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Oh Canada

Happy Canada Day!

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Our country could not be any more beautiful, and my Canada Day weekend camping in the mountains could not have been more perfect. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Have a great one!


Mount Macpherson Cross Country Skiing, Revelstoke

Today I am going to tell you the story of one of my very favourite winter adventures. I still think about it all the time, and whenever I am around the people I experienced this with the conversation ultimately comes back to it and we laugh for about half an hour. It was one of the most fun weekends of my life.

I have told this story in bits and pieces over the years, but it took place several years ago, pre blog. Lucky for you I already incessantly photographed my life as if I had a blog.

So, a few years ago I was visiting my Bestie Lisa in Calgary during the March Break.


Bestie reunion

Over the weekend I was there we took a road trip to Revelstoke, BC to meet up with Lisa’s sister Heather and Heather’s friends (our Vegas crew, it was the first time I met Matt and Trevor and Tonya).


Let it be known that Revelstoke is a good time. A small town good time. I loved it immediately.

We were all staying at Matt and Trevor’s for the weekend (they live in Toronto now, but had a beautiful house in Revelstoke then), and since Salmon Arm, where my mom and brother live, is only a few hours from Revelstoke, my brother Eric took a bus to meet us for a night!


Here he is walking up to meet us from the bus stop. I was so excited to see him!


Just picture this happening in slow motion.


Sibling reunion

Our plan for the day was cross country skiing on the Mount Macpherson trail. To prepare for this we did what most hardcore skiers would do, and we hit up the liquor store for boxes of wine and beer to bring with us in our backpacks. We rented cross country skis from a shop in downtown Revelstoke and a giant van to take us all to the mountain. It was all very convenient.



We were so excited, and so happy to have Eric with us.


We arrived at the trail head and got into our skis, and it was just perfect. Everything was going smoothly. Perfect weather (almost springlike!), great group of people, and we were all like pro skiers (this did not apply on the way back).





Happily skiing up a mountain with a box o’ wine on my back.

And the mountain views were ridiculous.

1914592_1306089265987_5559794_n (1)

Skiing up the mountain was hard work, but we were having such a great time.


A few kilometres later we arrived at the Ole Sandberg cabin, which I was not expecting at all and was the coolest thing I could have imagined.


It was the ideal rest/drinking spot. We took off our skis, broke out the boxes of wine and the beer, and got the party started.



The views were incredible.


And I was so glad to be spending this time with my bestie and my baby brother.




And Heather!


And Matt and Trevor!


This is when I fell in love with these two.

Inside the cabin was a wood stove…


It conveniently had pre-cut dry wood and everything, so we made a fire and hung out inside for a bit.


But outside was so nice that we eventually made our way back out there. It was just shenanigans.



Eric fit right in.


We hung out and talked and laughed for hours. Here’s our entire ski crew, automatic timer for the win.


And then we decided it was time to leave, so we put on our gear to ski back down the mountain. Except by this time we were tired and we may have been drunk. So we forgot how to ski.


And we fell.


A lot.




We fell the entire way down the mountain.

This is my favourite picture taken:


I love that the background is just so beautiful and mountainous…and then there is Eric, trying so hard to get up, hat about to pop off the top of his head, snowpants falling down, skis all mangled. This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.

So the falling was all fun and games…until it started to get dark.


And we were starting to worry about whether we were going to be able to make it back down. Being on the mountain in the dark did not sound like a good plan.


Eventually we gave up and just sat on the backs of our skis and used them like sleds to slide down the mountain. It worked, and we all made it safely down.

The vans came by to pick us up and brought us back downtown to return our skis. We happened to stumble across a snowboard jam happening in the street!


My pictures of it didn’t turn out, but it was really cool. We were also just ecstatic to finally be off that mountain.


So we went to a pub in our snow pants and had dinner and drank more.



And then the next day we drove back to Lisa’s and discovered that I had accidentally zipped her cat Charlie into my suitcase before we left for the weekend (he was fine, luckily).

We always talk about how we need to go back and recreate this day, but I know that it will never happen, sadly. Everything came together to make that day incredibly fun and hilarious and we will never be able to do it quite the same again. I just hope to always keep adding new experiences and adventures!


Girls’ Day in the Mountains

Gird your loins for a bunch of scenic mountain pictures!

Yep, just like that.

