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The Chobani has Arrived

I love Greek yogurt.

I love the thick and creamy consistency (it’s so much more thick than regular yogurt), I love that it has two to three times the amount of protein as regular yogurt for about the same amount of calories, and I love how filling it is.

I eat it nearly every day around 10:30am for my mid-morning snack, and it keeps my hunger monster in check until lunchtime. I also use plain Greek yogurt in any recipe that calls for sour cream.

Here in Canada, we do not have the biggest Greek yogurt selection, although I will say that it has gotten better. When I first discovered Greek yogurt, I could only find Liberté in grocery stores, and even that was hit and miss. I usually could only get the plain, or sometimes vanilla.

(I just Googled Liberté Vanilla Greek yogurt, and three of the pictures in the first two lines of Google images were from my own blog. Weird.)

Note about Liberté – I really like it, but at $5.50 for the tub pictured above, it’s expensive.

Anyway, not long after I embarked on my Greek yogurt adventure, PC jumped on the bandwagon and started making their own.

It’s cheaper than Liberté. I don’t find it to be quite as good (except the 2% kind – that stuff is dynamite), but I do like it. Plain, honey, and the flavoured kinds (mango, strawberry, blueberry) are the best, in my humble opinion. The vanilla one tastes like dirty bum to me.

I can always find PC Greek yog in the grocery store I shop in (Superstore), even if Liberté is out, so I like that it is readily available.

And lately I have been noticing Fage and Oikos making an appearance on our Canadian shelves! I have tried both, and they’re okay…comparable to PC and Liberté, but not as cheap as PC.

Since I have started reading blogs though, it has become quite apparent that I am missing out in the Greek yogurt department.

We Canadians have been apparently missing the alleged God of Greek yogurt.

We don’t have Chobani.

All the American healthy-living blogs I drop by seem to absolutely rave on about Chobani and how amazing it is. It is rare to go one day without hearing about how awesome it is, and how it must be made of unicorn tears, and will make you look like a supermodel, and is heaven in a plastic cup, and I’m going to post a million pictures of me and my Chobani and make all you Canadians jealous, and you haven’t experienced Greek yogurt if you haven’t tried Chobani, blah Chobani blah.

Yeah yeah, rave on, rave on. You got me, I’m jealous.

So I had never tried Chobani. I know, your American mouths are probably wide open in shock right now, since Chobani is so rampant on your grocery store shelves and your entire country seems to be overflowing with the 30 flavours of Chobani available to you (that is my view from here, anyway). But yep it’s true. I am a Chobani virgin.

Or I was. Until yesterday.

Look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon!

YES! Free samples from the beautiful people at Chobani, to celebrate CHOBANI COMING TO CANADA. Finally, FINALLY I get to taste what all the hype is about!

I immediately busted open the peach, because I looove peach yogurt and have never tried peach yogurt – Greek edition.

I expected to be disappointed. I had heard so much about this yogurt that I did not think it was possible for it to live up to my expectations. I was wrong. It was thick and creamy and delicious. I have since tried the black cherry and strawberry flavours, and they are both awesome as well.

Where have you been all my life Chobani?!

Oh right, not in Canada.

Except it is now! At a Loblaws/Superstore near you!

Well probably not near you. You can check out the store locator on the Chobani Canada website, but so far these creamy tubs of deliciousness are only available in Mississauga, and one location in Etobicoke.

This is bad news for me as I typically do not go west of highway 400, and because Mississauga confuses me. But I do plan to bribe my coworker who lives there to pick these up for me.

And I’m hoping they come to Toronto soon!

Update: Emily from Chobani informed me in the comments that Chobani is also available in Toronto, Scarborough and Ajax. Excellent.

Note: Chobani is not paying me for this review, but they did send me free samples of Greek yogurt and I assume the trade-off is that I talk about them. All opinions expressed in this post are from my own brain.

But they also sent me a pretty sweet recycled lunch bag…

And I can be easily bribed, so you should probably take everything I’ve said with a grain of salt.

(I had just gotten back from the gym, hence the sweatiness and the bad hair going on in that pic.)

I do really love Greek yogurt though. And Chobani really is good. I am already a big fan! If it ends up in a store near me, I’ll probably be buying it all the time!