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Toronto Times

One of the things I really wanted Eric and friends to experience while they were here was Choir! Choir! Choir! I know that going to choir on your vacation doesn’t exactly sound like the most fun time. Believe me, I wouldn’t have pegged myself as a “choir” joiner, even though I do love singing (by myself in my car)…but C!C!C! is different. I was pretty apprehensive my first time, but once you start singing you feel more comfortable and now I think I’d even go by myself if I couldn’t find someone to come with me. It’s also in a pub so, that definitely amps up the coolness. It is truly an amazing experience. Someone described going to C!C!C! as taking a soul bath and I think that is pretty accurate. It is uplifting and stress relieving and I always come out of there feeling so happy. I love it.

So last Tuesday after work I roped Eric, Kenya and Dixon into joining me at choir, and Emily and Dawn too as they have been wanting to come with me for a while. Party! C!C!C! happens at Clintons on Bloor West, so first we all went out for dinner at Ka Chi, a Korean restaurant just down the street (same restaurant I went to for HoH Eats The World – Korea). I LOVE the bibimbap there.


So good.

After dinner we walked over to Clinton’s. It was a SUPER hot day so we were all sweaty and shiny-faced, but everyone was so at least we weren’t alone.


I know that none of them have really done anything like this before so I was excited for them to experience it. We sang The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows in honour of the 50th anniversary of their album Revolver. Definitely an interesting (and psychedelic) song choice… I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but I know that all of Daveed and Nobu’s arrangements are amazing so I was pretty confident that it would be awesome. It totally was. And we got in the video!!!

Prominently. Dawn and Emily are right up front, just in front of Kenya and I (I’m wearing glasses in the vid), so we’re pretty much in the entire thing – although I wish I hoisted Kenya on my shoulders! Eric and Dixon are singing mids behind us. Eric’s bright shining face is prominently featured at exactly 3 minutes in, and you can catch a good glimpse of Dixon’s luscious locks in the beginning. I love it. And I feel like it’s a good souvenir of their trip! Pretty groovy. You can watch the video here if it doesn’t load above. They all said they loved the experience and were glad I dragged them to choir (probably better than the time I dragged Eric, Kenya and Dixon up a mountain in the pouring rain). I’m still a cool sister!

I got off work early on Friday so I picked up the trio and we met my dad at Nana’s, who just turned 102! She was SO EXCITED to see Eric.


Although at first she didn’t realize who he was. I introduced Kenya and Dixon as Eric’s girlfriend and best friend, respectively, and she said “And how is Eric?!” and we were all “he’s standing right there!” and she just about lost her mind. She just kept saying “What a surprise!!!!” and of course “Beautiful! Wonderful! … Fantastic!”


She is nearly completely deaf now so we write her love notes to communicate.


Sometimes she writes back instead of speaking. I’m amazed at how quick her mind is and how great her writing (and spelling and grammar) still is. I asked her how she was doing and she wrote back “Very bad. Pain everywhere, all over my body, all the time. But…” and then she made a what-can-you-do motion with her hands and said “It’s okay! I’ll just carry on.” Aw, Nanners. That was sad, but she is so funny and never feels sorry for herself, so we didn’t dwell on it. I can’t imagine how crappy that must be though, and I am not sure how she stays so positive. Anyway, it was a cute visit. She was not understanding that Dixon was in fact not a girl (the hair confused her) so that was pretty entertaining.

After Nana’s we ordered takeout Chinese and watched the Opening Ceremonies back at our place.

On Saturday we went to da island!



I like to show it off to the tourists. It was again a super hot day and Eric and Kenya have seen the more touristy side of the island with the gardens and Centreville amusement park, so we went to Hanlan’s Point Beach!



It is the most beautiful beach on the island, in my opinion. A bunch of us had a great day there last year, you may remember me posting about it. And yes it’s a clothing optional beach and no our clothes did not come off. I mentioned last year that we all stayed fully clothed also and someone recently commented on that post and said “What a sad bunch of prudes” which…is the opposite of how I would describe my friends – they are very happy and inappropriate. I am in favour of doing what you feel, and I personally do not feel comfortable leisuring around in the nuddy-pants in my own city where I might actually run into people I work with. Awkward. Also this time my brother was here, so, that would be weird…


We spent most of the day lounging around on the sand and swimming. The water is gorgeous! So clear and blue.



