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Three Christmases

Merry belated Christmas! Hope you had a great time with family and friends, Santa was good to you, and you ate lots of good food. I was working on a cartoon “present” for you guys (I know, lucky you), but I wasn’t able to finish it in time (I know, I suck). So if you feel like laughing head on over to last year’s cartoon. If you don’t feel like laughing, stay here. I don’t either. I’m still too full and laughing might split my pants.

I was very, very lucky this year to enjoy THREE Christmases (which means three Christmas dinners!!!). They were all really amazing times with family and I really do feel lucky. My Dad and stepmom Mona always celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so that’s where Evan and I headed on Tuesday, along with my stepbro Rusty and his girlfriend Lesley. Each of us couples got each other a gift card to LCBO (the liquor store), so we all had a good laugh when we opened those.


My Dad would like you to know that he is happy, honestly. He was just not smiling because he thought he had something in his teeth. But he is doing very well after his hip surgery!

The table was beautifully festive for Christmas.


And traditional Christmas Eve dinner was delicious.


Christmas Dinner #1

Turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potato gravy volcanoes…all the good things. Pretty delicious dessert also.


The tradition at my Dad’s is always the same for Christmas Eve. Dinner, then presents, then dessert. And some hangout time with the biggest housecat in the land.


He’s like a lion.

My family made Evan feel very welcome and we both scored some great gifts. And gave some. We got my dad a digital weather station because he LOVES the weather. Now he will be able to tell not only the temperature, but the humidity percentage outside AND inside. I think it might be his dream.

After my dad’s, we drove to Evan’s Nana’s to spend Christmas Day with their family.


His Nana was so happy to see the boys.


She is such a sassy minx. She really makes me laugh hard.

Christmas dinner number two included all the traditional things, plus CURRY!!!


Christmas Dinner #2

I LOVE Evan’s Nana’s curry. I was just dying over the chicken curry and coconut rice combo (the red curry on the left).

The company was pretty great too.



On Boxing Day we left the Nana’s around noon and headed over to Evan’s dad and Loulou’s place. Which I love visiting because of all the fun animals. Like this girl:


Peanut the little piggy, who is not quite so little anymore.

And Mango the rooster, who almost has all his feathers now.


He is looking so good! When Evan’s dad and Loulou first rescued him, he looked like this:


Poor little guy. What beautiful feathers he has now.

And dinner number three was just as awesome as the first two.



Christmas Dinner #3

I have been on a really big roasted vegetable kick lately, so I was loving that. And the sausage and sauerkraut were an interesting addition that I really enjoyed. You would think I would be sick of turkey and stuffing by then, but NOPE! Still could not get enough. I was absolutely stuffed to the point of waddling after this dinner. It was amazing.

But I had room for dessert. Loulou also made vegan brownies, with black beans instead of flour!

They were delicious. I think she may have to start her own healthy living blog.

It was a really great Christmas. Amazing family times all around. Evan and I arrived home around 11pm last night, had our own little Christmas, and then played with some of our presents…


And then we passed out in bed.

And I guess that’s it! Have a great weekend!


The Eating Weekend (aka Thanksgiving Weekend)

Saturday morning Evan, Brotherman, and his fiance Kelly and I headed to Evan/Brotherman’s Dad’s place to celebrate Thanksgiving. The plan was to spend Saturday and Sunday morning there, and then Sunday and Monday morning at Evan/Brotherman’s Nana’s with their mom to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Sorry, that sentence is confusing.

By the time we got on the road on Saturday, got through all the traffic, made a few pit stops, etc., we arrived at their Dad and stepmom Loulou’s place just in time to eat. So, perfect timing really. Showing up just before eating time is the way to do it. I felt bad for not helping with the preparations for about .2 seconds. And then I saw this spread:


I have said it before and I will say it a million times more, I LOVE THANKSGIVING. I want all the food! I crammed all the delicious things onto my plate.


