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Bestie Lake Time

My Bestie Lisa is visiting! (I haven’t linked to her debut post in a while, so just in case you need a refresher on my food soulmate).

Photo from back in May because I just really like our twin shirts.

I think I have seen her more this year than any year since she’s lived in Calgary, and that has been awesome. I start to feel weird if it’s been too long since we’ve seen each other. She is a sister to me and a really good talk with her makes me feel the most like myself and ready to just win at life.

It was pretty late when I picked her up from the airport on Thursday night, so when we got home we planned on just having one glass of wine and a quick catch-up session on the balcony (we’re loud bitches together and we didn’t want to get the mute emoticon from Evan) and then head to bed. Well, you know how it happens with your best friend. One glass of wine becomes two, which turns into Lisa yelling “JUST BRING THE WHOLE BOTTLE OUT HERE!” when I run inside to pee, which turns into it suddenly being 2am and we’ve drank an entire 2L bottle of wine and can’t walk properly anymore. Whoops. Friday morning felt nice. #noregrets

Friday afternoon we headed to Lisa’s parents lake house. I will always love their old cottage where we met (we met skating on the lake, remember), and it will always hold nostalgic memories of growing up…but I have to say it is not disappointing to visit the lake house.


It is not disappointing at all. And I have to say the swimming is better here than the lake I grew up on. By the way, the difference between a lake house and a cottage is that lake houses are where you live, cottages are where you visit in the summer.

The weather was beautiful and we had such a nice afternoon and evening catching up with her parents. I’ve mentioned this before, but I think of them as almost my own parents, so I just feel very welcome and at home there. They are my people. Case in point:



I was also excited to see little Roxy.


She is the best dog. She was originally rescued from a kill shelter in America. Apparently the staff kept moving her from shelter to shelter because they wanted her to live, until someone brought her to a rescue in Ontario and Diane and Phil found her. She is the sweetest. They really lucked out with her. And she lucked out with them also, because they absolutely spoil  her.


I mean, who wouldn’t.

She is quite minxy.


Her wily feminine ways definitely lure all the boys to the yard.


Or the neighbours’ tutu-clad female dog, whichever.

We spent the afternoon swimming and hanging out on the deck and had a lot of family reading time. I told my friend Sherrie this and she asked “Do you mean you read aloud to each other?” so just to clarify, no. Though that would have been funny. We all read our respective books, just together in the same area. Still cute.

And we ate a lot, as we do. Lisa’s mom Diane really outdoes herself with food things. When I think of going over there when we were growing up I have a lot of fond food memories. Specifically in the snack department.


I love red pepper jelly and that is homemade red pepper jelly!

We ate dinner out on the deck, starting with spring rolls!


Followed by grilled chicken, green (well,yellow) beans, and this delicious Asian-inspired chopped salad that I think is from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry.


Tis the season of summer barbecues. J’adore.

We happened to be celebrating Lisa’s birthday weekend, so a bunch of our friends came up on Saturday for the festivities. I am going to save those festivities for tomorrow though, as this is getting a little lengthy already.

Hope you had a great weekend!



Twin SteeeeeeeRIPES and Bestie Boat Rides

My best friend Lisa was visiting from Calgary this weekend! I haven’t seen her since Vegas in February, so I was pretty excited. We are lucky to see each other a few times a year despite the incredible distance between us, which is a good thing since we both suck at the phone. Lisa is working in Ottawa this week so she flew in a few days early to spend the weekend at her parents’ place. I made the trip there on Saturday afternoon for some quality time, a sleep over, and our plan was to take a little bestie road trip to Ottawa on Sunday.


Annnd we accidentally wore the same shirt for the occasion. Lisa was wearing a sweater on top of her t-shirt when she came out to greet me on my arrival, and she saw my shirt and got so excited that she ripped her sweater off to show me that she was wearing the same shirt as me, but she accidentally ripped the twin shirt off too. So she was standing in front of me in a white tank top pointing from her to me all excitedly and I was not understanding what was happening. Then I saw the twin shirt in her hand and realized what was going on. Twin steeeeeeeeRIPES.

We tend to wear similar things quite a lot. One time we were both staying over at our friend’s house, and we were sleeping in the same bed (as we do). We went to bed at different times and never saw each other change into pajamas, so in the morning when we threw the covers back we were shocked to discover that we were wearing the exact same thing and the most random sleep outfit ever: a brown ribbed tank top and green sweat pants with a big yellow waistband (a GT Boutique special). Quite the combo. We were dying.

Anyway, I guess we both thought that soft striped T-shirt was the perfect attire for a casual lake day.


And it was. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Spring is finally here!!! This makes me so happy! For a while I was afraid it was going to be winter forever. Saturday was so gorgeous I was tempted to jump in that water…but still a little too chilly for that.

After a bit of a catch up fest, we hung out for a while with Lisa’s parents on the porch enjoying the sunshine. I have missed them as well so it was good to see them. I have also missed Diane’s (Lisa’s mom) cooking. She made us quite the snack.