Speaking of gorgeous…


That hair.

My friend Hannah and a friend of hers met up with us for a while in the later afternoon (Hannah knows Eric as she came to Taste of the Danforth with us last year)


This photo unfortunately had to get cropped as there was quite the bare bum behind Evan. This is my life in PG, always remember.

After beaching it up we got changed out of our bathing suits and headed back to the docks. We had to wait a bit for the ferry so in the meantime SKYLINE PHOTO SHOOT. I love Toronto!



After we got back to the mainland we wandered around the harbour to the Amsterdam Brewhouse on the lake. We needed to hydrate so BEER FLIGHTS!


And lots of water. I got the smoked brisket sandwich and I have zero regrets about it. Delicious.

I’m really going to miss those three. Luckily not for too long ’cause I’m heading out west on Labour Day weekend to stay with them for a couple nights (with Lisa, Sherrie and Sherrie’s friend Yamina from Switzerland – we have quiiiite the road trip planned that includes some camping in the mountains and hopefully some white water rafting, so I am super excited for those adventures!


Hanlan’s Point Beach Day

I am really making an effort to enjoy summer as much as possible (you may have noticed), because as soon as winter and the frigid weather is back, there is a lot more anti-social hibernation going on. We only have a few short months of hot weather so I need to squeeze in the fun summer activities while I can. And on that note, I can’t believe it’s August already! I swear it creeps up on me every year but seriously, how did this happen?!

Anyway, on Friday I took the afternoon off work things and headed to Toronto Island with a bunch of friends. Lisa met me at my place and we made our way downtown to the Harbourfront.


We stopped and got a hotdog for lunch while we waited for Emily, Dawn and Joanna to join us, and I mention this because I could not get over the amount of toppings this hotdog vendor had. Literally everything that you could put on a hotdog, they had available. So that was impressive.

Once we met the girls we took the Hanlan’s Point ferry over to the island together. There are actually three ferries that go to the island, to the three different beaches, and we knew we wanted the Hanlan’s Point beach. I’ve talked about this beach before but just a quick refresher, it is one of the only clothing-optional beaches in Canada. Don’t let that scare you away though, it is a beautiful beach (the nudity is also a lifestyle thing and not a sexual thing in the least), and I think it’s the nicest one on the island.


It’s also just a laid back and chill time over there.

I feel like I should clarify that no, we did not remove our clothes. I am all for doing what you feel and no judgment from me, but that is not something I would feel comfortable doing in my own city. My nungas are just too unruly. What if I ran into someone I worked with?! Maaaybe if I was in another country or something. There are many naked people on the beach though, and it is surprising to see them frolicking around and/or laying around spreadeagled. Surprising because it’s not something you see every day and I’m not used to it.


Optional, so there are also many people clothed. Lisa took that pic and originally there was a nude man below the sign who was the victim of the crop tool.

We scored a great spot on the beach and set up shop.


We were only there for about an hour when these beautiful people joined us!


Lisa’s sister Heather, her boyfriend Brent, and their friend Trevor (Trevor’s partner Matt also joined us later on after he was done work). If you need to get caught up, some past adventures with the four of them – Cross country skiing in RevelstokeBlue Jays Game, and Vegas.


Blue Jays game


The Mirage pool in Vegas

And most recent adventure with just Heather and Brent – camping in the mountains.

Things tend to get a little crazy when we’re all together. I dislike using the word epic because it is completely overused, but when we are together it is truly a pretty epic time. The level of excitement in the air skyrocketed as soon as they arrived and Dawn, Emily, Lisa, Jo and I recognized that it was party time.




Brent and Heather sandwich




In the original photo above there was a naked couple behind us totally photobombing the group shot. The woman was definitely shaking her tatas for the camera. I didn’t notice this until way after it was taken, so that was a fun discovery. More victims of cropping.

We stayed on the beach and swam in the water and talked and laughed for hours, and it was awesome. It started to get cloudy in the late afternoon, but for the most part it was a beautiful day.


We were planning on renting kayaks on the island, but in the end we were just having too much fun on the beach to leave. We did start a big volleyball game with another group on the beach though.


Eventually our original group of five left the rest of the party animals headed back to the ferry, eating an entire pizza and then stopping by the hedge maze on the way (and I tried to take them on my favourite ride but it was sadly closed by that time). It was a really fun day and it gave me a big love burst for my friends and also my city.


