was staying with me that she always thinks Winnie remembers her because she’s so affectionate towards her, and then she said “But then I remember that Winnie’s slutty with everyone.” And true. She is.


Especially Evan these days. She better watch herself.

They both are very food-oriented.

My Nana gained a bit of weight when she first moved into her nursing home because there was dessert served with every meal and she couldn’t resist it. So many of my memories of her involve food. Her freshly squeezed orange juice, her homemade perogies, cabbage rolls, lasagne, her Christmas cookies, her banana splits, her salads, pickled everything, her BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! (best birthday cake I have ever had, ever), the list goes on and on.

Winnie loves food also. She can’t make me delicious things, but she will eat absolutely anything (except raw vegetables, and interestingly my Nana cannot have much “roughage” either). The other day we cooked ham for breakfast and Winnie stalked the kitchen table until it was unattended for a minute, jumped up onto it, stole a piece of Brotherman’s ham off his plate, ran away and ate it. So, yep. Food oriented.

They both love to snuggle.

When my cousins and I are visiting our Nana, we get right onto the bed with her and give her a snuggle.


Winnie too lives to snuggle.


She is sprawled out on Evan’s legs with her tail resting on mine as I type this.

My cousin Allie wrote a letter to our Nana once and listed all the things she remembers about her, and one of the things was “Going to sleep with you on the pull-out coach and never feeling you leave.”  Winnie stays with me in my arms nearly every night until I fall asleep, and I never feel her leave. I’ll just wake up later and find her on my feet.

They both have to be touching me at all times if they’re near me.

Kind of a continuation of the snuggling, but whenever I am sitting near my Nana, she must be touching me. I have always noticed and loved this about her. In all my pictures with her, she is always extra touching me. An example:


Winnie is like this, but it’s the opposite. She wants someone touching her at all times. She lives to be touched. When you get home from work, or when you wake up in the morning, Winnie is waiting to greet you. She meows at you and immediately leads you over to the ottoman (ALWAYS the ottoman), where she lures you into petting her. If you are standing near her and you are not touching her she will look at you like “WHY AREN’T YOU TOUCHING ME?!”


They both have had kidney issues.

My Nana had a kidney removed 20 years ago. Still spry. Winnie has been diagnosed with kidney disease. Still spry.

They both like to play.

My Nana goes around to all the games the nurses put on in her nursing home. She loves table bowling, BINGO and Mystery Word (Mystery Word is her favourite). She mostly goes to the games because the nurses are judged on attendance and she doesn’t want the nurses to get bad marks or feel bad if their attendance is low, but still, she likes to play.


Winnie also likes to play. She cannot resist her ball on a string. Ever. No matter what she is doing if you dangle it in front of her she will immediately stop and grab for it with her little paws and her mouth. She is old, but she is FAST.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 8.00.30 AM

I got this.

They both love their family and are fueled by love.

No explanation needed. Both my Nana and Winnie live for the love of their family.



Well, Winnie lives for the love of anyone, really. But I like to think she loves me the most.

They both give me this incredible feeling of comfort just being around them.

Once again, no explanation needed. They both can instantly make any situation better and being in the presence of either of them makes me feel safe and warm.

They both have the most positive attitude of anyone I know.

My Nana and Winnie are both rays of sunshine in my life. They are both incredibly happy and positive. After any sort of illness or setback, their positive attitude and strong will is what keeps them going. You may ask how I can tell that a cat has a positive attitude, but you just can. And if you ask anyone who has met Winnie I know they would agree with me.

How do you think they have both lived for so long and are still so happy? They are both the prime example of positive thinking. They don’t sweat the small stuff. But they live for the smallest joys in life.


Like Winnie’s favourite alpine scratcher.

It is the little things that make them happy, and I think both of them are examples of how the quality and longevity of your life is directly related to your happiness.


And that is how my Nana and my cat are the same.

Do any animals remind you of people you know?
I can’t be the only one!

Poor Miss Winnie Kitty

I had a nice happy post planned for today about going to the apple orchard on Sunday, but then last night Winnie got really sick and it seemed inappropriate to put up.


I may have jinxed Winnie in all my talk about how she was thriving and how well she was doing… But she really was thriving, and she was doing so well! This happened very suddenly. One minute she was fine, and the next she was lying on the floor, clearly in pain, alternating between throwing up and and having some serious issues from the other end. I won’t get into the gory details because it was pretty gross, but there was blood and something was obviously very wrong.

It happened around 7pm last night, and the vet that I have been taking her to recently was closed. So Evan and I packed her up in her carrier and took her to an emergency animal hospital near us that is open 24 hours. I was really impressed with the staff, and how caring and attentive they were with Winnie. The vet was especially concerned with not putting her through a lot of trauma because she had already stressed herself out to the point of exhaustion with everything going on in her body.

