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The Last of Summer

Welp, that’s that. Summer is officially over. Happy first day of fall! I’m not super pumped about it because I know the cold weather is a comin’, but I had such an amazing summer that I am feeling satisfied. One of the best I’ve ever had. Also one of the busiest. I would not be able to keep up that level of activity year round and I can’t lie, I am excited to do a little hibernating on winter weekends. Just a couple of winter weekends though. I don’t need six months of winter weekends. I keep hearing that we’re in for an exceptionally long and cold winter and please, please no! I don’t want it!

Anyway, since this past weekend was the last official weekend of the summer, Evan and I decided to spend it at the cottage. When I originally checked the weather last week it was supposed to be beautiful and sunny all weekend. But of course, as usually happens when we decide we’re going to the cottage, as the weekend approached the weather turned to shit. It was beautiful and sunny all week, and it is beautiful and sunny all this week, but Friday afternoon and Saturday were crap. So when we arrived it was overcast.


But hey, at least it wasn’t snowing.


Evan wanted to make sure his boat motor was still running, so we took the little aluminum boat out on the lake for a bit.


It started no problem but we came thisclose to running out of gas, so that was pretty nerve-wracking. It would have been a nightmare. We made it back though, just before it started raining.


It’s still my favourite place, even in the rain.

We ate burgers and listened to the Jays game on the radio and were in bed reading by 10. Party animals.

We didn’t stop for food or anything on the way up on Friday, so on Saturday morning we headed into Hastings, a little town near the cottage, for breakfast and groceries. For breakfast we went to the cutest little place called Banjo’s, right on the lake.

banjos 2

(not my photo)

There are only maybe eight tables in the entire restaurant, so it’s really small and it doesn’t look like anything exciting, but they have great breakfast, I tell you what.


My breakfast was so good. Simple, and I don’t even think I could tell you what was so good about it, but I really enjoyed it.

After grocery shopping we drove by a rummage sale in a church basement, so we decided to stop and check it out. When we walked in the ladies handed us a plastic grocery bag and told us to fill it up with anything we wanted for $5. The rummage sale had already seen a lot of rummagers, and it was pretty picked over in there, but we scored some good VHS movies for the cottage!

Rummage sale haul! Got some sweet VHS tapes for the cottage! I am especially excited for the story of the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays. And the...bathtub spout.

Because yes, the cottage still has a VCR. With a dual DVD player. High-tech. As I mentioned on my Instagram, I am pretty excited for Sky High! The story of the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays. Also the bathtub spout. That was Evan’s pick. He thinks he will be able to use it on an upcoming project.

It was raining when we got back, so we pretty much did nothing for the rest of the day. We read and napped on the couch and it was awesome. The rain eventually stopped in the early evening, so we made it outside for a bit.



You can’t tell in the photo, but the combination of the sun and the clouds was making the trees look like they were in high-definition or something.

Dinner of champions right here!


Kraft Dinner, it’s been so long!

Sunday was beautiful. Finally.


Not a bad way to start my morning.

It was a bit chilly in the shade, but the sun was so warm and nice. After breakfast, Evan and I decided to take the canoe out on an adventure.



We explored all around the bay that the cottage is in, and I think it was the most peaceful I’ve ever seen the lake.


The sky was perfect, there was no wind, and the lake was smooth as glass. It was an easy paddle, and we kept mostly to the shoreline so we could see creatures (or as even calls them, crit-jures).





We saw a turtle, some fish, a ton of birds, and a lot of beautiful skyline. Just gorge.


When we got back we played cribbage by the lake, while again listening to the Jays game. I haven’t played cribbage in yeeeears. I think we’re going to be busting it out this winter on hibernation weekends.


I should mention that we specifically have “cottage clothes” that we leave up there to bum around in. Hence why Evan is always looking…his best. I know you’re checking out his outfit.

On the way home we stopped at this amazing takeout barbecue joint, Yorkie’s Bar-B-Q, for dinner. I’ve had a pretty good beef brisket from there before, but this time I went for the pulled pork and maaaan.


It was good. We also shared popcorn chicken, which was just as good as I hoped it would be.

So it was a pretty great way to end the summer, especially Sunday.

And now I am okay if people start talking about sweaters and boots and pumpkins and leaves. But not excessively!