And also this summer.


The Toronto Day

For Paula and Fabian’s last day in Ontario, we needed to show them Toronto. It was the only thing missing from their trip. One day is obviously not enough to see the entire city. I mean, I’ve lived in Toronto proper for three years now and there are still parts of the city I haven’t been to (and I grew up only about an hour and 45 minutes away). Toronto is huge, extremely diverse (Fabian actually said he thought it was the most multi-cultural city he’s ever been to, and that included Chicago and NYC), and there is always something happening. But for one day, I sure do think we squeezed in a lot. And we didn’t even have great weather.

Their last full day here, last Sunday, was also Paula’s birthday, so Evan made a pancake breakfast here at the condo in her honour. Our roommate Ian also made freshly squeezed orange juice in honour of our guests, so that was nice. Until he accidentally dumped half the orange juice on top of Paula’s birthday pancake. That made us laugh hard. Starting the day off right!

After breakfast we headed to Chinatown, I think a must-see if you are in the city because Toronto’s Chinatown is large and pretty legit, and there are a million interesting things to look at. I didn’t take any pictures while we wandered around there, but Evan and I had a pretty good adventure there a couple summers ago, if you want to check that out.

Next we walked down Queen West. I personally do not think Queen West is as hip as it once was (though Vogue named it the world’s second hippest district in 2014), but there are still a ton of interesting stores around there and it’s still a major tourist attraction. By this time we had done a lot of walking and were ready for a break, so we found a rooftop patio that lured us in because hey, rooftop patio, and also $6 mimosas.


Not a bad view either.


Sadly that was the sunniest part of the day. The weather went a bit downhill after that.

Next we hopped on the subway and took that over to Union Station, and then walked down to the Harbour. Obviously I was taking Paula to Toronto Island! So we got on the ferry and headed over.



I like to try to get to the island a couple times a year, and you can read about my past island adventures here, here and here.

The weather wasn’t the best and my favourite restaurant with a patio on the water wasn’t open for some reason, but we got some pizza and settled in for a picnic.


And of course took lots of the customary pictures with Toronto’s skyline.





Oh that Paula. She is a minx to the ninth degree.

And the boys.


I really loved showing Paula and Fabian around because it gave me an excuse to do all the touristy things. I felt like I was on vacation, too!

After our picnic we walked over to Centreville, the little amusement park on the island.



It’s really cute. I obviously had to take Paula on this ride. I still can’t believe it exists. Every time I go on it I feel like I come out of it looking at the world a little bit differently. Like everything is a party.

Centreville also happens to have a zoo, which I was not really aware of until we were there this time because I have never wandered far enough back there. Ponies!


This ridiculously cute cow with the softest fur!


This beautiful alpaca.


Baby piggies!




And a ton of every farm-type animals. These goats that were making us laugh VERY hard.

Goats are funny.

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Paula got a better video of them than I did. They were absolutely killing us.

I am not sure how good of an idea this was…


But the sheep sure liked it.


Hope that tree isn’t poisonous…

And we found this giant Muskoka chair that screams Ontario.


The island is pretty. It feels like you’re at a cottage in the city.


I just wish it was a nicer day, but what can ya do. At least is wasn’t raining. Yet.

We walked to the pier, checked out the gardens, and then got back on the ferry to do dinner downtown. We walked to the Bier Markt on the Esplanade. I have always had a great experience there and they have over 150 types of beer, it seemed like a good choice.

I started with the Scofferhofer, on Paula’s recommendation.


Delicious, like drinking grapefruit juice, but I definitely couldn’t drink that all night. I switched to Delirium Tremens after because it’s one of my favourites.

To start we shared the baked brie and the pretzels.


All of it delicious.

For my main I got the mussels, because they were $5 off on Sunday special. I regretted this decision immediately. I’d show you a picture of them but they gave me some mild food poisoning the next day so I do not want to look at them ever again. I instantly noticed that the mussels smelled fishier than they should, but I thought maybe I was imagining it so I went ahead and started eating them anyway. A couple of them tasted fine, and a couple of them tasted very obviously not fresh at all. I actually ended up sending them back and getting the cheeseburger and frite sliders. Our server was really good about it, but I was disappointed because I genuinely love the Bier Markt. I have been there several times, even for their Oktoberfest event (which I loved!), and never had a bad experience. I wish I ordered the Wurst sausage board like Evan. My opinion of the Bier Markt hasn’t been altered, but I don’t think I will be able to eat mussels again for a while. Maybe the mussels there are usually great, but I would not recommend ordering them on Sunday. I have a feeling they’ve been sitting there all week and they’re trying to get rid of them.