Clockwise from 12 o’clock: peas, squash, cabbage, turkey, stuffing, roasted potatoes and other veggies including carrots, parsnips and celeriac (a root vegetable that tastes a lot like celery), bread. I took that picture before I covered everything with gravy, which, good thing because the aftermath of the gravy was way less photogenic. I went back for seconds of turkey, stuffing and the vegetables. It was all so amazing, I could not get enough and I wish I was still eating that plate right now.

I had to save room though, for all the dessert!


That may be the best apple pie I have ever had, no lie. I had it after dinner, as a late night snack, and as dessert for breakfast the next day. I wish I was eating that right now also.

And then Evan’s grandma had made her famous kugluf, a Slovenian (or from that area of Europe, but Evan’s Dad’s family are Slovenian) pound cake, also known as kuglof.


And hell yes is all I have to say about that. Evan needs to get the recipe asap and start making this. Brotherman has been making a lot of their grandma’s apple cake recently, and I think it needs a kugluf friend.

It was a nice Thanksgiving dinner with Evan’s fam on his dad’s side. We told a lot of stories, and though Evan’s Uncle Gino had some good ones, I think I really impressed him with the tale of the piggyback fail.

After dinner Loulou brought me a little friend to snuggle with.


A chicken. This would make the first time in my life I have snuggled with a chicken, and I have to say it was not as awkward as I would have thought. She was quite a nice chicken, and she didn’t poop on me, so that’s a win.

We spent the rest of our time there making the rounds to see alllllll the animals. The only two new additions since the last time we were there were these two turkeys.


Like, literally turkeys. And no these turkeys will never be Thanksgiving dinner, I know you’re thinking it!

I like how all the birds just hang out together. The turkeys, the chickens, the roosters, and the guineafowl. They are all friends. No discrimination there. They’re an inclusive group of birds.

The baby guineafowl are all grown up now so the grown-up gang has increased by a few. They were really making me laugh. For hours they just circled Evan’s truck.


Over and over. Just kept circling. I guess because it was new to the driveway? I do not know, but they could not get enough of the truck. It is quite a sexy truck though, so I don’t blame them.

Peanut the piglet has also grown up quite a bit since we last saw her.


She was only 9 pounds when we first met her, and I think she is now 25. She’s a friendly little piggy (though she is a bit moody), and she is pretty hilarious when she eats. I took a video to demonstrate this.

Peanut the pig!

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She might eat faster than I do.

And of course, if you have read about the other times we visited Evan’s Dad and Loulou’s farm you know I love the donkeys. I LOVE the donkeys!


Rosie and Zeke

Love those donkeys! Just the cutest/coolest donkeys I have ever seen. I never would have expected donkeys to be affectionate, but they really are. They love to be close to you and be petted (Winnie?!). Zeke especially really nuzzles his face up to my body.

Zeke is just so nice that I climbed into their pen to hang out with him, and then out of nowhere Rosie came up behind me and squeezed between me and the fence. I was not expecting this and she kind of nudged against me, which caught me by surprise.


What the…?


Oh Rosie, it’s just you

Sneaky little donkey.

Evan’s ‘rents have an apple tree in their yard, and after our big apple picking fail a couple weeks ago, I was excited to do some apple picking!



Fun times on the farm all around with this guy:


And these two:


And the horse also.

After breakfast on Sunday we headed to Evan’s Nana’s to visit with her and his mom. That was really fun also, but because there were no animals there I didn’t take very many pictures.

But ohh I got dinner on Sunday.


Evan’s Nana grew up in British India so she is alllll about the Indian foods and I can’t get enough. This plate includes curried pork, vegetables, and shrimp, lentils, coconut rice, ham, roasted potatoes, squash and carrots. It was so amazing, and after all the turkey the day before I loved that it was something different. I was in heaven. I went back for seconds of all the curry stuff.

So it was a really great weekend. I had a great time with Evan and his family. And eating. I really enjoyed eating.



Welp, it’s been four days since Christmas and I have emerged from my food coma and I am ready to talk about it.

