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My Beautiful 8-Year-Old Brain

My mom was going through some boxes a while ago and found my creative writing journal from when I was in Grade 4. She saved it all this time! She sent it along with Eric to bring to me when he was visiting.


Well doesn’t this look like a party.

It’s pretty hilarious to read it now. Some of the things I wrote were just ridiculous. I seem to have had an obsession with spiders (nothing new), ghosts (haunted houses in particular), secret passageways (I blame the Babysitter’s Club and Mary-Anne’s secret passageway for that), and carnivals at that age, as that is what most of my stories are about.

Writing has always been my favourite, and some of my stories actually aren’t bad! Evan was dying laughing when he came across the speech that I wrote about my summer vacation, because it starts out “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! I went to British Columbia for my summer vacation.”


My entire “speech” is basically just a running commentary of exactly what I did while in British Columbia. Every single mundane detail. If I have learned anything over the years, hopefully it is to be more succinct. I am still extremely impressed with my spelling and grammar at that age though.

And listening to music, reading and looking out the window are still my favourite things to do on a plane, FYI.

Anyway, I would like to share one of my stories with you. Please note I am not changing any of my original spelling or grammar. But I am going to add paragraphs.


Professor Dino and his Greatest Discovery

Long ago in a desert in Italy (I am not sure why I chose Italy…) there was a dinosaur named Professor Dino. Professor Dino lived in a cave. As you might have guessed P.D. is a professor. He has a laboratory set up in his basement (because most caves have basements). All of P.D.’s friends call him P.D. for short.

One day when P.D. was taking a walk he found 2 dinosaur bones stuck together to make an X. X marks the spot thought P.D. He got down on his hands and knees and started digging. After a few hundred handfuls of sand and dirt Professor Dino felt something hard. He brushed away the sand and found that it was a chest. Luckily there was a rope tied to the chest. P.D. grasped the rope and pulled out the chest.

The chest was very heavy. P.D. had to open the chest right then and there.

Inside the chest was a very old golden book. P.D. brought the book home to read. When he got home he went downstairs (with the book). There was no title but he just turned the page anyway. The first page had nothing on it. The second page was the same as the first. 3rd page nothing 4th nothing 5th nothing. This went on until the 109th page (last page). Then it said P.D.

That was really strange because that was P.D’s initials!



Can I just say how much I love my eight-year-old self?

Here is a beautiful poem that I wrote about my cat, Princess Missy (Winnie’s predecessor) also found in my creative writing journal:

I have a cat named Missy,
Her fur is white as snow,
And now I gotta go!

I didn’t say it was a good poem. Here is Princess Missy:


And my nana!


Anyway, I’m so glad my mom saved this because it is just a gem. If I ever have children I am saving EVERYTHING! And it’s all going on the fridge!

Did your parents save any of your stuff?!


Adventures in Babysitting (with the Babysitter’s Club)

So it’s possible you have already guessed this, but things are not the most fab in my personal life right now, and I don’t really feel that it is appropriate to blog about (I am okay – no worries, and I am sorry to be cryptic!). But you should know that I am moving.

This is kiiiind of a big deal. My house is going up for sale next week, and I have never sold a house before. Sometimes I feel like it is a little bit too big of a grown-up thing to deal with… Dealing with the realtors and the stager and the lawyer, and talking about fees and taxes and blarrrrg requires me to put on my serious big girl pants, and I don’t feel fully comfortable in them yet (hopefully I will by the time I have kids…probably not).


Plus, I really love my house. It is quite sexy. The day I got the keys was officially the most exciting day of my life thus far. So I will be sad to say goodbye to it. But, hey-ho! Carry on, as my Nana always says. It is not the most fun thing, but I know everything will be gravy soon enough. Things usually work out for me, and I have very extreme luck (can also be extremely bad luck, but can sometimes be extremely good). So, nungas crossed.

And every cloud and all that, because you know what I have discovered is fun?