The Canadian Cottage Experience

On Friday we left Niagara in the late morning and drove up to Evan’s cottage on Rice Lake, Ontario. Cottages are super popular around here and I would say a good 60% of Ontarians have summer cottages on one of Ontario’s many lakes. If you don’t have a cottage you probably at least have a friend who has a cottage that you can lure them into bringing you to. In the other provinces they tend to call them cabins, but here it is cottage all the way. So, hitting up a cottage in the summer is VERY much a Canadian activity and it was definitely something we wanted to introduce our American friends Paula and Fabian to.

We arrived in the early afternoon, dropped off our stuff, and then hit up Golden Beach Resort, one of our cottage food haunts, for a late lunch. And when at Golden Beach Resort for the first time, this picture must happen:


Evan and I have the same one.

We started with the shrimp flatbread, which we had not tried before.


And man, it was GOOD. Surprisingly good. Will be ordering that again.

And Evan and I also hadn’t tried the poutine at Golden Beach but I do know their fries intimately, and they are quite good, so I assumed their poutine would be on point. I was not wrong.


Now THAT is a Canadian poutine right there. Note the cheese curds, and the gravy was delicious. Still not the best poutine I’ve ever had, but definitely an authentic Canadian example. We were on a mission to introduce Paula and Fabian to all the Canadian foods, and we were able to check off poutine, Ketchup chips, maple cookies, and butter tarts. Just missing the Beaver Tails, Nanaimo bars and authentic maple syrup, but next time! I also got the fish from the fish and chips to go with the poutine.

It was cloudy and about to rain by the time we got back to the cottage, so we had a little nap while the weather was less than ideal.


The cottage is made for napping. And drinking on the dock. We got started on that when we woke up and the rain had stopped.


And once the sun came out around sunset time the sky (and the water) were just gorgeous.





Beauty. We hung out on the dock for a while and watched Evan try to get his boat motor started. Again. Didn’t happen, but it was entertaining to watch.

It was a bit chilly out there, but we persevered. I broke out the flannel plaid jackets because nothing says Canada like flannel plaid.


My dad used to have that same jacket that Fabian is wearing. He wore it fishing alllll the time.

We spent the rest of the night drinking, also a typical cottage activity, and once it got dark I lured everyone back down to the pitch black dock  so we could look at the stars. There is no light pollution at all at the cottage, so the stars are some of the best I’ve ever seen. It was a bit cloudy so they weren’t as awesome as I’ve experienced before, but still better than city stars.

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, had a decent breakfast, and headed to the Warsaw Caves!

More on those later though because it was quite the experience and I want to do it justice.

By the time we got back to the cottage the weather was perfect!


Perfect for drinking on the dock in the sunshine. It was so nice. We had big plans to take the canoe out, but you have to drag it from the basement down to the water and laziness won. It was also a bit cooler than it usually is this time of year, which our Florida friends were loving, but sadly meant that it was too cold to really be in the water, and too cold for the party dock. I had big visions of Paula and I floating around in that thing, drinks in hand, but it’s going to have to wait until next time (along with the Beaver Tails, Nanaimo bars and maple syrup).

We stayed outside on the dock all afternoon until it was time for dinner. Pork kabobs!


It seems to be our thing lately. Plus salad and warm pitas with babaganouj and Greek yogurt dill dip. I also bought some rhubarb barbecue sauce (rhu-becue sauce?) from a little market we went to that morning (where we also scored butter tarts), so we had that with the pork as well. It is a lot better than it sounds.

After dinner we showered and then headed to Ajax to celebrate my friend Emily’s birthday. We went to Yuk Yuks (a Canadian comedy club) with a big group of my friends. I only thought one of the comedians we saw was really funny, Eric Andrews. He had this awkwardness going on that was making me laugh hard, and he told a joke with the same punch line three times, but the lead up to the punchline was different each time and each time was funny, so that was impressive. He said it was his goal to have the crowd chant his name, then pick him up and carry him out onto the street. When he finished one of his jokes it was Paula who got the crowd yelling “ERIC! ERIC! ERIC!” and when it died down the club was silent for just a moment and I yelled really loudly “LET’S PICK HIM UP!!!” and I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but it really was at the perfect moment (and it kind of sounded like a “LET’S GET ‘EM!”). Evan was all “annnnd the Jambon makes an appearance…” (the ham).

After the show we saw Eric hanging around by the bar so Paula and I went over to talk to him. Since he wanted to be picked up so badly, I asked him if we could make his dream come true.


