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Jays Game, Beavertails, and Jeffrey (where’s your purse?)

On Tuesday evening Evan and I hit the Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics game with these two.


Eric and my dad, who is seen above in his very first selfie. During the game my dad told us that he’s never really worn sunscreen but he’s thinking about starting. He’s 64 and he smoked until about 7 years ago (I am so proud of him for quitting!). Now, I’m not saying stop wearing sunscreen and take up smoking, but I am saying his skin looks damn good. Of course, he is my Nana’s son! I would be ecstatic to have one and a half wrinkles when I’m his age.

I haven’t been to a Jays game since last year in Boston and it was pretty great to see them on our home turf with my family and Evan.


Oh, Eric. I am going to miss him.

If you follow baseball at all you know the Jays have just been on fire lately. We actually have a good team this year, so that is pretty exciting. They won the game 4-2 and have won two games since against Oakland, totally sweeping them, which means they have now won 11 games in a row! The series record! If they win against the Yankees this weekend they will actually break the record. People are going nuts for those games and the ticket prices have absolutely skyrocketed. Jays fever hadn’t quite hit yet when we went though, so we still got a decent price. We paid $50 for our tickets and we had pretty good seats.

toronto blue jays

I chose the first base side rather than third base because I think it has more action.

The guys all got new hats and I debated buying a Blue Jays T-shirt from the shop there, but the majority of the female Blue Jays’ shirts were bedazzled so I refrained. Whyyyy? Why bedazzle?! I don’t need gems on my baseball shirt!

We did all the ballpark things, a la drank expensive beer (I actually saw a bottle of Smart water for $8.50! WTF is that?!) and ate giant expensive popcorn and footlong (expensive) hotdogs. Evan was really excited about his hotdog.


I was excited about the toppings. I was getting my money’s worth.

I was monitoring the @IsTheDomeOpen Twitter feed (I am so happy it exists, Jays games are always better with the dome open and it’s good to know what you’re going into) and it said the dome was going to be open so I was pumped. We had some sketchy rain clouds around though, so the dome didn’t actually open until midway through the game. I don’t actually think I have ever seen it open in action before.


It just…slides across.


And then the smaller dome just slid over and in between the other two parts of the dome.



Et voila. Open dome. All electronic, and pretty impressive engineering for being built in the 80s.

I am almost positive we spotted Don Cheadle on the JumboTron. If you look really closely in the below photo I think the man sans hat is him.


And he was sitting at the bottom of our section. We should have done some stalking.

Once again I did not appear on the JumboTron. Story of my life.

It was a really good game, and it was so close that even in the last inning it could have gone Oakland’s way, but the Blue Jays killed it. Good times.


I took Wednesday off work to take my brother to Canada’s Wonderland, our largest amusement park, for his birthday. You absolutely can’t go on a weekend, it’s way too busy. There were still lineups, but definitely not as bad. I think the longest we waited was 45 minutes.


We got there as soon as the park opened and ran straight for the Leviathan since it is the newest roller coaster and therefore usually the busiest. It is hands down the most intense rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. During the first drop I was thinking I wasn’t sure if I could handle rollercoasters anymore…but then I got over it and was all good.

I haven’t been to Wonderland since I got stuck on the Windseeker for 40 minutes and thought I might die. That wasn’t the best experience and I totally avoided that ride this time.

windseekerNever again (also, that is my top viewed post the last couple of years – people really like Googling about people dying at Wonderland – and note, no one has). Eric and I just stuck to all our favourite rollercoasters.

I had my very first BeaverTails experience! BeaverTails are a pastry in the shape of, you guessed it, a beaver tail, with all kids of delicious toppings.



I wanted to experience it with Paula when she was visiting earlier in the summer, but unfortunately we couldn’t find a stand. It was everything I thought it would be and more.


I went for the Triple Trip with Nutella, peanut butter and Reeses Pieces, which was so sweet my teeth hurt. But insanely good. Eric got the Cookies n’ Creme, and his was pretty delicious also. I think even the cinnamon sugar would be good, or the maple! I think I’d get that next time.

We stayed in the park for a good 7 hours (I don’t think I could do opening to closing anymore) and had a great sibling adventure.


After Wonderland we picked up Evan and the three of us headed downtown to Koreatown for dinner (will be a separate eating the world post). And then we met Eric’s childhood friend Jeffrey for a drink. Jefferey, like my best friend Lisa, had a cottage near the house we grew up in, and he and Eric were absolutely inseparable when they were kids. I’m so glad they were reunited.


The last time we were all together was about 5 years ago, so it was good to see him!


Back in 2010

Jeffrey used to refuse to look at the camera in pictures. I’m glad he’s outgrown that.

