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The Eating Weekend (aka Thanksgiving Weekend)

Saturday morning Evan, Brotherman, and his fiance Kelly and I headed to Evan/Brotherman’s Dad’s place to celebrate Thanksgiving. The plan was to spend Saturday and Sunday morning there, and then Sunday and Monday morning at Evan/Brotherman’s Nana’s with their mom to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Sorry, that sentence is confusing.

By the time we got on the road on Saturday, got through all the traffic, made a few pit stops, etc., we arrived at their Dad and stepmom Loulou’s place just in time to eat. So, perfect timing really. Showing up just before eating time is the way to do it. I felt bad for not helping with the preparations for about .2 seconds. And then I saw this spread:


I have said it before and I will say it a million times more, I LOVE THANKSGIVING. I want all the food! I crammed all the delicious things onto my plate.


Clockwise from 12 o’clock: peas, squash, cabbage, turkey, stuffing, roasted potatoes and other veggies including carrots, parsnips and celeriac (a root vegetable that tastes a lot like celery), bread. I took that picture before I covered everything with gravy, which, good thing because the aftermath of the gravy was way less photogenic. I went back for seconds of turkey, stuffing and the vegetables. It was all so amazing, I could not get enough and I wish I was still eating that plate right now.

I had to save room though, for all the dessert!


That may be the best apple pie I have ever had, no lie. I had it after dinner, as a late night snack, and as dessert for breakfast the next day. I wish I was eating that right now also.

And then Evan’s grandma had made her famous kugluf, a Slovenian (or from that area of Europe, but Evan’s Dad’s family are Slovenian) pound cake, also known as kuglof.


And hell yes is all I have to say about that. Evan needs to get the recipe asap and start making this. Brotherman has been making a lot of their grandma’s apple cake recently, and I think it needs a kugluf friend.

It was a nice Thanksgiving dinner with Evan’s fam on his dad’s side. We told a lot of stories, and though Evan’s Uncle Gino had some good ones, I think I really impressed him with the tale of the piggyback fail.

After dinner Loulou brought me a little friend to snuggle with.


A chicken. This would make the first time in my life I have snuggled with a chicken, and I have to say it was not as awkward as I would have thought. She was quite a nice chicken, and she didn’t poop on me, so that’s a win.

We spent the rest of our time there making the rounds to see alllllll the animals. The only two new additions since the last time we were there were these two turkeys.


Like, literally turkeys. And no these turkeys will never be Thanksgiving dinner, I know you’re thinking it!

I like how all the birds just hang out together. The turkeys, the chickens, the roosters, and the guineafowl. They are all friends. No discrimination there. They’re an inclusive group of birds.

The baby guineafowl are all grown up now so the grown-up gang has increased by a few. They were really making me laugh. For hours they just circled Evan’s truck.


Over and over. Just kept circling. I guess because it was new to the driveway? I do not know, but they could not get enough of the truck. It is quite a sexy truck though, so I don’t blame them.

Peanut the piglet has also grown up quite a bit since we last saw her.


She was only 9 pounds when we first met her, and I think she is now 25. She’s a friendly little piggy (though she is a bit moody), and she is pretty hilarious when she eats. I took a video to demonstrate this.

Peanut the pig!

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She might eat faster than I do.

And of course, if you have read about the other times we visited Evan’s Dad and Loulou’s farm you know I love the donkeys. I LOVE the donkeys!


Rosie and Zeke

Love those donkeys! Just the cutest/coolest donkeys I have ever seen. I never would have expected donkeys to be affectionate, but they really are. They love to be close to you and be petted (Winnie?!). Zeke especially really nuzzles his face up to my body.

Zeke is just so nice that I climbed into their pen to hang out with him, and then out of nowhere Rosie came up behind me and squeezed between me and the fence. I was not expecting this and she kind of nudged against me, which caught me by surprise.


What the…?


Oh Rosie, it’s just you

Sneaky little donkey.

Evan’s ‘rents have an apple tree in their yard, and after our big apple picking fail a couple weeks ago, I was excited to do some apple picking!



Fun times on the farm all around with this guy:


And these two:


And the horse also.

After breakfast on Sunday we headed to Evan’s Nana’s to visit with her and his mom. That was really fun also, but because there were no animals there I didn’t take very many pictures.

But ohh I got dinner on Sunday.


