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Dawnald and Marcia’s Baby Shower

Sunday was my ol’ pal Dawnald’s baby shower.


I have blogged about Mark and Dawn’s Jack and Jill, Dawn’s wedding shower, her Ottawa bachelorettetheir Jamaican wedding, their housewarming, and now there’s gonna be a baby!

Usually baby showers are for the ladies, as we all know, but this was a co-ed shower. Not quite as risqué as it sounds…but Evan and the rest of the boys did come and show their support for Mark. And then all the lads hung out in the basement mancave and drank beer. Evan said he had a really good day and I heard a lot of hearty laughter coming from down there, so while we may never know exactly what went on, it sounded like a good time.

We did have male representation upstairs with us though… Chester was there.


Who is sporting a onesie with everyone’s favourite Dirty Dancing quote.


(I really miss Patrick Swayze)

And the newest addition to the inflatable family, Kyle.


Who looooves to smile.

Kyle spent most of the afternoon riding Dawn’s baby’s new rocking horse.


The rest of us spent most of the afternoon eating and watching Dawn open her presents. The food table was pretty awesome.


I spent a lot of time hanging around there eating. I brought a taco dip from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry (recipe if you follow that link, it’s awesome! I made it without shrimp though).


And I need to highlight Joanna’s cucumber topped with avocado, smoked salmon, red pepper, and dill sauce. Because holy moly.



And that wasn’t even lunch! That spread was followed by Dawn’s mom Brennie’s FAMOUS macaroni pie.


Also delicious.

And then there was the best baby shower cake I’ve ever seen.


That even reminded me of Dawn. It is from Kake Kreations in Whitby if anyone is interested. The breast area was chocolate cake and the belly was vanilla. Both were really, really good.

And Emily’s sister made her amazing sugar cookies that have been making their rounds to all the events lately.


I can’t get enough of them.

Dawn scored some pretty great gifts, and I think she is all set! I like baby showers more than wedding showers because I like to ooh and ahh at all the cute baby things.


Like baby tutus.

As part of our bigger present, Evan and I got their baby a very attractive soother.


Not creepy at all.

And as is customary at baby showers, we played some games.


Put a frozen soother in your drink and be the first to yell “MY WATER BROKE!!!!” when the soother breaks free of the ice. Right up our alley sense of humour -wise. Sherrie won this in like 2 minutes and we called her a dirty cheater. But I also won a game!


Guess the celebrity baby. I was the only one to guess all the babies correctly and I am very proud of myself for this because there was a trick answer. Babies 1-4 were pretty obvious, but #6 was giving me some trouble. I originally thought it was Samuel L. Jackson, but then I noticed the “It’s a Girl!” sticker so at the last moment I changed my answer to Dawn (who was not even on the list). And Dawn was correct, not Samuel L. Jackson. Though I’m sure you could understand my mistake… Dawn and Samuel L. Jackson are practically twins.

Anyway, here was my prize.


Probably the coolest baby shower prize I’ve ever received. I would say I think the prize buyer knows me, but anyone who knows me knows that rye makes me uncharacteristically angry… Only in excess though, so I should be alright ;).

It was a really great day with all my friends and the beautiful mama-to-be.


Who is just glowing and looking fantastic. She doesn’t have much longer to go, so wish that girl luck! 


Dawn and Mark’s Jamaican Wedding

Time to talk about the reason we were all in Jamaica, Dawn’s and Mark’s wedding, mon!


The wedding was on the Saturday after we arrived, and on our first night we had an impromptu bachelorette party for Dawn, in the same pink shirts we all wore at her actual bachelorette party in Ottawa.


The wedding didn’t start until 4:00, so I hung out at the beach all morning with Sherrie until it was time for the bridesmaids to get ready in Dawn’s sensual suite.


We stayed under a palm tree in the shade as I didn’t want to be a lobster in my bridesmaid dress, and Sherrie had gotten burnt in the sun the day before.

Dawn’s mom’s best friend Illona offered to do all of our hair for the big day, which was GREAT because I suck at doing my own hair. I also have very thin and fine hair (like it dries absolutely straight naturally, which is good because it is easy, but it always looks the same), and the girls all know this and let me get my hair done last, which was very nice of them. I was really afraid of it falling out.

All of our hair turned out beautifully (and stayed beautiful all night long), and I loved the colour of our dresses. We popped against the white of Dawn’s beautiful wedding dress.


So Dawn brought enough glasses for the entire wedding party. And she had a beautiful pair of mustache glasses for herself to wear.


But back to Dawn’s dress. It was gorgeous. I loved the style on her and the detail and the beading. She was absolutely stunning in it. Troy really liked it also.


Of course Troy was invited to the wedding (but we lost him the night of the wedding, sadly, and we checked the Lost and Found every day but he never turned up).