Anyway. We drank a lot of beer and that was good. And then I made everyone walk over to the Distillery District because it’s pretty.



We finished our day at El Catrin, where I went for my Mexican Happy or Hungry Eats the World adventure with my blogger buds. Only this time we sat inside at the bar. It is amazing.


Look at all that repurposed wood. The building itself is really old and I have a feeling that wood was found in there when they were renovating it. El Catrin truly has the most amazing restaurant decor I’ve ever seen.


We all agreed it was a Toronto highlight.

We shared a pitcher of the classic margarita, which was delicious.


And then moved on to a pitcher of mojitos.


Also really good, but not enough for four. BARELY enough for three, and poor Fabian’s glass was three quarters mint leaves and one quarter booze. Our server needed to think about our priorities when she was pouring that. That would be my only complaint. Otherwise we had a fantastic experience.


And Fabian’s shirt because I know you’ve been admiring it…


I want it.

Drinks at El Catrin was a really great way to end their trip. I am sad they’re gone and already thinking about where we need to take them the next time! And also thinking about when we’re going to get out to Florida so we can make them show us all the things.


Island Picnics and Beaching (with fake one-legged ducks)

Sunday was by far the nicest day of the year. About 25C and perfectly sunny. All I wanted was to GET OUTSIDE! Evan and I decided to recreate our picnic that got rained out last weekend, so we roped our friends Ian and Dorothy into joining us on Toronto Island (and if you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know I love the island, example here, here and here). So we took a quick jaunt on the ferry over there.


Well, kind of quick. We took the bus and then the subway to get to the ferry so it kind of felt like a long time, but the ferry itself was quick.

I love that the island feels like cottage country in the city. On the water, and tons of green space.


That was our picnic, and this photo really does not do it justice. We had three different kinds of cheese, salami, prosciutto, crackers, bread, grapes, and hot fruit beef jerky. I know that sounds like a very weird combination but I love a good beef jerky and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Evan also made the amazing bean dip he made for us last weekend and we had all the vegetables for dipping. And some drinks, as you can see. I have really been digging cider lately.


Such a good picnic. And of course no trip to the island is complete without a photo in front of Toronto’s beautiful skyline.


Sometimes I really enjoy Toronto. Sometimes I’m frustrated with the sheer amount of people who are everywhere all the time and I wonder why I don’t still live in the middle of nowhere…but it has its moments and sometimes I do really love it. Especially on summer evenings, ’cause there’s tons to do.

It was so nice to see all the people out enjoying the weather.


Grass! I have missed you!

After stuffing our faces we wandered over to the other side of the island to the beach. Not the clothing optional beach, just the family beach.


The clothing optional beach is actually a bit nicer (has great views! ha), but it’s further to walk there and we just wanted to get started on some leisuring.

We laid out our blankets and ate the rest of our picnic foods. It was a dream.


I ate some sweaty prosciutto after it had been sitting in the sun for a while and that was not a good call at all. It did not taste good. Don’t eat sweaty prosciutto.

While we were hanging out on the beach we saw a little one-legged female duck hanging around near us.


Poor little duck. She just stood there balancing on one leg for the longest time and seemed to be looking at us sadly. And we were all “How do you think that duck lost its leg?! Think of the stories that duck has to tell!” We would have thrown bread to her for sure if she wasn’t surrounded by those gluttinous seagulls. It’s one thing to feed a one-legged duck, but seagulls are ruthless bastards and would definitely harass us for hours if we threw even a tiny morsel of bread over there.

Even though we resisted, we figured that people probably feel sorry for the one-legged duck and give her food all the time, and this was probably why the seagulls chose to surround her and follow her around. One-legged duck = meal ticket.

And as we were discussing all of this we kept watching the duck, and that tricky minx put her other leg down.


She has two legs! WTF is this, duck? So sneaky. That one-legged gimmick was totally just to lure us in for food. I wonder how many suckers have fallen for this act.

