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Birthdays, Boat Rides, and Little Mermaids

On Saturday morning I woke up to Phil’s (Lisa’s dad) poached eggs on toast.


An old favourite of his (and mine). For some reason whenever I try to make my own poached eggs on toast it doesn’t work out quite the same.

Saturday morning and afternoon looked much like Friday, lots of swimming, lots of reading, a little boat riding around the lake, lunch…


…and lots leisuring in the sunshine.

Lisa’s birthday was on Sunday so we were having a big ol’ weekend celebration for her with our friends. In the afternoon Mark and Dawn (and Scarlett!) and Emily and Corey came over for the festivities. Evan sadly had some work stuff to take care of on the weekend and I know he was disappointed to miss out on seeing everyone, but this coming weekend we are basically having a repeat at the cottage so that makes him feel better. He has been working on a pretty stressful job (he completely redid an entire condo) for the last six weeks or so and I know he was feeling really burnt out, so I am so happy for him that it is almost done.

Anyway. One of Lisa’s birthday presents from Emily was a Justin Bieber towel.


Which was quite sensual, and I’m sure she will use it all the time.

Lisa is known for having presents for Scarlett when she sees her, because she’s far away and doesn’t get to very often. One of Scarlett’s presents was Cheer Bear!


Scarlett loved it so much she ate her hand.


She just kills me with her cuteness. Her other present was a Little Mermaid bathing suit (we are just forcing our love 80s pop culture on her).



Before dinner the ladies took a boat ride over to the falls.



The water was so calm and it was just a beautiful, beautiful dusk.






I’m going to live on a lake one day, you guys know this, right? It is happening.

So a bunch of my mom’s side of the family have rented a cottage for the week very close to where Lisa’s parents are. The cottage they rented is on a big property with a bunch of other cottages and has a small beach. I was thinking about how funny it would be if I surprised them by swimming over and arriving on their beach being like “Heeeeeyyyy, it’s cousin Lindsey! FROM THE SEA!”

We thought maybe we would stop with the boat and try to find them, but then we weren’t sure if we would be able to start the boat again without Lisa’s dad’s help. So instead we just floated by slowly and creepily.

The first time we boated by the beach I am 100% sure we saw my mom’s cousin Doug walking along the shore. Except I mixed him up with another cousin for a second, Garth, so we yelled “GARTH!!!!” at him, instead of his actual name, and he wasn’t understanding. It was a lost opportunity. On the way back Doug was gone, but there was a new group along the beach who I thought might be my family. So we drove by them slowly while they all stared at us, but we couldn’t get a good look so of course we circled back just in case. I still couldn’t tell so I was like “I’m just looking for my cousins!” but unfortunately they were not my cousins. It was a bunch of men we didn’t know and they thought we were trying to pick them up. When we had to turn around and go by them AGAIN they were all “I’ll be your cousin! I’ll be whatever you want!” and then asked us over for a drink. We said no thanks and Lisa yelled “Just throw your beer out to us!” but sadly they didn’t go for that. Anyway, all this to say, I didn’t see my family. We just went back to the house.

Unfortunately Dawn missed the boat ride because she was helping her man Mark get this thing in the water:


And that thing would be a stand-up jetski from 1986. Somehow I was able to get a pretty good photo of him with only my phone as he zoomed by our boat.


Doesn’t he look like an 80s stud? A true Steve Sanders (in the words of Dawn but I’m stealing that line because it makes me laugh).

In the evening the neighbours a few doors down put on the best fireworks show from their dock, that we could just conveniently watch from our dock. It was some of the best fireworks I’ve seen for sure. Apparently some were brought in from America, and I know if there’s one thing Americans do right it’s fireworks. So that was great.

And then we had a late family dinner.




Afterwards we played some cards (A**hole), and then some hot tubbing and general shenanigans, you know.

On Sunday (Lisa’s Birthday!!!!) we ate raspberry waffles and peameal bacon (often called Canadian bacon, but not by Canadians) for breakfast, and then we all hung out by the water.




And we ate possibly the best nachos of my life.

It was a really good time. I hope Lisa had the best birthday. Thanks to Diane and Phil for hosting!

Ah, summer weekends are my favourite.


Canada Day Camping in the Rockies

Last year on Canada Day, my best friend Lisa‘s sister Heather’s boyfriend Brent (that is a mouthful so I will just say my friend Brent now, because we are friends) posted this photo to Facebook.


