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Bahama Mamas

Ahoy ahoy! I am back! We arrived home from the Bahamas (or The Pajamas as Evan likes to say) on Thursday evening and I immediately showered and slept for nearly 12 hours. It was back to work yesterday for me so I wanted to make sure I was in tip-top condition for that. It’s a busy time of year and I had a ton to catch up on.

Our trip was really great. We were only gone for four days, and technically only had two full days there, so I knew going in that it was just going to fly by, and it did…but I found there was still ample time for adventuring.

I think I am going to keep with my standard vacation blogging protocol. I like to ease you into things with the highlights and then get into more detail on our resort, the food, the shenanigans, etc. It may have been a quick trip but I still have a ton to talk about. And yes I sure will milk it for blog content.

As I mentioned, I was vacationing with all my coworkers and their spouses/friends. Our entire trip was a Christmas present last year from my CEO to us.


Because we look like the type of group who you’d want to give a very fun Christmas present to.

He must really like us all to want to hang out with us for four days straight (he is the one holding the wine bottles). We all became very close on this trip. My fellow coworker and turquoise twin in the front with me just started with us two weeks ago and we are already clutching hands. And before our trip I didn’t even know who this person is.


But now she is my new bff. That is what happens when you take an all-inclusive vacation with your coworkers and their spouses/friends. Not to mention all the food and all the alcohol. You have much intensified bonding time. And EVERYTHING will be hilarious. Watching my boss with his two brothers who were also on the trip (they are very involved with our company and I have met them many times before) was like watching a comedy show. Actually, the one-liners from everyone in attendance were a’plenty. It was impressive. We were all comedians and I loved it.

At first I wondered what the protocol was for hanging out with your coworkers outside of work. Did they want to? Are we excited when we see each other at the airport, or do we try to avoid each other? I learned pretty quickly that yeah, we wanna hang out and get to know each other, because this is not work and we’re all pretty cool people and we might never again all be together in a place like this in this sort of situation, so we better take advantage. Or at least that is how I felt.

The trip is hands down the most extravagant gift I have ever received and believe me I know how lucky I am. I am not sure I can even put into words how grateful I am that this happened to me. I probably thanked my CEO a million times, and I doubt I am even close to being done with the thanking yet.

Anyway, let’s get to some details. We stayed at the Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas and it was as beautiful as you would expect a Sandals in the Bahamas to be.

sandals royal bahamian

The photos look like professional resort photos, but that is from my phone. It is just that nice.

sandals royal bahamian

Paradise and a half. But more on that later.

My boss also, as a surprise, got us all gift certificates to use at the spa while we were there. A Sandals spa, which I will probably never have the opportunity to visit again so I was pretty excited. And also apprehensive, since I have never actually been to a spa before (I am not really a spa person and to be honest I feel weird about strangers touching me)… Evan was in the same boat so we had a hard time deciding what to do. I knew I had to get something besides a pedicure though. Eventually we decided to go with the 60-minute “Scents of Love” couples massage because why not?

It was interesting. I felt weird at first and for the initial 10 minutes I wondered how I was going to last through another 50 of a stranger vigorously rubbing me. But I relaxed pretty quickly and actually at one point was enjoying it so much that I started drooling.

The most awkward thing was in the beginning before the massages started we were instructed to light candles and to “make promises to each other,” which may be the cheesiest thing I have ever been asked to do. But I promised that I wouldn’t laugh during the massage, and I kept that promise and did not even let out one tiny giggle when my masseuse was essentially tickling my feet (I am VERY ticklish).

And near the end of the massage our masseuses tried to get us to hold hands while we laid on our separate tables, but we were both blindfolded and they just started mashing our hands together and we didn’t know what was happening and I thought my masseuse was trying to get me to hold her hand so I was all stiff and awkward… And then they said “So we are putting your hands together right now…” Ohh, okay. We get it. We’ll hold hands.

Anyway, it was an experience, and we received those promise candles as keepsakes so we can “scent your bedroom” (direct masseuse quote) so I guess that’s a good thing. Who doesn’t enjoy a well-scented bedroom?

Um, what else.

We ate a lot.

sandals royal bahamian

Enough for an entire post about food? YUP.

