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Holy Earthquake, Batman! (+ Pita Pizzas)

Hello, lovers.

So, how about that earthquake today?!


I can’t believe we felt it all the way in Toronto!

It was actually a really bizarre thing… My coworker Lexy, who is currently on maternity leave, dropped by with her little baby Hudson just after lunch today…

Baby Hudson

So we were all in our boardroom chatting it up and oohing and aahing over baby Hudson, and the conversation inevitably turned to work and a meeting we had last year that was interrupted by an EARTHQUAKE!  Anyone else remember that Toronto earthquake last summer?

Anyway, we called it the “earthquake meeting” and were reminiscing about how surprised we were and how it was such a weird thing when…our building started shaking!  There was literally another earthquake as we were talking about last year’s earthquake!

Maybe it was kind of a you-had-to-be-there thing, but it was extremely bizarro.  We never have earthquakes and as we are all talking about the only earthquake we can all remember, another earthquake happens?  Craziness.  I think we have special powers.

While most of our building self-evacuated afterwards, I headed straight to Twitter to see if it was an actual earthquake (and it was).  Twitter is totally where I get my news from these days.  I’m impatient, so I like instant!

Shmanyway, onto eats!


Dinner tonight was an impromptu little meal of pure deliciousness.

Oh, Hello Yumfest

Spinach, pepper, and goat cheese pita pizzas!

I topped whole wheat pitas with Prego pasta sauce and spinach, and then I chopped up green pepper put it into a bowl and added a teaspoon of olive oil and a cap full (maybe a tablespoon?) of balsamic vinegar.  Once the green pepper was sufficiently coated with the olive oil and vinegar mixture, I added it to the pizzas and sprinkled goat cheese on top.

Pre Bakefest

I baked them at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes, and they turned out pretty darn delicioso.

Goat Cheesy

Not bad for a little weeknight dinner!

And while I have you here, here’s lunch!


A homemade salad beast containing a bunch of random ingredients from my fridge.  Took a while to eat and kept me full allllll afternoon!

And on that note, I am out.  Have a great night!

Did you feel the earthquake today?

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I Heart Yoga (and Bagelwiches)

Good morning!

Yesterday ended up being a busy day and evening, so I didn’t get a chance to update the ol’ blog.  But I did get a chance to squeeze in my fave office lunchtime activity…

Yoga Gals (Myself, Mary, Lexy)

Lunchtime office yoga!

Since we were away at our conference last week we had to skip Friday’s lunchtime yoga session.  I have missed it, as well as our awesome instructor, and it was a really relaxing way to end the work week.

My office bestie Lexy has the cutest little preggo belly of all time.  She is literally just belly, and looks amazing!  You wouldn’t even know she was pregnant from behind, except she has a slight waddle ;).  I have loved checking out her bump every day at work, she always dresses it so cute.  I will actually be hitting up her baby shower later today, which means two of my favourite things…shower finger foods and party games!  Can’t wait for those…

After yoga I had a pretty darn good bagelwich to look forward to.

Bagelwich FTW

I topped a toasted whole wheat (Weight Watchers) bagel with goat cheese and jam, and it was sooo delicious.  I love the combo of goat cheese and fruit, and I could have gone on eating this forever.  So yummy.

J'adore Bagelwiches

I had intended on bringing some sliced up red pepper as a side, but I forgot it when I was packing my lunch :(.  No veggies for me.  I ended up eating the apple I was saving for my afternoon snack instead, and then my afternoon snack was this…

Chips & Salsa

I saw Mary digging into this in our lunch room, and since I was a snackless wonder I had to join in.  I love salsa!  Fave condiment, hands down.

After work, Ando and I had to run to his parents to switch cars, as we were borrowing theirs while we got our brakes done (so needed, I was getting embarrassed whenever I had to stop because they were making a terrible grinding sound).  Immediately afterwards we hit up the Royal Oak for dinna (which you may remember from my So Nice We Ate There Twice post) with our friends Shane and Candis!

Dinner Party

I haven’t seen these two cheeky cats in a while and it was really fun to catch up with them.  Good thing, because our food took forever and they kept me distracted so I didn’t start snacking on my own arm.  It was really busy in there (ran into my friend Fran also!), and our food seriously did not come until 8:30.  I was dying by the time it arrived, and my hungry monster was about to make an appearance…

Shepherd's Pie

I selected the shepherd’s pie for my entree, which is kind of a weird choice for me and not something I have ever ordered in a restaurant before.  Whenever I have gone out for dinner in a pub with a group of people, someone orders a shepherd’s pie and it always looks delicious.  I decided to embrace The Royal Oak’s British atmosphere and go for it.

It was pretty good, and so filling!  Even though my tummy was eating itself by that point I could only finish a little over half of it.  So beefy!  My salad was a nice addition, and I definitely finished that plate.