I was describing Jeffrey to Evan before we met up with him and I said that Jeffrey was the kid from the city who would come around and know all the dirty words way before any of the other kids and would teach them all. So then Eric would come home and ask “Lindsey, what’s a scrotum?” Jeffrey kills me like no other though. When he was about five or six he used to carry around this little Pokemon sack that Lisa and I called his purse and he would be all “It’s not a purse! It’s a Pokemon bag!” and then the next time we saw him he had a little fannypack type bag and I was all “Geez Jeff, you have more purses than I do!” So now it is a longstanding joke whenever we see him, we’re like “Jeffrey, where’s your purse?!” The second I saw him this time he was all “I’m sorry, I forgot my purse.”

Evan and I had a good time laughing at their antics.


Sadly, I dropped Eric off at the airport early yesterday morning, and I am already missing him. He just makes me laugh hard. I do think our relationship is closer because of the distance though. It’s hard to have typical sibling fights when you’re across the country from each other (and you have a 10 year age difference). And he and my mom give me an excuse to visit Beautiful BC.

Have a great weekend!


Hello Wonderland (aka the day I almost died)

Sunday morning after the big prom fest, I headed to Canada’s Wonderland (which is a Canadian theme park similar to a Six Flags) with my good friends Sherrie and Lisa and a few of their guy friends. And I am just going to go ahead and consider those guys my friends now, as we had a major bonding experience that I will get to in a moment.

Let’s talk about the fun times first.

I love theme parks, and I LOVE roller coasters, so I was pretty much vibrating with excitement. It was also a gorgeous day. So warm and sunny and beautiful. And usually Canada’s Wonderland is absolutely rammed with people and you spend half the day in lineups, but for some reason it was the most empty I’ve ever seen it. Really short lines, and to put that into perspective for my fellow Ontarians, we went on the Behemoth several times in a row and barely waited at all. Usually you have to wait for a million years, as it the best roller coaster in the world (IMHO).

I could not get enough of the Behemoth. I told the group that I wanted to live on it.

Sherrie and I are actually making fun of Lisa in this picture (which I totally snapped on my iPhone all sneakily when it displayed on the screen, as I am cheap and not about to spend $20 for a photo). We were watching Lis in front of us, and she was a tiiiny bit on the scared side and was having some trouble lifting her arms up. She would lift them about halfway up and then bring them back down. I believe I am imitating her while Sherrie points at her (laughing, it was funny). Lisa was an old pro by about the sixth time we went on it though, and had her arms up the entire time.

We also went on the newest roller coaster, Leviathan, a bunch of times and it has a pretty crazy drop (over 300 feet, I googled) that I enjoyed…

It was a good time, but Behemoth is still my fave. It’s long, and has a ton of awesome drops.

You know what new ride I did not enjoy?

The WindSeeker. Did. Not. Enjoy.

It sounds like it would be a fun time. You sit in two’s on these swing-type seats, and it goes over 300 feet in the air, spins around for a bit, and then brings you back down. Fun fun. And besides the height, nothing crazy. We made friends with one of the ride operators (his name was Jude, so we obviously serenaded a little bit o’ Beatles to him), and he told us the ride was nice and relaxing (Hey, Jude, if you happen to read this, and if I ever see you again, I’m kicking you square in the junk).

So we were game for a nice relaxing ride on the WindSeeker. We saddled up on the swings, and Lisa was my ride buddy. I don’t mind heights, but she is not the biggest fan of them, and was therefore not the biggest fan of the WindSeeker as we neared the top. But I was all “Don’t worry, it’s almost over,” and she seemed to almost be enjoying herself.

But then we got to the top, and the ride kind of jolted, and then it kind of stopped. At the very top. It stopped.

At first we thought it was a joke. I’ve been going to Wonderland for 23 years (I am old) and I have never once been stuck on a ride. But then we heard a muffled “We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will attempt to lower you down when possible.”

Attempt to lower you down.

So this was not good news. A girl sitting behind Sherrie started legit crying, and Lisa was already not enjoying herself, so this did not help. I was terrified (and I’m not even afraid of heights, so I can’t imagine what that must have been like), but I felt like I had to be strong for Lisa, and I tried to reassure her (until she told me to shut up, I was making it worse).

20 minutes later they were able to start slooooooowly lowering us down (took another 15 minutes or so). By this time, several people were basically having panic attacks. Lisa had been gripping our lap bar so tightly that her hands were all white and sweaty. She held her dripping hand out to me and was all “look how sweaty my hand is!” and I immediately grabbed it and held it as tightly as I could the entire way down (just to reassure her, not like I was scared or anything…)

But we made it! We are alive! And I will never be going on that ride again. Stupid WindSeeker. Stupid Jude.

(And I am just kidding Jude, I still like you!)

Aside from our near-death experience though, the day was amazing.

We took some scenic girls pics, as Wonderland is quite pretty…

And I ate my traditional Wonderland food that I MUST get every time I go.


And funnel cake:

Funnel cake is an absolute must. Gahh, I just love it so much.

Oh and I’ve decided to forgo my new apartment and take up residence here instead:

I may be 400 pounds, but it may be worth it.

Just a perfect day at Wonderland (minus that nearly dying thing…)

And have any of you ever been stuck on a ride?