In four days we squeezed in a significant amount of beach time…



sandals royal bahamian


Pool time…





I may be a bad influence… and no we are not peeing, there is a yellow design on the bottom of the pool.

Social time…



Evan and his new buds.


Me and mine. Again I might be a bad influence.

And also alone timone.

sandals royal bahamian

sandals royal bahamian

We had absolutely perfect weather, and I was never at any point the drunkest.

It was amazing and I feel like I love everything right now.

I will be back with some more deets on Monday, but in the meantime have a great weekend!!!


Just Busyness

Busyness. That is what has been going on with me this week. Just busyness.

My work runs provincial championships for high school athletes (I’ve said this a million times, but just in case you’re new), and we had 10 championships this week (four girls’ volleyballs, four boys’ basketballs, and co-ed swimming and wrestling). Each championship has its own organizing committee, but I oversee their website, media relations, and social media stuff, and I also try to get out to as many championships as I can to take pictures. They’re spread around the province, so I usually just go to the ones that are within a two-hour driving distance so I can squeeze in more athlete action.

Including our alpine skiing and snowboarding championships that were last week, I’ve been on quite a few solo road trips lately.

Not all solo though. On Tuesday I brought our intern Hannah on a two-hour road trip with me to one of the boys’ basketball championships, and she is a good time, so that was a lot of fun.

I always seem to bond with our interns…remember Mary?! I love Mary! She was my partner in crime last year.

(My lover Mary and I, aww)

Anyway, getting out to our championships is absolutely the most rewarding part of my job. Not only is it a great break from being in the office, but it gives me serious love bursts for my work. If I am ever feeling even remotely unmotivated, all I need to do is hit up one of our championships and see the enthusiasm of the athletes and I instantly have a second wind for work stuff. I have a lot to catch up on today, but bring on the extra busyness…I will take it.

Yesterday at basketball, one of the coaches from an inner city school in Toronto was telling Hannah and I that most of the kids on his team had never stayed in a hotel before, so coming to the championship was a big deal. And they all had to get dressed up for the banquet, which they were not used to and did not own ties (the coach brought extras for them). He said his team felt all fancy and important in their formal attire.

I just love hearing things like this. It makes me feel warm and tingly. Not unlike my first sip of wine.

So that’s what has been going on with me this week. Just busyness.

Oh, and also on Monday I had my first experience at Panera Bread!

I only know about Panera Bread because of American bloggers, and I didn’t even know we had this chain in Canada. I’ve never seen it before, so when I hear (or read) people mentioning how delicious and awesome it is, I get jealous. Hannah and I were downtown at a championship on Monday and needed somewhere to go for lunch, and when someone recommended Panera to us we were SOLD! I was so excited to try it.

I had no idea what to order and I was pretty overwhelmed with the menu, but when we were standing in line the employees were handing out panini samples, and as soon as I tasted one I knew that was what I wanted.

I got the Smokehouse Turkey panini, and it was pretty delicious. I had no idea what to get on the side, so I just got chips. Silly Hannah accidentally ordered bread for her side…so she had her bread with a side of bread. I don’t think you can ever have too much bread though.

Well maybe this time

In other news, I am the newest member on the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association’s executive board, as the VP of Public Relations. It’s a volunteer position, and I’m excited about it because I think the organization has a lot of potential for public relation shenanigans. I am also excited about it because Saturday was my first meeting, I knew no one on the executive (I know one person, and he wasn’t there), and as a surprise they got me a birthday cake!

I am not sure if they were trying to suck up or not (if they were, it worked), but I told them that the cake solidified them as my new favourite people. That cake was awesome!

Aaaaanyway, back to le grind! Catch ya later!



I have spent the last couple of days at my work’s Alpine Skiing Championship and I am exhausted and can barely write a coherent sentence. So I am just going to throw up a bunch of photos and hope for the best.

Here is what I have been up to, Twitter hashtag styles.

#funtimes #ilovemyjob


Office Boccia Finals and Valentine’s Card Regifting

Big day in my building today…it was the Office Boccia finals!

If you remember, my team did not make the finals so there was no chance of us winning the coveted Office Boccia trophy. The mini trophy next to it was for the team that came in last place, and thankfully we didn’t get that! I definitely expected to.