Once we were ready, it was ceremony time. Sherrie was a diligent photographer during this, so all photo credit goes to her for these pics. The ceremony was right on the ocean, and with the breeze it never felt too hot. It was just such a gorgeous setting. Paradise and a half!


It was a BEAUTIFUL and touching ceremony. Dawn and Mark wrote their own vows and they were funny and heartfelt and romantic all at the same time. I am pretty sure everyone had tears in their eyes. I certainly did, especially when my little Dawnald was speaking.

It was really funny when they received their marriage license, because it was huge…


Dawn and Mark were all “YEAH MON! We won the lottery!”

We took a TON of pictures.

Nice ones…


And of course funny ones…


And then we went over to the spa and took more…



And a beautiful pic of us girls with the hot couple…


Which is probably my favourite.

Dinner and the reception took place in the Asian restaurant, but we ate from the Italian menu, which was my favourite menu of all the restaurants on the resort. It was SO, SO good. We started with potato and leek soup…


And for my main I chose the beef.


Which was amazing. I loved it. Cleaned my entire plate.

Dessert wasn’t bad either.


We did the speeches during dinner, and the bridesmaids planned a special rap for Dawn to the theme of “Fresh Prince of Belair” (which I downloaded the music for). I think Dawn enjoyed it, it was pretty funny.


Dawn and Mark had a beautiful first dance…



By the time we did the bridal party dance, the cake-cutting, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance, it was time to clear out of the restaurant and move onto the dance party.

But first we dropped by Dawn and Mark’s room to quickly grab our things that we had left in there, and we noticed that their suite had been changed into a romantic retreat and the resort staff had filled up their jacuzzi with water and rose petals. So Dawn helpfully tied Mark’s shirt into a knot so it wouldn’t get wet…


And then he got in.


And then we all hit up the Infinity Bar, which was having a “White Party” that night (perfect theme).


And when that place finally closed we went to the disco, which is open until 7am. And things got a little crazy…


Maaaan it was a fun wedding. We had a really great time. I was so glad to be a part of it, and had so much fun with all the guests the rest of the time on the resort. Destination weddings are really where it’s at.

I am also happy to report there were no embarrassing piggyback moments. Wins all around.



I’m baaaaaack and my pants don’t fiiiiiiittttt, mon

Well that is a slight exaggeration. My pants do fit, but they are snug. I didn’t wear pants the entire week I was away and I cannot say I missed them. Putting them on this morning was not a fun time.

I arrived home Thursday afternoon, but by the time we did the whole airport thing and dealt with some other shenanigans I didn’t get home until the evening, and by then I was just done. Just soo exhausted. I didn’t even open my computer until Friday morning, and it was my work computer, and over 200 emails greeted me. Hooray!

But ohhh man did I have fun in Jamaica. Best trip of my life. I don’t see how any other trip is going to be able to trump it, because it was just pure shenanigans with my best friends and their families the entire time.


I didn’t blog while I was away, because the internet was super sketchy and to be honest I was just having too much fun. I thought about doing it on the plane, but then I really got into Gone Girl (the book I am reading for my book club) and I decided to just save the blog stuff for later. I have SERIOUS recapping to do, and I think I am going to split it up a bit.

But for now, here are some highlights.

Dawn and Mark got married on the beach surrounded by their best friends and family.


Dawn was beautiful. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous bride. Everyone looked beachy and amazing, and we got some realllllly beautiful pictures on the beach and at the spa.


And then we partied.



We stayed at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton in Lucea, Jamaica, and our resort was incredible. This was the first all-inclusive resort I have been to, but everyone said it was the most beautiful resort they had ever been to and it was going to ruin me for the rest of my vacations. I think vacationing with all your friends will probably do that too…

I can’t describe how breathtaking our resort was though, and pictures don’t do it even a little bit of justice.




Shazzam. But more on that later.

We had some of our usual antics…



We danced…




We made new friends…



We went on some trips, including a catamaran adventure…


And a day trip to Negril.


The food was AMAZING.


(Sorry about the feet, but that’s what ya get when you eat on the beach, mon)


Hence the pants being snug. It was a little bit TOO amazing. Not even just the a la cartes, but the buffets also. There will obviously be a post dedicated to the food.

The staff was amazing.


The pool was amazing.


The SWIM UP BAR was amazing.


The beaches were amazing.



I want to live in that ocean.

Oh, and Troy drank too much.



Just everything was perfect. A ridiculously fun time and I am really sad to be home. I can’t tell you how depressing it is to go from +30C and pure sun to -15C and SNOW. I came home to snow, and my walk to work Friday morning was sad.


Let’s just compare this to earlier this week…


Really not impressed with the cold. At all.

