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All-You-Can-Eat Sushi WIAW

Hooray for What I Ate Wednesday!

For my WIAW today, I want to highlight my adventures in sushi last night.

I think I should preface this by mentioning that there are few things in life I enjoy more than a GOOD all-you-cat-eat sushi restaurant (some are not the greatest quality, and obviously those do not tickle my tastebuds as much as the really good ones do).

But last night the sushi was a’flowin’ and the sushi was a’goooood.

I hit up Aji Sai in Thornhill with my Bestie Lisa, her mom Diane, her cousins Katie and Vanessa, and her Auntie Kim.  Yep, it was a big fam party and I definitely crashed it.  Anything for sushi, my friends (what, I was invited).

Lisa and I with her Mommers

I love Lisa’s fam.  I have known them since I was like 10, so I consider them an extension of my own fam :).

We went to absolute town with the menu and ordered a LOT of sushi.

I warmed my belly up with a green tea and miso soup…

Both are non-negotiable order items for me.  I lurrrve them, and they prep my tummy for what’s to come.

Next up was the good stuff.

Come to Mama

And nope, that is not all.

Vanessa & the Giant Plate of Deliciousness

Obviously I loaded up my plate several times…

One of my Many Sushi Plates

I also snagged some yummy shrimp and yam tempura.  I have serious love bursts for this stuff.

Tempura Goodness

And then there was dessert… It’s included, obviously you have to go all out at these places.

I <3 Dessert

A fried banana with vanilla ice cream.  There is nothing like de-healthifying a healthy banana.  Holy yumballs is all I have to say about that.

Ahh I love sushi.  So yummy.  It is a good thing I don’t do this all the time though, or I would be about 300 million pounds.  Probably worth it though…

I am considering this week an extension of my vacation anyway ;).

I had such a great little dinner date with my very bestest and friends.

N'dawww, Besties

Afterwards we dropped by Lisa’s cousin Katie’s condo to hang out for a bit, and to visit with her adorable pugs.

Little Puggy

They are so cute and mischievous.  I totally want a pug now.  I loved how they were down with snuggling, ’cause I’ll snuggle anything with legs if it’ll let me.

Group Shot with the Pugs

I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting the little guys last summer when they were still just babies.

Baby Pugs

I loved them then and I love them even more now.

We were actually dogsitting for Ando’s sister Catherine last night, so I headed by there after to help Alejandrew take care of this little monster.

Bentley, Waiting for his Treat

He’s pretty cute too.  He definitely slept in the bed with us, under the covers between us.  So funny.

I want a dog!!!

I guess I’ll just have to settle for these two cheeky cats for now…

Dexter & Winnie

I do love them a little 😉

Happy WIAW friends!