About 20 people came to watch the semi-finals and final game, so three games in total (the two winners from the semi-finals played each other in the final). It was pretty chaotic with two games going on at once in the same office, and balls were flying everywhere.

I roped our new intern Hannah into coming with me to cheer on the finalists. I was rooting for my friend Jessica’s team from the Coaches Association of Ontario, but sadly they lost in the semi’s.

The atmosphere was exciting, and the games were intense. I am glad my team didn’t make it to the finals. We would have been slaughtered, and it would have been embarrassing.

Each game was extremely close, and in many cases decided by less than an inch.

It was serious business.

The participants did not mess around, and measuring was necessary numerous times.

In the end, the team from Ontario Blind Sports Association (aka No BS, Eh?!) were the ultimate victors, and took home the trophy and the registration money.

(I should mention that the sets of boccia balls reside in their office…maybe a coincidence, probably not).

Anyway, such a fun lunch hour, and such a great way to break up the work day. I can’t wait for the next season of Office Boccia to start! We are stepping it up next season for sure! (I say that a lot, so we will see.)

In other news, I visited my saucy little Nana after work today.

She is so ridiculously cute. I just want to squeeze her into a million pieces.

For those of you who are new to my blog, please note that my Nana is 97 and a half (she’ll be 98 in early July!). And yes, I have to bring up her age every time I mention her, because it’s amazing! LOOK AT HER SKIN! She has no age spots! She is remarkable. And still the most positive person I know.

I have mentioned before that since my Nana has moved into a home, she doesn’t get to go shopping very often. She is very frustrated by this, because up until a few years ago she lived in midtown Toronto and had a ton of shops near her. She really misses buying things for myself and her other grandchildren, and will often save things she has somehow acquired in her home to give me (socks won at Bingo, leftover cookies from meals, other random things). It warms my heart that she still tries to take care of me.

Every year my Nana gives me a card for Valentine’s Day, but sadly this year she was unable to get out to buy one for me herself. She is a resourceful woman though, and was not about to let that stop her from getting me a card.

So here is the card she gave me this year:

At first I thought she made me a card during nursing home craft time or something.

And I’m not going to lie, I immediately pictured this scene in Happy Gilmore:

But when I opened up the card…

I saw that she probably didn’t make it herself…

Nope, she regifted a Valentine’s Day card that a child had made for her, whited out the name, and replaced it with her own name written in pen. Just so she had a card to give me.

I died. I kept a straight face, but on the inside I was absolutely dying. Ohh how I love her.

She admitted it right away, she didn’t try to pass it off like she had made the card herself or anything. That would have been weird…

But man, it was funny.

And that’s not all I got!

Cookies saved from meals!

And some money too, which was very nice. But truly I would have been fine with the card and the cookies. Made my night.

My Nana kills me. She is the best!


I am a Klutz

Yesterday I spent most of the morning at a media event for work.

It was pretty exciting, there were quite a few members of the media present. And the actual event that the press conference was being held for is a track and field invitational for high school students across Canada. The event is sponsored by Nike, so they were able to lure in some pretty high-profile athletes.

That is Phylicia George, Perdita Felicien, and Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, who are track athletes from Ontario, and both Perdita and Priscilla are 2012 Olympic hopefuls. Priscilla actually won bronze in the 2008 Olympics in women’s 100m hurdles.

All three of them were really cute and nice. It was kind of awesome that they were there. I liked them.

Anyway, I was just there to take pictures, tweet, post stuff on our website, etc., but my boss was speaking so we had to be there early so he could get ready and do rehearsal stuff. We arrived around 7:15am (about two hours before the conference started), and I didn’t really have anything to do while he was preparing, so I kept busy by mingling around with the people who were also there early.

There was coffee at the event, but you know that event coffee is usually ho hum, so I befriended one of the organizers when I heard he was going on a Starbucks run (ohh just kidding, just kidding). But I was very excited and grateful when he included me in the coffee run and brought me back a grande coffee.

I took it over to the table where the coffee and condiments were located so I could add my milk and sugar.

And here is the chain of events.

I suck.

My entire grande coffee spilled everywhere. All over the table, and all over the floor. The worst part was, I was so excited for that coffee, and I didn’t even get one sip.