He was all “Ohh, I don’t know, I’m uncomfortable!” but I don’t believe it. He liked it.


And don’t let him tell you otherwise.

So that capped off a pretty amazing day. I wish we could have hung out with the group for longer but I am so glad that Paula got to meet my friends!


First Cottage Weekend of the Year

We spent this weekend at Evan’s cottage! First time we’ve been up there this year. I think it’s been since August actually, so that is just too long. We really didn’t get up to the cottage very much last year so I’m hoping to fix that this summer, because it is my favourite.


It is the best. I have said this before but I will say it a million times more…one day I will live on a lake!

Evan has an awesome old boat up there that has unfortunately been out of commission for quite a while. A tree fell on their boathouse about 10 years ago, totally demolishing it, so the boat was moved into the basement and then a family of mice built a nest in the safe warm haven of the motor. So, that was the end of the motor running. I don’t know what it will take to get it to run again, probably a lot of money in repairs and it might not be worth it. And boat motors (and boats!) are expensive! Not in the ol’ budget right now. Evan definitely has the itch for a working boat up there, so in the meantime he scored a 1971 4hp Mercury for the little tin boat on the super cheap and he was confident he could get it running.


He was pretty excited about the motor. We have some houseguests coming up next weekend (PAULA!!!! Oh, and Fabian) and it would be nice if we could take them for a cruise around the lake. So Evan and Brotherman spent the evening working on the motor.


While I got started on this:


A party raft! I have always wanted one so when I saw it on sale at Canadian Tire for something ridiculous like 80% off it was a no-brainer. I was not leaving without it. We may not have a working motor next weekend, but you know what we will have? A working party raft.


That was a success. Look at all those convenient drink holders. I am already picturing Paula and I floating around in this (maybe we will allow Fabian and Evan on it, we will see). When I finished blowing that puppy up, the motor was the same. No news.


Though Evan was still optimistic. Until he wasn’t.


Eventually the boys gave up and we went over to Golden Beach Resort’s Boathouse Cafe on Rice Lake for dinner. Beer time. J’adore Barking Squirrel.


And I already knew this, but the fish and chips there is probably the best fish and chips I have ever had.


That fish is so, so good.

It was a pretty leisurely evening, and we were in bed shortly after we got back.

Rolled out of bed on Saturday to sunshine. There is no better way to start the day than this.


I could have stayed out there reading all day.

The boys spent the morning installing a new back splash in the kitchen.


We were having my dad and Mona, as well as Evan’s mom and nana, over in the afternoon for a belated birthday barbecue for my dad, so while they worked on that I prepped the meat.


Meat skewers are the best skewers. We just buy a few roasts, usually pork and beef, and chop them up, rather than buying pre-cut meat, or pre-made skewers. Much less expensive, and very delicious. It’s Evan’s specialty, but I took it over for him.

It ended up raining pretty hard on Saturday but we were able to squeeze in a bit of outside time by the lake with everyone before that happened. Evan had my dad take a look at the motor just as the rain was starting.


And still nothing. Not starting. Even with a new spark plug. Umm, if anyone has any experience with old Mercury motors we are accepting tips!



I went back for more of everything. That bean dip is the Chic to be Greek dip from Eat Shrink and Be Merry and it is fantastic. The dill in there makes it a bit green. That doesn’t usually happen when we make it in a food processor, but we used a blender this time and the dill got pulverized.

I found the best berry tart at Costco for dessert.


Will be buying that again.

Evan and Brotherman with their mom and nana.


What a beautiful family.

Once everyone left we napped in the main room while it crazy rained outside.


It rained on and off allllll evening and all Sunday. But I’d still rather be there than anywhere else.


Check that rainbow on the left!



On Sunday the boys finished grouting the back splash before we took off. It looks awesome!


Especially since there was nothing there before that. They did a really good (and speedy!) job.

On the way home on Sunday we stopped by my dad and Mona’s to help them install this gigantic light that they picked up at some sale/auction thing for a really good deal.


Mona and I were laughing at how many men it was taking to install a light fixture, but it did not look like the easiest task.



It works perfectly in their kitchen. Definitely a great find.

Annnnd that was the cottage weekend. I can NOT wait until the cottage this coming weekend with Fabian and Paula. We are going to have a time!


Shovel all the Gravel

This past weekend was FINALLY the grand opening of Evan’s cottage.


