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Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With

So I’ve been trying to get back into that whole running thing lately. For most of December and January I was running maybe one day a week, pretty half-heartedly, and opting for other forms of exercise for the rest of my workouts (a lot of BodyPump).

But I want to run a 10k (my first!) this spring, so for the past two weeks I have been stepping up the running to two to three days a week. Mostly on the treadmill, but I did squeeze in an outdoor run last Monday after work. It was 10 degrees C and beautifully sunny when I arrived home, I couldn’t pass it up!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably know how I feel about the treadmill. I don’t enjoy it, and that is an understatement. Most of the time I want to punch the treadmill in the face.

But for the past couple of weeks the treadmill has been more than bearable for me, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the playlist I have been running to recently.

I feel like there are a lot of really great songs out right now! Sometimes my running playlists are just filled with mindless (but upbeat) Top 40 songs that are okay, but don’t really make me think about anything in particular. They keep me motivated to move, but they don’t excite me.

My favourite playlists include songs that I absolutely adore, and I’m so excited to hear them that I can’t wait to go for a run again.

I currently have a lot of song obsessions, and I’ve filled my most recent playlist with them. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

I mentioned this one last week, but I can’t leave it out. It’s still a playlist highlight. I really have to force myself not to listen to this song on repeat, because I tend to do that with songs I really like, and then I ruin them for myself. So far it hasn’t lost its luster!

2. We Are Young by Fun. (feat. Janelle Monáe)

Ah this song, so good. I can’t get enough of it. This accoustic version (click the link to hear) is also quite fab. I actually may like it better… But both versions give me tingles. Love love.

3. Big Black Car by Gregory Alan Isakov

This song (no video so listen via that link) was on the McDonalds holidays commercial in Canada. Every time the commercial came on TV I would stop whatever I was doing and just listen. I loved it. It made me feel warm and comforted and tingly and nice. It is the musical equivalent of wine to me. It’s slow, but I love to run to slow songs if I’m into them.

Thanks for introducing me to this song, McDonalds!

4. Toes by Lights

I don’t have much to say about this song, but I really like it. Also, I find Lights really interesting to look at.

5. Gold On The Ceiling by The Black Keys

I’ve been listening to Lonely Boy ( <– the video kills me!) for a month or so now (who hasn’t been? It’s a great song), but it is starting to not have the same effect on me as it did when I was first listening to it (hate it when that happens!). And then I heard Gold On The Ceiling. And I was instantly a fan. I don’t know if I like it quite as much as Lonely Boy, but it’s pretty groovy.

6. White Doves by Young Empires

I can’t find the video for this song, but you can listen to it here. I like this song more every time I hear it!

7. Yo Hello Hooray by Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

No video for this yet either, but you can listen here. This is a local band that I have actually seen a couple times. I like them a lot, and I love that Edge 102 supports them and is trying to spread the word about their awesomeness! N/A OK is probably my favourite song of theirs, but I’ve had it on a few of my playlists, so it has lost a bit of its luster for me.

Here is the rest of my playlist. Also great songs!

Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols (oldie but a goodie!)
Color On The Walls (Don’t Stop) – Foster The People
Damini – USS (this song is about Damini the elephant that starved herself after her best friend died :()
Good Feeling – Flo Rida
Hit Me Up – Danny Fernandes ft. Josh Ramsay
Inside Out – Eve 6 (takes me back to the 90s!)
Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

And I can’t forget about Whitney Houston. I will probably make a little tribute playlist for her.

I was so shocked and sad when I heard the news about Whitney yesterday. I am watching the Grammy’s as I type this, and LL Cool J’s tribute to Whitney in the beginning definitely brought tears to my eyes. She was so talented!

What songs are you obsessed with right now? I love, LOVE being introduced to new music, so bring it!


Five Thing Friday

1. Today at lunch, my coworkers and I went to our fave teppanyaki cook table restaurant, Memories of Japan.

I think I love those places the most because you are constantly eating. They bring you miso soup and salad, and that lasted until our maki roll appetizer arrived. And while you’re eating your starters the chef cooks your main meal on the table in front of you.

I love a good onion volcano.

We wished for a fun chef, and he definitely delivered. He actually almost delivered a bit too much. He talked the entire time he was cooking, so it was difficult to have a conversation, since he was mostly joining in on ours. But it was funny.

At one point he was juggling eggs (one-handed) and he was going on about what came first, the chicken or the egg, and started hysterically laughing. Like, snorting laughing. He was a big fan of cheesy jokes (his own).

We all had a hard time understanding him actually, so I was just laughing and nodding mostly. But I guess I once laughed at the wrong time, because he pointed at me and said “No, not funny!”

But then started laughing hysterically himself.

Anyway, lunch was delicious.

I got the salmon, shrimp, and chicken, which came with vegetables and rice. All for 10 dolla! Pretty sweet deal. I love those places.

2. This may be the funniest animated gif I have ever seen.

I can’t watch it and not die of laughter. It gets me every single time. That black cats eyes…oh man. I was thinking about it when I was driving home from work today and I started killing myself laughing in my car.

I think what makes it so funny for me is that those two cats look like my cats, and that looks like something they would do. Winnie will be cleaning herself all innocently on our bed, and Dexter will just be creepily watching her. That even looks like our bed and bedroom.

When I showed it to Andrew, he was like “Wait, aren’t those our cats? Is that not Winnie and Dexter?”

Maybe it is.

3. The Woman In Black officially comes out today. Have you guys seen the movie poster?

Remember when my friend Lisa and I saw the premiere (in the same theatre as Daniel Radcliffe, what!) last week and we took a picture in front of the movie poster?

Well after closer inspection…

Freaky-deaky. I did not manipulate that photo.

4. I have been noticing lately that I have been getting a lot of views on my blog from people googling “Alligator Arms”. I was curious to see what came up when you searched for that, so I did it myself.

And I noticed the first picture that comes up in images is the one I made of my boss with alligator arms. So if you search alligator arms, there is my boss. With little tiny alligator arms.

I am thankful that I put that smiley on his face. I knew it was a good call.

Anyway, today I went into my boss’s office and instructed him to google “alligator arms”. He looked at the pictures for a moment before saying “Wait…is that me?” and then laughing.

I told him that I would take the picture down if he wanted, because I could understand feeling uncomfortable having a google image of yourself associated with alligator arms (even if you can’t tell who it is).

And then he said what every employee wants to hear after they put a picture of their boss on the internet with alligator arms: “Nah, I don’t mind. You can leave it up.”

Well alrighty then. I have the coolest boss in the world (he did see the original post, and was cool with it then).

5. This weekend is hibernation and get stuff done around the house weekend! I have been going out a lot lately, so I’m excited to have a more low-key time at home. I have had three girls nights over the past two weekends.

A couple Saturday’s ago I hung out with my friend Ashley, and I was really excited to see her because we haven’t gone out together in years!

She invited a bunch of her friends out with us, and I had never met them before, but I immediately loved them!

We had a really fun night at Ashley’s local bar. It was a small-town bar, which I loved. I much prefer those than going to a club. It’s usually more funny. Good times for sure.

And then last weekend my friend Dawn had a girls night in (no pics), and on Saturday I went out to a pub with my friends Lisa and Sherrie.

Also fun times.

But after two pretty jam-packed weekends, I’m pretty excited to have nothing big on the agenda this weekend. Leisure time!

Oh I actually have a sixth thing…

I am OBSESSED with this song right now.

I love the 80s Sting/The Police vibe that is going on. I can’t get enough of it.

And with that, I bid you adieu!