After our dinner extravaganza, we headed over to Candis and Shane’s for a fun little evening of Euchre and Taboo (which I am terrible at, I always say the word I’m not allowed to say).  Good times.

I am excited for this afternoon because I have a lunch date with one of my old and favourite friends, and then Lexy’s baby shower!

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

Have you ordered a dish in a restaurant that you wouldn’t usually order and been pleasantly surprised with the outcome?


Girls’ Poker Night (Sans Poker)

Last night I had a poker night with a few of my lady friends.  Except no poker was involved.  We had planned to play but ended up just talking the entire time.

And eating!

Food Party

There was tons of food and I filled my plate up several times.

Lots 'O Food

I brought goat cheese and honey dip with crackers (I will put the recipe at the end of this post), and my friend Joanna made the rest.  She is a superstar and a half!  Hostess with the mostest fo’ sho.

I think the highlight was the apple slices with this amazing caramel-type dip.  I have made Joanna promise me the recipe because I will definitely be making that.  It was so good.

It was a good little evening!


Before I left for girls’ night, I decided to have a pasta party to get in some carbs before today’s big run.


I topped whole wheat spaghetti with Prego pasta sauce, lean ground beef, a chopped yellow onion, chopped green pepper, and a couple handfuls of spinach.  It hit ze spot, and hopefully it will do its job today and fuel me through the 5k (I’m currently eating oatmeal for breakfast so hopefully that helps also ;)).

Now, the goat cheese and honey dip!  This dip is seriously so easy, and so delicious!  It’s just like my goat cheese and honey bagel topping, only on a larger scale.

I put an entire log of PC goat’s milk cheese into a bowl, and squirted some honey on top.

Goat Cheese, If You Please!

And then I mix it all up!  And add a bit more honey to taste.

All Mixed Up

I served it with Kashi honey crackers and Nilla vanilla wafer cookies.  Delicioso.

Goat Cheese Spread

I mentioned before I made this for New Years and it was a huge hit.  I originally got the idea from Peanut Butter Fingers, so I can’t take all the credit here ;).

I’m off to run my pants off.  I’ll see ya later with a race recap!


Spicy Fish Is Delish

Holy shmoly, the gym was rammed tonight!  I don’t know what was going on but it was like first week of January busy.  Maybe a lot of people have warm vacations coming up?  J to the EALOUS…

It also smelled heavily of cinnamon buns.  Probably one of the cons to having your gym above Superstore, ’cause I wanted to run down to the bakery and shove them all in my face…

I had originally intended to squeeze in a quick half hour run on the treadmill before my 7:30 BodyPump class, but all the treadmills were taken!  There was one arc trainer and one elliptical left and I quickly nabbed the arc trainer (I really prefer it to the elliptical, I feel like I get a better workout).

Even my BodyPump class was busier than usual, and I felt like I was squatting into the person’s lap behind me.  She liked it…

I go through phases of feeling the gym and not feeling the gym, and tonight I was definitely feeling the gym.  I don’t know what causes this, but maybe it was my protein-packed dinner?

Fishy Dinner!

Something I have been meaning to do lately is incorporate more fish into my diet.  Fish is so easy to cook, and since Monday evening’s tend to be busy for me, it seemed like a quick and healthy option for tonight’s dinner.

I had some haddock chilling in my freezer, so I did a little searching on AllRecipes and found a good looking recipe to use for my haddock.  I altered it slightly to correspond with ingredients I had on-hand, so you can click here to view the original recipe, but here is what I ended up using.

Spicy Haddock

This only serves three (or two hungry people ;)), ’cause the fillets are kinda small, so double the ingredients as needed.


  • 4 haddock fillets
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce (I used low sodium)
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 2 dashes Frank’s Red Hot sauce


  1. Place fillets in a 9 x 13 baking dish sprayed with cooking spray (I covered my dish with foil for easy cleanup). Combine remaining ingredients, spoon over fish.

    Ready For Bakin'

  2. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.

Fish + Veggies

I served the fish with cauliflower and broccoli that I sprayed with olive oil cooking spray and sprinkled lightly with garlic salt and a bit of Cajun seasoning before baking alongside the fish.

Very yummy.

Dessert was a cup of Liberté vanilla Greek yogurt topped with pineapple slices, which really does taste like dessert!

And while I’m covering food, my lunch was once again inspired by The Hunger Games!

Monday Lunch

A toasted whole wheat bagel topped with PC Blue Menu goat’s milk cheese mixed with honey, and apple slices.  It has been far too long since I’ve had this combo, and I forgot how delicious it is!  That goat cheese and honey is a ridiculously amazing combination.  If you haven’t tried it, you need to!  I think I’ll be making this more often…

Goat Cheese + Honey For The Win!

With my overnight oats for breakfast, this was a good day of eating!

Later gators!


