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Food Stuff…and stuff.

I haven’t talked about food very much on my blog lately, which is interesting as this originally started out as a food blog… But I abandoned being a


long ago.

But rest assured, food is still my favourite, and I am still eating. A lot. Over the holidays it was way too much, but hey, that’s what the holidays are for.

No, but really it was too much. I am talking chocolate balls for pre-breakfast (and pre-lunch and pre-dinner), drinking nearly every day (not to excess, but at least a glass of wine usually), and eating like every meal was my last. Temporarily this is all well and good, but if I carry on with this in my every day life we would have a bit of a problem.


I’m trying, pants, I am.

Soo naturally I have a couple of New Year’s resolutions revolving around being healthier. Because who doesn’t.

Usually for my New Year’s resolutions I really embrace simple ones like this:


Thank you to my Bestie for sending this to me. (source)

But this year I just feel very good about 2014 and there are several small improvements that I want to make life-wise. Some not food/fitness/health-related…


Something like that…

But one thing was to start bringing my lunch to work at least four days a week. I eat oatmeal nearly every. single. day. for breakfast but I have gotten very lazy about making my own lunch. I used to almost every day but then one day I just stopped, and then it isn’t long before you’re out of the habit, and all of a sudden you’re never making lunch again and it’s quick things you grabbed until the end of time. There aren’t even that many lunch options near me anymore, so it was either the grocery store to pick up a salad or a sandwich (but I would always, always have to get some kind of unhealthy snack for the afternoon, so going there was a bad scene), or Tim Hortons, which does not have a lot of healthy options.

Enter: Operation Healthy Lunch.


Salad with a bunch of good stuff, olive oil and vinegar dressing, and this even included a bed of quinoa on the bottom. While I was making it I was singing to Winnie: “I want to layyyyyyyy you doooooown on a bed of quinoa,” but I’m digressing.


This was actually an afternoon, or post-lunch snack, and it included homemade hummus made by Evan (chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice + food processor).

And my favourite lunch this week…


Quinoa salad, also made by Chef Evan (three kinds of quinoa, black beans, cherry tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, lime juice, S&P = HEAVEN). That is for lunch again today. Evan, by the way, has just been on a cooking mission all week long and it has been fantastic. You may be seeing the phrase “made by Evan” on here a lot.

And so I have made my lunch every day this week, and it feels really good to be back into doing that. It almost feels like a habit again.

I also got this bad boy over the holidays:


Because I am continuing my resolution to drink three litres of water a day and that is really helping me out. It’s a glass bottle with a little cage in the middle where you can put any kind of fruit or whatever and it infuses your water with delicious flavour. Or you can take the inner cage out and use it as a regular water bottle. I do both and I’ve been using it every day. It’s from Kitchen Stuff Plus if you’re interested (link there, NOT affiliate link, just a regular ol’ link).

Anyway, that’s what’s new with me on the lunch front. I know you were all dying to know.

Here is another New Year’s resolution of mine that I hope to be able to achieve…


Working on it!

Have a great weekend!