And I have never in my life been more jealous. I was like, where is this and why am I not there right now. Even though I was having a great Canada Day at the time (better than usual, even), that scene looked like a dream. I vowed that one day I would be there on that scenic beach and I would dance around in a Canada umbrella hat with mountains in the background.

So when Lisa texted me last Sunday and was all “Hey do you maybe want to come to Calgary and see me for the long weekend and we can go camping in Revelstoke with Heather and Brent and friends?” I thought it over for about two minutes, and obviously I remembered that picture, before I texted back YUP. I am in.

It was the combination of seeing my bestie, and her sister and friends, camping at that beautiful spot, AND the fact that the beautiful camping spot was only an hour away from my mom and brother in Salmon Arm, so I could see them too. The entire situation could not have worked out any better. I was absolutely sold and I booked my flights that evening.

Five days later I flew out to Calgary and had a wine-filled Friday night in with Lisa and our friend Crystal, who also happens to live out there. Saturday morning Lis and I left for Revelstoke, BC, about a five hour drive from Calgary, Alberta, to meet up with Heather and Brent and their friends in the Rockies for what would be the best camping of my life.


I have made the drive along the Trans Canada Highway from Calgary over to Salmon Arm several times now and it will never get old. It is my favourite drive in the world. Everywhere you look is just breathtakingly beautiful, the entire drive.

IMG_9774 IMG_9787 IMG_9803

So the scenery coupled with catching up with my best friend while we sang ridiculous car karaoke make me pretty overwhelmingly excited for the rest of our adventures that weekend.

The drive ended up taking us a bit longer than usual because of a minor directions snafu that led to us nearly getting on a ferry and making friends with a directions-savvy biker (thank God or I don’t think we would have found it), but we eventually made it to paradise.

IMG_9819 IMG_9847



I know, right? Amazing.

I was delighted to find Jen, Corinna and Elliot from our Vegas crew, as well as Heather and Brent, in attendance, and several of their friends, and friends and friends who were all fun and welcoming. There were 17 people there at one point.

Lis and I immediately cracked a beer, got into our bathing suits and got in that glorious water!


The campsite is on crown land and is not an actual campground, so we did not have to pay (which was awesome). We were totally in middle of nowhere in the mountains, no cell signal or any way of contacting the outside world really, and no other campers within a good couple of kilometres. Extremely secluded. Mountains on all sides!


View of our site from the water

Pictures just do not do it justice. Even that picture with Brent didn’t prepare me for what I would experience when I saw that view in person.

Heather was all “I need to show you the bathroom, it’s so nice!” which…





I guess. Pretty nice. I’ve seen worse, it did have a seat. And twinkle lights!

So for the next two days, we did all the camping things. We drank a lot. We spent hours and hours in the river, either floating, swimming, or sitting in chairs.




The water was very cold, but it was very very hot (38 degrees C on Sunday! I don’t know what that is in F, but definitely over 100), so it was refreshing. Being outside would have been unbearable without the river. We had a good breeze, too.

I leisurely dog paddled around for about two hours on Sunday, swimming close to that mountain across the way and then lying on my back in the water and just staring up at it for a really long time. Lis and I also took our inflatable boats out there and floated around.


We slept in a wonky tent that we left open to the sky so we could see the mountains and the stars.


We ate all the camping food.


We listened to Elliot and Lauren play their guitars and we all sang along.


Hands down the best campsite I have ever had.

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Mainly I tried to convince Elliot to play Neil Young. 

We had campfires and roasted marshmallows.


We played ladder ball and watched the sun go down, although it stayed light outside until 11pm. And even then it never got fully dark because the moon was so bright rising over the mountain. It was surreal.

I made new and closer friends. I laughed harder than I have in a long time, almost at everything. I got my bestie time.


And I got my picture with the Canada umbrella hat.



So, it was the best time ever. I was really sad to leave. The perfect way to celebrate Canada Day weekend!


Cyprus Lake Camping

Hello from the land of sporadic blogging! Oh, what else is new, eh? I am always a sporadic blogger. I honestly do have intentions to write every day (well, just weekdays, let’s not get too excited) but in the summer things are so crazy I just have too much to talk about and I can’t get it out fast enough. And then the winter is the opposite. I tend to hibernate a bit and the adventures are fewer and further between. And adventures, of course, are my favourite things to talk about (food is second, love is probably third).

