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Texas Grillin’

Sandwiched between the Olympic-watching marathon that went down over here all weekend (I can’t get enough! I never want them to end!), I had a dinner date on Saturday night with my pals. We all met up at Lonestar Texas Grill, one of my favourite restaurants, to celebrate…nothing. The impending birth of Dawn’s baby I guess. But it was mostly just an excuse to get together.


You can see my glasses peeking out… Evan was sick all weekend with a horrible man cold, the poor little bunny, so sadly he had to miss the dinner. I have been wanting to take him to Lonestar for a very long time, as he has never been before and therefore never experienced their homemade tortillas and soft taco shells, which are pretty much the best on earth. And their salsa also, though I think they have switched up the recipe recently and I am not impressed about that. Not impressed at all. I may write a letter. But he couldn’t taste anything anyway due to his cold, so there really would have been no point.

I would like to point out that Dawn’s sister Melon just had laser eye surgery and was sporting sunglasses in the restaurant (and in the above photo) because it was a bit bright for her. It was not because she’s one of those people who wear sunglasses inside. You know the ones. Just wanted to make sure you knew that. Dawn is a very supportive sister and wore glasses of her own to make Melon feel better about it.



It was so nice to see everyone. And Sherrie’s luscious mermaid locks.


I had made reservations for 6:30, but the people who had our table before us weren’t finished their dinner when we arrived and ended up hanging out until about 7. We just waited in the bar, so it wasn’t a problem at all, but the manager felt bad and brought us free appetizers when we finally got our table to make up for our wait. He asked what we wanted and we told him to surprise us. I think he did well with his choices.




Sweet potato fries. And also some queso dip that was pretty delicious. This, of course, was in addition to the standard chips and salsa that are at every table.


We had four of those at our table, refilled twice. And I think we could have eaten more. So good.

And Corona margarita’s, heyeahhhh!


And a Caesar for me.

We were all full from the abundance of appetizers, but we soldiered on. This was the first time I have gone to Lonestar and not ordered fajitas. I just love them so much that I can’t seem to stray from them. But I saw that Cabo Tacos were new on the menu, so I decided to switch it up.


They were good, and I don’t know if I would use the word regret here…but I kind of wish I stayed with old faithful fajitas. Oh well, next time. And every time. Forever.

Lonestar has a giant foam cowboy hat that people get to wear when it’s their birthday, and since it was going to be Evan’s first time at Lonestar my plan was to say it was his birthday so he would get the full Lonestar experience with the hat. Sadly, Evan’s cold threw a wrench into that and we couldn’t embarrass him as planned.

But not to worry, we had a stand-in.


Dustin, who is really no stranger to looking ridiculous if you remember Sherrie’s Hawaiian party. He was more than happy to wear the foam cowboy hat and be sung to by the servers. He had no idea this was coming, either, and I know he thought the hat was for Dawn, so when he saw the team of servers marching through the restaurant carrying the hat to our table, he was originally all excited and clapping enthusiastically. And then when the servers stopped in front of him his face changed from absolute glee to absolute horror. It was really hilarious. But he was a good sport about it.


Like a true cowboy. Who doesn’t want to wear a giant foam cowboy hat that thousands of people have worn before you? I am no stranger to the hat either…


This picture is from my 28th birthday nearly three years ago…

Our server was a pretty huge fan of ours, and seemed to really enjoy our sense of humour. He took our minor harassment in stride every time. Like when he came over and asked if any of us had a red Ford F150 out in the parking lot (we didn’t) and Emily said “Melon, did you leave your baby in the car again?” (she didn’t) He liked that. So he was happy to saddle up for a ladies picture with us. He even rubbed Dawn’s belly.


Then we asked him if he had imprinted on the baby, and I don’t think he knew what we were talking about. But if you know Twilight, you know what we’re talking about!

And that about sums it up. Good times all around.


Happy Glasses

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I got glasses!


Oh hey there

If you are a longtime reader of my blog, dawg, perhaps you caught the entire post about my awkward glasses. Because I used to wear glasses.


and I looked real good in them.

From kindergarten until about Grade 8 I wore them all the time.


