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The Hot Diggity Dogger and Guess the Bum

We had been planning for a few weeks for this past weekend to be the BIG GRAND OPENING at the cottage with Evan’s family, but sadly it did not end up happening. When we were checking the weather for the weekend we noticed it was supposed to dip to 1 degree C on Saturday night, in Toronto. Up north it could potentially be significantly lower, so below freezing. Meaning things would freeze. It would probably not be good to turn the water on and then have the pipes freeze so, postponed. I was disappointed because COTTAGE! I have missed this view!


I had also signed up for a 5k on Sunday morning with my childhood friend Melissa (the friend I blew across the lake with – and if you’re looking for a good story I suggest you click on that link) and I was really looking forward to it, but I cancelled my entry when I found out about the cottage weekend (it was a free race so no big D). And then when the cottage was cancelled I thought it was too late to try to get back in. So I missed out on that. I may have been able to get back in but I’ll be honest I didn’t try very hard… BUT it was our friend Mark’s birthday on Saturday night, so I was happy to be able to attend that. Big Mark’s big b-day was hosted by these two party animals…


Dawn and baby Scarlett. I barely saw Scarlett though as Evan and I arrived at 8 and that is her bedtime. I thought for sure she would wake up at some point while we were there, since she is a baby and I hear all the horror stories of babies pulling all-nighters (and I very vividly remember my brother Eric and his collicky all-nighters, those sure were the days) but she is already sleeping through the night! Apparently she started this at 6 weeks. Parents, is this normal? I am not the most baby savvy but I feel like sleeping through the night at that age means little Scarlett is a dream.

And I’ll tell you what I am savvy about and what was also a dream…the food table.



Salty and sweet and all the good things. If you look to your right in the above photo you’ll notice Eat Shrink and Be Merry’s salmon cheese ball that I made (it is REALLY delicious, recipe here!) And I must tell you that Evan brought the Hot Diggity Dogger for everyone to enjoy. He was really excited about it. He was all “this is PERFECT for Mark’s birthday!” and it was. Have you ever seen one of these?


You put your weenies and your buns in the slots and pop it down like a toaster, and it perfectly cooks your hotdogs while toasting your buns. It’s very well designed. It was the first time I have actually tried it and I really have to admit that my hotdog was delicious. Emily (who is demonstrating her excitement in the above photo) said it was one of the best hotdogs she had ever had, only second to barbecue. Agreed. I think we will be toting the Hot Diggity Dogger around to all the parties this summer.

Dawn made some pretty beautiful cupcakes…


I guess they stuck in the pan and got all mangled, so she posted a photo of them on Facebook the night before and I immediately commented and said “just slap some icing on those babies as-is, I’ll eat them.” And I did. The taste was not affected by their imperfect appearance. Still good.

Evan and I found the male version of the birthday cake ring toss game that I had at my birthday (and Sherrie had at her birthday) so we have that to Mark as part of his present (which also included a card that said “Happy Birthday to our Dad”) and I think he was pretty excited about it.


Happy Birthday Dad

So with Scarlett safely tucked into her crib and her baby monitor all set up we were ready for a good old fashioned house party.


Slightly toned down as we are grown-ups, but the usual shenanigans ensued.


The boys were happy, as they could all get caught up while watching the hockey game…


And the girls and Khalil and Joel played a really awesome drinking game with a deck of cards specifically made for the card game A**hole (aka President, but I have never ever heard anyone call it that). The cards were a regular deck of playing cards, but they were huge and each one had a different bum on it. 52 bums in total. There were big bums, small bums, male and female bums, bums of various ethnicity, and even dog bums (for the jokers). We did actually play A**hole for a while, but the BEST game we played like Ride The Bus, but called it Guess The Bum. Basically before you saw the card you had to guess if it was going to have a male or female bum on it, and then we flipped the card over to check. If you were wrong, you drank, if you were right, you gave out a drink to someone at the table. If it was unclear whether the bum belonged to a male or female (sometimes it was difficult to tell), we turned to Judge Julie who would make the final call.


Is this a male bum or a female bum? Serious deliberation going on here.

If Judge Julie couldn’t make a proper decision whether the bum was male or female, we yelled SOCIAL!!! and everyone drank.

We also took Guess the Bum one step further and turned it into Guess The Celebrity Bum. Same rules, but instead of stating a gender you had to say a celebrity that you thought the bum might look like (before seeing the bum). So if you said, for example “John Goodman” and the bum looked like it might have belonged to Rihanna, you had to drink three times (we had different categories to judge, age, gender, size, etc.) Some people weren’t drinking so we kinda just customized as we went along, but I tell you what, that game was hours of fun.

This was the first time there has been a big group of us together since the birth of Scar-Scar. We are missing a few gals in the below photo who left earlier, but it was so nice to catch up with all the ladyfriends. 


And Bolt and Miyou. And Donatello the Ninja turtle in a cardigan.

And of course, happy birthday to Mark!


Uncle Leon’s Baby Shower

My good friend Leanne (or Uncle Leon, as you may have seen her commenting on my blog) is with child, and has been for quite some time. She is due in early November and yesterday was the baby shower for the beautiful mama-to-be.


Leon is such a cute pregnant gal. I love her bump, and I am obviously rubbing it in this photo, but it got cut off.

I love showers for two main reasons: games and food. I loved this shower for a third reason. All the ladies were in attendance!


Leanne is really the first one to have a baby out of all our old friends, so it’s a very exciting time. It was really good to see them and have a catch-up and mustard session.

The food was everything I was hoping for.


