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Push-ups and a Playlist

Big surprise, I haven’t gotten any better at push-ups since not attempting them in about a year.

push up

I didn’t expect to suddenly be good at them or anything, but I thought maybe I wouldn’t be so horrible. Nope. I had my second session with Gillian last night and this was pretty obvious when I tried to do my first push-up on a small step (so my body was inclined, which is apparently easier) and my arms buckled and I nearly fell on my face. I  did get slightly better, bit definitely nothing impressive. So it would appear this would still be me:


I drew this a while ago. If you like you should check out my cartoon stories.

Luckily, Gillian doesn’t judge like the musclemen at the gym. And to be fair I have a pretty heavy chest region. I would say it’s probably the heaviest part of my body. Whenever I gain weight that’s the first place it goes! So we will just say that is the reason for my lack of upper body strength. The good news is there is a lot of room for improvement, so hopefully I can step it up. I will keep trying.


Last night’s upper body party with Gillian wasn’t quite as hardcore as the lower body stuff on Monday (lower body is always harder in general I find). Lots of push-ups and push-up-type activities and resistance and core work going on. It was still tough, and my arms are very sore, especially when I attempt to lift them over my head. And my legs are still sore, so just hurting everywhere over here.


But the good kind of hurt. The kind of hurt that means it’s working.

Anyway, I mentioned that I have still been running once or twice a week, and I have mentioned many, many times that a good playlist is very important to my running. And also that I try to save all the songs on my running playlist to only listen to while I am actually running, that way I am excited to run because I am excited to listen to those songs. It works in theory. I am constantly on the lookout for new songs to listen to, so I thought someone might be interested in my playlist. If you dig my jams the rest of my playlists are conveniently located on my playlists page.

Clicking on any of the songs will take you to the YouTube video:

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Demons – Imagine Dragons
Get Lucky – Daft Punk
Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons

(best video I have seen in a while, just kills me)

I Love You – Said The Whale
If So – Atlas Genius
Infinitesimal – Mother Mother
Out of my League – Fitz and the Tantrums
Pompeii – Bastille
Safe and Sound – Capital Cities
Stubborn Love – The Lumineers
Tiptoe – Imagine Dragons
Trojans – Atlas Genius
Wake Me Up – Avicii

Again, I am always on the hunt for new music so feel free to leave me suggestions! Any push-up advice is welcome also.


Living Room Boot Camp

Something I like to do to keep myself motivated to work out during the week is to plan my workouts. I usually put them on a little calendar on the side of our fridge, and I find that it keeps me accountable. When it’s in my schedule, it’s easier to stick to it.

This week looks like this:

Monday – off (check)
Tuesday – off (check)
Wednesday – BodyPump (check)
Thursday – 5k run (check)
Friday – BodyPump (welp…)
Saturday – 40 mins cardio – run or possibly arc trainer
Sunday – BodyFlow

Since today is Friday (hooray!), I had been planning to hit up BodyPump at my gym at 6:30. And even though this was planned and in my calendar, sometimes a wrench throws itself into my plans.

Tonight’s wrench was Andrew and pizza. I arrived home from work and started thinking about something quick to make for dinner. Andy-roo saw me scouring the freezer and said “Let’s just order pizza.”

This instantly excited me. All it takes is the suggestion of pizza for me to get on board. I wanted it. Badly.

So the problem was, if we ordered pizza right away it wouldn’t arrive in time for me to eat it before BodyPump. And also, let’s face it, pizza = lazy. When I pictured myself eating pizza, I pictured myself eating it in my sweatpants on the couch, with my workout done. And I didn’t want to wait until nearly 8pm to eat. I wanted to work out now and then eat pizza.

Here was my solution:

Living room boot camp! I found this workout on Pinterest the other day, and immediately pinned it. It looked like a great workout I could complete at home with no equipment.

I cleared out enough space in my family room, laid down my yoga mat, and got to work. 50 reps is no joke. That is a lot! The pushups were especially tricky. I can only do 10 regular pushups in a row, and then I have to put my knees down. By the third set my knees were completely under my hips for pretty much all 50 reps. It’s better to modify than to skip it though. And the squats and jumping jacks had my heart racing!

I didn’t time myself, but I think it probably took me about 20-25 minutes. Usually I have a really hard time motivating myself to workout at home, but knowing the pizza was on its way got me through this.

I’m happy I got ‘er done, and digging into the ‘za afterwards was so much more enjoyable after getting all schweaty.

Veggie Pizza!

I always get the veggie pizza from Toppers when we order in. Toppers really focuses on the toppings (hence “Toppers”), which I love! I love pizzas that are heavy on the toppings. Yumfest.

The rest of my meals today consisted of leftovers (meatloaf!) and oatmeal. And a couple mini cupcakes that were kicking around the office for a coworkers birthday.

Mini Cupcake

I love those things.

Well, my friends, it is leisure time! Enjoy your Friday!