Thinly sliced white bread topped with a mixture of bacon, slivered almonds, onion, grated sharp cheddar cheese and a bit of mayo. Toast in the oven for 15 minutes or so and bam. Dream snack.

We also hung out with little Roxy.



Who is so cute and so funny and so ridiculously food-oriented. I understand Roxy, I am right there with you.

Before dinner we decided to take the little aluminum boat out for a rip on the lake.


Still wearing our twin shirts. We just embraced it and both wore them all day.

We took the boat over to Lock 34 in Fenelon Falls, which connects Sturgeon Lake and Cameron Lake. Lisa’s Dad took us there last summer also. It’s a cool ride, I love all the rocks.


We also went through all the narrow water channels in the area.


I would like to live there. Or somewhere like it. One day.


Boat rides are the best. It was a good time.


When we got back it was time for wine and DINNER. I was looking forward to a Diane special. She made us chicken tetrazzini!


We started with Caesar salad and garlic bread…


And then loaded up.


I am usually a tomato sauce kinda gal, I will always choose that over a creamy alfredo sauce, but I LOVED this and will be figuring out how to make it myself.

After dinner we chatted some more with Lisa’s parents, and then spent the rest of the night in the hot tub. Good times.


Labour Day Lake Weekend

My very bestest buddy Lisa is currently visiting from Calgary so I was very lucky to be able to spend the majority of Labour Day weekend with her at her parents lake house.


Yes, we have Labour Day in Canada, it is not only for Americans. But yes, we spell it Labour, with a U.

I can’t think of anywhere else I would have rather been.


Beauty, beauty. Lisa’s good friend Corina was with us as well, who I also know pretty well as she was Lisa’s roomie in university and I spent a LOT of party nights at their place. Their uni house will always hold a special place in my heart. Ah the good ol’ days.


The last time the three of us were together…almost two years ago!


And this time.

Friday evening was pretty low key. We just went swimming, did some hot tubbing, and around 8:30 convinced Lisa’s dad to drive us to a Salvation Army sale that was happening (we could not drive ourselves as we had been drinking in the hot tub). Browsing around was pretty fun, but the sale turned out to be kind of a bust EXCEPT for this pretty sweet game Corina picked up.


It is called Personal Preference and it is definitely from the 80s. Some of the people in the People category we had to Google because we didn’t know who they were, but it is definitely a good time. Basically you pick four cards in different categories and rank them secretly according to your personal preference. The other players then bet on the order of your preference. Corina already owns it but she has played it so many times with her friends she grabbed it in case one of them wanted it. She said she had been looking online and saw it for about $60 but at the Salvation Army she scored it for $1.99. Pretty sweet deal. It provided hours of entertainment.

Because of our late night trip we didn’t eat dinner until about 9:30pm, but we ate outside with Lisa’s parents (who I like to consider my second parents) and it was romantic.


I didn’t take a picture of what we ate so I already forget. See, this is why I like a record of these things. But on Saturday morning we woke up to a famous Lisa’s dad’s (or Daddy Brook) breakfast.


Waffles and peameal bacon. Yes and yes.

We leisured around for a bit until this guy arrived.


Good thing too, because when I jumped in the lake the day before in my life jacket diaper I was wearing my sunglasses and they promptly fell off and sunk to the bottom of the lake. Not really a big deal, but they are prescription from Zenni and I like being able to see. Evan brought me an extra pair AND he brought goggles and went down and retrieved my lost ones as soon as he got there. That was very nice.

Life jacket diaper picture, for your reference.


Evan brought Bolt along with him, and he immediately got settled into leisuring as well.



Lisa’s parents have a little dog named Roxy, and Bolt has not always been great with other dogs (mainly ones that are bigger than him though) so I worried about how they were going to get along. But after a little first meeting tiff they were best friends. They immediately found a common interest in chasing squirrels and were good with each other for the rest of the weekend.



They were so cute together.

We spent the afternoon swimming and hanging around on the dock.



And eating.


Lisa’s mom always has the BEST hotdog and hamburger relishes. 

In the late afternoon, Lisa’s parents took us all on a boat ride.


I’ve never seen Bolt in a boat before so I wasn’t sure how he was going to react, but he was great.


He had just gotten splashed here and did not really know what to think of that…


Much boat ride, so happy.

I loved the boat ride. Lisa’s dad took us all through the locks/channels in the area.


My favourite was looking at all the lake houses and deciding which one I would like to live in one day. Perhaps this blue one.


The crazy thing about that blue house is that is the guest house. The actual house is even bigger behind it. But I’d seriously live in a shack if it was on a lake. A tent even.

The entire area is beautiful. All the rocks make me happy.




This was our favourite dog that we saw…


Can you spot him perched on the end of that makeshift diving board?


So majestic.

Our ride was about an hour and took us over to the falls and back.



Lots of time for doggy snuggles.


Bolt is so snuggly. He likes to snuggle even more than Winnie, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. She lives for snuggling.

