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Happy Birthday Eric! And the last of my mom’s visit

This week has been a bit nutso, so just a few things before it has been too long since my mom left and it is weird to talk about.

But first, happiest of 21st birthdays to my baby brother Eric!


The first time I held him. He was a HUGE baby.


21. 21 years have gone by since that cheeky cat was born. I can’t believe it. I remember when I was eagerly anticipating his arrival and drawing scary clowns to be posted on the walls of his nursery that said “TO BABY!” all over them (not kidding about that, my mom saved one of the clown posters that I drew and it is terrifying. Poor guy). I have a lot more to say on the subject of having a baby brother…I also found a speech that I wrote about little brothers when I was in Grade 6 and it does not paint Eric in the most flattering light (direct quote: “I like him when he is sleeping and when he is playing in his OWN room with his OWN toys. I do not like it when he comes into my room and gets into all my stuff. And forget about putting up a barricade because Eric will just smash through it.”) I think I will have to write more about that speech later…

Anyway, he did turn into a shining, respectable young man. So happy birthday Eric, I love you!

Last weekend when my mom was still here we did the rounds of visiting her old friends. And we dropped in to see my lovely Nana.


I still cannot believe she is 100. And she is still so with it, asking my mom all the questions about what she has been up to. Nana is my dad’s mom, but my parents were married for 20 years so was obviously a big part of my mom’s life. Nana was just thrilled to see her. She is still calling me and raving about our visit and how happy she was to see my mom doing so well.


She’s a sweetheart that Nana. Her annual Elvis impersonator barbecue is coming up and I cannot wait.

Aside from family and friends visiting, we ate a lot. My mom made her famous chicken soup that I love so much.


My friend Melissa was telling me that the reason she loves soup so much to this day is because of my mom and the soups she used to make for us when we were growing up. I totally agree. I never thought about that before but I’m pretty sure that is why I love soup so much now too. I can always go for some soup.

Evan also made his delicious lentils and red curry chicken for my mom, and it was her first time eating anything like that.


With spicy pickle and Evan’s cousin’s chutney and popadoms. My mom loved. I loved! I want to eat that every day!

Evan cooked for us a lot actually…



I’m sorry but sausages are just not photogenic, no matter how you photograph them.

I was happy my mom got to experience Evan’s cooking, because it is dynamite.

Evan and I also took my mom to the flea market last Sunday so she could experience that randomness. And we went to amazing crazy food court with all the foods of the world, and what made the experience for me this time was this pork rice from the Columbian food stall.


It is cooked inside sewed up pork skin and it was incredibly amazing. We all loved it. My mom and I also shared a quesadilla from the Mexican booth, but not even worth taking a picture of, I was too into that rice.

My mom hung out a lot with this little minx.


My mom was Winnie’s first owner. I think Winnie remembered her! She slept with her every night and has definitely been missing her since she left. My mom could not believe how much she still acts like a spry young kitty, and she is turning 21 this October! I haven’t been posting a lot of pictures of Winnie since Bolt’s arrival, but rest assured she is and will always be my number one. She is my favourite.

Other than that, a lot of hanging around and chatting in the condo. Evan and my mom really like each other.



Brotherman came over for dinner a few times and he and my mom really hit it off as well.

I know she had a really great time. I was so sad to see her go. We are going to miss her around here. But I am very happy knowing that Eric (and Kenya and Dixon!) are taking such good care of her in BC.

Have a great weekend!


Mountain Goats

Monday morning Eric and I awoke at 5:00 am (ughhhh) so we could get an early start on our trip to Salmon Arm. It was a lonnnnnng drive.

The trip took us about eight hours in total, including the two-hour (ish) ferry ride. It didn’t feel that long though. I love driving, and the scenery was so beautiful, so the time sped right by.

Eric was a riveting road trip partner.

Well, I am half joking. He didn’t actually sleep for very long. And I don’t understand how he can fall asleep sitting up like that. That looks soo uncomfortable. Both he and my dad have no trouble falling asleep anywhere. I need to be lying down. I couldn’t even sleep on the plane on the way here, and I tried so hard.

