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Some Lunch Issues (and my new favourite lunch spot)

I haven’t talked about work stuff for a while, but my office moved at the beginning of July from downtown Toronto to Port Credit (south Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto). If you don’t know the area this will mean nothing to you, but basically the biggest change is that my 25 minute subway ride to work has turned into a 35 minute drive. Unless there is traffic, and then that 35 minutes can turn into two hours. So that’s fun.

The drive isn’t as bad as I expected it to be though, and I was kind of done being stuck on the subway twice a day with 8 million other people anyway, so no big deal. I also really like our new office a lot better than our old one, as it’s a lot more open and bright. So besides the drive this has really only affected my life in two big ways: my reading time and my lunch time.

Taking the subway every day gave me an extra hour of daily uninterrupted reading time, so I do really miss that. I was just powering through all the books for a while, and now I am STILL reading the first Game of Thrones book (but I’m almost done!). I’ve been trying to read before I fall asleep at night, but I’ve been so tired at bedtime lately that I just fall asleep immediately. So squeezing in the reading has been tricky.

And lunch. Ohh how I miss the lunch options that were downtown. I worked steps away from the PATH (basically an underground city) which had countless food courts and restaurants and every lunch selection imaginable. I found the best salads ever in that area.


Exhibit A (Chipotle, so nothing exotic)


Exhibit B


Exhibit C


Exhibit D

But our new office isn’t very close to anything like that. There’s a natural health foods grocery store which sometimes has good salads, or a Tim Hortons, within a five minute walking distance, but other than that I have to venture into downtown Port Credit if I want to spice my lunch up, and it’s about a 15-20 minute walk. On the bright side, I’ve been packing my lunch a lot more, so at least I’m saving money.

I did find a really awesome restaurant in downtown Port Credit though. It’s called Raw Aura and all their food includes 100% raw ingredients, so nothing is heated. It’s also very vegetable-based, with organic ingredients, and gluten, dairy and sugar-free.


They’re not paying me to write a review or anything, but I’ve been there about four times and every time has been interesting and beyond delicious.

The first thing I tried was the “ravioli.”


Which is red beets stuffed with creamy cashews and ricotta cheese, red pepper marinara sauce and kale chips. It was different than any ravioli I’ve ever eaten, and it was surprisingly extremely good. I’ve actually ordered it twice.

I have also gotten the yellow coconut curry “noodles.”


Which is zucchini noodles with cashew, coconut oil, lemongrass, pineapple, lentils, red pepper and red onion tossed in yellow curry. Also delicious.

And their big kale salad is pretty amazing.


It comes with half an avocado and a breadstick. I like that.

I also tried some of my coworker’s burrito.


And it was really interesting how meaty that thing tasted without actually including any meat. It’s a sun-dried tomato and carrot tortilla with lettuce, tomato, red onion, guacamole and refried pumpkin seeds (pretty sure is what gave it a meaty taste). That is a cashew sour cream on top.

It’s kind of weird eating everything cold because I am so used to eating warm food, but it’s a kind of weird that I am really liking. I’d eat there every day but it is a bit on the expensive side for lunch.

And this chocolate cheesecake, that does not actually include chocolate or cheese, just blew me away.


It was SO good. And I felt really good after eating it, not all full and gross like I would after eating regular cheesecake.

So if you’re in the area I’d highly recommend checking it out. And if you’re not, welp, sorry. Hopefully the pictures didn’t torture you too much.

Have a great weekend! It is the last cottage weekend of the year for me!


Wedding and Baby-Packed Saturday

Hey hey!

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! If you are Canadian I hope you are eating lots in honour of Thanksgiving. I have been, but my real eat day is today. The rest of the weekend was just prepping my tummy for the goodness to come.

I am so glad it’s a long weekend. My weekend has already been packed full of fun times, and it’s only Sunday. I still have a day and a half of Thanksgiving activities before it is back to work time, so I am thankful for that.

Yesterday in the late morning Andy and I headed over to my Nana’s to pick her up for a little lunch date at my aunt Nancy’s house.

Me and my Nanners

I am just going to, once again, take a moment to highlight how beautiful my Nana is. At 97, check her out! She is still a mobile little ball of positivity, and I still say her skin is amazing. I can only hope mine looks nearly as good as that if I ever get to be her age. Olay moisturizer my friends, every day of her life.

Our lunch date was extra special because my two cousins Chrissy and Allie were visiting from BC with their new baby girls!