So, moving on to the adventures. This weekend we went camping! And not just any old camping, we went to my favourite place in Ontario: Bruce Peninsula National Park (click on that link if you want to see how crazy beautiful it is there).

My parents took my Bestie Lisa and I (and my baby brother Eric) when I was 13 and we had such a great time that the entire experience has really stuck with me. I have been a handful of times since. For a while I was trying to go every year. I love camping, consider myself a pretty seasoned camper, and I have been to many parks in Ontario, but Bruce Peninsula is my favourite. The campsites are spacious and (mostly) private, the trails are plentiful and woodsy and beautiful, Cyprus Lake (where the campground is located) is pretty, calm, and has a great beach…but you can say that about many campgrounds. What Bruce Peninsula has that other places don’t is the clear, deep, and turquoise (and FRIGID) waters of Georgian Bay, rock cliffs, rock beaches, and a natural grotto.


It’s truly a natural phenomenon. But more on the rocks/cliffs/grotto adventure later, let’s talk about the camping stuff first.

Evan and I went on this trip with our friends Dorothy and Ian.


And Bolt, who was a DREAM camp dog. He was so well behaved while also being so entertaining and hilarious that he kind of blew us all away. He can come camping with us any time!

On Friday we packed up Evan’s truck and hit the road. It is nearly a four hour drive but it went by surprisingly fast and we made it to our campsite by the early afternoon. Here it is in all its glory.


Not too shabby at all. And it is car camping so our car is on site with us, which is handy and a half. We quickly got to work setting up shop for the next three days. The tent that Evan and I used last year in Algonquin (when we got rained out) is pretty small, so since we had the dog with us we decided to get a new tent for the occasion. I found a really good deal at Walmart on this beauty.


It is probably the most spacious tent I have ever slept in. I called it the Sultan’s Tent and I felt like I should be in there leisuring on a plush chair while Evan fed me grapes. We had enough room for a queen-sized air mattress, with lots of room on either side…


Cloud 9

And then a whole separate area for Bolt’s crate, our bags, other gear we wanted to store…


AND we could stand up in there. It was perfect. My one pet peeve camping is when I am changing out of my bathing suit after swimming and I can’t stand in the tent so I am awkwardly lying on an air mattress trying to get pants onto my clammy legs and I get all frustrated and sweaty. It was so nice to be able to stand and change. You don’t realize what a luxury it is until you can’t.

We also had a sweet screened dining tent.


Not totally necessary, but it’s nice to have around and it sets up instantly.

While we were setting things up, Mr. Bolt settled in and started stalking the squirrels, as he does.


He lives to stalk squirrels. And I’m pretty sure they live to torment him.

After we set up our tents and relaxed on our site for a bit, we headed down to Cyprus Lake beach. It was about a two minute walk from our campsite. Last week was extremely humid and foggy and the fog was still hanging around on Friday.


Still so pretty and peaceful though. Bolt wanted right in that water.


We went back to the lake on both Saturday and Sunday when we (luckily!) had perfect weather and it was much more clear.


Ian and Evan are way out there


Isn’t the water so clear?!

I’ve never seen Bolt swim before and he was absolutely hilarious. He just bounds around and tries to eat the water. I wish I got it on video.


Chomp chomp, yum water, chomp.

Then he comes out, gags/throws up the water he just ate, rolls in the sand like a maniac, and then runs back in and does the same thing.



What a little weirdo. Evan calls him the furry white coconut.


My favourite was watching Evan teaching him how to fetch. I have always thought that Bolt might be a bit too intelligent for playing fetch, like it was above him to chase some silly stick or ball. He doesn’t do it when we try in the field near our house. He just stands there and looks at us and then the stick like “what, I’m supposed to retrieve this?” But around the water he was kind of game. Evan would throw a stick into the water, Bolt would chase it, grab it, and bring it back.


Evan pointing out where the stick is

The first time he brought it back he threw the stick into the bushes, peed on it, and then came back to Evan without it. The second time Evan threw the stick (a different stick), Bolt ran into the water to retrieve it, brought it back onto the beach, threw it down away from Evan, shook water all over it, and then went back and sat down in front of Evan. Stickless. Dorothy, Ian and I were in the water watching and we were all just dying of laughter.

But the third time Evan threw a stick, Bolt retrieved it from the water and brought it directly back to him. I think he was getting the hang of it and was actually starting to like it.


Aside from all the swimming we did, we went hiking a lot (it’s a good 25 minute hike to the cliff beach on the Georgian Bay side). I particularly love the hiking trails around Cyprus Lake. They are beautiful.





