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My imaginary friends, I might have been gifted, and other random things

I am sure we have all seen the Facebook status game going around that asks you to post random things about yourself so your friends can all pretend to be interested. My friend Beth nominated me to do this (because I liked her list, I guess that’s how it works), but I am going to pull a Paula and post it on my blog instead. Because there are a lot of random facts about me and I would like to elaborate on them, and as Paula said, ain’t nobody got time for that on Facebook.

Beth gave me the number 8, so here are 8 random facts about me. Oh and they’re mostly about my childhood, because I think kids are hilarious and I can remember a lot of really random things about growing up.

1. When I was about four and still living in our first house in the suburbs (before we moved to the middle of nowhere) I got one of those massive boxes of crayons with every single colour and I was so excited to use them. I thought it would be nice to make pictures for all the neighbours on our street. I spent hours and hours in my room working very hard on this. Sometimes I would just colour a page out of my colouring book and then tear it out, and sometimes I would elaborately and painstakingly draw the pictures myself, but either way I made sure that no neighbours were left out.

Everyone on my street received a special picture from me. Every day. For several weeks. I drew pictures and delivered them to my neighbours.

I snuck them into their mailboxes and left them on their doorsteps. I thought I was giving them a beautiful present and they would cherish it forever. Perhaps my pictures would even make it onto their fridge.

One day our old crotchety next door neighbour Mrs. Moaner (not her actual name, just what my mom called her, and not to her face) came over and told my mom that I needed to stop drawing pictures and leaving them on her doorstep. She did not like it, and was in fact very angry about receiving the pictures. And so, that was the end of my drawings (but I found out later that the older couple who lived across the street really loved my drawings and saved every single one).

2. I had two imaginary friends, also when I was around 3 or 4, still living in the same house. One was a girl named Orion, who was a pretty normal imaginary friend, and who would play with me in our backyard. We had some great times together.

My other imaginary friend was the monster who lived in the furnace grate in the floor at the end of my bed. This sounds scary, but his name was Harry and he was a very nice monster and from what I can remember he was pretty hilarious. Harry used to tell me funny stories as I was going to sleep. I can distinctly remember having conversations with Harry so now I wonder if I just had a really good imagination, or if my house was haunted? I will never know.

Harry is not to be confused with the evil monster who lived under my bed who I OBVIOUSLY was not friends with.

3. In Grade 2 I wrote a story about a girl. I can’t remember what the actual story was about, but I do remember I had to draw pictures for it, and in one of the pictures I drew, the girl was getting ready for school. In the picture the girl was getting dressed, and I drew her from the back, finding clothes out of her dresser to wear. I decided to draw her naked. With a big butt crack. I can still picture it. It looked like this:


My mom was called in to talk to the teacher to see if I was having any issues at home. I wasn’t. I just thought it would be funny to draw someone naked. I liked to push the envelope a little bit.

4. Also in Grade 2 my mom (and possibly my teacher also, I don’t know) came up with the idea that I might be gifted. I was doing exceptionally well in writing and drawing, so the idea was not completely unwarranted. My school was having a test for students who might be gifted in the library, so I was to take it.

The test was a Scantron. So a sheet of questions, and then a separate sheet where you mark your answers.


Don’t tell me you don’t remember these.

It was the first time I had ever seen a Scantron test so I had no idea how it worked. Unfortunately I did not pay attention while they explained the instructions. When it came time to do the test, I was too embarrassed to ask how to do it because I was supposed to be gifted and I thought gifted people weren’t supposed to ask questions (and gifted people probably also paid attention). So I pretended to know what I was doing and just coloured in little circles at random and hoped for the best. I probably didn’t even put my name on there correctly.

No one ever brought up the results with me. I’ll never know if I was gifted, but I’ll just go ahead and say probably not.

5. One time in later elementary school I really, really didn’t want to go to school so I decided to fake sick. And I decided to fake sick very elaborately. I got a large bucket and just started pouring things into it from the fridge: Ketchup, mustard, milk, mayonnaise, and Cheez Whiz. I then added water and bread chunks and mixed it all together until it had a nice thick consistency. Then I showed it to my dad and said that I threw up. He agreed I must be sick and I could stay home from school. I was so impressed with myself because the contents of that bucket really and truly did smell like throw-up! It was pretty gross. (note: I was telling Evan this story and he said “So many stories from your childhood involve you pulling the wool over your dad’s eyes,” and he would not be wrong about that. The Ghost of the Indian Chief is another example of this.)