Yes Please, Goat Cheese!

Welp, so much for that huge storm! I knew this would happen. I bounded out of bed early this morning and raced to the nearest window, hoping to be greeted by mounds of snow making it impossible to drive into work.

Not quite. It was not a big deal at all, and I could still see bare road. Ho hum, pig’s bum. Very disappointing. However after watching the news, the highway did look pretty bad (what else is new?) and I decided it was going to be one of those days where, although we did not get a ton of snow, my 40-minute commute was going to take three hours. So I am working from home, with this little gal by my side:

My Kitty Named Winnie

Winnie is the best little kitty in all the world. And still going strong at the ripe old age of 17! She’s awesome.

I have a ton of stuff to do for work today, BUT this does mean I can enjoy a nice leisurely lunch!


Has anyone read The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games

I picked it up after pretty much everybody and their mother recommended it to me. It was amazing, and I could honestly not put it down, despite the story being about a bunch of 12 to 18-year-old’s fighting to the death (sounds weird, I know, but trust me, so good).

I am mentioning The Hunger Games because this book totally inspired my lunch today. Nothing says yumminess like people killing each other, oui? Just kidding. The main characters kept eating goat cheese with apple, and reading about this combination spurred a big craving in me!

I have had a bit of an obsession with goat cheese lately. For those of you who think you don’t like goat cheese, listen up, buttercups. I used to despise goat cheese. Sometimes I think it can be too strong and overtake the rest of the dish, and make you feel like you might actually be eating, well, a goat.

Then I discovered this package of deliciousness:

Delish, and not too goaty!

PC Goat’s Milk Cheese. I can’t get enough. It is light and tangy, creamy, and easily spreadable. It adds flavour to a dish, without overtaking it, or overwhelming you with goatiness (not a word, but I don’t care).

I used this cheese to make an amazingly delicious and healthy dip for our friends’ New Year’s party this year. It is the easiest dip ever. All I did was take an entire package of it, put it in a bowl, and stirred it up with honey (I got the idea from PBFingers’ blog). I served it alongside assorted whole wheat crackers and it was a huge hit. I am not exaggerating when I say people literally stalked the goat cheese dip, and by the end of the night I noticed some of my friends were skipping the crackers and just dipping their fingers into the spread and licking off the goat cheese.

Goat cheese was the main character in my lunch today. Similar to the goat cheese and honey dip, I put a couple tablespoons of goat cheese into a bowl, squirted some honey on top, and stirred it around until everything was well-mixed.

Goat Cheese + Honey = Perfect Combo

I then spread this onto a toasted whole wheat bagel, and topped with sliced Royal Gala apple (any apple slices that did not make it onto my bagel quickly made it into my mouth ;)). I had a handful of grape tomatoes on the side to amp up the veggie factor.


AMAZING. I am so glad I have an outlet to rave on about this sandwich, because let me tell you it was so, so delicious! It was such a good combination. And quite a nice change from a boring ol’ deli meat sammy. Thanks for the inspiration, Hunger Games!

Back to the couch grind!


Hide Ya Lunch!

This morning I noticed an email in my work inbox from our building services peeps titled: Missing Lunches.

Say what?

Intrigued, I opened it and saw the first line: “We may have a lunch bandit on the loose.”

A lunch bandit on the loose?! How scary is that? Forget stealing gym shoes, who steals lunches? I use the fridge in my own office to store my lunch, not the shared building lunchrooms, so I feel confident about my lunches’ safety. But it must be a serious issue if they sent out a mass email about it. Yikes. Hide ya lunch!

I would never steal someone’s lunch, as I like to follow the golden rule (do unto others…) and I know how absolutely devastated I would be if someone stole mine.

Around mid-morning snack time, I wandered into our lunch/storage room for a little somethin’ somethin’ and saw this on the fridge, with what suspiciously looks like my boss’s handwriting next to point 6:


Oh very funny. I told you I am known for my love of lunch. I have to endure this torment all. the. time. But it makes me laugh :D…and it makes everyone else around here laugh too, so I’ll take it for the team.

Speaking of  Lunch…

I don’t want to attract the attention of any lurking lunch bandits, but I would like to highlight my lunch today, ’cause it was a good one.

Wednesday Lunch

That giant salad includes romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, and crushed almonds. The goat cheese/almond combination totally stole the show and was the highlight of my salad. I used my SlapChop to chop the nuts (which works awesomely and is pretty much the only thing I use my SlapChop for, because Vince is a liar and it is a pain to clean).

Hey Lunch Bandit, dream on!

I was a cookie bandit today though. Someone brought up a plate of leftover cookies from a meeting and I was on them in seconds:

Cookie Monsta

Cookies don’t stand a chance around here ;).

Welp, lunch is over so I’m back to the grind. Later bandits!

Do you have a dessert/snack that you absolutely cannot resist?