And then we got back and I promptly split my pants…


They were wet from my bathing suit and the seams did not like that. They’re my favourite cottage pants!!! Sad day.

We had a nice family dinner together.


We spent more time in the hot tub…


And we played that Personal Preference game into the evening. Evan was making Lisa, Corina and I die of laughter. I don’t even know what he was doing, but I have said before that I just look at his facial expressions and it makes me laugh hard and I think that’s what was happening.

It was a dream day.

I think Sunday might have been Evan’s dream day though because he got to go sailing with the boys.


He was pretty excited about that. We girls stayed back and had reading time. And I was pretty excited about THAT. I love my reading time. Every time Lisa and I are together we end up having reading time. We always have. I’d say the only difference in our reading time now and 20 years ago is our choices, but Lisa was re-reading Remember Me by Christopher Pike so it would appear that nothing has actually changed. I remember loving that book so much. I am going to have to re-read it.

Picture of Bolt and Lisa’s mom just because:


And we had another amazing lunch.


And then, sadly, it was time for Evan and I to hit the road.

On Sunday night, Lisa and I met up with the girls at my friend Dawn’s. Baby Scarlett slow danced with Donatello.


And we spent some time catching up in the pool.


It was really nice to have a low key night in with the ladies.

Perfect last weekend of summer. Just what I would have wanted to do.


The Lake House

On Sunday, after two days of going hard, we needed a day of leisure. I have mentioned before that Lisa had a cottage near my house when I was growing up and that was how we knew each other (we met skating on the lake when I was 9).


Melissa, Lisa, Katie, myself, Heather-Lee, and Heather on their old dock wayyy back in the day. Lisa and Heather’s dad still has this photo as his computer background.

Lisa’s parents recently sold that cottage (sad day!), are selling their house, and have bought a house on Sturgeon Lake to replace them both. Why have a house and a cottage when you can retire in one beautiful lake house? Lisa’s parents are doing life right, I tell you.

So on Sunday morning we woke up at Dawn and Mark’s house and then headed over to Lisa’s parents’ new lake house. And it is beauty.


And I love that they have a pirate flag.

We all spread out on the lawn and sunned ourselves while reminiscing about the rest of our weekend.


Heather, her boyfriend Brent, and friend Matt were in attendance as well, so it was fun to relive our Blue Jays night with them. And Lisa’s parents!!!! I have missed them! I love my second family.

Lunch was served shortly after our arrival.


And yeah I like a lot of stuff on my sausages. For as long as I can remember Lisa’s parents have had the best relishes. Hot dog relish, corn relish, onion relish…I loaded it all on there. I love a good relish. Eat all the relish!

After lunch it was swimming time.


Lisa’s parents new house has the BEST SWIMMING EVER. It is rocky and incredibly deep and you can dive off the end of the dock. It is a dream. I love diving into deep water so much. This is a huge difference to Lake Scugog, the lake we grew up on, because that is a very shallow lake that seems to just be getting more shallow, more murky, and more weedy. I am so happy for them that their new house has good swimming, because a lake house without good swimming is a bummer for sure.

I didn’t mention this in the Blue Jays post, but Heather fractured her foot a while ago and is still wearing an air cast and walking with crutches. Swimming was a bit of an issue for her because she can’t flip her foot properly. But no worries, she had a plan.


The life jacket diaper. You just put your legs into the arm holes of the life jacket, buckle up, and instant diaper. We used to do this when we were kids and float around. It works beautifully. Brent helped her into the water and all was well. She could swim with us.


But then we kind of felt left out. It looked like the life jacket diaper was a good time. So Lisa, Brent and I decided we wanted to be as cool as Heather, and we needed them too.


Practical and also flattering.


Don’t forget flattering.

The life jacket diapers were a dream! Forget inner tubes and other floatation devices, life jacket diapers are all the rage. You can effortlessly float in the water but have your legs and arms free, for holding beer and leisurely propelling yourself.


Just a genius idea. Everyone must do this.

We hung out and talked and swam for hours. It was such a good day.


Lisa’s mom is the cutest.

Eventually someone started to get a little tired…


Bolt, I am looking at you. So Dawn and Mark packed up Erin and the dogs to go home, but Evan and I stayed for dinner.



And potatoes (covered with Helluva Good Dip), asparagus, cheese bun, and salad. That pork was amazing, I have to say.

We also had a sweet Oreo cake to celebrate Lisa’s birthday.


Which was delicious, as all Oreo cakes are.

And Lisa and I got a bestie shot by the lake, like so many we have taken before.


And Evan and I got a Titanic shot like I have always wanted to do…


Except Evan has somehow never seen Titanic so he didn’t know what to do… But it worked out.

And the entire day just reiterated that I WILL live on a lake one day. For sure.

And now I have spent an entire week recapping my weekend, and now it is weekend time again. And this weekend is gonna be good. It’s a long weekend, my baby brother Eric is visiting from BC with his girlfriend, we’re going to Big Chief Island, and we’re hitting up Evan’s cottage. So next week will probably be a week of weekend recapping as well. Gird your loins.