We met Evan’s family up there for a nice relaxing time, because


That’s right, except…I wouldn’t exactly say the weekend was relaxing. We were essentially going up to do work, which I knew ahead of time so I knew what I was getting myself into and was A-okay with it. The dock had to be put in, there was some landscaping to be done, and this giant mound of gravel needed to be spread across the driveway.


Who doesn’t love shovelling gravel? The grass was coming up through the old gravel and the boards on the side were rotting away, so that had to be taken care of.

Evan and I hit up Home Depot Saturday morning to pick up the wood for this project.


That truck is a handy beast (and so is Evan).

We also picked up some cedar trees for the side of the driveway from the best garden centre I have even been to (cedars pictured below but not said garden centre).


And we may have also stopped at a few yard sales. I was REALLY tempted to pick up this DVD for the cottage.


Because nothing screams rainy day at the cottage like The Bodyguard. But I didn’t, and now I regret it.

We spent the rest of the day with Evan’s family digging up the old boards, putting in the new ones, weeding, planting things, and shoveling the gravel around. And you know what? It was a good time! It was such a gorgeous day and it was genuinely nice to be doing manual labour in the sunshine after sitting at my desk for 10 hours a day, five days a week since, well…forever. Not that I want to be a full-time manual labourer or anything, but it was a very nice change of pace. Shoveling the gravel and digging out the old boards was the best workout I’ve had in a long, long time. Evan and I were saying that we wish our gym would get a mound of gravel that you had to move around. Quite an effective workout, though I don’t know if you would get quite the same sense of accomplishment afterwards.

I also had Jack Johnson playing the entire time we were working and Evan’s whole family are now in love with him, and even requested that we play him again later…and again and again.

We worked very hard, and the driveway went from this:


To this:



So not the craziest, hugest difference, and nothing fancy or anything, but it does the trick and I felt pretty proud afterwards. I can’t say that I’ve ever shovelled like that before.

There were a few red ant colonies living in the old boards, and it is nuts how much they smell like citronella. I would pull out an old board and be all “what is that beautiful smell?” and then see the hundreds of red ants. It is a phenomenon. Actually I just googled about it and apparently they are called “citronella ants” because of this. I did not know that.

Anyway, we rewarded ourselves after all our hard work with a big and delicious dinner.


Beef, chicken, and bacon wrapped scallops. So good.

Topped that off with Moosetracks ice cream and these amazing little Portugese tarts from the St. Lawrence Market.


On Sunday we did finally get to relax a bit since we miraculously finished all the work on Saturday. We all headed out in the late morning for a leisurely breakfast at the Golden Beach Resort. On the patio, since it was beauty out. I ordered the eggs benny with a side of bacon.


With hollandaise on the side because I can’t stand when my entire plate is swimming in hollandaise sauce. This was PERFECT. Once we were finished eating Evan’s Uncle Gino asked if anyone was up for pancakes, and since I can never turn down food and I couldn’t let the poor guy eat pancakes by himself, I signed up for that.


I was expecting just one pancake… But I ate every last bite (though I did share my bacon) and was full for the entire day.

Afterwards we drove to the cute little village of Warkworth (which may actually be the cutest little town I have ever come across, really cool shops there) because we heard there was a lilac festival happening and we wanted to check it out. There were several “lilac alley’s” around, but we chose to walk the Millenium Lilac Trail.


You may be looking at that picture and wondering where all the lilacs are. So were we. For a lilac trail it sure did have a small amount of lilacs. There were actually more lilacs on the cottage property than on the lilac trail. But the ones we did see were beautiful.



And smelled amazing, as lilacs always do. It’s so sad that they bloom for such a short time and the rest of the year you are left with this ugly bush.

There were a TON of ferns though.


Fern gully, for sure.

And the trail itself was really nice.



I found a really awesome climbing tree.


But this picture is a bit of an illusion. I was not quite as high up as this portrays. I haven’t climbed a tree in years though, so I’m happy to discover I haven’t lost my knack for it. And I didn’t fall out of it and re-break my face, so that’s a win.

It was a good weekend with Evan and his fam (who I REALLY enjoy), and now that the cottage work is done I am ready for some leisure time by the lake next time we are up there.


Can’t wait to float in this on a raft all day.

Have a great weekend!


The Cottage Birthday and Chicken Balls for Breakfast

We went to Evan’s cottage again this past weekend, likely the last time until next summer for me, although you never know.