They got to the root of the problem (a very hard stool, the opposite problem Winnie had been having recently which prompted her bloodwork about three weeks ago and her kidney disease diagnosis), but are not sure what caused it. It’s possible she has a tumour or a polyp in her intestine, or she could just not be getting enough fluids.

Which brings me to options…what could we do for her? The vet gave us three options, basically.

1. Treat her symptoms. Give her three different shots (one painkiller, one anti-inflammatory, and one pepcid to help with the gas in her tummy). Also inject her with fluids because she was not eating or drinking during her symptoms and we were concerned she was dehydrated. Observe her overnight and bring her back if her situation worsened, or keep her there for observation overnight and go from there. Also give her three different antibiotic prescriptions of the same injections (in pill form though) twice a day for the next week.

2. Do option 1, plus an X-ray and a colonoscopy to see if we could find if there is an issue in her intestines causing the problem.

3. Put her down.

Winnie is 20-years-old. I have been a very lucky cat owner and she has had very few health problems until recently. She is also still extremely spry and happy, and genuinely loves her life. She is the nicest kitty I have ever had the pleasure of owning, and she has been known to turn even the most cold-hearted non-cat lover into a huge cat fan. I knew option 3 was coming and I would have to consider it, but frankly I am not ready to go there until I have exhausted other options. Her kidney disease is under control and she has been reacting very well to her new food. This seemed like an isolated issue.

However, she is 20-years-old. Not only do I not have over a thousand dollars to spend on tests and treatments for her (option 2), realistically I know that she cannot possibly live that much longer (though I say she is fueled by love like my Nana so will live forever). I can only do the treatments that are a) not too stressful for her, and b) financially within reason. And so we went with option 1. Keeping her overnight for observation was an extra $450 on top of all her prescriptions, and I thought she would be more comfortable with us anyway. So we got all her medications and brought her back home. This was really sad-funny because she was so doped up that she was totally out of it and just staring with her giant pupils not actually noticing anything while drooling all over the place.

Thankfully, the little muffin is doing really well. We put her in a contained area with her food, litter box and blankets, and when we checked on her throughout the night she seemed to be steadily improving (Evan got up at 5am to see how she was doing, bless his heart). I gave her some more pain meds this morning, as well as her other medications, and I am working from home today so I can continue to keep an eye on her. This is riveting, as she is mostly just sleeping.


She isn’t quite back to normal, and is moving around a little slowly, but she is eating and not having any of her original symptoms and doesn’t seem to be in pain. So, fingers crossed. Now we just wait and see. I’m hoping all the antibiotics will take care of the issue and she will be good as new and I will not have to consider option 3 for a long while.

I am not sure why I wrote all this out, but I was feeling a little sad today and just worried about my little kitty so I wanted to talk about it.

So please send any extra prayers to my Miss Winnie Kitty! She has the most beautiful soul of anyone I’ve ever met (cat or human) and I know she has a lot of life left in her!


Yes, we shall!

Moving on Up

Guess what?! I have moved! And not just moved, I moved in with Evan. Pretty exciting times over here.

I officially handed over the keys to my apartment on Thursday, but I moved all my big stuff last weekend and then spent last week moving everything else and cleaning. So it was a slow move, and it sucked. The slow move sucks. I do not recommend it. It’s much better to pack up all your stuff in a truck and get it over with all at once. Dragging it out over a week is exhausting. But, hey-ho. It’s done, and all is good now.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some questions here because I have mentioned before that Evan lives with his brother, and also their good friend Ian. So I did move into a big ol’ bachelor pad, but only for a little bit. Ian and Brotherman are both moving out in November, so then it will just be Evan and I, living in sin. (And if you ask me my opinion on this I will tell you that I wholeheartedly think it’s a good idea to live with someone before you get married, because had I not done that previously I may have found myself in a sticky situation, but to each their own of course.)

They have a three bedroom condo, which Evan and Brotherman have owned together for a while, and it is huge and basically a bungalow in the sky. Space isn’t an issue right now at all, and Evan and I took over the master bedroom (which has its own bathroom), and once the lads are gone we will have a guest bedroom and an office. The plan is for Evan and I to live here for a while and save money and eventually buy something together. Preferably out of the city. And on a lake. Well, eventually lake. That is a dream.

This is a big change for everyone. The boys have lived together for years, so it is kind of a new era with them all going their separate ways. And I have lived alone with Winnie for the past year and a half or so, so being around people in the evening is definitely an adjustment. But I am really, really excited. I loved living by myself, but I was starting to get lonely. It’s really nice to have someone around to do nothing with. And it’s especially nice to get home from work and find that dinner is already ready. The boys are really fun and they all cook a lot, so the next month should be a good time.

Winnie is just loving her life and is acting like a brand new kitty. Someone is always around to pay attention to her, and since Winnie’s mission in life is basically to get someone to pet her, this is working out well. She really seems to be thriving here.