We hung out a lot around our site as well. Bolt either chilled out beside us on a blanket…


Or just on the dirt.


He was so dirty by the time we got home, although the dirt just seems to absorb into his fur and it doesn’t show. He is always snow white even when he is absolutely filthy.

We had some goooood times around the campfire!




And I have to mention that Dorothy had the best camping chair…


Hers would be the tiny Spongebob one. I think she should have made Ian use it.

On our very first night we accidentally left some chips in the dining tent so we woke up at 2am to a family of raccoons pigging out on those. It sounded like the Tazmanian Devil interspersed with loud crunching. Fun times.


Can you spot that pesky little raccoon eating our chips? They remind me of Winnie (who also loves chips). Evan originally thought it was just one raccoon so he went to go into the tent and chase it off, and then realized there were three so he abandoned that mission. Instead he just took pictures of them from our tent while he laughed harder than I have ever heard him laugh before. Like doubled over at our tent door not being able to breathe. Eventually they ate all the chips and took off. We were much more careful with the food after that.

On Saturday morning we were having some issues with our camp stove so we drove into Tobermory for breakfast. It is the cutest little town, and basically just consists of a bunch of tourist-y stores around a little bay.



It is the scuba diving capital of Canada also (the water is INSANELY clear), so they have a glass bottom boat tour that takes you around to a bunch of ship wrecks, but we opted out of that. It’s expensive and Dorothy and I have both done it before. We preferred to just go back and go swimming and hang around the campground.

So had a really great camping weekend! More to come on Georgian Bay rock climbing and, of course, the food!


Lake Reunions

I have been just dying to talk about my weekend. My mom is visiting from BC! She got here on Saturday and we have been busy beavers since her arrival. On Sunday and Monday we had a little reunion with one of my very oldest friends Melissa (as in I’ve known her the longest, not that she is the eldest) and her mom Susan.

Old friends with cats.

Old friends with cats.

Melissa and I grew up together. She is my friend that I blew across the lake with, fought with over Jason Priestley Ken (we each had one and one of them had a bald spot, so one time we mixed them up and neither of us wanted that one back), she witnessed me crotching myself, we argued together over who had more newspaper clippings of Elvis Stojko after we met him. And if you’ve read my blog for a while you might remember her from when we went adventuring in our old neighbourhood (almost two years ago, which is crazy!). When we were younger if she wasn’t at my house, I was at hers, and my mom was her mom and her mom was my mom. I stayed at their house when my brother Eric was born.

So although we don’t get to see each other as often now (which I think we need to fix asap) she is one of those great friends where when you do see each other nothing has changed. You are both the same, you still know each other so well, and you just feel comfortable and familiar. Melissa still feels like family.



Our moms were pretty close for a long time too, so this reunion was a LONG time coming and I really wanted to make sure we squeezed in a visit with those two in while my mom was visiting.


The moms! My mom really enjoys plaid jackets, especially when she is fishing.

Top priority getting those gals together.

When I was talking to Melissa about what us four party animals should get up to, I brought up the fact that her and I  haven’t been swimming together in a long, long time. She was immediately all “well, we obviously need to fix that!” since that is what our summers consisted of. Lake swimming, all day every day.

So we spent most of Sunday and Monday at her grandma’s cottage near Huntsville, which has the BEST swimming (I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but really the swimming was awesome).



The last time I was here with those three (Meliss, my mom, and her mom) it was the summer after Grade 8 and I was incredibly sick. It is the only time in my life that I have ever been legitimately sick, sick. I had zero energy and I had this horrible chokey cough that would not let up and sometimes I would cough so hard it would make me throw up. But Meliss had been telling me how good the swimming was at the cottage for ages, and I was so, so excited for it, so do you think a little cough was going to stop me from swimming and having all the fun? Ha, no! So what if I coughed every time I went under water? I was 100% not missing out. I got ‘er done and swam my heart out all weekend. When we got home the doctor gave me some kind of medication that made me sleep for a week, and then I was better. And that is the last time I’ve been sick (touch all the wood).

Anyway, digressing, but I was really happy that this time I could fully enjoy that deep water swimming without choking.


I have decided that treading water is my very favourite workout (preferably while holding a can of beer, but either way). The pool just opened in the rec centre attached to my and Evan’s condo building, so I think I need to start hitting that up for some water treading action.