And then I don’t know what happened, but I guess I got too cool for the glasses and I stopped wearing them. My eyesight isn’t that bad and I have always only needed them for distance, so most of the time I didn’t even notice that I needed them. The only time I noticed that the world was a bit fuzzy was when I would put on someone’s glasses who had a similar prescription to me, and then I would be all “I can’t believe all the things I can see!!!”

So I guess my eyes were just used to straining, which cannot be good. And lately while driving, especially at night, I was starting to have trouble seeing the road signs. I know, bad news, I know. Evan and I have very similar prescriptions (his eyes are just sliiiightly worse than mine) so I would wear his glasses while driving at night, and when I was wearing them I felt invincible! I could see everything!

I liked being able to see so much I decided it was time. I finally went to the eye doctor, and I could barely read the top line…so she confirmed that yes, I need glasses. She said my eyes were youthful and spry, but distance was tricky and I would have failed my driving test. Which is interesting because I didn’t have glasses on when I originally took my driving test and I passed, so apparently my eyes have gotten worse. Possibly from NOT wearing glasses.

Anyway, the point to all of this is, if you need glasses, go check out Zenni Optical. My bestie Lisa had just been telling me that she loved that site and ordered about 10 pairs from there and was impressed by them all. So I checked them out, and they are insanely inexpensive. I got two pairs of glasses, lenses in, taxes, shipping, everything, for $45. And they were on my face within six days. Pretty ridiculous considering glasses are usually hundreds of dollars.

I got the ones I am wearing in the top photo…


They don’t actually say Zenni on the arms

And also these ones:



Oh and I got a haircut also… I don’t love that, but it was $15 at First Choice Haircutters, so it is what it is. My hair always looks the same anyway.

The glasses though, I do love, and I love the price even more. I was so impressed with them that I ordered another pair (for $6.95!!!)  plus a pair of prescription sunglasses. Even Evan piggybacked on that order and got himself a pair.

So that’s it. I got glasses I really like and they were extremely cheap. Zenni is not giving me anything to write this, but I like to pass on a good deal when I find one. If you need glasses, check them out. If you don’t, sorry to bore you with the glasses post. I am done now.


The Bestie Weekend

I have been looking forward to this past weekend  for months. My very best friend (since Grade 3!) Lisa was visiting from Calgary!



I have talked about Lisa many times before, and I most recently saw her around Halloween when she was last in town (which was too long ago!). She was only here for the weekend, and I feel like I just got to see her and then she had to leave again, but it was great to catch up even for a short time. And I know I’ll see her this summer, so this thought consoles me.

Her mom (who I would consider my second mom) dropped her off at my pad Saturday afternoon so we could have a little bestie catch-up time before the rest of our friends arrived later. Lisa and I seem to go through the same major life events around the same time, even though we are so far apart. We both lost our jobs around the same time, started new jobs around the same time, left those new jobs around the same time, and started newer jobs around the same time. We even ended our past long-term relationships around the same time, and started dating our current lovers around the same time. All without even talking to each other about it until after it was happening. It’s weird, but somehow we are very in sync. And I could talk to her for hours and hours about the most random things.

My friend Emily arrived a couple hours later, after some drama downtown. I guess she was on a bus and a fight broke out, so she had to get off. I got a random text from her saying “There was a fight on the bus so I got off. I’m getting a ride there,” which may have been the most random text I’ve ever received as she didn’t mention who was giving her a ride here. Lisa and I were wondering if maybe she was getting a ride from the winner of the fight? Anyway, I didn’t know how to respond to that. It turned out she got a ride with her boyfriend’s friend though, who happened to be downtown, so it was all good.

After she arrived safely, the three of us went out for sushi.



We went to Echo Sushi, which I recently visited (and blogged about), and it was just as good as the first time. That brown rice sushi is my favourite! I didn’t eat quite as much as the last time I was there, but I still left feeling pretty full.

We waddled back to my apartment just in time to meet up with the rest of the girls for a night on the town. It seems to be the theme whenever Lisa is visiting. Or even when I am visiting her.