There were tons of people around, so it was of course very embarrassing. I am sure I will forever be known as the girl who spilled the coffee at the press conference. It was the big inside joke of the morning.

My boss laughed for about half an hour. He was all “Ohh Lindsey, there is always a story around you.”

Well, at least there’s a story.


Back to Liiiiiife, Back to Reality

And I like it!

It’s tricky getting up early again, and I actually set three alarms for myself this morning as I slept in a little bit yesterday (I guess staying up until 2am every night of your vacation and then trying to go to bed early the night before work is not the best plan).

But overall, I am happy to be back into the swing of things.

Walking into my office after not being there for two weeks was a really great feeling. I loved catching up with all my coworkers and hearing about their holiday adventures. Everyone was pretty much lazy like me, and also ready to get back to work. We all agreed that, while leisuring around all day sounds great in theory, being unproductive for too long can take its toll on you.

Actually, a lot of you feel this way, judging by your comments yesterday.

I also cleaned my office before I left it for two weeks, which I forgot, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it again!

It may not look the cleanest, but compared to how it is usually, it looks pretty good. I took a before photo before the hollies.

I really only thoroughly clean my desk and organize my office the day before any sort of vacation. I’m going to try to keep it clean, but I’ll see how that goes once things start to pick up again. You never can tell.

Being back to the grind also means back to Office Boccia! I tweeted about our game, and The Almost Runner knows what’s up.


It is, my friend, it is the life.

A few of the lads from Ontario Basketball (they have three teams, I have mentioned before – they are a force!) showed up in our office around noon to Boccia it up. It was a very important game, as it was actually the play-in to the playoffs (not everyone has a play-in, only the teams that sucked really badly during regular season play. Everyone else is automatically in.)

I talked a pretty good game, about how we had just been hustling everyone the entire time and we were going to make a huge comeback in the playoffs, so they better not get too excited about winning. But despite my trash talking (or maybe because of it), we were shut down pretty quickly. Even having the home court advantage didn’t save us. We lost 5-0. 5-0!!! We are an embarrassment.

Alligator Arms was no help, I will just say.

At one point in the first end, all the balls were around this random cart we have in our office, and one of the tech guys who works in our building, Samson, moved the cart to get a better look at where the balls were. We all freaked out and screamed “SAMSON, NO!!!!”

You can NOT move anything. The balls must be played where they lie. Even if they land in a garbage can (it’s happened). Silly Samson (it was his first time seeing an Office Boccia match).

Today was also our new intern’s first day, and her first time seeing an Office Boccia match, so we decided to let her play with us (that is not why we lost, by the way). She was pretty excited, and was all “I can’t believe you play boccia ball right in your office!”

We do! Well, we did, anyway, since that is it for us. We are officially out of the playoffs. Or we didn’t even make the playoffs. Whatever. I’m not going to be bitter.

There is always next season! I hope it starts in a month or so. And in the meantime, I plan to step up in my role as team captain and be more of a leader, so I will be calling lunchtime practices to sharpen our boccia skills. Unless I’m forced to resign. We’ll see how it plays out. Either way, I would actually like a chance at the trophy next time.

I have used that picture a bunch of times, but I need to keep the image of that trophy in my head. Eye on the prize.

Immediately after work I headed to the gym for some treadmill action. I didn’t love the treadmill today, but I didn’t hate it as much as usual so I think that is an improvement. I made it a point to really concentrate on the music I was listening to, and it really helped me to almost enjoy myself. I ended up running for about 40 minutes, which is pretty much a record for me on the treadbeast.

I only brought shorts to run in, and I didn’t want to change back into my work pants afterwards, so I just threw my coat and my boots on to head home and shower. As I was leaving the changeroom, this lady looked at me and said “Excuse me, do you have a sense of humour?”

Psh. Do I have a sense of humour.

I immediately answered “of course!”

And she pointed at my bare legs and said “LOVE. IT.”

I guess it did look pretty attractive…in the middle of winter…

I think my goldfish bag adds a little extra somethin’.

I did get a few of strange looks as I was walking out of the grocery store (where my gym is located), but hopefully those people understand that I was working the treadmill and not the corner. If not, oh well.

Anyway, I am outta here. But man, it feels good to have something to blog about again!