Poor Winnie during the move though. She was a good sport about everything, but she just did not know what was going on.


But she is a trooper and has come along with me on every move I’ve ever had.

I will miss certain things about my apartment, for sure. I will not miss the elevator taking a million years to come. Or the elevator stopping on the sixth floor for 30 seconds EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. it went down for the past SIX. MONTHS. I will not miss my crazy neighbour (crazy neighbour story to come now that I no longer live next door to him). I will not miss how expensive my rent was. But I will miss my area, and all the amazing restaurants in my area (amazing restaurants in the Yonge/Mount Pleasant and Davisville area post to come). I will miss running in the cemetery! And I will miss how close I was to the subway. I’m still in the city, but it’s definitely more suburb-ish and it’s definitely not as walkable.

And I’ll miss my beautiful view. In all weather, in all the seasons!



Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 7.16.16 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 7.15.33 PM

So that is that. I have moved and I am extremely excited. And as my good pal Paula pointed out, I now have 24/7 access to Evan’s amazing cooking! I am very pumped about that also.


His green beans are AMAZING. And so was the sausage, though it is not photogenic.

And Brotherman has been making a lot of their grandma’s apple cake lately…


Cannot get enough of that.

But mostly I’m looking forward to coming home every night to this:


And this also:


Dancing kitty!

So now you are all caught up and I can go back to talking about the every day stuff. Hope you had a great weekend!

A Few Things

Literally just three things.

1. It is hot outside. It is very, very hot outside. I know I have said before that I will never complain about the heat, I live for summer, I’d be fine living on the equator, etc. etc. Well it was easy to say that when it was minus 20 outside. Now that it is plus 40 with humidity (celsius, that’s over 100F), I will just take that back. It is way too hot. It is instant sweat everywhere as soon as you walk outside. I took a break from my beautifully air conditioned office yesterday to check out the outdoor situation and it was a wall of heat as soon as I opened the door.


It was like stepping into a sauna.

I’m sure many of you who live in warmer climates who deal with this kind of heat all year long will curse me and be all “But you can’t complain! You get a winter! You get a break!” (I am looking at you and you) But I think that gives me all the more reason to complain! We endure terrible weather for six months of the year. We had the worst winter ever. It was insanely cold from October to May. Is it too much to ask for a nice summer? We went from freezing cold and snow, to a ridiculous amount of rain, to outside being an oven. There was no in between. Why does everything have to be so extreme all the time? This hilarious woman sums up my feelings quite well (warning: there’s language in that video)

Maybe it would be more bearable if my apartment had air conditioning, but it does not. I already dislike getting ready in the morning, and the heat is just making it worse. I am sweaty as soon as I exit the shower. I was so hot and frustrated the other morning I almost lost it on Winnie just for innocently meowing at me. And poor Winnie is being hit the hardest.


Whatever Winnie. Like laying around all day expends a lot of energy.

Anyway, it’s hot. My frigid Canadian skin is not used to this, and I just needed to vent a little bit.

2. My brother was cleaning out some boxes and found this amazing picture of my dad’s band circa 1980.


Oh Prism. Also known as Bobby and the Rockers. Bob is my dad. (So my last name is Evanoff, did you know this? It’s a funny coincidence that my boyfriend’s name is Evan. Someone said to Evan that it must be fate, and he said “If it was fate shouldn’t it be Evan-on?” which I think is a good point. But we’ll say it’s fate anyway.)

My dad definitely still had those leather pants he is sporting when I was in high school. I remember wearing them once and my legs had never been so hot. I thought the lower half of my body was melting off me. I don’t know how he ever put up with that. Anything for fashion I guess.



Minus his long luscious curly locks, I think my dad looks pretty much the same.

3. A couple weeks ago I was sent Truvia to try out, a stevia-based sugar substitute.


I have actually been wanting to try Truvia for a while, even though I am not very sweetener savvy. I still use sugar. I just love it so much. I no longer take sugar in my tea, but I can’t do coffee without it. And artificial sweetener is not the same, so I still use real sugar, I’ve just been cutting down.

Truvia looks a lot like sugar…


But it has kind of a chemically/caramel smell. I have been using it in my coffee for the past couple weeks and when I just use a teaspoon it’s sweet enough without any noticeable taste. I have to say though that I’m not really a fan of it on its own. I would never dip a strawberry into it, as the label is depicting.

I’ve been keeping it in the kitchen at work for my coworkers to use, and reviews are mixed. Some of them really like it, and some of them really do not, so it’s really a personal preference. For a sweetener it is okay, it is just no sugar.

If you are looking for a zero calorie natural sweetener I’d say give it a try.


But once this jar is done I am probably going to go back to sugar, even if it is the devil.

And that is all! Have a great weekend!