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Saturday Bakefest (Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal Cookies + Healthy Blondies)

Hey, remember that time I said I didn’t like pumpkin?

I lied. I like it, and I like it quite a lot.

This morning after a 9:30 BodyPump class (which I loved, I always leave BodyPump feeling so strong!), I wandered into the Superstore on a super schweaty mission for pumpkin pie spice for a pumpkin cookie recipe I wanted to try out today.

I couldn’t find it anywhere! After consulting with my favourite baking guru

Having blog friends is so helpful!

I realized that this was not a case of just being blind to the pumpkin pie spice (like how I missed the canned pumpkin), it probably wasn’t available in the Superstore at all.

I headed home to make my own, following Dawn’s advice. I googled a recipe to get the exact quantities of each spice, and found a good one on AllRecipes that I ended up using.

When I was raving on about pumpkin in my v-log, I asked you guys to post your fave pumpkin recipes. Meg from PinkGiggles posted one for Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal Cookies that looked yummily intriguing to me.

She was not wrong. After making these cookies, they are truly the perfect amount of pumpkin spice-y goodness.

I followed SkinnyTaste’s recipe exactly, so check it out if you want to see it. Let me tell you, these cookies turned out amazing.

I loved them! Ridiculously yummy.

If (WHEN) I make these again the only change I’d make would be swapping whole wheat flour for white flour, but the other ingredients were bang-on. I loved these little cookies.

Bake-fest was not quite over just yet. I have a little dinner party tonight with my friends from college Fran and Lisa, as well as our respective lovers, and I am bringing the dessert.

So next up were Chocolate Chip Blondies that I made from Chocolate Covered Katie‘s recipe.

Chocolate Chip Blondies

They look pretty decadent, don’t they? They are DELICIOUS. Would you believe me if I told you they are also healthy?

Healthy Blondies?

It’s true. The main ingredient is chickpeas.

Chick Peas!

No lie. An entire can of chickpeas.


And peanut butter, brown sugar and flour. I had to sub the flour instead of ground flax into my mix, as I didn’t have any ground flax on-hand, but otherwise I followed Katie’s recipe exactly.

The most difficult part was mixing the chick peas, I would say, as the little peas wanted to stay in ball form and it was tricky to get them smoothy-smooth.

But after several minutes of mixing with an electric mixer, I was successful!

Mix, Pre Choco Chips

This recipe is genius. I can’t even explain to you how impressed I am with it. These blondies are moist, chewy and chocolatey. They taste like the real deal, and I could eat the entire pan and I wouldn’t even have to break out my fat pants. That, my friends, is a win.

Ando has already eaten four of them.

I’m excited to see how my pals like everything tonight! I’ll let ya know.

And I am off to get ready! Have a great Saturday!


Quinoa and Chickpea Salad

Today’s been a busy day filled with super fun activities such as closet organization and vacuuming.  Hurrah, and also yippee.  Hands down two of my least favourite chores (vacuuming especially), but I knew if I did not do it today while I’m still on staycation, I’d regret it next week when I’m back to the grind.  And I want to save the weekend for some real fun ;).

I did take a break to make myself a delicious lunch though.

Colourfully Yummy

Quinoa and Chickpea salad!

In this mix is:

  • 1 cup cooked quinoa (cooled)
  • 2 cups green beans (trimmed, chopped and blanched)
  • 1 can chick peas (drained and rinsed)
  • 1 sweet red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 cup crumbled feta cheese (well…maybe a bit more ;))
  • a couple sliced sundried tomatoes.

I originally saw this recipe in Canadian Living magazine (you can view the recipe here), and since I am looking for fun ways to prepare quinoa I was alllll over it.  The actual recipe called for a homemade tomato vinaigrette dressing for this salad, but I cheated and used Kraft fat-free Italian dressing.  There was already lots of prep work with all the chopping and dicing and cooking and blanching and draining and rinsing that was going on, and I was hangry.  The Italian dressing worked well though, and I think Greek would be yummy with it too.

More Of The Goodness

It was a very filling and nutritiously delicious lunch, and I have tons of leftovers.

Today was originally going to be a rest day on the running front because my shinny-shin-shins are still feeling a bit sore, but it is beeeeeeyooootiful outside.  Like spring weather for sure.  So sunny and at least 10 degrees!  I think I’m going to throw down a couple kilometres just so I can get outside in the sunshine.  My first race is quickly approaching, I gotta get those kilometres in!

Question of the day:  Have you tried quinoa?  Thinking about trying quinoa?  Do you have a favourite quinoa recipe?