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Livin’ on the Edge

Back in the summer (and I’m sad it’s over) my pal Casey asked me if I would be interested in doing the CN Tower EdgeWalk with her this year for her birthday. If you are not familiar with the CN tower, it is the giant focal point of the Toronto skyline.


Pretty sure I mentioned this when Evan and I went up there with Emily and Corey a couple years ago but it is the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere and the fifth tallest in the world (it was the tallest until 2010). It’s about 1,800 feet, so it’s tall. It is large and in charge. You’ve always been able to go up inside the tower. It’s a pretty big tourist attraction and it has a revolving restaurant and a glass floor and a few other things happening. But in 2011 they started the EdgeWalk which is a walk OUTSIDE – around the circumference of the roof. You are tethered the entire time so it’s not quite as scary as a free walk. But it is still scary.


It’s kind of been on my radar to do for a while, but it’s expensive and I live here so I figured one day, but I’ve never really had an excuse. Evan can’t even walk on the glass floor up there so there’s no way I would ever be able to get him to do it. When Casey asked me it was all the encouragement I needed! So a few Sunday’s ago I met up with Casey, her mom and her friend Erika and we got suited up for our adventure. We were looking goooood.


They take you out in groups of eight, so we had some new people with us. The two guys on the right in the above picture were visiting from Sweden (here for the World Cup of Hockey) and the couple on the left were from San Diego. We were the only Toronto natives!

I read reviews beforehand and the main point that kept coming up was that they take safety extremely seriously, and I have to agree on that. They are super super safety conscious. We had to be wearing rubber soled shoes, we could not bring anything out with us that could potentially fall, any jewelry we had on needed to be stored in a locker, and they triple checked our suits and harnesses. Once we were suited up in our attractive red jumpsuits they took us up a dedicated Edge Walk elevator, double tethered us to a track that goes around the entire building outside, and we were walking out over 1,600 feet in the air above the city.


Pretty crazy.

Heights are not really a fear of mine, but that feeling of falling sure is. Evan is absolutely not a heights fan and he thinks it’s so funny when I say that I’m more afraid of falling than afraid of heights, he’ll be like “But that’s the whole point!!!!” But I mean that just standing up high doesn’t get me. The feeling of free falling though, that terrifies me so bad that I worry I’m going to die of anxiety on the Drop Zone at Wonderland. So for me I think I found it easier to do something like this as opposed to jumping out of a plane.

But even though heights have never really bothered me, when we first walked out I felt breathless when I looked down. It was an adrenaline rush for sure and it was a pretty weird and unsettling feeling. The very first activity we did was called toes over Toronto, where you walked to the very edge and kept only your heels on the platform. Eep. I think that was the toughest for me. But after that I started to trust my equipment and feel comfortable with the height.

The next activity was where we walked backwards to the edge and leaned back. We got a video of our entire experience afterwards so I made a short clip of this…

The first time was definitely scary, but by the time I did it again I felt like an old pro!



We were outside for a good half an hour walking around the tower, pointing out our city’s landmarks and and doing activities. Another one was leaning forward over the city as opposed to backwards. Our guide was fantastic and I’m kicking myself for not being able to remember her name – she remembered all of ours after a very short time and that was really impressive.


I would definitely recommend the EdgeWalk whether you are visiting the city or live here. And if you don’t like being up high, we had a guy in our group who was super afraid of heights and he didn’t do all the activities but he was okay, and I think even he was feeling more comfortable towards the end. It is expensive at about $200, however I feel like it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it was definitely worth the money. We received a couple printed photos and a full DVD of our experience, all included in our package. We also split the photos package between the four of us – It was only $20 extra so $5 each for all the photos taken of us that day, so that seemed worth it to us.


It was a good time! Super cool experience that I can cross off the ol’ bucket list. Thanks for inviting me, Casey! I don’t know how you’re going to top this on your next birthday…


Being a Tourist in our Own City (The CN Tower Adventure)

So you may have noticed the super tall building that is the focal point in Toronto’s skyline.


Summer, I miss you!!!