From left: Allie and Nora, myself, Chrissy and Isla. The babies are only 17 days apart! Chrissy and Allie’s father, my uncle Andy, passed away suddenly last September, and I find it pretty amazing that less than a year later they both had baby girls (Chrissy also has a two-year-old son Evan, who was napping when the picture-taking was going on).

It was really great to see them, because I don’t get to very often with us living so far apart.

My Nanners was especially excited to see those babies.

Nanny & Isla

The picture above wins for being the most precious picture of the day.

It was a big ol’ family reunion.

Fam Jam

From left: Me, aunt Nancy, Dad, Chrissy, Allie and Nana.

Dad, Nana and I

Check out my Dad’s shirt. I have mentioned a few times how fashionable I think he is ;).

The weather was amazing. Sunny and actually hot. It is the nicest weather I can ever remember having on Thanksgiving weekend. My aunt and uncle have a gorgeous backyard, so it was great to be able to spend time outside.

And you know some eating went down.

Lunch Spread

I snagged a plate full of veggies, ham and havarti on a bun, potato salad, pickles and a slice of kielbasa.

My Plate

And then there was dessert.

Pie Plate

I got a little slice of both pumpkin pie and apple pie. This was actually my first time trying pumpkin pie since I was a kid, and you may remember me confessing my hate for pumpkin pie in my video blog. I gotta say, it wasn’t bad. Still not my favourite pie though, and I preferred the apple (which was amazing!).

Ando and I had a great day with my fam.

Ando and I

Afterwards we had my friend Uncle Leon’s (Leanne) wedding to attend to, so we headed home for a couple of hours to get ready.

I spent a good hour and a half trying unsuccessfully to curl my straight and thin hair with a straightening iron, but it was just not meant to be. My hair is the worst for curling. It wants to be straight and flat all the time. I finally did a last minute hot roller thing, and it worked out alright. It still was not exactly curly, but I guess it had more volume than usual, so I’ll take it.

And then it was wedding time! We only attended the reception so we missed dinner (I had leftover quinoa from Friday), but we made it to the party.

Leanne was such a beautiful bride!

Beauty and the Beardo

I wish I got a full-length picture of her to show you guys the bottom of her dress, because it was amazing, and different than the dresses I have been seeing lately.

Uncle Leon and I

Leon was glowing :).

Most of my high school friends were in attendance, so I had a great time hitting up the dance floor with those gals.

We wanted to take a nice group shot of us…


And mine turned out blurry. Luckily we got a back-up.

Friends + Glasses

If you remember my friend Dawn’s New Orleans guest posts, then you already know that her mom and sister are a good time.

But her dad Bri-Bear is pretty fun as well.

Brenny and Bri-Bear

And was an awesome addition to the dance floor party.

I scored a late night snack of a little sandwich, vegetables, a cookie and a brownie, but it was too dark to snap a pic. It was all very good though.

It was a great day all around, and right now I am off to eat my body weight in turkey and stuffing!

Have a great Sunday!


Samesies WIAW (Featuring a Giant Cake)

Helloskis.  I hope all you cheeky cats are doing well!

I took a petite break on the blogging front yesterday to buckle down and get some work done!  I do a 48-page magazine for my organization every three months (like the entire thing, design, layout, most of the photography, and most of the writing), and the entire project takes me weeks.  It has just been hanging over my head for the past little while and I am so glad it’s finally complete and sent to the printers.  A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders 🙂  Hooray.

But I am back today for What I Ate Wednesday!

Other than work stuff, not too much has been crack-a-lackin’ with me the last few days, so you did not miss much.  And I honestly ate exactly the same foods for breakfast, lunch, and mid-morning snack both today and yesterday.

Same breakfast…

Cream Cheese + Jam = the JAM

Toasted whole wheat bagel topped with cream cheese and grape jelly.  Yeah, maybe a weird combo, but SO GOOD!  So good I ate it twice.

Same lunch…

Salad Beast

Beastly salad including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrot, green onion, and my black beans and salsa mix leftover from my burritos the other night.  I dressed this puppy up with a bit of Italian dressing.  V filling and quite a groovy yumfest.

And, same mid-morning snack.

Yoggity Snack

PC Strawberry Green yogurt mixed with fresh sliced peach and raspberry.  This has actually been my go-to mid-morning snack for the past week or so.

I have snuck in a few treats as well though.  When Ando arrived home from work yesterday he was all “I have a present for youuuuuu” and held up a big plastic bag.

I love presents and surprises, but in this case I’m pretty sure I just said “Meh,” all disinterested.