We swam for hours, before swimming over to the neighbour’s cottage (who my mom and I both also knew), and hanging out on their dock.

They really make the most of the lake. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many floating docks on one lake before.


I think we need some sort of floating something at Evan’s cottage…

We stayed the night at Susan’s, as she lives close by, and here is our dinner of champions.


Shh…it was a special occasion.

The next morning after a much healthier breakfast, the four of us were back at the lake.


I was all over that slide.


I am pretty proud of my slide dive form there!

It was such a good weekend and I am so glad this reunion happened. My mom and I had the best time with Meliss and Susan. I wish this could happen every day. I have missed my Miss!


It was just like a summer day 20 years ago.



Last weekend, so two weekends ago now, my friend Sherrie organized a big camping trip for all our friends/her friends/all the friends. This was the second annual friends camping trip, and unfortunately I had to miss last year so this time I was IN. Camping is my favourite. But we had just gotten back from a very exhausting trip (I hesitate to say vacation as we were very busy every day and it wasn’t exactly relaxing, it was a trip) so an entire weekend away camping wasn’t doable for me. I had stuff to get done at home. Evan had even more stuff to do, so I just drove up myself on Saturday morning for one night.

I arrived just after noon and everyone was already up and in the water.


I like how they’re all like “Heyyyyyyy. GET IN HERE!”

Sherrie and I actually stumbled upon this campground two years ago when we got kicked out of Algonquin Park for being too noisy. This place, Pine Grove Point, is a privately owned campground on the outskirts of Algonquin (it’s actually where Evan and I picked up our canoe from when we were backcountry camping last year), and they are much more lenient about things than provincial parks are. They actually encourage you to bring drinks down to the beach.


And they purposely put us all at a huge site at the very pack of the campground so we are free to be loud (though I don’t know if they encourage singing Disney songs on the beach at midnight…)

I love provincial parks, and they are beautiful and all that, but almost every time I’ve camped in one I’ve gotten at least one noise complaint. So if your plan is to have more of a party time with your friends, finding a good private campground is the way to go. For me the most important aspect of a good campground is good lake swimming. Hiking trails are always nice too, but lake swimming is probably my favourite activity of all time and something that I don’t get to do every day, so I definitely cherish it. This place has the BEST lake swimming. Clear and deep. J’adore.


It also helps that they have a bunch of floating trampolines and a floating dock. We swam for hours and hours that Saturday afternoon. It was my dream.


My ol’ pal Sherrie



My friends Dawn, Mark, Emily and Corey were up for just the Friday night, so I was sad to miss them all on Saturday. But I really enjoy Sherrie’s friends, and I have hung out with them so much that I consider them my friends. And Sherrie has hung out with my friends so much that she considers them her friends. And all our friends have hung out together so much that everyone considers everyone friends. It is a great thing.


Eventually we packed up around dinnertime and headed back to our site. I brought myself a chicken burger to grill, however I knew from experience that the camp store/snack bar at the park has really amazing poutine. Really. Amazing.


Obviously I had to get this. It was quite large and in charge so I had to rope some friends into helping me finish it, but I don’t think they minded. People will tell you that you aren’t eating real poutine unless your fries are topped with cheese curds as opposed to shredded cheese and I will tell you right now that I disagree. I love a good cheese curd, but I really enjoy all types of cheese so I can’t discriminate. I don’t know if that poutine would have been better with cheese curds. And I don’t even know if that was real cheese. But it was pretty perfect as-is.

And if you want to catch a glimpse inside a random camping store…


Alllll the things you could possibly need for your camping trip, just in case you forget your…cat food.

As I mentioned, our campsite was basically a huge area at the back of the campground that had been cleared of brush.


Complete with a sleeping/tent area, an eating/fire area (good thing, since about 16 people were up at some point over the weekend so there were a lot of tents), and a GAMES AREA!


Sherrie brought our trusty, faithful ladder ball. It is always a good time. It is especially a good time in the dark when you tie glow sticks around the three levels and throw the balls in the pitch black, hoping for the best.

We also played a lot of Euchre, which is my favourite card game of all time.


I do not get to play nearly as often as I like because I find it difficult to get four people together who all know how to play Euchre (I actually play online – Hardwood Euchre! It is the best! If anyone has it seriously let me know, I’ll be your partner). We had a bunch of people who knew how to play though, so we had a bit of a tournament.

We also played some flip cup. Because a party is not a party unless there is flip cup. This team was undefeated.


And they are jerks. My team never won.