It poured rain our entire drive on Vancouver Island, on the ferry ride, all the way to Vancouver. I was disappointed about this. I was really hoping we would have clear skies so I could fully see the mountains, but no dice. Cloud cover all the way. Tres boo.

We did have some great views on the ferry though, as we approached Vancouver.

Which I took pictures of from the safety and dryness of inside the boat.

And we saw a whale! I wasn’t able to get my camera out quickly enough to snap a pic, but it was so cool to see. I have never seen a whale not in an aquarium. I also completely forgot to mention that we saw dolphins on our first ferry ride, so that was pretty exciting too.

Once we made it out of Vancouver, it was pretty clear for the rest of our journey, and I was absolutely in awe of the views.

Finally some decent mountains! It was breathtaking.

I had my phone out the window snapping pictures for most of the way, and because Eric lives here he was all “It’s just another mountain…” But they excite me!

I was also a little afraid. The speed limit on the highways here is 90km an hour (they’re only 80 in Toronto unless you are on a major highway), and the roads are so windy through the mountains. It seemed a little fast for me, and I am not an extremely conservative driver or anything.

We finally made it to my mom and Eric’s house in Salmon Arm, where my awesome mom was waiting for us with her famous chicken soup.

I die for this soup. Ohh how I have missed it. She used to make it all the time, and I have been dreaming about it for years. I have tried, and I can’t make my soup taste the same as hers.

Eric had some friends over later, so for the rest of the evening we just hung out.

I had told Eric that one thing that I absolutely HAD to do while I was here was climb a mountain. So Tuesday morning Eric, his girlfriend Kenya, his best friend Dixon and I went mountain climbing.

And here is the mountain we climbed:

The Enderby Cliffs, about 20 minutes from Salmon Arm.

We picked a great day for it.

And I am kidding. We picked a HORRIBLE day for it. It poured rain the entire time. And I do mean poured. I have never been so wet while I was fully clothed.

Good thing my camera is waterproof (that’s about all it’s good for, it doesn’t take good photos at all). My hands were so swollen from the cold and rain it looked like I was wearing a fat suit.

But no worries, it was an adventure! And it was actually probably better that it wasn’t blazing hot. Also, there are bears there, and running into one was a bit of a concern. But I don’t think the bears were even crazy enough to come out in this weather. Just us. We didn’t see any wildlife.

It was a fairly tough hike at times. The trail zig-zagged along the face of the mountain, so most of it wasn’t too steep, but it was a pretty steady incline. Some parts were definitely trickier to navigate than others.

This is not one of them. The trickier parts required my full concentration, so no picture-taking. It was really pretty also. This picture is from pretty close to the top where the trail opened into a meadow.

We stopped halfway up to take some pics.

It took us a little over two hours to get to the top, and we were pretty speedy as we were so absolutely freezing that moving was the only way to keep warm.

It seemed to take forever, but we finally made it!

Eric and his girlfriend are so damn cute.

Standing on the edge was a bit scary, I’m not gonna lie. It was a lonnnng way down.

It would have been nice if it was sunny and the view was clear, but what can ya do?

It didn’t take us quite as long to get down, but it was a lot more tricky. The trail had turned into a legit mudslide, and it was really hard to stay upright. Everyone had an almost falling experience (which is always funny), and I actually did fall once. There was one section that was quite a steep incline and it was really slippery with mud, so I tried to step on the side of the trail, but the mud I stepped on started to slide down the mountain! I kind of fell with it, but was able to stay on the side of the trail. It was a bit of a close call, if I had kept falling I probably wouldn’t have been able to stop rolling down the mountain unless I hit a tree. But I was fine. Just covered in mud. And wet. Don’t forget wet. Luckily that was our only incident, and we all escaped the mountain unharmed.

We sat in the car for about 10 minutes with the heat on full blast to warm up. The hot shower I took when we got back was probably the best of my entire life.

The next day was actually sunny and HOT, so we went to the beach and did a little cliff climbing.

But that is a story for another post. I will see you guys later!