I was absolutely dead on Sunday. Just dead. I am not in college anymore; I can not party for 12 hours straight two days in a row and not feel the consequences. All of my shenanigans caught up with me, and I dreamed of lying in bed all day and eating chips and spooning my cat (or Lisa’s cat Charlie, who, by the way, has forgiven me for locking him in my suitcase for three days. He was all up in my grill wanting to snuggle.)

But, it was my last day of vacation, so something exciting (but fairly leisurely) was in order. Crystal and Dawn suggested taking a road trip to a natural hot springs in Radium, BC about a three and a half hour drive away. Lis and I were initially not the most pumped for a huge road trip, but they were able to talk us out of being losers, and we packed up the car and were on our way.

We basically did the same drive I did on the way in to Alberta from BC, but we stopped along the way for scenic pictures.


I am so obsessed with the mountains. How beautiful is this? Honestly. It doesn’t even look real.

We took a detour off the Trans Canada Highway and we drove through a canyon that had beautifully coloured rock faces.

We made a quick stop in Radium to pick up some drinks and stuff (non-alcoholic, we dreamed of being hydrated again), and we came across the home of a thousand faces.

It is apparently owned by an eccentric mountain man and wood carver, according to the website. And I think he lives in there.

Here is a picture of the owner.

(I really wish I took this, but sadly did not)

Eccentric? Psh. I don’t see it at all. Do you think that is a dress he is wearing?

The house was pretty crazy amazing.

That wall had about eight doors on it, all with weird things written on them, and none of them opened. We tried.

I guess three-legged dogs are A-okay?

After the crazy house exploring, we continued to Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. It was so beautiful, but driving was a tiny bit sketchy. We were definitely driving against a mountain, and next to a huge cliff.

Crystal is an excellent driver, so I was not afraid, but I think I would be pretty antsy in my pantsy if I was driving on this beast of a road in the winter.

We drove for several kilometres into the park and eventually found the parking lot for the hot springs. We were so excited! I couldn’t wait to let the hot water seep into my hungover pores and relax my muscles (from all the climbing, you know).

But there was trouble in paradise.

Here is what the hot springs usually look like (I googled a pic):

The top pool is the hottest, and I hear almost unbearable, while the one on the left is medium hot, the one on the bottom is just a little hot, and the river below is freezing. I have not actually experienced this (that’s just what Crystal and Lisa told me), because here is what the hot springs looked like on this day:

The top pool was lukewarm at best, and the bottom two were completely flooded with ice cold (and I mean ICE cold) water from the river.

BC has been experiencing so much rain lately and the water in the river was so extremely high that it flooded the bottom two pools, and also leaked water into the top hottest pool.

It was a disappointment, absolutely. I was so excited for it! But our girls’ adventure was more about the bonding time than the hot springs anyway, and what can ya do? You make the best of the situation. So we went in.

At least it was pretty!

We didn’t go into the ice cold pools though, that would just be crazy. We could barely stand to put our feet in that water.

Our feet are in the lowest pool here. The medium pool is completely flooded to our left. Both Crystal and Lisa said they have never seen it like this, and never heard of it happening. It was a weird phenomenon.

We didn’t stay for very long, but as we were leaving a man told us about Whiteswan Lake, a bit further up the road. He said it was beautiful and perfect for swimming. As soon as we heard that we were immediately down, so we headed on over.

The man did not lie. The lake was seriously awesome. We got right in there.

It was an amazing turquoise colour, unbelievably clear, deep, and surrounded by mountains.

Such a perfect swimming experience. After a group swim-fest, Crystal headed to shore to take pictures of us, and Dawn, Lisa and I put on a little synchronized swimming show for her.

And those would be our legs.

Eventually it was time to start heading back. But we had one more stop to make. Columbia Lake.

We had quite the hike up a steep cliff (hill?) to get to the top to see the view…

But we made it! And ohh man, it was worth it.

I have definitely overused the word beautiful in this post, but really, it was pretty.


Really, really pretty. It is called Beautiful British Columbia for a reason. Perhaps you can understand why I am vacationsick (the opposite of homesick).

It was such a great day in the mountains with my gals!

It could not have been more perfect. Well, maybe if the hot springs were hot, but let’s not get caught on minor details. We laughed pretty much the entire drive, so that equals win.

The next day was home time! I had a 7am flight and I was absolutely done. Just exhausted. I don’t even know how I woke up in time.

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