All my high school lovers (minus our friend Crystal, who also lives in Calgary), plus my friend Sherrie who I went to Journalism school with.

We went to a pub called The Unicorn, which I have never been to before, and which has an actual unicorn.


Which makes sense. If you’re going to call yourself The Unicorn, you better have a unicorn. That unicorn looked like it was having some horn issues though… I think it needs a makeover.

The Unicorn wasn’t all that busy, and probably would not have been a ton of fun had we not had the resources to make our own party. But of course, we did.


I am clawing Lisa’s arm because obviously I don’t want her to leave.

We are quite a big fan of glasses, as you may know, and Sherrie brought a few new pairs for us all…


I seem to have missed the tongue memo.

It was a fun time with the ladies.


We ended our night at Philthy McNasty’s, which is basically just how it sounds…

On Sunday Lis and I slept in a little bit before meeting up with our friend Matt…


And Evan!

The four of us had a brunch date.


We went to Bamburger, which I have been to for brunch at least twice before and have always been very impressed with. Not on this day. My coffee was burnt, my toast was burnt, my peameal bacon was a very sad portion, and it took forever. I did really like our server though, so that redeemed it slightly. Hopefully they were just having a bad day. But if it happens again I’m writing a letter.

And then sadly it was time for Lisa to go back to Cowtown, so Evan and I dropped her off at the airport for her 5pm flight.


I look happy, but I am sad.

I was really excited for those two to finally meet!

Aww, my two faves. I knew they would like each other.

And that was basically my weekend. Definitely a good one, and much too short.


All the Paula Fun

As I mentioned previously, after the Harry Potter adventure Evan and I drove over to Paula‘s for a fun night out with her and her husband Fabian.


As I have said to Paula many times, I love their love.

Paula and I have been following each other’s blogs for about two years, and we are Facebook friends (so obviously that means we are real friends), but we had never met in person. I have been telling Paula for at least a year that whenever I make it out to Florida I would be hitting her up for a fun time, so as soon as I found out I was going for sure I made a point to squeeze that sensual minx into our plans.

It was very trusting of Paula and Fabian to let us sleep over since we had never met before (especially Fabian, since to him I was a complete stranger), but I promised Paula we wouldn’t rob them and she relayed this news to Fabian and he said A-okay.

I was so excited to finally meet her, and of course her ridiculously cute one-eared bunny (who I also follow on Facebook), Georgina Bunnypants. Or just Pants.


As soon as I entered her house I was all “Where is PANTS?!” and made a beeline over to her cage.


Paula let  me give her a little treat to warm her up for a snugglefest, since she doesn’t usually like being held. I was excited that she let me pick her up.


I told her to relax and just enjoy it, but she kept that ear slicked back in protest. It was a satisfactory first snuggle though. Such a little muffin. Our first meeting went just how I envisioned.

I can’t remember the names of all the places Paula and Fabian took us, but we went to all of Paula’s favourite hotspots in downtown Orlando. No more Hungry Howie’s! Paula took us to excellent local places. Our first stop was Mucho, a kind of Mexican pub, and I only know the name because Paula blogged about it.


Paula made me order her favourite drink, Eola 101 (I kept wanting to call it Ebola), which included tequila and champagne and pure deliciousness. I liked it so much I had two more. And then our group had a tequila shot in celebration of…I don’t know, being awesome I guess. So I was feeling pretty good. So good I was in the mood for kissing roosters.


We went to a couple of other bars with names I don’t remember, and drank several more drinks that I don’t remember. I will tell you a little secret about Paula. That girl can DRINK. Fun, fun times. And I brought a little gift for Paula, straight from Canada.


Yes, the glasses. Paula now has her own pair. As you probably know, the glasses make a frequent appearance around here and Paula has commented about them before so I knew she liked them. It was time to pass them down, as they were passed down to me from my good friend Dawn.

Use them wisely Paula, they are hard to find even here! I expect to see them all over your blog, and you should probably wear them when you run your next race.

Fabian liked them also.


And I gave Paula an example of how they are to properly be used. Here was the target:


He liked it. I like his muscles.