Evan’s Nana grew up in British India so she is alllll about the Indian foods and I can’t get enough. This plate includes curried pork, vegetables, and shrimp, lentils, coconut rice, ham, roasted potatoes, squash and carrots. It was so amazing, and after all the turkey the day before I loved that it was something different. I was in heaven. I went back for seconds of all the curry stuff.

So it was a really great weekend. I had a great time with Evan and his family. And eating. I really enjoyed eating.


Roosters and Donkeys and Pigs, OH MY.

After our beach date Evan and I headed to his Nana’s house in Belleville for dinner and a sleepover. His mom was there also, and the three of them together are really funny and make me laugh quite hard. They just love Evan so much and are so proud of him, so they regularly say things to me like “But isn’t he such a nice boy?” (YES). It’s really cute.

They also love to tell me stories of when he was younger, which are my favourite. Like how Evan refused to ride in his uncle’s car when he was a kid because it looked like “it might go too fast,” and about young Evan’s dreams of becoming a garbage man because he liked to collect things. And my favourite, the time they were at a restaurant in Florida and their server accidentally brought four-year-old Evan orange juice with VODKA instead of the plain OJ his mom ordered for him. That is quite the mix-up. I am not sure how that happens. Apparently they had to leave the restaurant because Evan drank it and got all rowdy and started throwing silverware. I die for stories like this. I want to hear them all.

Evan’s Nana grew up in British India, so her staple dishes are pretty different from my own Ukrainian Nana’s, but her cooking is so good! For dinner she made us lentils, curried meatballs (curried meatballs!), and two different kinds of rice as well as vegetables.


Yes yes

SO good. I see where Evan gets his amazing cooking skills from! He is always making his Nana’s lentils and saying that he just can’t make them as good as hers, but I think he is pretty close. I understand though…nothing I make of my Nana’s will ever compare, because Nana’s add their unconditional love. And a ton of salt.

It was a nice visit.

And then on Sunday morning we made our way to Evan’s Dad and Loulou’s, who you may remember have a hobby farm in Tweed.

Remember these little guys?


They have grown!


They are getting so big, and they are just getting more funny looking.


So cute though still.

Evan’s dad and Loulou have been really big on rescuing animals lately, especially birds. Loulou was saying they will go to another farm expecting to bring home one chicken and will somehow get roped into taking home four. They have built quite the bird sanctuary to house all these birds.


During the day all the different chickens and guineafowl just wander around the yard and get into mischief, and then at night they are put into their bird mansion.

They are so funny to watch.



Mango the rooster has been steadily improving since they first rescued him (at his old home the chickens bullied him and pulled out his feathers), and he is looking a lot better these days. He actually let me pet him!


He’s so funny.

I need to introduce you to the newest and cutest edition to the farm. Peanut the piglet!


I die. I just die. How adorable is that sweet little face? She is just 6 weeks old and currently 10lbs and I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to snuggle her. What a little muffin.


Just a baby piggy. Sadly Peanut does not like to be picked up, or I never would have put her down. Loulou said she just squeals like she is being murdered if you try.

Evan’s parents are hoping to eventually house train Peanut and have her live inside, so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I think she is supposed to eventually weigh 100-150lbs. If she stayed that tiny forever I would totally get one to take home as a friend for Winnie. I think Winnie needs a little pig in her life.

I think my favourite animals are still the donkeys Rosie and Zeke though.


Remember those guys? That is the best picture of them.

They are such nice donkeys!


I was feeling brave so I went in their pen and I am pretty sure Zeke fell in love with me. He just followed me around and kept nuzzling up to me.


He makes me really want a pet donkey also, but I don’t feel like that would be ideal for my apartment situation.


I can really feel the love in that picture.

I have to mention my friend Sasha also.


Because she is the best dog ever and I cannot get enough of her.

I have said this before but I will say it again, all of the animals just seem insanely happy. You can tell they are all well-loved and taken care of. I love doing the rounds and visiting them all.

We had a really great time with Evan’s dad and Loulou, and they made us a really great dinner!


Pork chops and sausages grilled on the barbecue, corn on the cob, and grilled bread. I never would have thought of grilling bread, but it was amazing so I am not sure why.

Fun farm times for sure! It almost makes me want a farm of my own, but it is a LOT of work, and I do like my leisure time…


The Nature Weekend

Ohh how I love May long weekend. It has been a favourite of mine since I was young because to me it has always meant the end of winter. The weather is still a little iffy around this time, but I knew it was going to be gorgeous this weekend so I only had one mission: get outside.

