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Bahama Mamas

Ahoy ahoy! I am back! We arrived home from the Bahamas (or The Pajamas as Evan likes to say) on Thursday evening and I immediately showered and slept for nearly 12 hours. It was back to work yesterday for me so I wanted to make sure I was in tip-top condition for that. It’s a busy time of year and I had a ton to catch up on.

Our trip was really great. We were only gone for four days, and technically only had two full days there, so I knew going in that it was just going to fly by, and it did…but I found there was still ample time for adventuring.

I think I am going to keep with my standard vacation blogging protocol. I like to ease you into things with the highlights and then get into more detail on our resort, the food, the shenanigans, etc. It may have been a quick trip but I still have a ton to talk about. And yes I sure will milk it for blog content.

As I mentioned, I was vacationing with all my coworkers and their spouses/friends. Our entire trip was a Christmas present last year from my CEO to us.


Because we look like the type of group who you’d want to give a very fun Christmas present to.

He must really like us all to want to hang out with us for four days straight (he is the one holding the wine bottles). We all became very close on this trip. My fellow coworker and turquoise twin in the front with me just started with us two weeks ago and we are already clutching hands. And before our trip I didn’t even know who this person is.


But now she is my new bff. That is what happens when you take an all-inclusive vacation with your coworkers and their spouses/friends. Not to mention all the food and all the alcohol. You have much intensified bonding time. And EVERYTHING will be hilarious. Watching my boss with his two brothers who were also on the trip (they are very involved with our company and I have met them many times before) was like watching a comedy show. Actually, the one-liners from everyone in attendance were a’plenty. It was impressive. We were all comedians and I loved it.

At first I wondered what the protocol was for hanging out with your coworkers outside of work. Did they want to? Are we excited when we see each other at the airport, or do we try to avoid each other? I learned pretty quickly that yeah, we wanna hang out and get to know each other, because this is not work and we’re all pretty cool people and we might never again all be together in a place like this in this sort of situation, so we better take advantage. Or at least that is how I felt.

The trip is hands down the most extravagant gift I have ever received and believe me I know how lucky I am. I am not sure I can even put into words how grateful I am that this happened to me. I probably thanked my CEO a million times, and I doubt I am even close to being done with the thanking yet.

Anyway, let’s get to some details. We stayed at the Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas and it was as beautiful as you would expect a Sandals in the Bahamas to be.

sandals royal bahamian

The photos look like professional resort photos, but that is from my phone. It is just that nice.

sandals royal bahamian

Paradise and a half. But more on that later.

My boss also, as a surprise, got us all gift certificates to use at the spa while we were there. A Sandals spa, which I will probably never have the opportunity to visit again so I was pretty excited. And also apprehensive, since I have never actually been to a spa before (I am not really a spa person and to be honest I feel weird about strangers touching me)… Evan was in the same boat so we had a hard time deciding what to do. I knew I had to get something besides a pedicure though. Eventually we decided to go with the 60-minute “Scents of Love” couples massage because why not?

It was interesting. I felt weird at first and for the initial 10 minutes I wondered how I was going to last through another 50 of a stranger vigorously rubbing me. But I relaxed pretty quickly and actually at one point was enjoying it so much that I started drooling.

The most awkward thing was in the beginning before the massages started we were instructed to light candles and to “make promises to each other,” which may be the cheesiest thing I have ever been asked to do. But I promised that I wouldn’t laugh during the massage, and I kept that promise and did not even let out one tiny giggle when my masseuse was essentially tickling my feet (I am VERY ticklish).

And near the end of the massage our masseuses tried to get us to hold hands while we laid on our separate tables, but we were both blindfolded and they just started mashing our hands together and we didn’t know what was happening and I thought my masseuse was trying to get me to hold her hand so I was all stiff and awkward… And then they said “So we are putting your hands together right now…” Ohh, okay. We get it. We’ll hold hands.

Anyway, it was an experience, and we received those promise candles as keepsakes so we can “scent your bedroom” (direct masseuse quote) so I guess that’s a good thing. Who doesn’t enjoy a well-scented bedroom?

Um, what else.

We ate a lot.

sandals royal bahamian

Enough for an entire post about food? YUP.

In four days we squeezed in a significant amount of beach time…



sandals royal bahamian


Pool time…





I may be a bad influence… and no we are not peeing, there is a yellow design on the bottom of the pool.

Social time…



Evan and his new buds.


Me and mine. Again I might be a bad influence.

And also alone timone.

sandals royal bahamian

sandals royal bahamian

We had absolutely perfect weather, and I was never at any point the drunkest.

It was amazing and I feel like I love everything right now.

I will be back with some more deets on Monday, but in the meantime have a great weekend!!!


Sunny Saturday

What a beautiful day!  It has been so sunny and nice today that I have tried to spend as much time outside as possible.

After letting my oatmeal breakfast settle this morning, I laced up my sneaks and headed outside for a run!


It was so nice and so warm in the sunshine.  Everyone and their neighbour was outside enjoying the weather, kids were chalking up the sidewalks, and many people were cutting their lawns and weeding their gardens.  It reminded me of summer ;).  It was the perfect start to my day.

I did the same route Ando and I did for my practice 5k, so about 4.8k in total.  I arrived back home in about 30 minutes.  I felt really good after this run, and I should tell you, I didn’t listen to any music.  My last three runs outside lately have actually been silent, and they have all gone really well.  I thought I needed the music to get me through, but it turns out I’m fine without it!  I have really been enjoying listening to the birds, and the kids playing (cheesefest), etc, so the silence has been a nice change.  And it’s been a really great time to clear my head.  I’ll see how long the no music lasts…

The rest of the morning and afternoon I have been hanging out on the patio reading a book, and getting my vitamin D on with my little kitty Winnie.

Sunshine Kitty

Winnie loooves the sunshine.  I was loving it too, and I already started a tan! (I tan really easily.  Like, I open my shirt and I’m black.)  The sun felt so nice after such a long and cold winter.

I tried to get Dexter to come out and hang with us, but he is a giant fraidy cat.

Is It Safe?

He prefers to watch the fun from the doorway.  He is so afraid of everything outside, and panics at every little noise.  He doesn’t feel comfortable like Winnie…

Outdoor Kitty

Outside is heaven to Winnie.

Lovin' It

She can’t get enough of the patio.


All the sunshine made me hungry for lunch, and I wanted something big and filling, yet still healthy.  I settled on a quinoa dish.

Yummy Quinoa!

This quinoa was a cross between chickpea and quinoa salad and quinoa and bean power salad.  While the quinoa was cooking, I sauteed half a sliced red onion and garlic in a frying pan.  I then added chopped red pepper and a can of chickpeas and cooked it with the onion and garlic for a while.  I added some green onion on a whim because I thought it needed a little green.  When the quinoa was cooked, I added it to the veggies, and stirred it all up with some feta.  For dressing I felt lazy, so I just added some fat-free Italian dressing.

So delicious!

Quinoa Chickpea Power Salad

I can’t get enough of these quinoa salads!

I’m off to leisure for a bit.  Ando and I have a barbecue tonight at our friends’ house and I’m excited!  Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday!

Question:  Have you ever tried running outside without music?  How do you like it?