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Samesies WIAW (Featuring a Giant Cake)

Helloskis.  I hope all you cheeky cats are doing well!

I took a petite break on the blogging front yesterday to buckle down and get some work done!  I do a 48-page magazine for my organization every three months (like the entire thing, design, layout, most of the photography, and most of the writing), and the entire project takes me weeks.  It has just been hanging over my head for the past little while and I am so glad it’s finally complete and sent to the printers.  A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders 🙂  Hooray.

But I am back today for What I Ate Wednesday!

Other than work stuff, not too much has been crack-a-lackin’ with me the last few days, so you did not miss much.  And I honestly ate exactly the same foods for breakfast, lunch, and mid-morning snack both today and yesterday.

Same breakfast…

Cream Cheese + Jam = the JAM

Toasted whole wheat bagel topped with cream cheese and grape jelly.  Yeah, maybe a weird combo, but SO GOOD!  So good I ate it twice.

Same lunch…

Salad Beast

Beastly salad including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrot, green onion, and my black beans and salsa mix leftover from my burritos the other night.  I dressed this puppy up with a bit of Italian dressing.  V filling and quite a groovy yumfest.

And, same mid-morning snack.

Yoggity Snack

PC Strawberry Green yogurt mixed with fresh sliced peach and raspberry.  This has actually been my go-to mid-morning snack for the past week or so.

I have snuck in a few treats as well though.  When Ando arrived home from work yesterday he was all “I have a present for youuuuuu” and held up a big plastic bag.

I love presents and surprises, but in this case I’m pretty sure I just said “Meh,” all disinterested.

Andy-pants works in communications for a company that manufactures cleaning supplies and products, so usually the “presents” that he brings home from work are things like heavy duty paper towels and disinfectant spray.  Please forgive me for not peeing my pantaloons in excitement.

But yesterday he had an event going on, and that is not what he brought home.  This is what he brought me:

Holy Cake, Batman

A GIANT piece of cake.  THAT piqued my interest immediately (because, as you know, I like to eat).  I was pumped as soon as I saw that thing.

That picture is not really doing the cake justice…


There ya go.  Now THAT is a piece of cake, my friends.

I wanted to eat the entire thing, but I managed to hold back and just cut myself a “sliver”.

Jusssst a Sliva

This cake was frickin’ delicious.  The cake itself was some kind of banana, but it was the icing that took the (literal) cake!  One of the best buttercream icings I have ever tasted.  I was dying.  And I loved that there was icing in the middle as well.  I much prefer icing in the middle to lemon filling or something.  I don’t want anything tangy messing up the taste of my sweet buttercream.

I kept going back to the cake throughout the evening and snacking on icing.  I couldn’t stay away!  I totally ruined my dinner appetite after that thing.

But here’s tonight’s delicious dinner:


Cheesy taco bake!  Topped with salsa and lettuce.  This is such a great alternative to tacos.  I loved it.

No workouts at all yet this week as I have been trying to catch up work-wise, I have been getting up at 5am just to go into work!  But for the rest of the week I am going hardcore.  Here is my plan of attack:

Thursday – Boot Camp
Friday – 4+ k run
Saturday – Body Pump
Sunday – 4+ k run

Welp, I am off to watch Survivor and catch up on some blog reading.  Have a great night!


  • What is your favourite kind of icing?

Mine is buttercream, hands down!  Love it!


Sundae Monstrosities

Good eeeeevening.

After taking a hiatus on the workout front this weekend (I completed a 4.5k run on Friday before work, but that was it), this morning I was ready to get back into it!

I laid out my running clothes last night, set my alarm for 5:30am, and went to bed with an early morning run on my mind.

I gotta say, now that it is dark and chilly in the mornings, it is a lot harder to get up that early.  This morning I really wanted to stay in my nice warm bed, but I forced myself out of it before my mind had a chance to really dwell on what my body was about to do, and I successfully made it out the door!


Getting out the door is the hardest part!

I was freeeeezing when I started out, but I warmed up pretty quickly.  I completed 4.5k in just under 30 minutes, and as you can see from the above pic, I was pretty greasy and sweaty when I was done.  Feeling proud of myself though!