Eventually we all saddled up around the fire and two of the guys broke out guitars (and a ukelele!) and serenaded us. I think they ended up hating us though, because we were all “Can you play this? Play Neil Young! But can you play THIS?! Play this, play this!” Note to self: learn how to play the guitar, and learn how to play all the campfire songs.

Last time Sherrie and I were camping there it was theme night and they turned the entire campground into Halloween (in August), complete with a haunted house. And a bunch of adults were dressed up…


We were not so lucky this time. But it was still a fun time.

It was raining in the morning, so we all packed up early and I was home just after noon. Just in time for Sunday leisuring before work on Monday.


Some Highlights from Cuba

Hola amigos! I am back from (mostly) sunny Cuba!

I had what can only be described as a dream trip and I have about a million pictures and a million things to talk about. I have quite a lot of upcoming recapping action. So just a heads up I’ll be talking about Cuba for a week. I know, I know, who wants to hear about someone else’s vacation? Please don’t hate me. I will try to make it fun for you. For now I want to talk about the highlights, and then I will get into further detail about our resort, our adventures, the food, etc. I am sure you’re on the edge of your seat. Hold tight.

We stayed at the beautiful Brisas Guardalavaca (pronounced by our travel rep on the bus on the way to the resort as “wadawalaca” said very quickly, which Evan and I had a lot of fun with…repeatedly…the entire trip) outside of Holguin, and here was the view from our hotel room:


Just disgusting. Horrible waking up to that every day.

I have to say this right off the bat, I really only have my resort in Jamaica to compare this to (Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton) and hotel and grounds-wise it did not compare. And I knew it probably wouldn’t so I tried not to compare, but it is difficult not to compare. Lady Hamilton was just so incredibly over the top beautiful and humungous. But Brisas Guardalavaca is a very nice resort in a fun area with a TON to do, and the staff were once again awesome (as were the locals) and I would highly recommend going there. There were so many great things about it. Plus we paid a lot less than I did for Jamaica, so that helps.

So Evan and I went on this trip with Evan’s brother Michael (but I call him Brotherman) and his fiancée Kelly, and this was their third time visiting this particular resort. They have been to a few other places in Cuba, but they really like the Brisas!

Kelly’s sister Mina and her husband also came (it was their second time at the resort), with their two kids who are really awesome to hang out with. I met them all before at Evan’s cottage in the summer. There was quite a group of us!

We squeezed in a lot of beach leisure time.


A lot. Many hours looked like this:


And my view looked like this:


By the way, I loved Mindy Kaling’s book and I am thinking of a way to track her down and force her to be my friend. She wants to be, she just doesn’t know it yet. I also finished Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson and I was completely sucked into it. It was an impromptu airport buy and it was very good. So lots of beach reading time happened and that makes me happy.

The beach itself was absolutely beautiful.


It was like a movie beach. Fine white sand and perfectly clear blue ocean that stretched on forever.


I really wanted to get in a lot of ocean time so I made it my goal to swim in it every day. I can’t get enough of that salt water on my skin. I love it. I could float around in there for hours and hours.

Evan and I went on a snorkeling adventure just off our resort from a paddle boat we rented…


We borrowed sweet bicycles from the resort and biked over to the local market, and one day we rented a scooter for a couple hours and took it all over the local towns.


It was really cool to see how people live and I was so glad to get in some Cuban culture.

I sang karaoke in front of pretty much the entire resort…


Because I cannot resist karaoke.

Evan and I went on a catamaran adventure!


Where I was able to sneak in some fishing…


I didn’t catch anything, but maybe for the best because one time I caught a musky and it almost bit off my pinky finger (I have a scar), so who knows what would have happened if I had snagged a barracuda.

We made new friends…


And some of those new friends let us wear their berets and play their maracas…


That man in the background also let me play his trumpet.

We swam with the most amazing dolphin ever. I will repeat because this is important: WE SWAM WITH A DOLPHIN.


I know, is she a dolphin or is she Jabba the Hut? She is pregnant so I think that accounts for her extra chins. Anyway, as you can tell she is our new best buddy. It was the highlight of my trip, if not the highlight of my life. It was such an incredible experience.


That was pretty much my face the entire time. I love her!!!

Definitely a lot of shenanigans to tell you about. I am sad to be home (especially when I look at these pictures) but I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing time with my lover!


…and his brother and his lover, and her sister and her mister, and their kids.

I hope you guys had a great week!