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Canada Day Festivities

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!


A day late, but I hope all you Canadians had a great Canada Day long weekend filled with barbecues and fireworks (the above photo is from last year when I spent Canada Day weekend on Vancouver Island with my family).

My weekend was amazing. On Saturday Evan and I walked to Evergreen Brick Works from my apartment, but I have a lot to talk about so that is going to have to be saved for another post. This will be about Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday my beautiful friends Emily and Corey hosted a Canada Day barbecue at their place. Very similar to Emily’s 30th birthday barbecue party, but more intimate and no grown-ups drinking out of boots.


A lot more of the frisbee drinking game went down also.


And I am happy to report that I have gotten much better at it over the past few weeks. Not sure how that happened as I haven’t been practicing (although I was accused of practicing alone in my apartment), but I was much less useless as a teammate, so this is good news. Eventually it just turned into a giant game of frisbee.

It was a very low-key night and I didn’t take very many photos. We did have a fantastic barbecue though.



My friend Sherrie was in attendance, and I was excited to see her because she just spent three weeks in Thailand and I hadn’t seen her since she returned. I was really looking forward to hearing about her crazy adventures in person. She had some good ones. She went all by herself! She is such an independent minx.

Evan and I brought raspberry shortcake for our dinner contribution.


So festive! When we brought this out to the table we all sang O Canada at the top of our lungs. It was a beautiful moment that I will forever cherish in my heart.

For the shortcake, my original plan was just to slap some raspberries and Cool Whip on the little cakes and call it a day, but Chef Evan took it to the next level and basically made raspberry jam.


He cooked two packages of frozen raspberries on the stove with 1/4 cup of sugar until it turned into a jam-like sauce.


He is such a creative little food lover.

We put spoonfuls of Evan’s jam on the cakes, and then added Cool Whip and fresh raspberries on top.


They turned out quite well and they were DELICIOUS.

Joanna also brought her apples with caramel and Skor dip that I can’t get enough of.


That dip is so, so good.

After our barbecue we had a beautiful bonfire.


Em and Cork’s neighbours had the most impressive residential display of fireworks I have ever seen, so we had fun watching those and telling stories around the fire.

Corey had a little too much fun…

He fell asleep so Emily decided it would be a good idea to hit a cup off his head like a baseball. He liked it. We had sparklers also, and here is the best picture I got of the sparkler action…


Did not work out very well.

It was a fun evening with my pals!

Yesterday after possibly the best nap of my life, Evan, his friend Ian and I decided to hit up Toronto Ribfest at Centennial Park in Etobicoke.


We assumed most people in the city probably had plans for Canada Day and since it had already been going on all weekend maybe it wouldn’t be very busy. This assumption was wrong.


It was very, very busy. But, anything for ribs I always say! (I’ve never said that, but it seems fitting.)

Once we got into the actual rib area it opened up a bit so we weren’t standing on people anymore. There were so many rib vendors it was a bit overwhelming…


IMG_6597 IMG_6580

We had no idea which one to choose, so I quickly did some Googling to find out the best place for ribs at ribfest and Crabby’s BBQ Shack kept popping up. That was the winner for us.


If the number of their awards was any indication of the quality of their ribs, I think we were going to be alright with our choice.


We ate in front of the stage, and Crabby’s actually won the People’s Choice Award for something ridiculous like the 12th year in a row as we were sitting down eating. I felt proud so I made sure to cheer for them.

I was also excited when I saw the employees saucing the ribs with a tool that looked like a mop.


It was safe to say they were going to be saucy, and saucy is my favourite.

Evan, Ian and I all ordered the Vegetarian’s Nightmare, which is just how it sounds. It includes 1/3 rack of ribs (which was enough for me), pulled pork, and chicken. It was great because it allowed us to try everything.


I also got a Red Leaf draft from the Canadian Brewing Company to complement my box of meat.

The ribs were good, but the pulled pork was my favourite. It’s hiding under the ribs in that picture so you can’t really see it in all its pulled pork glory, but it was amazing.

After our meat party we were all full and disgusted with ourselves, so we waddled back to the car. I wish we had a wheelbarrow or something with us so the boys could have rolled me there.

It was a pretty great weekend, no complaints here!


Weekday Hike

Hello friends!

Pretty standard eating went down up in herrrre today.

Banana Burrrrrger

A banana burger for breakfast 😉 (with peanut butter and a sliced frozen banana sprinkled with cinnamon).

Salad Beast

Salad beast for lunch, followed by a sexy little Vitatop for dessert.

Chocolatey Yumminess

And if you like me on Facebook, you may have seen me profess my love for salad beasts today.  They last forever!  Normally I am a super fast eater, but salads typically take longer for me to eat, especially when I throw so much random stuff into my salads.  This is alllllright with me, because I feel like I can stretch my salad out to last me into the afternoon, and then there isn’t a lot of downtime before my afternoon snack! (an apple today)  Less downtime = more eating time.  Win win.