I had a really, really fun night. I cannot picture it being more fun. Paula and I had so much to talk about and we felt like we knew each other for years. Evan also had a good time bonding with Fabian while Paula and I discussed boring blog stuff.

In fact, we had such a good time that on Saturday night Paula came out to Bradenton to see us!


It’s over a two hour drive, so you know this means she liked me also. Bradenton is also coincidentally Paula’s hometown, so she showed us all the good places to go downtown, including a local bar the Lost Kangaroo.


We be sunburnt.

It was the first time Evan and I went out in the downtown area, and I doubt we would have gone out like this ourselves. I was grateful she showed us such a good time.


She showed us all the good food in Bradenton also. Our next stop included the most amazing garlic knots.


And the most AMAZING pizza.

DSCN0302_2(picture jacked from Paula’s blog)

We ate the entire thing. Not a slice left behind.


Infinitely better than Hungry Howie’s.

And that is all the Paula fun. You can also read her recaps of our adventures here and here. And if you don’t already read her blog, what is wrong with you?! She has been one of my faves for a long time, and our hangouts just solidified this. She is so much fun, and I wish she lived closer to me! Oh well, it gives me an excuse to come back to Florida…


Cowgirls on the Loose (Stampede Round 2)

Hello friends!

Now, I know I overuse the phrase “This was the best _____ (insert whatever here) of my life!” I say it all the time. I can’t help it. I tend to get overly excited about things (a lot of things that no one else gets excited about), so I sometimes go over the top when I am trying to describe something. I say it is the BEST and rave on about how much I LOVE it. This may make people take me less seriously, because not everything can be the best. I know this. But some things truly are the BEST.

I am prefacing with that because I need to say that Saturday was one of the best bar nights of my life. Genuinely. I cannot think of a time where I’ve had more fun. I scream-laughed for at least two hours straight, which I am pretty sure is how I lost my voice. I still can’t get over just how fun it was.

Saturday afternoon, Lisa and I headed over to Kirstie’s house to meet up with the girls. In a huge coincidence, my good friend Dawn (who also has her own blog now!), was also visiting Calgary at the same time as me. Dawn was staying with our friend Crystal, who has been our good friend since high school (and mine since elementary school, what!) Sadly, I don’t get to see Crystal very often, but you may remember me blogging about her last summer when we stayed with her aunt in Muskoka for the weekend.

Crystal is on the far right. Dawnald is beside me in the glasses.

It was so awesome that four of my best friends were with me across the country! It was quite a reunion.

And a glamour shot…

My loves!

But that is not all. Dawn had some friends with her from Edmonton, and Crystal had a few of her friends from Calgary (one was Kirstie, whose house we were at), so in total we made 10. Ten girls ready for a good cowboy time.

Around 4:15, we headed over to a cowboy bar in Calgary called Ranchman’s.

We do not usually go to the bar this early like a big bunch of lame-o’s, but during Stampede everything is very busy and if we got there after 5pm, we may have had to wait in line for hours. Before 5, there was no line, and no cover. Sounded good to us. We got there and we were IN! And it was already busy.

The bar was HUGE. Just huge. You know I am no stranger to country bars if you read the post about our Ranch adventure in Guelph (where I rode the mechanical bull), but this country bar was wayyyy better. It was so busy, with so many hilarious cowpeople. We also ate dinner there because we were ridiculously early, and I had the most amazing steak sandwich (but my picture of it sucks).

It was also Crystal’s 29th birthday (welcome to the club, my friend!) on Saturday, so we of course were celebrating that event. Crystal had some props, including fake spurs (that jingle jangle jingled), and toy guns.

I am not sure there is a bar in Ontario that will let you in with a gun, even if it’s a toy. But in Calgary, hey, it’s a necessary cowboy accessory.

There is something that needs to be understood. My friends and I are a little bit crazy (good crazy!), and our main objective basically is to laugh. So we will do pretty much anything to get a reaction from people and make them laugh, because it then makes us laugh. It is a cycle of beautiful laughter.