Welllll, maybe not packing per se, more like unpacking and organizing the random boxes in my basement that have sat there since I moved in three and a half years ago.

I found a bunch of stuff this week that I totally forgot existed and really made me laugh hard. Some of it is funny to just me, but some of it I think will be funny for everyone. I was originally going to cram it all into one post, but I have decided to break it up to give each find the attention it deserves. And I promise to make that more entertaining than it sounds…

So first up, I found my old Babysitter’s Club books!

Silly Stacey and her diabetes and boy-craziness. Seriously, I will never be able to hear the word diabetes without thinking of Stacey.

(A separate post will just be on books, because it turns out I am a serious book hoarder and have saved every book I’ve ever owned. I have boxes and boxes of them. Literally hundreds.)

But re: The Babysitter’s Club, I can’t even explain to you how much I loved it when I was in elementary school. A ridiculous amount. My Nana got me the super specials for Christmas and my birthday every year from Grades 4 through 6 (after I graduated from reading about Karen’s adventures in Babysitter’s Little Sister).

I loved the books so much that I wrote a letter to Ann M. Martin and asked her if the characters were real people…specifically Logan, as I had a crush on him and wanted to steal him away from boring Mary Anne.

No, Logan, you do not like Mary Anne. You like Lindsey.

Anyway, Ann M. Martin actually sent me a letter back! I don’t have her letter anymore, sadly, but I remember she said that no, the characters are all fictional, and actually Stoneybrook Connecticut is a fictional place (how was I supposed to know this?).

God how I loved those babysitters and their crazy adventures. I wanted to be funky and trendy and hide candy all over my room like Claudia (I actually did hide candy in my room trying to be like Claudia – and I got ants), but I also wanted to be cool and sophisticated and dot my i’s with hearts like Stacey (I’ll skip on the diabetes though). And of course I wanted to be like the laid-back Dawn, all Californian and hip. And Jessi was pretty cool with her dancing.

(I never aspired to be the other three. Mallory was a ginger, Kristy was bossy and basically a man, and the only thing I liked about Mary Anne was Logan and the secret passage in her house.)

It should be noted that I loved The Babysitter’s Club so much I started my own babysitter’s club, and after I found my books, I found our original flyer in one of my old boxes.

This killed me. I laughed for at least 10 minutes when I found this. No, scratch that. Days. I am still laughing about it. We totally stole the name We Love Kids Club from Dawn’s spinoff babysitters club in California (if anyone remembers that), and you better believe we made Kid Kits!

It should be noted that Gineen and I were 12 and 3/4 because we didn’t want to lie and say we were 13, but it sounded more mature than just 12. Also, Lisa was part-time, because her cottage was near my house and she was only there on weekends.

It also should be noted that the “have experience with newborns” line refers to my brother Eric who is 10 years younger than me, and who we had to look after quite a lot.

I look like I know what I’m doing, right? That was our only newborn experience. But having experience with newborns sounded good, so we went with it.

We also had to adjust our pricing model in later flyers, so people would actually pay us with money and not popsicles.

But these flyers totally worked, and I got tons of babysitting jobs because of them. Seriously like 20. People just called me because my number was first. I kind of shafted everyone else.

We also started our own Swim Club (couldn’t find that flyer, unfortunately). We lived on a lake, so one summer we decided to offer swimming lessons to all the local children for $2.

We also made flyers, and somehow they lured in all the parents in our neighbourhood. Small communities man, I tell ya (Cely will tell you too – go read that post, story of my life!!!)

We didn’t have any official swimming instructor credentials or anything, but we spent the entire summer in the lake anyway, so we figured we might as well make some money. Parents actually paid us $2 a week to teach their child how to swim. We had like 20 kids who we “taught” once a week for the entire summer. Not a liability issue at all. Not at all.

Correct me if I am right, but I don’t think this would happen now… Thankfully, no one drowned.

So that’s it on the Babysitters Club front. Any other super fans? Who was your fave?