And for dinner…

Porky Dinner

Pulled pork with barbecue sauce on a whole wheat sandwich thin, and steamed broccoli on the side.  I was home at 5:30, and with the help of my trusty crock pot, dinner was on the table by 6.  Excellent.

Today is really the first day since last week that I’ve felt like I’m back in my regular eating routine.  Nothing crazy, and nothing fancy, but generally good eats all around.

Weekday Hike

Last night after dinner, Ando convinced me to skip my run and check out Heber Downs, a conservation area that is pretty darn close to our house.  Neither of us had been there before, and since it is so close and we never really hear anything about it, I expected it to be kind of ghetto… I was picturing just a big field.

Little Lake

Not the case!  I was pretty impressed with this place, it had various trails that totaled about 7km.  Not too shabby!


We took the main trail that is 2.5k, and then another trail which was just under 2.5k, so a bit less than 5k in total.

It was a great little urban adventure, and at times I felt like I was in serious bush.

Ando in ze Bush

Camera fail.  This camera takes better under water pictures than it does on land…

Not as good of a workout as running, but I am loving squeezing these little hikes in.  It makes me feel like I am in the wilderness :).

Right now though, I am off to RUN!  Catcha lata!

Do you ever take advantage of your local conservation areas?


Gym Dates

Well hello.

Tonight’s dinner had to be an easy one, as Ando and I had some errands to run after work and I had a gym date with my friend Dawn at 7 and I knew I would want to squeeze in dinner first.

This morning before I left for work I put some boneless pork in my crock pot with some low-sodium beef broth, and let it cook alllll day long.  It made dinner prep a breeze.

Hello There, Pork

I pulled my pork, added some barbecue sauce, and enjoyed it on a whole wheat sandwich thin, with sliced cucumber topped with a bit of fat-free Italian dressing on the side to squeeze in some veggies.  I love my pork like this, but Ando prefers to just eat his pork plain with mayo on bread.  To each their own!

I Like My Pork Pulled & BBQ'd

I was absolutely ravenous by the time I arrived home for dinner, and made the mistake of going with Alejandrew to the grocery store first on an empty stomach.  I wanted to eat everything in sight!  It was all I could do to hold myself back from sneaking snacks in the aisles.  He has a boys’ weekend away coming up, so he needed some he-man food to bring along with him.  That was one shopping cart I was not proud to be pushing.  It full of chips and red meat.  The healthiest item he bought was vegetable cream cheese.

After dinner it was time to hit the gym!  I met Dawn at the big-boy gym (not my typical all-ladies gym) and we went through quite the arm and shoulder workout.  Near the end we tried to do some push-ups and we both collapsed immediately on the mat.  Rubber arms accomplished.  I am going to be sore tomorrow, let me tell ya.

Her boyfriend Mark was there as well, and we lured him away from his intense session of showing off in front of the mirror for a blurry pic.

Blurry Gym Goers

(Just kidding Mark, just kidding)

Isn’t is illegal to snap pics in a gym?  Ah well.

We also completed some side-by-side elliptical and arc trainer love.  This gym has a new type of elliptical that I have never seen before.   You can set it to “Arm Blast” and every minute or so you have to do 10 seconds of using just your arms to power it.  It is intense.  I liked it.

I love gym dates!  It takes your mind off what you’re doing and the time goes by so quickly!  For running, I usually prefer to do it alone, because I worry too much about the other person (am I going too fast for them?  Too slow?), but for other cardio and weights I love gymming it up with a buddy!  Dawn is good ’cause she keeps me motivated.

And I’m off, enjoy you’re evening!

Do you prefer to work out alone, or with a buddy?


The Easiest Dinner in the World

Tonight’s dinner of pulled pork sandwiches came together in a flash thanks to my beautiful crockpot!

Before I left for work this morning, I added three pork loin centre chops (boneless) to my crockpot and covered them with Campbell’s low sodium beef broth and about a cup of water (I added the water so they would be completely submerged and the beef broth didn’t quite do it).

Boneless Chops

I set the ol’ crockpot on low for 12 hours (I like to give myself some leeway in case there’s a crazy snowstorm or something), and let it do it’s thang all day while I was a busy beaver at work.

Once I returned home this evening, I took the pork out of the crockpot and quickly pulled it with two forks. I then smothered it with BBQ sauce and enjoyed it on a whole wheat sandwich thin. On the side, I roasted asparagus sprayed with olive oil cooking spray and sprinkled with garlic salt.

Pulled Pork + Asparagus = Yum

This dinner came together in about 15 minutes and was definitely a winner!

Note: I have made this before using a lean pork roast and had the same result. I also do this a lot using chicken breasts (with chicken broth), making pulled chicken sammies! Yummers. Feel free to use your fave BBQ sauce.

Have a great night!