And if I have one piece of advice for you, it is bring a prop to the bar. It is an instant conversation piece, and automatically equals fun. You know we love to bring the glasses around, and that silly saxophone that we made people drink from. Both are good times. So they both came out to play…

I had the saxophone in my purse and it was too big for it so it was sticking out a bit, and this guy came up to me and was all “Uh… What is…is that a saxophone in your purse?” Yes. What do you think it is? Silly.

And we picked up other props along the way, like more glasses…

I don’t even know where these came from, but they ended up in Lisa’s purse at the end of the night.

And I found a shirt at our table, so immediately put that puppy on…

And then I found the owners of the shirt, so this happened…

They look happy…

The best props were the guns though, for sure. They came in very handy to get people to do things for us, like drink out of the bell of the saxophone.

And remove their shirts.

Whoooooa there. What is this? I had no idea you could just point a fake gun at someone and say “Hey, remove your shirt please,” and, well…

Done! Shirt removed. I can’t even describe how much this stuff makes me laugh.

And I am immediately hitting up the dollar store and buying a toy gun so I can test this out on the streets of Toronto.

People kept asking us if we were at a bachelorette party, and we were like “NOPE!” Just a reunion of wild and crazy gals.

We met some real-deal cowboys!

I mean, I think so. That’s what the tassels mean, right? I kept an eye out for real, rodeoing, bull-riding, calf-wrangling, spur-wearing cowboys, but since everyone was in cowboy gear, it was difficult to tell the real from the impostors.

And I definitely have to mention “The Zoo.” On one of the patios, there was a window to the other patio, and there were a bunch of people standing on the other side. So, we went over there with all our props and started being silly against the window to get their attention.

The guys were soo entertaining. I was dying laughing at their gestures and trying to talk to them through the glass. We said they were like animals in the zoo because they were behind the glass…but WAY more entertaining than any zoo animals I’ve ever seen!

I mean…

Ohh, fine. Take your shirt off if you must.

Girls, I am telling you, go to the Stampede. You will love it. You will love it!!! And make sure you bring props. You will have the best night ever!

Does that picture not just scream FUN?! I think it does.

Oh yeah, one last thing. There was a McDonalds directly across from the bar, so we had to stop there afterwards, obviously. And look who we ran into!

Ronald McDonald! Well…Ronald McCreepy is probably more accurate.

And then Lis and I went back to her apartment and again stayed up until 3:30 in the morning talking. And looking at these pictures, and killing ourselves laughing.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love Stampede! And my friends! And their friends! And everything about this night!


Allie & Keith’s Beautiful Seaside Wedding

Saturday was my cousin Allie’s weddingggg.

I absolutely love weddings. It could be because of the inebriated relatives that go along with them, but I truly love almost everything about them. And I especially enjoy outdoor weddings. And if it’s a wedding on the lake I am sold immediately. So a wedding on the ocean? Well. I really don’t think it could have been in a more perfect location.

It wasn’t quite sunny for the ceremony, but it looked like it was going to rain all day and it didn’t, and it was bright, so that is a huge win!

I had a pretty hot date for the occasion.

My brotha! And contrary to how this looks, we did not plan to be all matchy-matchy. We’re not that weird. It was the only tie he brought, just coincidentally.

My Dad and stepmom Mona were also in attendance, and were also looking quite dapper.

Especially my dad. I knew, I just knew, that he wouldn’t show up wearing a plain dress shirt. Of course his shirt had palm trees on it, what else would it have? He loves his tropical inspirations.

He is now retired, and therefore a man of leisure, so he must look the part.

Anyway, let’s move on to what’s important here. The bride! Allie was absolutely radiant and stunning.

Just so beautiful. And her dress was amazing. Every time I saw her I was honestly taken aback.

Keith was beauty too, of course. His pants were a very nice colour. You know, everyone needs to rave on about the groom more often, because Keith was also luminescent.

The ceremony was gorgeous, a perfect length, and the officiant was one of Allie’s best friends! This was great because he inserted little inside jokes and personal touches into the ceremony, which I appreciated. I noticed this throughout their entire wedding actually. Everyone who spoke about them was so sincere in what they were saying. And they talked about things that were funny to everyone in attendance – adults and kids, and even if you weren’t best friends with them and knew all their secrets (because we all know our best friends are the only ones who know all our secrets). I could really feel the genuine love.