But at least my drive didn’t look like this:


Because my friend Emily’s did today. Ah, I am soo unbelievably glad I don’t drive to work anymore. But ugh. Take me back!

I will delve into everything further for sure, but I just wanted to write a little update so you guys didn’t think I died or was kidnapped.

Oh, also, I said I had a surprise post planned for while I was gone, but something went wrong and it didn’t post, so I’m just gonna save it for a little bit (it is really nothing great so don’t get excited, I am not trying to big it up!)

And ALSO, the video of the piggyback fail was on Ellen while I was gone. ELLEN! FRIGGIN’ ELLEN!!!!! I almost died when I found out. Here is the clip if you wanna watch:

I hope you guys had a great week! And I just have two words for you: DESTINATION. WEDDING. Have one.


Don & Marcia’s Tropical Jack & Jill

Friday night was my good friend Dawn and her fiance Mark’s Jack and Jill!

Look at those beautiful tropical lovers. I am SO excited for their wedding in Jamaica. Just so excited.

So apparently Jack & Jill’s (sometimes also called Stag & Doe) are a Canadian thing, and every time I mention it someone asks me what it is, so I am just going to explain it before that happens. Basically you host a big party, usually in a rented hall (but I have been to ones in someone’s house before), invite everyone and their mother (literally and their mother), get them all liquored up so they’ll play a ton of games, do a raffle, and the goal is to raise money to help the bride and groom out with their wedding expenses.

It is basically like a wedding, but only the party portion, and with games. And, well, slightly more redneck. And I use that term out of love. We all grew up in a small town that is a bit on the redneck side, and also seems to be Jack & Jill central.

Anyway, Jack & Jill’s are a very fun time, is what I am saying. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a bad Jack & Jill. You Americans need to get on this, I’m telling you. What is more fun than hanging out with peoples’ inebriated relatives? I can’t think of anything right now.

Since Dawn and Mark are having a tropical Jamaican wedding, they decided to have a tropical themed Jack & Jill.

So we busted out the lei’s and the coconuts for the occasion.

(myself, Leanne, Julie working the door)

This was the first Jack & Jill I have attended where I have been part of the wedding party, so it was a lot of fun for me because I got to be involved in things. Like working the door for a bit with my pals.

(Emily and I with the first $20 of the night)

This was fun because we got to greet people coming in. And we had a Rastafarian hat, so we liked to make people wear it as they entered.

They liked it.

My official duty was kind of the “MC” of the Jack and Jill. It was not as intense as being the MC at a wedding though, I basically just announced the games and the raffle draw winners. The prize for the limbo contest was a trophy full of the booze of your choice and I brought the guy who won on stage and got him to chug his rye out of the trophy in front of everyone. Luckily he did not throw up, or that may not have been the best decision…

Pretty sure he was feeling good though…

The most popular game of the evening was definitely the Toonie Toss. The prize is a 60 of booze. We did the Toonie Toss twice, and so the booze in this case was Jamaican spiced rum and also Crown Royal. You put the bottle on the floor and do exactly what the name suggests: throw Toonie’s at it (so actually, I am not sure you Americans would be able to do this, as you have no Toonies). Whoever’s Toonie is closest wins the booze, and the rest of the money is donated to the bride and groom.

People tend to get pretty intense over it…

I mean, a lot is at stake there.

There was also a pirate ship pinata!

Which no one was interested in. And I really bigged that up in my announcing. People are really more into the booze prizes than the candy ones at these events.

Best costume of the evening probably goes to Dawn’s mom Brenda (or just Brennie), on the left:

I loved her braids. So attractive. I enjoyed her friend’s hat a lot also. She really looked like a tourist somewhere.

I love Dawn’s family. They are a lot of fun.

I like to crash their family photos. You may remember Dawn’s dad Bri-bear from my friends’ Leanne and Dave’s wedding.

Our old teacher Mr. B was supposed to come but ended up not being able to, so we were disappointed. Until Marni, our other favourite high school English teacher, showed up!

She is next to me on the right. We love Marni! I was so excited to see her. And I can actually call her by her first name, which I told Mr. B I will never be able to do with him. It just doesn’t sound right. He will always be Mr. B.

We had fun catching up with her, and I hope there are more shenanigans with her in our future. Hanging out with your teachers is COOL I tell you.

There was also a food table, so I picked up some quality snackage…

I made two cheese balls for the occasion. One was the salmon cheese ball from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry, and the other was a recipe I found on Kraft Canada. Both actually turned out really well, but the second one didn’t get brought out since there ended up being a ridiculous amount of food. No worries though, I slept over at my friends’ Emily and Corey’s, and we brought the cheese ball back with us and annihilated it until 3am. Good times.

It was such a fun Jack & Jill, and I am so proud to be a part of my little Dawnald’s upcoming big day!