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The Summer of Concerts

I have been fortunate enough to make it to a lot of concerts this summer. Well, this year really, as I saw Death Cab for Cutie and Metric and then Garth Brooks back in March. I don’t know what is going on because typically I make it to maybe one concert a year, but this year a lot of my bucket list bands have been playing and I felt like I couldn’t miss them!

Back in June I scored some sweet tickets to Mumford & Sons at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. I actually tried to get tickets the day they went on sale and was in queue for about an hour before the sale happened but somehow they were sold out immediately. I was pretty bummed about it, they’re on my must-see list. But wait! My friend Ciara at work follows Mumford & Sons on Facebook and a few weeks before the concert they announced on their page they were releasing more tickets. She came screaming over to my cubicle and told me to get on it, so I did, and I scored two tickets in the 200 section! Best seats I’ve ever had at the Molson Amp (well, minus floor for Blink182 back in high school).


My pal Sherrie and I had such a good time at Death Cab for Cutie and Metric (like THE BEST time, I am still embarrassed at our scream-singing Snapchats from that night) I promised her the next concert I went to I would take her. She was excited.


We made friends with two ladies before the concert while we were eating our poutine, one was also named Sherrie (but spelled Sheri).


I think you can tell who the two Sherries are by their sass faces.

It was another amazing time. Mumford & Sons was so, so good. SO GOOD!!!


I just loved them.

Video from my instagram:

The first song I loved by them. #littlelionman #mumfordandsons

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Sherrie makes a nice appearance at the end, haha.

The next concert was the Lumineers with my bestie! I scored us tickets through a radio presale for her birthday, once again at the Molson Amphitheatre.



She is the one who introduced me to the Lumineers years ago when they first arrived on the scene, so it was fitting that I saw them with her.

Our seats weren’t even that great even though I got the presale, but not bad.


The Molson Amp is my favourite concert venue, especially for summer concerts ’cause it’s fun being outside. And I really don’t think there is a bad seat – even the lawn seats aren’t too shabby. We were very excited.



Ho Hey!

I am just loving their new album, especially Cleopatra, Ophelia and Sleep On The Floor. They played a bunch from it, and all their old faves. They were amazing and we had the best time. 100% would go again.

Next up, Evan got me tickets to see Bryan Adams for Christmas!


Gahh, I just love him. Bryan Adams, I mean. Well, and Evan too.


That Bryan is still a machine. He played a lot off his new album which I wasn’t super familiar with, but I like to do concert research when I’m seeing someone and I’ll usually listen to their new album as well as go through their setlist (setlist.fm is the best for this) to see what they usually play during their show. Bryan played allllll the classics: Can’t Stop This Thing We Started, Please Forgive Me, Run To You, Summer Of ’69 (my dance floor air guitar jam), All For Love, Everything I Do (I totally serenaded this to Evan). Ah, it was so great. Just a Canadian classic.

Everything I Do!

Oh that song makes me melt. Evan and I slow danced during it and it was maybe one of the most romantic moments of my life. And also ridiculous because I was screaming the lyrics in his ear. I also saw my friend Melissa there, totally sobbed through her first dance at her wedding last November because it was to this song. One of my all time faves.

So another great concert and I can cross Bryan Adams off the ol’ bucket list.


Love you Bryan!!!

Two weeks later we were back at Molson Amp for Collective Soul and Goo Goo Dolls! With my dad! (aka Bobby)



One of my dad’s very favourite bands is Collective Soul. I remember blasting Heavy in his disc man (hooked up to the tape deck) in his old white Lumina. So, for his birthday Evan and I got him tickets. Collective Soul was opening for the Goo Goo Dolls but they still had a great set and played all their hits, and stuff from their new album which I am really loving. I don’t know if it’s Bobby’s influence, but I freakin’ love Collective Soul. They really do have some great classic songs.

Like Shine, which may bring a tear to my eye…

And December…

And The World I Know, and Heavy. I was loving.

And my dad was LOVING HIS LIFE. I looked over at him at one point and I feel like he was about to cry with joy. Collective Soul is actually the first concert I ever went to, they played with the Cranberries also at Molson Amphitheatre, and my dad took me with my friends Dawn, Leanne and Julie. We sat on a patio overlooking the stage (no longer there) and convinced these guys to buy us screwdrivers when my dad wasn’t paying attention. Oh, memories.

My only complaint about Collective Soul is that their voice audio was kind of low, but it was fine for the Goo Goo Dolls, so I don’t know what was going on there.

Between sets we met up with my friend Melissa’s (mentioned above) sister Katie and hung out for a bit on the patio with her and her friend. Melissa and Katie grew up near us and my dad hasn’t seen her since she was maybe 12, so they had quite the reunion.


I was pretty happy to see Goo Goo Dolls too. I don’t know if I would have specifically sought them out to see but they were definitely a nice bonus.


They played a lot of stuff from their new album, which I only vaguely knew, but you know they played the faves. Name, for one. And it was pretty amazing.