A lot went down this weekend, but I really just want to recap Sunday because it was the most exciting and I have a million pictures.

Evan’s dad and stepmother Loulou live somewhere kind of like I grew up, on a farm in the middle of nowhere (well I didn’t live on a farm, but I did grow up in the middle of nowhere). Earlier in the week Evan suggested we visit them one day for dinner and check out a conservation area near their house first. I was in. They are about two hours away, so on Sunday morning we hit the road.

Well, first we hit up an Asian bakery, similar to the ones in Chinatown that we were too full to go in while we were there a couple weeks ago…


Buns, buns, and more buns. These buns are filled with different kinds of meat, cheese, and cream and can be either sweet or savoury. You load all your bun choices onto a tray and they will just pack that right on up for you.


We stopped here before we grabbed breakfast, and being starving we may have gone a little crazy with the buns. We were planning on saving them for a picnic, but then we ended up eating most of them on the way. I don’t think I have ever eaten so much bread in my life. I liked it.

After driving for a couple hours, we reached our destination: Vanderwater Conservation.


It’s right on the river, and it is very nice. We looked around a bit and then put down a blanket and set up riverside picnic for lunch.



I had a bottle of champagne from my Milestones adventures last week, so I brought that puppy along. I thought it would be a good addition to our picnic. Evan had a bit of an accident while opening it…


As soon as he pulled off the foil the cork just went flying and the bottle kind of exploded everywhere. We were able to save most of it though, no worries, and who doesn’t love champagne berries? It was very good.

It was nice to just hang out by the river and eat the rest of our buns and drink that delicious champagne.

After being there for a while I realized I had been there before. Evan’s parents live near where my own dad and stepmom had a cottage for a few years, on the same river, and I remember them taking my brother and I here once and swimming in the rapids. That was a weird coincidence.

After our picnic, we walked along the shore and I found a froggy friend.


I haven’t been frog catching in a while, but I still have the magic touch! I washed my hands in the river afterwards, not to worry.

And then we decided to hike off all our buns.


This conservation area is really beautiful. I have a bunch of pictures I want to share.




The official flower of Ontario, the trillium


When I was little and I used to see trees that were all the same height like this I remember thinking that a bunch of people must have all stood together in an open area and were like “3…2…1…PLANT!” and planted their seeds simultaneously so that the trees would grow at the same time. I think I was probably a gifted child.




It was a good time for sure. We didn’t get to hike very many of the trails (one is 8k), so I am pretty sure we’re going to have to go back.

After the hike, we made our way over to Evan’s parents. I really loved it there. They have so many animals!


This is Jubee. She is a very cuddly bird and really likes to be held.


And this is her friend Kiwi.


Kiwi will basically imitate all the sounds you make. It is very funny when he (she? Ahh I can’t remember) will imitate laughter. He also imitates the beeping of the microwave buttons quite well. And he will sing Happy Birthday and ask “What are you doing?” He had me dying laughing, which he then mocks and makes me laugh harder.

There are also four chickens!


They each produce one egg a day, so Evan’s parents sent us back with a bunch. I am excited for them.

Evan’s parents recently saved this little rooster, Mango.


Mango lived on another farm and was in a coop with a bunch of chickens that didn’t like him, so they picked on him and plucked his feathers. Bullies. Evan’s dad and Loulou brought him here and are rehabilitating him. Poor little guy. But they’ve only had Mango for about week and he is already looking better!

Speaking of bullies, there is also this gang hanging around.


Guineafowl. Evan’s dad said they wander around the property in their little group and torment the chipmunks. They also lay eggs.


And stare at themselves in the mirror.


Vain little birds.

Evan’s parents also have two horses…


And my favourite, the donkeys, Zeke and Rosie.


I didn’t get the greatest pictures of them, but here’s one Evan sent me when he was there on Boxing Day.


I died when I saw that picture. It was immediately my favourite. I look at it and in my head say “Oh haiiiiiiii.” Donkeys are funny.

And last but not least, this is Sasha.


My new best friend.

I LOVED that dog. She was so nice, and she looked so happy she was perma-smiling. I wanted to take her home. The donkeys too. And Jubee and Kiwi could come also. And Mango. Maybe I can start an urban farm…

It was a really fun day, and it was great to meet Evan’s dad and Loulou. They made us a delicious chicken and pasta dinner with my very favourite salad!

I hope you all had a great long weekend! If you are Canadian. If you are American I hope you had a great regular weekend.