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Five Random Stories


I took a little blog break this week as I have been busy with packing stuff and haven’t been up to anything exciting. Unless you consider packing exciting, which I do not.

I take back everything I said before about packing. It sucks. I didn’t mind it at first because I was mainly packing big stuff and I was finding a bunch of random fun things I forgot I owned in the process. But now I have moved onto the little annoying things and it is not fun. Not fun at all.

I was sitting at my computer thinking “What can I talk about?!” when I remembered. Cinnamon from Eat, Pray, Tri passed on the One Lovely Blog Award to me the other day, where you are required to share seven random facts about yourself.

Lucky for me (and for you guys), I have no shortage of random facts about myself. But I think mine are more mini stories instead of “facts”. Either way, here we go!

Random fact #1 – My Makeshift Tree Fort

When I was growing up, the thing I wanted most in the world, besides a Barbie Power Wheels jeep (and everything else listed in that post), was a tree fort. I was so jealous of all my friends who had free forts, and although I had fun playing in theirs, I really wanted one of my own. I begged my Dad to build me one, but he never got around to it.

So when I was 12, I gave up on my Dad building me a tree fort, and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I roped my neighbour Gineen (who was also a member of my babysitting club) into helping me. We spent a couple weeks making a pretty sweet tree fort attached to the back of my shed. We were so proud of it, and we hung out in it every chance we got.

It needs to be said though, that it was the most dangerous fort of all time. It was about 10 feet off the ground, made out of scrap wood, and the main platform was an old flimsy ping-pong table board that I had found. It was definitely on a dangerous angle. I never should have even been allowed in that thing, but thankfully there was never an incident. And surprisingly, it never fell down. It remained there until we moved when I was 19.

Ironically, it was an actual legitimate tree fort, probably made by an adult, that I fell out of and broke my face.

Random Fact #2 – Girl Talk

My friends and I used to love playing the board game Girl Talk in elementary school.


If you are unfamiliar with the game, you had to draw task cards that had either a truth or a dare on them, and if you refused to do the task, or if you lied on a truth, you had to put a big red zit sticker on your face (unattractive).

One time we were playing, and I drew a dare card. The card’s task was to go to your neighbour’s house and ask to borrow a roll of toilet paper. I was soo embarrassed to do this, but I didn’t want to wear a zit sticker. So I convinced my friends to let me modify the task so that I could borrow something less embarrassing, like say, a quart of milk. They agreed.

So while my friends hid in the bushes and giggled, I knocked on my neighbour’s door (they were an elderly couple, and it needs to be noted that we were not close with these neighbours) and asked if I could borrow a quart of milk. I told them my mom needed it because we ran out. They were surprised, as we had never borrowed anything from them before, but let me have the milk, and I brought it home and put it in the fridge. And no zit sticker for me! Hurrah.

When my mom got home later that day, she saw the extra milk in the fridge and immediately asked where it came from. I told her the story, and for some reason that I couldn’t understand at the time, she was so angry that I had asked to borrow milk from the neighbours. She marched me back over there, and stood behind me while I again knocked on the door, explained it was a prank, apologized, and returned the milk. It was so embarrassing. I would have preferred the zit sticker.

Random Fact #3 – Elvis Stojko

When I was 13, my friend Melissa (the one who I accidentally blew across the lake with) and I were staying with my great aunt and uncle for a few days a couple hours away from us. They happened to live near the arena where all the Canadian figure skaters practiced, so my uncle, being awesome, decided to take us over to the arena to watch them.

It was my dream to see Kristi Yamaguchi (because I used to pretend I WAS her, if you remember).

Kristi is American though, and sadly wasn’t there. But Elvis Stojko sure was! He was sitting near Melissa and I in the arena, so we had really loud conversations about really cool topics so that he would overhear us and think we were awesome.

We ended up meeting him and getting his autograph on postcards of him. We were absolutely starstruck. We thought he was the most handsome male figure skater of all time (sorry Kurt Browning), and we both immediately developed HUGE crushes on him.


We were OBSESSED. So what if he was over 10 years older than us? Obviously one of us was going to marry him. That night we went through every newspaper we could find and cut out every article that had a picture of Elvis Stojko so that we could each make a collage of his face.

This was fun at first, but led to a huge fight over who got to keep the articles with the best pictures. Upon returning from my aunt and uncle’s, Melissa and I didn’t talk for a week. I was so pissed. It was MY uncle who took us to meet Elvis Stojko, how DARE she steal my newspaper articles about him.

We eventually made up and agreed we were being silly, and are fine now. And Elvis Stojko will always hold a special place in my heart.

Random Fact #4 – My Crappy Day

One time I was literally crapped on three times in the same day.

The first time, I was just standing in my friend Melissa’s yard when I felt something drop onto my head. I reached up and touched my hair. Bird crap.

Melissa’s mom was all “Getting crapped on by a bird is so lucky! You will have good luck for the rest of the day!”

Great! But I didn’t want to leave the crap there, obviously, so I biked home, washed my hair, changed clothes, biked back to Melissa’s house.

A couple hours later, we were still hanging out in her yard, when I felt something land on my shoulder. I reached over and felt it… Effing bird crap again! Melissa and her mom died laughing. And they were all “How did this happen twice in the same day? That must be REALLY lucky!”

So I biked home, changed clothes, biked back to Melissa’s house.

When I got back, we decided to go over to our friend Lisa’s. We wanted to jump on her trampoline, but the padding on the side had been taken off and was lying on the ground. We had just finished putting it back on when I smelled a terrible, terrible stench coming from myself.