Evan and I arrived Friday night, and sadly all of Saturday pretty much looked like this:


Overcast and quite a lot of rain. But that is A-okay, it was pretty relaxing just hanging out inside. Evan’s friends Ian and Dorothy were with us, so the four of us decided to go out for brunch on Saturday morning at a local Chinese restaurant, the Rice Lake Harwood Restaurant.


It was an interesting brunch choice but there was not really anywhere else to go in the area. We went to a more touristy spot first and found that the restaurant was closed for the season, so that was disappointing. But only disappointing until I saw the menu at this place, because where else can you get chicken balls with your breakfast?


I really love chicken balls and I have eaten many of them over the years. I need to say that those were the BEST chicken balls that I have ever eaten. EVER. I mean it. They actually had real chicken breast inside, were more chicken than ball (a problem I find with many chicken balls) and were just deep fried to golden perfection. I could not get enough. Best brunch I have had in a long time, and I excitedly told our server this as we were leaving. Dorothy actually grew up in Hong Kong so we were asking her about all the North Americanized Chinese dishes. Chicken balls are not a traditional Chinese dish in case anyone was wondering. Nor are spring rolls. But chicken feet sure are, and Dorothy says they’re actually really good!

Anyway, next time we are at the cottage we are going there for dinner. I need to try out the best of the Americanized Chinese deliciousness.

I have been excited for this cottage weekend for a while because my friends Dawn and Emily were coming up with their lovers Mark and Corey and they had never been to the cottage before. I had also not seen the girls since our sushi/Pravda night and that is just way too long, so I was anxious for a catch-up session. Emily and Corey had just spent a week on the east coast and were driving back from Nova Scotia on Saturday morning, so they weren’t arriving until later in the evening, but Dawn and Mark got there in the early afternoon. Just in time for a hat party.


There are a lot of good hats at the cottage…


So we all tried them on.


Sometimes several at once.


Dorothy brought out the best snack plate ever while we sat around chatting.


And Dawn was all “Lindsey, this is blog material!” And it was. There are few things in life I enjoy more than good cheese and crackers. And fruit I guess. And that was hot pepper raspberry jam, which sounds like an odd combination, but it was really good. Especially with a little brie on your cracker. I appreciate people who are snack-oriented so I loved Dorothy for busting this out.

For dinner Evan made us all vegetable and pork skewers on the barbecue. And he gets extra points because he cut both the pork and the vegetables up himself (and you can see all the other reasons why he is awesome here).


He also toasted the pitas with butter and picked up three different kinds of hummus and Helluva Good Dip (the dip was my request). I loved all the selections. Such a good dinner! We were all praising Chef Evan.

Since this was only a few days before Evan’s birthday we had a mini celebration for him. Dawn and Mark brought him this “special rum” from Jamaica that apparently everyone has to have a shot of on (or near) their birthday.


We all decided to try it, and at first I wasn’t sure about it…


Hmm…what is this?

But then it was pretty clear that I did not like it.



And I really regretted drinking any rum the next day. Beer! I need to stick to beer all the way! It is bad news when I forget this.

Evan took his shot much more gracefully than I did.


I think he might have liked it.

The six of us played Cards Against Humanity for about four hours while we waited for Corey and Emily to arrive (and no one had to go lie down because they were laughing too hard, so that is a success). Serious kudos to Em and Cork for even coming at all, because they had been driving all day long after a week’s vacation and I’m pretty sure if it were me I would have wanted to just go home and dive right into my bed. But they made it and they were in good spirits!


I was so excited to see them and hear about their trip.

And I was waiting for them to get there so I could bring out Evan’s birthday cake!


I don’t have any good pictures of the cake but it was so good! I picked it up at a bakery near my work and it was a Dufflet (apparently they are well-known) vanilla with buttercream icing. Seriously so moist and so good. Everyone was going on about it and there was none leftover, which I was very disappointed about in the morning. I think it would have cured my hangover.

Dawn and Mark also got this sweet party game for Evan.


Stick the pterodactyl on the pterodactyl spot. Sounds like a party and a half. We didn’t end up playing, which is sad because it looks like a fun time. But Evan saved it and we may have to bring it out in the future. And Emily and Corey brought Evan moonshine. It was quite the array of birthday presents. Looking back I wish we had combined the moonshine with the stick the pterodactyl on the pterodactyl spot, because that would have been pretty interesting.