My crazy kitty Dexter is always hanging around when I’m trying to do the sweaty mirror pic thang.  I know he is just after my earphones…

He’s funny :).

Salad > Sundae

I was pretty thankful to be back to my routine eating today.  Though I ate fairly healthily while camping, I did not mention the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sundae I scored from Baskin Robbins on my way home on Sunday…

Hugely unnecessary, and I have no idea why I ordered it.  It was pretty ginormous, though I think my server made mine slightly chintzier than that, and I skipped the whipped cream.  I felt pretty disgusting afterwards though, I’m not gonna lie.

Annnd I made the mistake of looking up the nutrition information just now…

Umm.  That is ridiculous.  I feel like I should have instantly gained 47 pounds after eating that.  I feel like if you eat a healthy diet on a regular basis, indulgences are okay.  I am all for indulging, and I’m sure you guys know this, but 80 grams of fat?  32 grams of saturated fat?  92 grams of sugar?!  Yowza.  That is not indulging, that is absolute gluttony.  Those stats are worse than I expected.

Friends, DON’T EAT THAT.  It’s not worth it.

I would actually much rather eat this instead:

Today's Lunch

A big ol’ veggie-packed salad from Druxy’s.  No, this salad didn’t taste quite as good as that ridiculous sundae, but I felt a LOT better about myself after eating it.  It didn’t leave me feeling like I was 500 billion pounds, and I didn’t feel like I was about to slip into a sugar-induced coma.  Win-win!

We all know crazy indulgences happen though, so…

What was your last ridiculous food indulgence?


Cilantro, the Recipe Killa

Let it be known that I love cilantro.  I think it is bright, fresh, and sassy tasting, and I love the refreshing zip it adds when it’s included in salsa (especially Lonestar Texas Grill’s).

Let it also be known, that I fail at cooking with cilantro.  I once absolutely ruined my Mexican Lasagna with too much of it, and I almost did it again tonight with a Mexican quinoa stir fry.

As much as I like cilantro, too much of it is DISGUSTING.  It is basically all you can taste.  It overpowers everything else in the dish.

When I am cooking with it, I will add some, think it doesn’t look like enough, and add more.  It’s bad news.  I thought I learned my lesson the first time I did this… But ol’ Andy-pants has now banned me from adding cilantro to anything he is eating.

So picky.

Shmanyway, despite the cilantro incident, dinner ended up being quite yumtastic.  Thankfully, I was able to pick out most of the cilantro, and counteract the rest with a bit of lemon juice.  Phew.  Dinner saved.

I <3 Quinoa

This quinoa stir fry included onion, garlic, green pepper, corn, kidney beans, salsa, and cheddar cheese (and of course CILANTRO).  While I cooked the quinoa, I stir fried the onion and garlic for 5 minutes before adding the green pepper, corn, and kidney beans.

Colourfully Yummy

I then added the quinoa, 1 cup salsa, and 1 cup cheese to this mix (and the cilantro, but we’re leaving that out ;)), and stirred it all together.

Et voila.

Quinoa Goodness

And here’s the rest of my eats today if you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be?)


Beastly Salad

A salad beast including romaine lettuce, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, shredded carrot, green onion, black beans, and cashews.  Surprisingly VERY filling and just what I needed after this cheesefest (literally)…

So Cheesy!

Now THAT is CHEESE.  Holy shmoly, that is cheese.  I decided I wasn’t feeling anything at home for breakfast this morning, so I just grabbed a banana and hit up Druxy’s as soon as I got to work for some grilled cheese action.  You choose your bread, cheese, and toppings, and I chose 12 grain bread, havarti cheese, and scrambled eggs.

I had NO idea it was going to be so cheese heavy.  Yowza.  Ah well, I cleaned my plate (or, waxed paper in this case).  It was ridiculously delicious.

Team Buy

A few months ago, TeamBuy (like Groupon, but Canadian) gave me some TeamBucks (like a gift card) to buy something on their site.  Usually gift cards burn a hole in my pocket, but this one I have been saving until I found something good that I actually wanted.  I didn’t want to spend it on something silly like $10 for $25 worth of pizza, you know.