The CN Tower. The tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere (it was the tallest in the world until 2010), and one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Huge tourist attraction. Naturally you’d think since it is close by we would visit it all the time but no. When Evan and I did the Toronto Ghost Tour with Corey and Emily we were talking about other things we could do in the city and we discovered that neither Corey or Evan had ever been to the CN Tower before and both Emily and I hadn’t been there since we were very young.

We decided right then that the CN Tower was next on our list of things to do while we were being tourists in our own city. So that’s where we went on Sunday (after the gold medal hockey game of course).



We also decided that it could be another 30  years before any of us are back there so we might as well do the CN Tower right and go to the 360 Restaurant for lunch. It is a very pricey restaurant (by my standards, anyway). It’s $55 for the prix fixe lunch menu, which normally would be too rich for my blood, but that price did include a lift ticket to the top of the tower and access to the two observation decks, which is $30 on its own. So when you factor that in it’s not so bad. And we had to eat somewhere…


Why not at a restaurant with a REVOLVING floor that gives you a 360 degree view of the city? (hence the name 360 Restaurant) The floor moves very slowly, so we only did about one and a half turns in the time we were there (slightly over an hour and a half I think). I felt like it was a good amount because if it had moved any faster I think we would have felt sick. By the end we all agreed we just had that feeling like we had been in the car for too long.

But it was a clear day and the views were ridiculous.


Facing north, the Yonge Street corridor


Looking northeast


East along Lake Ontario


South towards the US (and we could actually see Rochester NY!)

That little arrow that I’ve added is to point out the Natrel Rink where Hannah and I were skating last week.


Facing southwest, Toronto Island airport to the left

So the views were just beautiful. I am very glad we ate up there. Definitely worth the price. If you’re in Toronto and are planning on doing the CN Tower thing, I highly recommend going to the restaurant. Lunch was pretty delicious also. Not only the most expensive lunch I have ever had, but also probably the biggest. It was a full three-course meal.

I started with the shaved Niagara prosciutto and sundried tomato crostini.


Which was just amazing. And that on its own is probably just a bit less than what I usually eat for lunch.

For my main I chose the pan seared salmon and PEI mussels, with fingerling potatoes and some other vegetables kicking around


It was good but it didn’t blow me away. I think only because it was salmon. I don’t think I have ever been blown away by salmon. Dessert was incredible though.


Dark chocolate lava cake with milk chocolate ice cream. Seriously rich and seriously delicious. I was full after my main and that cake just did me in. It was so good I ate every last bite.

Once we finished lunching the four of us wandered (waddled) over to the observation decks. First up was the glass floor.


Which is directly over the Ripley’s Aquarium that Evan and I went to on Valentine’s Day. Please note that is over 1000 feet down to the ground. I felt very brave standing on it. Evan has a bit of a height fear (I’d make fun of him but it’s how I feel about spiders so I understand), and he said that his legs turned to jello instantly when he was going to step onto the glass and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He told me later that he was really grateful I didn’t drag him onto the glass.

I probably would have, but I had a partner to go on it with me.


A bunch of kids were lying down on it, and I considered this, but I was concerned with the amount of people walking on the glass with their dirty winter boots… The glass floor was definitely cool though.

And then we headed over to the lookout area…


And took a bunch of romantic photos.



The two photos above were taken with Corey’s DSLR if you are wondering about the jump in quality from my iPhone pics. Kind of makes me want to break out the good camera for future adventures. But I’m lazy.

There were some vidoes, etc. going on as well detailing how the CN Tower was built, so that was pretty interesting. It was built back in 1976, before even Corey was born! so the method was impressive. Coincidentally The Toronto Star just wrote an article about it yesterday, and said that it was built to last for 300 years.

Eventually we took the elevator back down to the base and explored the exhibits down there. Apparently the CN Tower is struck by lightning 75 times a year (shown in these pics!) and that is what the below photos are depicting…



There was also a giant moose dressed like a mountie.

Em’s just giving me a boost so I can ride it. She’s a good friend.

Being a tourist in your own city is a fun time! This winter is killing me softly, so indoor adventuring is key to keep the winter funk from creeping in. Next up, Casa Loma! Or possibly the art gallery. Orrr the museum. I’ll keep you posted.