Eventually we packed up shop at the beach and headed over to Centreville, the amusement park in the centre of the island. It’s a small scale park that is pretty much exactly the same as it was 25 years ago, so I like it. Basically all kiddie rides, like a carousel, bumper cars, log plume, and SWANS!!!!


But there is one ride that I was very adamant we all had to go on. The Scrambler.


Don’t worry, Dorothy was tall enough. But she had her big friend with her just in case. The three of them were seriously questioning me the entire way to the ride. They kept asking what I was getting them into and I’m pretty sure they thought I was leading them to some lame kiddie dragon coaster. But I promised I was not leading them astray. They needed to trust me. The Scrambler is a life-changing experience, because it is not any old Scrambler ride, it is this:

(this movie, Take This Waltz, was filmed on this same Scrambler Ride)

It is disco scrambler. My best friend Lisa said it was the highlight of her life when I took her on it. We were both just giddy afterwards. When we were there in the summer they played Video Killed the Radio Star as well, so I was sure they played that song every time. But this time they played Gives You Hell by the All American Rejects, and I just don’t feel like that song is of the same calibre as Video Killed The Radio Star. So that was disappointing. But Evan, Dorothy and Ian did all assure me that it was still awesome, totally worth the $4.25 we paid to go on it, and actually really was kind of a life-changing experience.

So, a super fun island double date. I’m hoping to get back there a few times this summer, and you better believe The Scrambler will be part of every trip! Love that ride!

In other news…I’m seeing JACK JOHNSON TONIGHT!!!!! Bahhhhhh I’m so excited!!! C’maaaaaaan 7:30!


Island Times with Eric

My baby brother is here!


Eric lives in BC with my mom, so I usually only see him once or twice a year, which makes me sad. We are close despite the distance, and we make sure to pack in the adventures when we do get to see each other (last year we had some pretty fun adventures on Vancouver Island). This year Eric brought his girlfriend Kenya to visit, who has never been to Ontario before. I met Kenya last year while I was in in BC, and the first time I met her I made her climb a mountain in the pouring rain for hours, and she never complained once even though it had to have been the coldest and wettest moment of her life.


Me, Kenya, Eric on the mountain in the rain

So I knew she was a good time.

Lisa was still here as well, so on Friday we took Eric and Kenya out for a day on the town (Lisa has known Eric since he was born!).


Look at those lovers ready for their adventures.

We started out downtown and had a leisurely lunch on the Joe Bidali’s patio on Front Street.

We all got lunch-sized pasta and Caesar salad and it wasn’t bad.



At first I was giving the pasta side eye because the portion looked too small and I was hungry, but I ate it all and felt full, so I guess all good. I am really big on cleaning my plate, so had the portions been double that I would have eaten it all anyway, and then I probably would have been too full and gross and someone would have had to roll me out of there. Everything happens for a reason. Also, people tell me all the time that it’s weird to order pasta when you are out at restaurant, but I don’t care. I love pasta, I’ll eat it anywhere, and sometimes a salad or a sandwich just isn’t going to cut it.

After lunch it took us a while to decide what to do. We were thinking of going to Toronto island, but it looked like it might rain and we didn’t want to get caught in a storm. So we wandered aimlessly downtown for about an hour (which was still fun) while studying the clouds and asking each other repeatedly “Is is going to rain? Should we go to the island? Do you think it’s going to rain?” Eventually the island won and we boarded the ferry. We decided if we got caught in the rain, we got caught in the rain (spoiler: we got caught in the rain).


The island just has such amazing views of Toronto that I wanted to take these two cheeky tourists there (well Eric grew up here with me, but he has never been to the island).

We did avoid the nude beach though. I have corrupted Eric enough over the years (I knocked out his teeth, remember), so I think he was okay skipping that. Instead we made our way over to Centreville, a little amusement park in the middle of the island.


I have not been to Centreville since I was really young and I barely remembered it. But it was really cute and super fun.

Recently I was watching the movie Take This Waltz with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan and there is a part in the movie where Michelle Williams is on this indoor disco Scrambler (the carnival ride) and Video Killed the Radio Star is playing.

I really liked that part in the movie. It was filmed in Toronto and I looked it up afterwards and saw that actual ride is at Centreville, and that part was filmed in there. We came across it and I remembered that clip and was so excited to go on it.