Well I finally used most of it!  I bought a 10-class pass to a Boot Camp nearby, which I am starting tomorrow evening (wish me luck, I may die), and I used some of it today on this:

I am not a beauty expert AT ALL, but I think it’s a pretty good deal, so you guys may want to check that out!

Hope you all have a great night!

PS – I updated my Playlists page with some new beats!

PPS – Thanks for all your well wishes yesterday!  I am feeling allllll betta today!

Question of the evening:

  • Have you ever ruined a dish with too much of one ingredient?


Holy Earthquake, Batman! (+ Pita Pizzas)

Hello, lovers.

So, how about that earthquake today?!


I can’t believe we felt it all the way in Toronto!

It was actually a really bizarre thing… My coworker Lexy, who is currently on maternity leave, dropped by with her little baby Hudson just after lunch today…

Baby Hudson

So we were all in our boardroom chatting it up and oohing and aahing over baby Hudson, and the conversation inevitably turned to work and a meeting we had last year that was interrupted by an EARTHQUAKE!  Anyone else remember that Toronto earthquake last summer?

Anyway, we called it the “earthquake meeting” and were reminiscing about how surprised we were and how it was such a weird thing when…our building started shaking!  There was literally another earthquake as we were talking about last year’s earthquake!

Maybe it was kind of a you-had-to-be-there thing, but it was extremely bizarro.  We never have earthquakes and as we are all talking about the only earthquake we can all remember, another earthquake happens?  Craziness.  I think we have special powers.

While most of our building self-evacuated afterwards, I headed straight to Twitter to see if it was an actual earthquake (and it was).  Twitter is totally where I get my news from these days.  I’m impatient, so I like instant!

Shmanyway, onto eats!


Dinner tonight was an impromptu little meal of pure deliciousness.

Oh, Hello Yumfest

Spinach, pepper, and goat cheese pita pizzas!

I topped whole wheat pitas with Prego pasta sauce and spinach, and then I chopped up green pepper put it into a bowl and added a teaspoon of olive oil and a cap full (maybe a tablespoon?) of balsamic vinegar.  Once the green pepper was sufficiently coated with the olive oil and vinegar mixture, I added it to the pizzas and sprinkled goat cheese on top.

Pre Bakefest

I baked them at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes, and they turned out pretty darn delicioso.

Goat Cheesy

Not bad for a little weeknight dinner!

And while I have you here, here’s lunch!


A homemade salad beast containing a bunch of random ingredients from my fridge.  Took a while to eat and kept me full allllll afternoon!

And on that note, I am out.  Have a great night!

Did you feel the earthquake today?

A few articles of possible interest:


Weekday Hike

Hello friends!

Pretty standard eating went down up in herrrre today.

Banana Burrrrrger

A banana burger for breakfast 😉 (with peanut butter and a sliced frozen banana sprinkled with cinnamon).

Salad Beast

Salad beast for lunch, followed by a sexy little Vitatop for dessert.

Chocolatey Yumminess

And if you like me on Facebook, you may have seen me profess my love for salad beasts today.  They last forever!  Normally I am a super fast eater, but salads typically take longer for me to eat, especially when I throw so much random stuff into my salads.  This is alllllright with me, because I feel like I can stretch my salad out to last me into the afternoon, and then there isn’t a lot of downtime before my afternoon snack! (an apple today)  Less downtime = more eating time.  Win win.

And for dinner…

Porky Dinner

Pulled pork with barbecue sauce on a whole wheat sandwich thin, and steamed broccoli on the side.  I was home at 5:30, and with the help of my trusty crock pot, dinner was on the table by 6.  Excellent.

Today is really the first day since last week that I’ve felt like I’m back in my regular eating routine.  Nothing crazy, and nothing fancy, but generally good eats all around.

Weekday Hike

Last night after dinner, Ando convinced me to skip my run and check out Heber Downs, a conservation area that is pretty darn close to our house.  Neither of us had been there before, and since it is so close and we never really hear anything about it, I expected it to be kind of ghetto… I was picturing just a big field.

Little Lake

Not the case!  I was pretty impressed with this place, it had various trails that totaled about 7km.  Not too shabby!