I have to just take a minute and say how much I love Christmas on Facebook. I love everyone’s photos of their family and friends all merry in their Santa hats and reindeer antlers and ugly sweaters and general holiday attire. Looking at them just makes me feel happy. So if you are my Facebook friend and you have been posting photos and they are in my news feed, well I am creeping them.


I am a creeper just like that cat.

My family always does the Christmas thing on Christmas Eve, so on Monday I headed to my dad and stepmom Mona’s for our fam jam. Also in attendance was my stepbrother Rusty, his girlfriend Leslie, and my stepmom’s mother Velta (who is hilarious and has a really heavy Latvian accent and pretty much everything she says makes me laugh hard).

Sadly my Nana couldn’t make it. She is doing well, but big outings like this are sometimes a bit too much for her. It is okay though, my Dad and I went to see her on Saturday for a little Christmas celebration beforehand.


She is always so happy! She just kills me with her cuteness.

Anyway, my parents pets were all festive for the occasion…


Tweedy is sporting the lion haircut like a rock star.


I can never get a picture of Mojo (the dog) actually looking at the camera because all he cares about is food (maybe he reminds you of someone…) so he is always just looking at where the food is. It’s all he is after, all the time. Perhaps I should dangle bacon in front of my face next time. That will probably get his attention.

It needs to be said that there are few things in life I love more than a beautifully set Christmas dinner table.


But I can think of one thing, and that is the CHRISTMAS DINNER!


Ahh I wait all year for this. Deliciousness from left: stuffing, mashed potatoes (obviously with a gravy volcano, because that is the proper way to do mashed potatoes), veggies, squash, cabbage roll (a tradition!), ham, and turkey. Yes, yes and yes.

My family always does the present thing after dinner, and then dessert after presents. So I have time to digest for a bit before tackling this:


That cake was so amazingly delicious. It was a strawberry cake, and typically I do not like fruity cake (vanilla with buttercream icing all the way), but that cake was seriously good. I may have to rethink my future cake choices.

And of course there were presents!


I got a pretty good haul this year. Probably my favourite was a little trinket I can attach to my purse that is actually a sneaky alarm when pulled. My dad and Mona worry about me walking around at night in the city (not that I just wander around aimlessly at night, but you know). So just in case someone tries to attack me, instead of punching them in the face I can just pull on my handy little siren. It was a very thoughtful gift.

I also got these sweet straw glasses from Mona:


And you better BELIEVE those are coming to Jamaica with me and I will be using them (note: the scarf was a gift, and the headband was a bow from one of the presents, I didn’t show up to Christmas wearing that thing…but I liked it).

My Dad and I got our customary photo in front of the tree…


And overall it was just a great Christmas with the fam.

Christmas day I headed over to my friend Sherrie’s to watch Christmas movies in our pajamas while drinking wine. It was PERFECT, and we decided that this may need to be a new tradition.

She made me the best margarita also. And margaritas + Love Actually = Love.


Amazing. And we had tacos for Christmas dinner. No complaints about that.

On Boxing Day my very oldest friend Emily invited me to her parents for dinner with her sister Sara, stepbrother Dave, and boyfriend Corey. I LOVE their family dinners (they also had me for Easter dinner this year), so I headed to our hometown of Blackstock, which is so small that I can’t even google the population (and I didn’t even live in Blackstock growing up, I lived outside of Blackstock). It’s the boonies, that is what you need to know.

Em’s mom made us all vesper martinis, which apparently are also known as the James Bond martinis.


Very fancy. And VERY strong. I’m pretty sure they just wanted to get me drunk…

Before dinner we all hung out and enjoyed appetizers…


And then it was time for Christmas dinner round 2! We started with parsnip soup that Emilio’s mom made.


I was skeptical about the idea of parsnip soup, I cannot lie, but it was so good! I couldn’t get enough of it. And then more of the usual Christmas dinner fare…


Again, so good. I wish I could eat Christmas dinner every day. Thank you so much Emily and fam for having me!

The dessert spread was pretty impressive also…


Those peanut butter marshmallow squares remind me of kindergarten! My mom used to make them for me when we had snack days. Of course this wouldn’t be allowed now, silly peanut allergies… Also, Emily is cakepop maker extraordinaire, and her sister Sara MADE those chocolate peanut butter cups herself. I was dying. So delicious.