6. I used to be able to beat the original Super Mario Bros in under eight minutes, by using all the warp zones.


It was quite a party trick (when I was 8) and I was kind of a phenomenon in my neighbourhood. I was very proud of myself.

7. Speaking of video games, I REALLY love Guitar Hero and I am freakishly good at it.


Or Rock Band, which isn’t the same, in my opinion. The Guitar Hero guitar is my instrument of choice.

I can play it on expert and get 98-100% on most of the songs (except the really crazy ones). A few years ago I won $100 in a Guitar Hero competition that I randomly stumbled across in a mall. I saw a big crowd milling about, so I walked up and entered on a whim and I ended up beating a bunch of 14 year old boys. Suckers. It was a proud moment for me.

8. I have a really awesome immune system, and I am very thankful for this. I get a minor cold maybe twice a year (if that), and it’s usually just a stuffy nose and a sore throat for a day or two. Nothing crazy. I don’t usually get headaches, I have not had the flu since the 7th grade, and I just don’t normally get sick (hence why I used to have to fake sick). I am pretty hardy. Do you know what I attribute this to? Growing up swimming in a dirty lake. Practically living in a dirty lake. I was exposed to who knows what and I’m pretty sure that’s what gave me my immune system of steel.

And that’s it, but feel free to tell me random facts about yourself!


Superman and Candy Land

Hello little pallies 🙂  I hope you guys are having a great weekend filled with lots of shenanigans.

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday.  This weekend has been flying by for me.

Yesterday morning after a 4k run outside with A-Rod, we hit up his ‘rents for a little bit of brunch action with the rest of his fam.

Brunch Spread

We enjoyed the usual spread (turkey bacon, sausage, broccoli and cheddar quiche, Tortilla Orlando at Dawn, pancake).  And as usual the egg salsa tortillas (Tortilla Orlando at Dawn) were my fave, but I loved everything and cleaned my plate.  I think brunch may be my new favourite meal.

This brunch was in honour of Ando’s grandma’s 90th birthday!

Birthday Girl!

Which you may remember us already celebrating, but her official birthday was on Friday.  I guess if you turn 90 you are worthy of two birthday parties.  I’d take it.

I think this was A’s G-ma’s first birthday in 10 years that wasn’t celebrated at the Mandarin.  Meaning no Mandarin birthday polaroid this year, which I guess isn’t really a big D since she has at least 9 Mandarin birthday polaroid’s that look exactly the same, since she is always the only one in the photo.

Just found this on our fridge, actually:

Anywhooz, obviously I scored some cake, and I also had a little slice of Skor DQ Treatza Pizza.

Dessert Plate

It’s been so long since I’ve had a Treatza Pizza!  I forgot how good they are.  I’m going to start buying these bad boys asap.  My pants say no, but my tummy says YES YES YES.

I’m pretty sure I worked off all of that brunch being Andy’s niece and nephew’s human jumping castle for the rest of the afternoon.


I am almost sad I introduced them to “Superman”, because they are both big fans and request it all the time.

Auntie Lindsey is in high demand.  It’s a tough life.

And then Caitlyn wanted to brush my hair…for 8 bagillion hours.

And I wasn’t allowed to talk, touch my hair, move any body part, and my legs had to be crossed and my head had to be back.  And I had to listen to her repeatedly say “Not beautiful yet!”

Nope.  Not yet.

I sound like I’m complaining, but it’s funny and I like it 🙂  She is the cutest ever, so I will do pretty much anything to play with her.

I also played two rounds of Candy Land with her, and she beat me pretty badly both times.

Candy Land!

Do you guys remember that game?!  I used to DIE for it when I was really young.  The ice princess was my favourite (because she was the prettiest, and closest to the end).  I kept getting stupid Jolly with his gumdrops and had to go back to almost the beginning.

I know there is absolutely zero skill or strategy involved in Candy Land, but I officially suck at it.  I played a few years ago with A-Diggity and Taylor and lost like 5 games in a row also.  Terrible.

I will stick to Guitar Hero (which I have a really weird natural skill for.  I play on expert, and sometimes I don’t even know what my fingers are doing.  I once randomly won $100 in a Guitar Hero contest in a mall.  Those 12 year old boys didn’t stand a chance.)

I have to get a bunch of shtuff done today, so it looks as if my leisuring days are over.  Ohh well.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Question for ya:

  • What was your fave board game when you were a kid?

I LOVED Candy Land, Operation, Hungry Hungry Hippos and TROUBLE!

  • What game or sport are you naturally good at?