We took the main trail that is 2.5k, and then another trail which was just under 2.5k, so a bit less than 5k in total.

It was a great little urban adventure, and at times I felt like I was in serious bush.

Ando in ze Bush

Camera fail.  This camera takes better under water pictures than it does on land…

Not as good of a workout as running, but I am loving squeezing these little hikes in.  It makes me feel like I am in the wilderness :).

Right now though, I am off to RUN!  Catcha lata!

Do you ever take advantage of your local conservation areas?


Oatmeal in a Jar (and a Double Rainbow!)

I kinda slacked on posting my eats this weekend (except for my breakfast yesterday), but I am working on another post like the Ghost of the Indian Chief (with lots of pictures), and it is a time consuming little sucker, so that is what most of my dedicated blogging time went to the last couple of days.  I hope to have that puppy up sometime this week.

But in the meantime, I have a full day of Monday eats coming up for you!

Before I go on though, I just want to stress that I usually only post the meals I eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I have mentioned this before (but who knows where, it’s buried in my posts somewhere), but I want you guys to know that this is not all I eat.  I find that when I eat mini-meals between my regular meals, I stay full all day long and then I don’t overeat at actual mealtimes (usually, there are exceptions, especially if cookies are involved ;)).

My snacks on a typical day are Greek yogurt and fruit in the morning (sometimes a small amount of cereal mixed in for some crunch), and a whole wheat tortilla with melted cheese and salsa folded into a quesadilla for my afternoon snack (or sometimes apple with peanut butter).  I switch it up, but those are the regs.


I am also trying not to get obsessed with the amount of calories I am consuming, but rather concentrate on my overall health.

Since I have started eating like this (combined with working out three to six days a week), I cannot stress to you the changes that have been going on with my body.  I have somehow managed to drop two sizes (and I still eat a LOT), I physically feel better and more confident, and I have a lot more energy.  I just feel good.

I don’t know why I felt the need to get into that…

Shmanyways.  Let’s move on to breakfast.

What in the WHAT?

Oatmeal in a jar!  Normally I just throw my empty jars of peanut butter in the recycling bin, but I have read somewhere that can use them to make delicious peanut buttery oatmeal in!  Since I had an empty jar of PB kicking around (the amount of peanut butter we go through around here is ridiculous), I decided to give this a try.

A Vessel for Oatmeal?

I threw in my usual amount of oats and water, and cooked it in the microwave for a minute and 30 seconds.  I should mention that I used a plastic jar, and after I put it in the microwave I worried that the bottom might melt, rendering my oats inedible… I didn’t think of this beforehand.  But when I took them out, it seemed to be fine.  So I added sliced banana and dug in!


I loved how melty the peanut butter was!  As Larry David would say, these oats were pret-tyyyyyyyy, pret-tyyyyyyy, pret-tyyyyyy good.

I pretty much die for Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Lunch was a homemade salad that seriously rivaled Druxy’s.

Salad Beast

Romaine lettuce and baby spinach topped with red pepper, sliced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and mozzarella cheese.  I dressed it up with Italian dressing and loved every bite.

And dinna was shloppy Joe’s!


I made the sloppy Joe’s exactly the same as last time (with half a cup of ketchup, a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar, and sliced onion), except I used ground turkey instead of ground beef.  They were just as yummy, and I guess slightly healthier, so a win-win fo’ sho’.

I served the slop-fest on a whole wheat hamburger bun with sliced red pepper on the side.

Big Joe

Decent eats all around today.


Since I loved BodyPump so much on Friday, I decided to hit up my regular Monday night class again.  I loved it with my regular instructor (I wasn’t the biggest fan of the guy on Friday), and loved that she played the regular BodyPump beats.  I already seemed to be back into the swing of things in the weights department, so I don’t think I’ll be as sore tomorrow as I was on Saturday.

Hopefully a little bit sore though, ’cause I like that feeling ;).

And on my drive home I saw a sweet double rainbow.

All the Way Across!

You can’t tell from the pic but it went all the way across the sky!  I didn’t freak out and cry hysterically about it like this guy, but it was pretty cool.

Off to watch the Bachelorette/hockey game!  Have a great evening!