And then we all watched this:


What is this?! I had NO idea there was a sequel to Christmas Vacation, or I would have been all over watching that a lot earlier. Anyway, it was horrible. Don’t watch it. I’ll tell you what happens. Nothing. Nothing that you ever need to see.

We all agreed that it was probably the worst movie we had ever seen. But it was pretty fun to make fun of it at least.

It was decided that I was going to sleep over, as we had a snowstorm and the roads were bad, and I had also had some drinks. I hadn’t planned on this, so I had no pajamas. But Emily’s mom came to the rescue with a beautiful satin teddy bear nightgown.


Em was all, “Hey, you wanna wear this?!”

And I was like “YES!”


And actually that nightgown was super comfy. I may have to buy one for my leisuring.

And that was my Christmas. Good times with family and friends, and I hope all of yours were as well!


Thanksgiving Swag

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadian pals! Or Eat Day, as it is otherwise known :).

My big eat day was yesterday.  We headed up to Ando’s parents in the early afternoon to start the celebration. It is also Andrew’s sister Catherine, her fiance Corrie, and Taylor’s birthday’s within the next week, so we had a lot to celebrate!

The table was beautifully set in honour of the occasion.

Taylor, Ando’s nephew Devyn and I made those pumpkin place settings in honour of Thanksgiving four years ago, and they are still kicking around.

Taylor is always the birthday girl on Thanksgiving, so her pumpkin is extra special.

The weather was GORGEOUS. This entire weekend has been absolutely ridiculous on the weather front. Pretty amazing for Thanksgiving weekend. I can’t get enough of it! Since it was so nice, Taylor, Caitlyn and I hung out in the backyard for most of the afternoon until dinner was ready.

We had a pretty serious handstand and cartwheel contest, and some other games that Caitlyn made up.

She is seriously the cutest ever, and such a little ham for the camera.

Buzz Lightyear (aka Sam) made an appearance as well.

But he is only Buzz while he is in costume, just FYI. I made the mistake of calling him Buzz when he was back in his regular clothes and he said “NO!!! I am NOT Buzz anymore!” all angrily. I guess it is like a Superman thing. You need your costume for special powers.

Taylor really wanted to teach us how to be “swag”.

Which I’m pretty sure I fail at.

Andy seems to have it down though.

It is all about the pointing, I guess.

Papa (Andrew’s Dad) is clearly a natural as well.

Actually, I think he may be even more “swag” than Taylor.

We definitely worked up a pretty huge appetite after our backyard shenanigans, which is a good thing because Thanksgiving dinner is a BIG DEAL.

That giant plate of deliciousness is alllll mine. From left: ham, squash, carrots, corn, mashed potatoes, turkey, and Andmo’s grandma’s amazing sausage stuffing in the centre (I had never tried sausage stuffing until I had Andy’s grandma’s, and now I am obsessed.) I also had gravy on the turkey, potatoes and stuffing.

I cleaned my plate entirely and I was absolutely stuffed. I could barely move afterwards. I usually try to stop when I am full but not too full when I am eating, but on holidays, I definitely embrace being TOO FULL. It is not very often a holiday dinner like this makes its way onto my plate, so when it does I take full advantage. I love Thanksgiving! And Christmas, and Easter.

After dinner it was time to do the birthday thang.

The Birthday Gang

Happy Birthday to Catherine, Corrie and Taylor! Taylor turned 13! She is officially a teenager, and way too cool to smile for photos now as you can see.

Though that cake looked delicious, I had a big craving for apple pie since my slice on Saturday, so I opted for a piece of that instead.

With ice cream, of course!

It was a great day, and a great dinner. I am feeling very thankful for food, friends, family, and sunshine. And I am thankful that I will be back into my regular eating routine tomorrow, because my pants can’t take much more of this. Bring on the veggies!

What is your favourite holiday dinner food?
Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing for me!