Andy-pants works in communications for a company that manufactures cleaning supplies and products, so usually the “presents” that he brings home from work are things like heavy duty paper towels and disinfectant spray.  Please forgive me for not peeing my pantaloons in excitement.

But yesterday he had an event going on, and that is not what he brought home.  This is what he brought me:

Holy Cake, Batman

A GIANT piece of cake.  THAT piqued my interest immediately (because, as you know, I like to eat).  I was pumped as soon as I saw that thing.

That picture is not really doing the cake justice…


There ya go.  Now THAT is a piece of cake, my friends.

I wanted to eat the entire thing, but I managed to hold back and just cut myself a “sliver”.

Jusssst a Sliva

This cake was frickin’ delicious.  The cake itself was some kind of banana, but it was the icing that took the (literal) cake!  One of the best buttercream icings I have ever tasted.  I was dying.  And I loved that there was icing in the middle as well.  I much prefer icing in the middle to lemon filling or something.  I don’t want anything tangy messing up the taste of my sweet buttercream.

I kept going back to the cake throughout the evening and snacking on icing.  I couldn’t stay away!  I totally ruined my dinner appetite after that thing.

But here’s tonight’s delicious dinner:


Cheesy taco bake!  Topped with salsa and lettuce.  This is such a great alternative to tacos.  I loved it.

No workouts at all yet this week as I have been trying to catch up work-wise, I have been getting up at 5am just to go into work!  But for the rest of the week I am going hardcore.  Here is my plan of attack:

Thursday – Boot Camp
Friday – 4+ k run
Saturday – Body Pump
Sunday – 4+ k run

Welp, I am off to watch Survivor and catch up on some blog reading.  Have a great night!


  • What is your favourite kind of icing?

Mine is buttercream, hands down!  Love it!


Yes Please, Goat Cheese!

Welp, so much for that huge storm! I knew this would happen. I bounded out of bed early this morning and raced to the nearest window, hoping to be greeted by mounds of snow making it impossible to drive into work.

Not quite. It was not a big deal at all, and I could still see bare road. Ho hum, pig’s bum. Very disappointing. However after watching the news, the highway did look pretty bad (what else is new?) and I decided it was going to be one of those days where, although we did not get a ton of snow, my 40-minute commute was going to take three hours. So I am working from home, with this little gal by my side:

My Kitty Named Winnie

Winnie is the best little kitty in all the world. And still going strong at the ripe old age of 17! She’s awesome.

I have a ton of stuff to do for work today, BUT this does mean I can enjoy a nice leisurely lunch!


Has anyone read The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games

I picked it up after pretty much everybody and their mother recommended it to me. It was amazing, and I could honestly not put it down, despite the story being about a bunch of 12 to 18-year-old’s fighting to the death (sounds weird, I know, but trust me, so good).

I am mentioning The Hunger Games because this book totally inspired my lunch today. Nothing says yumminess like people killing each other, oui? Just kidding. The main characters kept eating goat cheese with apple, and reading about this combination spurred a big craving in me!

I have had a bit of an obsession with goat cheese lately. For those of you who think you don’t like goat cheese, listen up, buttercups. I used to despise goat cheese. Sometimes I think it can be too strong and overtake the rest of the dish, and make you feel like you might actually be eating, well, a goat.

Then I discovered this package of deliciousness:

Delish, and not too goaty!

PC Goat’s Milk Cheese. I can’t get enough. It is light and tangy, creamy, and easily spreadable. It adds flavour to a dish, without overtaking it, or overwhelming you with goatiness (not a word, but I don’t care).

I used this cheese to make an amazingly delicious and healthy dip for our friends’ New Year’s party this year. It is the easiest dip ever. All I did was take an entire package of it, put it in a bowl, and stirred it up with honey (I got the idea from PBFingers’ blog). I served it alongside assorted whole wheat crackers and it was a huge hit. I am not exaggerating when I say people literally stalked the goat cheese dip, and by the end of the night I noticed some of my friends were skipping the crackers and just dipping their fingers into the spread and licking off the goat cheese.

Goat cheese was the main character in my lunch today. Similar to the goat cheese and honey dip, I put a couple tablespoons of goat cheese into a bowl, squirted some honey on top, and stirred it around until everything was well-mixed.

Goat Cheese + Honey = Perfect Combo

I then spread this onto a toasted whole wheat bagel, and topped with sliced Royal Gala apple (any apple slices that did not make it onto my bagel quickly made it into my mouth ;)). I had a handful of grape tomatoes on the side to amp up the veggie factor.