When we woke up on Sunday morning it was just BEAUTIFUL. The entire day looked like this:


Sunny and clear skies!

We made a quick bacon and egg breakfast (I was on toast duty and I mentioned that there is no glory in it and toast duty is a thankless job and everyone started clapping and yelling “YEAHHH TOAST!” when I sat down, so that was nice) and then we spent the rest of the day outside. Emily discovered how amazing the hammock is…


We did a lot of fishing (well, the boys did) and tube leisuring…


And poor Dawnald got stung by a wasp on her pinky finger. Poor muffin. I hope that doesn’t make her associate Evan’s cottage with bad things because I believe this was a rare occurrence. I think they all had a great time, and I had a fun day with my beautiful friends.


Evan and I ended up staying all day and didn’t get home until about 10pm Sunday evening. I really just wanted enjoy it I knew it was going to be the last cottage day and winter is coming and city winters suck. So I achieved my goal and spent the entire day in the sunshine. Yes yes. It was a good weekend.


Lazy Lake Days

This weekend we headed up to Evan’s cottage again, so I hope you’re not sick of hearing about it yet. We’ve been there a lot this summer, a few times more than I originally expected, and it’s so nice to get away from the city for a bit. I love living in Toronto, but I feel very fortunate to be able to escape it sometimes. I am a country girl at heart and there is only so many crowded subways/traffic I can take. I will not live there forever, I’ll tell ya that.

I would be very content living somewhere like this:


Very content.

For this cottage weekend we had Brotherman, his fiancée Kelly, and their friends Ian and Dorothy in attendance.


It was a good group and we had a lot of fun.

We arrived late on Friday night and went to bed shortly after, so the party started Saturday morning. With juice.


I was really excited that they brought the juicer. I love a fresh citrusy drink with my breakfast.


We had a big family-style breakfast and I loaded my plate up with all the delicious things.


It was perfect fuel for a day of leisuring on the lake. I wish I could get paid for being a professional leisurer because I am naturally good at it.


Professional leisurers

I spent the day alternating between lying on the dock and reading, lying on a raft and reading, and lying in an inner tube and drinking beer.


This is not me. This is Ian.

And swimming also. Saturday was GORGEOUS. Just a dream day. Beautifully sunny, not a cloud in the sky, no wind, and it was hot but not humid and gross. What else was there to do? Nothing. Soak it up. Summer is too short. I got some exercise when I had to get up from my position lying on the dock, don’t worry. It is practically getting in and out of plank position.

I also had a lot of fun photographing Ian and Dorothy as they threw their tubes off the dock and then attempted to jump into them.




All good.

It made me laugh hard. 

And I have tube tricks of my own.


Not quite as mobile as the lifejacket diapers, but still a good time.

In the afternoon Ian broke out the blender and made us all pisco sours, but sans raw egg white as the original recipe called for, which we were all okay with. In the hot sun I’m not sure how good of an idea raw egg would be.


It was cold and refreshing and delicious. He used a bunch of fresh key limes and that really made the drink for me. I loved it.

We played frisbee cup…


I do not know…

And barbecued burgers with Brotherman’s slaw (that I still cannot get enough of)…


And we sat around the campfire for hours and made s’mores and talked and told stories. Perfect day.

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday, only it was a bit more windy and overcast. It eventually started to rain, but it held off until we were leaving in the late afternoon, so that is a win. On the way home Evan and I stopped for dinner with these two lovers:


We went to East Side Marios because it was right beside Walmart and we all wanted to do a little grocery shopping before we came home. I have not been to East Side Marios for YEARS and I kind of forgot how much I like it. Particularly their unlimited garlic bread and salad. It’s been far too long since this has been in my life.


I used to just die for their salad dressing. My friend used to work there and I would try to make him steal the dressing for me. Back when I was a starving student I used to go to East Side Marios, get the cheapest pasta on the menu, eat all the bread and salad, and then take my pasta home for lunch the next day. It was a really good system.

This time I stepped my order up slightly and did not go for the cheapest pasta.


Hell’s Kitchen Chicken with pasta and vegetables. Those mushrooms are so good! But I did still fill up on all the bread and salad so I had enough of that leftover to save for lunch today.

So yep, good weekend. It makes me sad that summer is almost over, but we do have one more cottage weekend to look forward to in September, which is a good thing because cottage weekends are my favourite!