I looked down at my T-shirt. Dog crap. Some stupid dog had crapped on the trampoline padding while it was on the ground, and once we put it back on the trampoline, I leaned in it. Dog crap was all over my shirt, marking the third time I got crap on me that day. Melissa and Lisa died laughing. Melissa was basically inconsolable. I have never seen her laugh that hard.

I biked back home, changed, and stayed in for the rest of the day. Good luck? Nice try. This day is forever known as “Lindsey’s Crappy Day.”

Random Fact #5 – Ray Romano

The summer after high school, the movie Welcome to Mooseport was filmed in our hometown. I grew up in an extremely small town, so this was the most exciting thing to happen there EVER. It was a huge event.

My friends and I stalked the set for days, and ended up meeting Ray Romano (a few times!), Gene Hackman, and Fred Savage. We had signs for all three of them, such as “Romano is my RAY of Sunshine”…

“Ray is a Hot Tamale”, “Fred, Let Me Be Your WINNIE!” (like from the Wonder Years, you know), and for Gene Hackman, “Gene is a Teen Dream” (he is not. He is old. We were lying.)

We got in the paper with that one…

Okay, so I am cheating on the survey and I am just going to do five facts. It’s getting a little lengthy up in here. But I hope you enjoyed my mini stories!

Here are the actual rules of the survey:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere
  • Share 7 facts about yourself (or 5, whatever)
  • Nominate some other blogs
  • Post a comment on these blogs letting them know you nominated them

And I am nominating the following blogs:


Storytime: I Fell Out of a Tree and Broke My Face

Going into high school, I had matured slightly since my days of building forts in the forest.  My friends and I had graduated from the fort-building to just kinda hanging around and acting cool.

One day in the beginning of Grade 9, my friends and I we were walking along the outskirts of the forest and we found an abandoned tree fort.  It was way better than any of the forts we had ever made.  It was about 15 feet off the ground in an actual tree, and actually sturdy, made with real wood (rather than ours made out of sticks and branches on the ground).

As we were inspecting the fort we noticed there was a bucket of cement on the ground next to the tree it was in, along with a pulley, and a long piece of rope.

We were intrigued.  What were the mystery tree fort builders planning on doing with this?

There was a ladder leading up to the tree, which is how we assumed we were supposed to get up and down… but what if we could make some sort of contraption out of this bucket of cement, pulley, and rope?

An idea was born.

We figured if we tied one end of the rope around the handle of the bucket of cement, we could attach the pulley high up on a branch, loop the rope through it, and tie the other end of the rope around something we could hang onto.

So that when you were up in the fort, to get down all you needed to do was grab onto the rope at the top and jump off the edge, and as the bucket of cement was pulled up, you would slowly be lowered down.

Genius.  We thought it was the best idea we’d ever had.  I ran home and got an old pair of bike handlebars to tie to the other end of the rope (to hang onto), and we quickly got to work making our bucket-pulley system.

We tested it…

And tested it…

And it worked perfectly!

It was exactly how we had envisioned, and it was super fun.  So much better than using the boring old ladder to get down.  We were so proud of ourselves.

That weekend, my Bestie Lisa came up to her cottage  – I mentioned in the post dedicated to my Bestie that her cottage was near my house, and that was how we knew eachother.  During school she was only there on weekends.  She had heard about the fort, but she hadn’t seen our bucket-pulley idea or how cool it was.

I was so excited to show her how it worked.  She was the one who I was most excited to show it to.  I knew it would be right up her alley.

As soon as she came up on Friday evening, she came over to my house, and my friends and I rushed her over to the fort to show her the pulley.

I raced up the fort’s ladder, ran to the edge, grabbed the bike handlebars, looked over to make sure she was watching, gave her a giant smile, yelled “WATCH THIS!” and, feeling bold, launched myself over the edge.

I did not check first to make sure the rope wasn’t tangled.  This would prove to be a fatal mistake.

It all happened very fast, but to me, everything was in slow motion.  At first everything was fine, the bucket started to lift up, and I was lowered about a foot or so towards the ground.  And then, all of a sudden, everything stopped.  The next second the bucket just stopped moving and I was JOLTED in place.

I didn’t have time to think.  I let go of the handlebars, and suddenly I was hurtling face-first towards the ground.

I closed my eyes and threw my arms up to prepare for impact.

I landed on my hands and knees, but my head slammed forward because of the force, and I bashed my face hard on a stump.

I looked up, and my Bestie was already at my side, with her arms out, like she was trying to catch me.  Everyone else was rushing towards me.  The fall took my breath away, and I could feel blood running out of my nose.

I had ruined the pulley demonstration.  I didn’t want her to be afraid of it, we had been using it all week with no incident!  I knew it was my own stupidity, for not checking the rope first.  I could only say one thing.

I really wanted her to try it, so she could see how fun it was.  So she could see that it wasn’t the pulley’s fault!  I should have checked!

Though I was dizzy, I forced myself off the ground, marched back to the tree, pulled myself up the ladder, untangled the rope, grabbed the bike handlebars, looked over to make sure she was looking, and jumped off the edge.

It worked.  I was slowly lowered to the ground.

I was all “See, it’s fine!  You can try it!”

But she wouldn’t.  She never tried the bucket-pulley.

I went home to get my nose checked out.  I suspect it was broken, but I never found out for sure.  And I now have a bump on my nose.

Hard to see, but it is there.

Also, it was picture-day on Monday at school.  The swelling in my nose still hadn’t gone down, resulting in me looking like this:

Oh well, at least it’s a good story!

The End ;).