AMAZING. I am so glad I have an outlet to rave on about this sandwich, because let me tell you it was so, so delicious! It was such a good combination. And quite a nice change from a boring ol’ deli meat sammy. Thanks for the inspiration, Hunger Games!

Back to the couch grind!


Hide Ya Lunch!

This morning I noticed an email in my work inbox from our building services peeps titled: Missing Lunches.

Say what?

Intrigued, I opened it and saw the first line: “We may have a lunch bandit on the loose.”

A lunch bandit on the loose?! How scary is that? Forget stealing gym shoes, who steals lunches? I use the fridge in my own office to store my lunch, not the shared building lunchrooms, so I feel confident about my lunches’ safety. But it must be a serious issue if they sent out a mass email about it. Yikes. Hide ya lunch!

I would never steal someone’s lunch, as I like to follow the golden rule (do unto others…) and I know how absolutely devastated I would be if someone stole mine.

Around mid-morning snack time, I wandered into our lunch/storage room for a little somethin’ somethin’ and saw this on the fridge, with what suspiciously looks like my boss’s handwriting next to point 6:


Oh very funny. I told you I am known for my love of lunch. I have to endure this torment all. the. time. But it makes me laugh :D…and it makes everyone else around here laugh too, so I’ll take it for the team.

Speaking of  Lunch…

I don’t want to attract the attention of any lurking lunch bandits, but I would like to highlight my lunch today, ’cause it was a good one.

Wednesday Lunch

That giant salad includes romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, and crushed almonds. The goat cheese/almond combination totally stole the show and was the highlight of my salad. I used my SlapChop to chop the nuts (which works awesomely and is pretty much the only thing I use my SlapChop for, because Vince is a liar and it is a pain to clean).

Hey Lunch Bandit, dream on!

I was a cookie bandit today though. Someone brought up a plate of leftover cookies from a meeting and I was on them in seconds:

Cookie Monsta

Cookies don’t stand a chance around here ;).

Welp, lunch is over so I’m back to the grind. Later bandits!

Do you have a dessert/snack that you absolutely cannot resist?


Spinning Party Pooper

I was looking forward to this morning’s workout all week long. I am lucky enough to be a member of the same gym (Goodlife) as four of my good friends, which means I always have a gym buddy at my disposal! It’s a great motivator.

We have been planning a group gym date for a couple weeks now, and our plan was to all hit up the gym together this morning and take a spinning class!

I have never tried spinning before, but all the avid spinners I know rave on and on about it. I particularly like hearing “it makes me feel like I wanna die” and from my friend Dawn yesterday: “You will feel like you just gave birth.” Excellent. I was really anxious to see for myself, and get through the torture class together with all my gym buddies!

I happily dragged myself out of bed bright and early, ate a good breakfast (oatmeal again, I’ll save you from having to look at more pictures of it) and made my way to the gym, gearing myself up for a good spinning time. We had to go to one of the bigger co-ed Goodlife’s for the class, so I had to go a bit further than usual, and it wasn’t until I got all the way there that I realized my running shoes weren’t with me.

I always leave my shoes in the car so they are ready for my next gym sesh. But nope, no shoes. It was the same gym I went to last night, so I thought maybe I had left them in the changeroom. No dice. I searched high and low, and had a couple employees help me as well. No shoes. They must have been stolen! I couldn’t do the class without them since I was wearing Uggs, which obviously are not ideal spinning footwear. And so, the party went on without me. I headed back home, all the way wondering why someone would steal my shoes? They’re not even very nice. Who steals gym shoes?

Well, apparently no one, because when I walked in the door, I saw this:


Ohh well, at least they weren’t stolen. I was disappointed that I missed out on the spinning party with my girls though, but not to worry! We’re planning a second spinning date next week! I did end up completing some cardio early this afternoon since I had to go grocery shopping and my regular gym is inside Superstore (kind of makes it difficult to come up with an excuse not to go when you’re already there). I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 15 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical while flipping through some mags.

Then it was time for lunch. During my run I thought about what I wanted to eat, and decided to make grilled cheese for Boyfriend and I when I got home.

Grilled Cheesus

I added tomato to my grilled cheese, and also enjoyed some grape tomatoes on the side (and lotsa ketchup, because grilled cheese is not grilled cheese without ketchup, in my opinion :))

(I also used light Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese, if you were wondering.)

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S’later! Enjoy your Saturday!