Allie and Keith each wrote their own vows also, which absolutely made me tear up; they were so heartfelt.

It is obvious how in love they are, and I love love, so I love it.

They are also funny.

Our Nana loves love too, and she unfortunately couldn’t make the wedding, so I got the ceremony on my phone to show it to her later. I know she will be so excited to see it, even if she can’t hear anything (she really can’t hear anything), she will be so happy to see how happy they are. And you better believe one of these photos will be framed and hung up in her room as soon as she gets her hands on one.

Dinner was in the dining room inside the lodge, which had an ocean view on three sides, and it was sunny! Hurrah!

Well, sunny-ish. Kind of sunny, but I will take it.

The spread was insane.

Roast beef, chicken, salmon, shrimp, mussels, potatoes, roasted vegetables, rice, and a plethora of salads. Just…yowza. I had to try some of everything. Had to.

Dessert was a make-your-own ice cream buffet, and oh man. It was good. It included waffle bits, fruit, and chocolate sauce. And in what is apparently a rare occurrence for me, I did not go overboard with the toppings. It was delicious.

During dessert, Allie and Keith’s good friend performed a song he had written for the occasion, which was a surprise and pretty awesome. And we found out later that the guy is on the McDonalds commercial with the one dollar drinks. You know, the one that is like “Only a dollar, alllll summer.” This guy sings it.

That is not the song he sang at the wedding though; the song he chose was beautiful (not that the McDonalds jingle is not). And Eric actually works at McDonalds, so the singer serenaded the McD song to him later on in the evening.

After the dinner and the speeches were all taken care of, we all headed outside onto the wraparound deck. It turned into a gorgeous evening, with a beautiful sunset.

It was a wedding day miracle.

Allie and Keith had their first dance on the deck, and it may have been the most romantic first dance in the history of first dances. Out of the ones I have witnessed, at least.

Eyes of blue sensual steel right there.

I had so much fun partying it up with all my family. Allie’s sister, Chrissy, my other cousin, was a beautiful bridesmaid, and Allie’s mom, my Auntie Nancy (Dad’s sister), was a radiant mother-of-the-bride.

(Eric and I with those two)

I love my cuzzies so much.

I wish they lived closer. But I do love having an excuse to visit this beautiful province as well.

I know from previous experience that Allie is a huge fan of the glasses…

She has worn them on occasion. So they made the trek across Canada as a surprise.

Cheers to the glasses!

Alli then got a picture of every single group of guests with the glasses.

The glasses ended up on a new person each time. She even pulled out one of my favourite tricks, the good ol’ glasses switch.

It was also a big day for my dad, who got to wear the glasses for the very first time.

He is clearly excited. And Eric is clearly impressed.

Chrissy liked them too.

The glasses bring out the best silly side of everyone. I highly recommend getting a pair.

As the night wore on, we turned the deck into a legit dance party.

I love a good dance party.

And then we moved inside, and turned that into a dance party also.

We are dancing to Thriller there, if you can’t tell.

And then Justin Bieber showed up and had a dance-off with the groom…

And Justin Bieber wins at everything, so I think you can all guess who won that.

And when the party eventually got shut down, we moved to the Big House (where we had dinner Friday night), and turned it into another dance party. And we had live entertainment! The McDonalds guy (I’m so sorry, I really need to find out his name) serenaded us, and he had backup!

And we all sang along with them. And singing Coldplay’s Yellow to live guitar with a room full of people will definitely be a memorable moment for me. I’m sorry if that sounds all holding hands by the campfire singing Cumbaya, but it’s true. It was a beautiful moment. And then he sang the McDonalds song to Eric. Also a beautiful moment.

It was SUCH a great wedding. One of the most fun I have ever been too, for sure. I am pretty sure the bride and groom were two of the last to go to sleep. I love that they stayed around and hung out with everyone.

I wish it was still this night.

Congrats Allie and Keith! I am so glad Eric and I were able to spend your big day with you! xoxo