I love giant snack plates like this. Party foods and mini sandwiches may be my favourite food group. Evan saw this picture and was like “Don’t you want to take a nice picture for your blog? That plate is a mess.” And he is not wrong, but my main objective is to fit as much on my plate as possible, not make it look attractive. So I think I am succeeding in my mission there.

There was a sweet baby cake.


Actually the entire dessert area was pretty awesome.


Emily’s sister Sara has started making these amazing sugar cookies for various occasions.


They look professional! She does a really great job. And they taste as good as they look. I could have eaten them all day long.

Everyone also got one of these great chocolate moustaches made by Leanne’s brother’s girlfriend. Joanna and I had some fun with those.



Moustaches are always a good time. I totally had chocolate underneath my nose after that moustache picture and I didn’t notice until I got in my car to leave. Thanks for telling me, friends.

For one of the games, everyone had to bring in a baby picture of themselves and then had to guess which baby was Leanne. I was not able to pick out Leanne from all the babies, it was quite sneaky, but here is the picture I brought of myself.


My baby baby photos are packed away in a box somewhere, so a toddler photo had to do. My friends didn’t even recognize me because they said the brown hair threw them off. Interestingly I was born with black hair and it gradually lightened until I was about three and then it was just blonde.

Uncle Leon really cleaned up in the gift department.


I love giving books as baby shower presents. I remember my parents reading to me every night before bed and it instilled a HUGE love of reading in me. So my present for Leanne consisted of some of the classic Robert Munsch books (of course I included Love You Forever, best children’s book of all time), and also a onesie with a moustache on it. I didn’t even know about the chocolate moustache theme, so that was a coincidence.

Some of the gifts were so ridiculously cute they made my ovaries hurt.


Aww, baby plaid.

Leanne’s mom made her this gorgeous cloth book.


It was such an original gift.

And this is my favourite card.


From Dawn. And that is a photo of Leanne’s husband from high school. He has red hair, so we assume they are having a little ginger.

It was a fun time oohing and aahing and losing it over all the cuteness. I still can’t believe there’s gonna be a BABY!


FREE PONY RIDES! (except not.)

So you may remember I was supposed to move yesterday… Welp, I did not. Sadly, my move-in date got pushed back to this Friday, as they are doing renovations on my apartment and aren’t finished them yet. Meh meh meh.

I am definitely disappointed; I was REALLY looking forward to moving. But what can ya do? At least I have a few extra days to pack, which is a very good thing. I have been slack-a-lackin’ on the pack-a-lackin’.

Anyway, let’s do some weekend recappage. I have a TON of pictures, so gird your loins.

Saturday night was my good friend Emily’s 29th birthday.

Emilio is one of my oldest friends. We have been friends since Grade 1! We have been through a lot together, and she stood by me during the Captain Hook incident (and kindly pointed out that I had Egg McMuffin on my face).

Emily and her lover Corey hosted a party at their crib on Saturday night, and the Facebook invite said there was going to be pony rides!

I found it really funny that most of the people who commented on the event page were like “OMG, is there actually going to be pony rides?!” and Emily responded to none of them, thus luring people in… Because really, who can resist a party with pony rides?

It was a dirty trick. There were no pony rides (I knew she was joking, but it was funny that people actually thought she was serious).

Pony rides or no pony rides though, I had a great time. Some of my best minxes were in attendance…

And there was a LOT of food.

This may be the best snack room of all time. I love how it was decorated in pure pink, like a child’s birthday party. And I loved the assortment of snacks going on in here. I kept dropping by for a little face-stuffing action.

The chocolate chip cookies on the top left were amazing. I had three of them.

And this table totally reminded me of elementary school lunches. I was so impressed with the selection. Gummies, Tootsie Rolls, and those little cupcakes with the white swirl icing! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had those. I shoved a package in my purse to take home with me in the morning. I’m kicking myself for not taking a package of those brownies with me also…

We had a pretty awesome dinner as well.

So much for eating less/healthier. Ah well. I can’t pass up barbecue fare (can anyone?).

I honestly felt like I was at a carnival. Em has a popcorn machine…

And a cotton friggin’ candy machine.

That thing was amazing. All you have to do is throw in a couple of hard Jolly Rancher candies, swirl your stick around a bit…

And BAM. Cotton Candy.

I think I need to get one of these… It would probably be pretty dangerous for me though, I’d be eating cotton candy all day long.

Also, remember the Princess cutout we brought to the bar for Corey’s 30th birthday party?

It made a reappearance. And it had a pirate friend.

Leanne and I had some fun with those.

Emily has a million hats kicking around for some reason, so we also had an impromptu hat party.

And a sparkler party…

Ladder ball…

And a bonfire!

I felt like I was camping.

There were definitely some childhood elements to this party, but we managed to grown-upify it with some booze. Like birthday cake shots…

(with birthday cake vodka)

And frozen shot glass shots also.

I reallllly liked those.

So I need to take a second to highlight a few of Emily’s gifts.

For our friend Mark’s birthday a couple months ago, Corey and Emily got him an abnormally large stuffed bear.

(Oh, and I am wearing the same shirt. Good thing I am not a celebrity.)

The bear was a joke gift, obviously, as what are you going to do with that thing besides have photoshoots with it? So Dawn and Mark decided to repay Emily by giving her a picture they randomly acquired.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Corey and Emily liked it.

Obviously it had to go on the wall.

So beautiful.

Emily also received the world’s longest beard.

Which was passed around…

I am a beardo. Someone told me to look seductive for the photo, so there you go, and you are welcome. I do think it gives me a wise and stately demeanor at least.

Anyway, fun times. Fun, fun times. Happy Birthday to my lovely Emilio!

29 years from now I hope we are still throwing parties just like this one!