My dad really likes Iris also, so he was happy to see that. Afterwards we were quizzing my dad on who he’s seen in concert. So many legendary bands! Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, The Guess Who (several times), Pink Floyd, Genesis, Neil Young (with Crosby Stills and Nash), Rush, Jethro Tull, Tom Petty, Deep Purple, Steely Dan, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Stones, The Band, etc. Just living the dream in the 70s!

So, summer’s been concert heavy and I have no regrets. I’m just channeling my inner Bobby. Gotta do it while I’m young! Actually this weekend Evan and I are back at Molson Amphitheatre to see Blue Rodeo, another iconic Canadian band. Can’t wait to hear Lost Together and Five Days In May in person!


And my love for Jack Johnson lives on

So I mentioned before that Jack Johnson was coming to Toronto and I scored tickets for Evan and myself… Last Wednesday was the big day, so we headed over to Molson Amphitheatre after work for some sweet JJ action.

I really love Jack Johnson, he is a rare true artist, and he’s just my favourite. So I was excited. That might actually be an understatement, I was a little beyond excited.


I was smiling so hard that my eyes were just a squinty mess. Also this is the first time I have ever bought a concert T-shirt. I have seen a lot of live bands that I love over the years; Incubus, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Blink182 (we got them to strip down to their boxers on stage, but that is a story for another time…), KoRn (the moshpit was the most insane experience of my life), Deftones, Silverchair, Hole (haha!), Dallas Green, etc. etc. etc. but I have never bought a concert shirt because they are always so insanely expensive that I just can’t justify it. The Jack Johnson shirt I am wearing in the above photo set me back $35, but I have no regrets about that. JJ is the best musician I have seen live and I wanted to have something to remember my experience. I still regret not buying a shirt when I saw him four years ago. Also, that’s my favourite colour. It brings out my eyes, when you can actually see them. So I had to get it.

We hadn’t eaten dinner yet and I had just been planning on getting a jumbo hotdog or something, but then I noticed The Poutinerie food truck… Annnd I can never resist poutine, so that also had to happen.


Pulled pork poutine! Fries + cheese curds + gravy + pulled pork. Amazing. I ate the entire thing and had I been dining in the dark I would have been sticking my face in that carton to lick it afterwards. Delicious.

We settled in with our dinner to watch the opening band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.



We didn’t have the greatest seats, as you can see. We were in the last row before the lawn, but last time I saw Jack Johnson I was behind a pillar so I figured this had to be better. I would have preferred to be up front on the floor, but all good. However I do have a slight beef… On the Monday before the concert the venue actually released 100 extra tickets that were RIGHT up front and only $10 more per ticket than I paid, so I tried to call and upgrade my tix but Ticketmaster told me it was too close to the event and they couldn’t do it. I was pretty bummed about that and kind of annoyed that I had purchased my tickets so far in advance and someone could come in last minute and essentially get front row seats. Of course, life isn’t fair and what can ya do. I was really tempted to just buy two more tickets and try to sell my original ones, but in the end I just kept ours.

Anyway, Edward Sharpe and friends were really great! They kind of remind me a bit of Arcade Fire, as there are so many members of their band and there are two leads, Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos (and like Arcade Fire those two are either dating or were dating previously). They are definitely hippy-esque, which I enjoy, and they were so good live and SUPER interactive with the audience. Alex invited people from the floor area on stage with them, and they let one random guy play their guitar for an entire song.


The guy in the white is a random fan

See, this is why it’s good to be on the floor. You never know when you might get asked to come up and be a part of the band. I’m pretty sure this experience made that guy’s life.

If you’ve never heard of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, I recommend listening to 40 Day Dream (really great song probably my favourite of theirs), and Home:

Also quite nice. I like them a lot.

But of course not as much as my (platonic) love JJ. My excitement really hit when Edward Sharpe finished up and it was Jack Johnson time.


He’s up there somewhere!

It was kind of cold outside so Evan and I bundled up and snuggled in for the show.



I like the cut of Evan’s jib. He was the best concert buddy.

The following photos are stolen from aux.tv because I was just too far away to get anything decent…



I could see him well on the screens though, and I could hear him perfectly. He was so amazing, as I knew he would be, of course. He played all my faves (except Go On, but he played it last time I saw him so it’s okay). Here is the setlist if you want to check it out. I fangirl’d out a few times and my voice was nearly gone the next day because I was singing so loud the entire time. I am so glad we went, and I’ll never forget it! Evan had a really great time too, and the next day he downloaded a bunch of JJ’s albums 🙂

I found some videos from the concert on YouTube, and this one of Jack singing Radiate from his new album is really good quality:

(it’s dark until about 10 seconds in, and then it’s all good!)

I just really like him.

You watch this video (not from Wednesday) and you tell me Jack Johnson isn’t a stand up gentleman.

I love how much of a family man he is and the obvious love he has for his wife. I love their love!

Wednesday was such a great time with my own love.

Bolded question time! What is the best band/artist you’ve seen live? Worst?
It is a dream of mine to see Neil Young, so please don’t tell me he’s not good live!