And it played Video Killed the Radio Star! It was EXACTLY like that clip, except more dance party and more screaming the music at the top of our lungs in our car.


Lisa said it was the highlight of her trip. It may have been one of the highlights of my life! I don’t know how one song and a bunch of disco lights can make a carnival ride a million times more amazing, but it sure can. It would have been impossible not to have fun. I never wanted that song to end, and if it didn’t cost $5 each time I would have gone on it repeatedly. Maybe we were in the same car as Michelle Williams and her scandalous lover!

We also walked around through all the gardens and took a bunch of pics…


You don’t even want to know the harassment we put up with from Eric from ages two to four. He’s lucky we like him now.

And we rented a bicycle built for four and toured around the island singing “It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage, but you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for FOUR!”


I love that thing. But we were having some bell issues so we couldn’t ring it at the people we were passing as much as we would have liked. We still waved to everyone and yelled “HEYYYYYY.”


Good times.

It was a great day with my brother and his lover and my bestest.


And then it rained so we headed back to my apartment and ordered pizza and watched Warm Bodies to rest up before our shenanigans on Saturday.


Island Styles

I had a little date yesterday with my friends Emily, Joanna and Hannah. We were all free for the day, so we decided to meet downtown and take the ferry over to Toronto Island!

The island is gorgeous. It is all grassy and green, with rivers and fountains and beaches, so it’s like a bit of cottage life in the city. It definitely doesn’t feel like you’re in Toronto at all. For a $7 ferry ride there and back, it’s a good cheap day excursion. And it was an insanely beautiful day, so that was just the icing on the cake.

There is an amusement park on the island called Centreville that I remember going to as a kid, but I have only been to the island as an adult one other time, and it was this summer. Hannah has been a few times as well, but Em and Jo had both never been, so I was excited to show it to them.

Our first stop was Shopsy’s deli for lunch, and I’m glad everyone else was hungry, because I was dying. I ordered a turkey club sandwich with fries.

We sat on the outdoor patio, which was absolutely huge and right on Lake Ontario, directly across from the Toronto skyline.

So pretty. Our city is pretty. Of course we had a photo shoot.

After lunch we headed out to do some island exploring.

Gorgey, gorgey.

I think the island is about 9km in total, and we definitely wanted to see most of it while we were there, so we rented this beast for an hour.

A bicycle built for four.

You would think that a bike with four people pedaling would be a nice, leisurely ride, but not quite. Pedaling this thing was a workout!

We rode that bike up and down the road closest to the lake and just took in the gorgeous views.

And we stopped for a few pictures along the way.

Our bike had a really loud bell also, so we definitely abused that. We rang the bell at pretty much anyone who passed us. They liked it. We also liked to offer rides to random people. No one took us up on that.

We also discovered this:

Hanlan’s Point. The clothing optional beach. Apparently there are only two nude beaches in Canada, and this is one of them (the other one is in Vancouver). I was googling about it today, and everyone says this beach is a must-visit because the views are gorgeous (I think they mean the lake views, not the views of old men in the nuddy-pants), and it is laid-back and free of screaming children (I would hope).

The four of us stayed fully clothed though, not to worry, and although we had our swimsuits with us, we didn’t really have a beach day. Next time!

We did drop by the other (clothing mandatory) beach, and it was pretty nice and not too busy.

And then we got popsicles and headed out to the pier.

Where we ran into these fine young purple gents.

They apparently had to paint themselves purple for a frosh week thing in their engineering program. They were funny. Ah, to be young again.

I was also attacked by a bee on the pier for at least five minutes. I’m not even kidding, that little jerk wanted me so bad. The bee was originally after my popsicle, so I had to throw it away because it wouldn’t stop stalking it, and then it was just after me. I whipped my backpack off my back and to the ground and ran around the pier for several minutes yelling “Just sting me and get it over with!” as it followed me. Emily and Joanna were dying laughing and told me afterwards that everyone on the pier was watching me. Oh well. I didn’t get stung, so that is a win.

It was such a perfect day with my friends, and I was so glad that Em and Jo got to meet Hannah. I have been telling them all about eachother for months!

Now, Emily has a question she would like me to ask you guys. Do you think we at least checked out the nude beach? Or do you think we steered clear?