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Bobby the Raver

I have the day off work today because of the celebration for my little high school closing, so I was very, very excited to sleep in. This week has been stupidly busy and there’s been something going on every night and I haven’t been getting the most sleep. I thought for sure I would be able to sleep until 9, no problem.

But nope, plans were foiled. The balconies in my building are being redone, so at 7:32 this morning I was woken abruptly to the sweet sound of a jackhammer outside my window. An actual jackhammer, and yes, at 7:30. Are you even allowed to start work before 9 on weekdays? I thought there was a rule about that. Normally this wouldn’t matter and I’d already be awake for work, but this morning I was not a happy camper about it. I feel sorry for people who do not work during the day. This is going to put a damper on a lot of leisuring in my building.

So I can’t use my balcony now for probably the whole summer. My door is nailed in from the outside as I might wander out there and fall to my death.


But I’m sad. I very much like my balcony. At least it will look nice for the winter.

In other news it was my dad’s 62nd birthday on Wednesday, so after work Evan and I drove over to their place for a barbecue. It took us almost two hours to get there because of the beautiful Toronto traffic. That shouldn’t be news to me as I used to commute from around there to Toronto every day for work, and each way took me at least an hour because of traffic. But now that I am in the city that is soo farrrrrrrr. I now understand why people who live in Toronto don’t leave the city. Vair annoying.

Anyway, barbecue. We had burgers and my stepmom Mona had every condiment imaginable laid out and ready for us.


I think I love burgers for the condiments. I loaded them all on there.


First barbecued burger of the year and it was fabulous.

And there was also cake for Bobby’s birthday.


62 years young!

The cake was vanilla and strawberry with whipped cream and it was delicious.


Mona always finds the best cakes!

I know what my dad likes and that is the Montreal Canadians, so my gifts to him are usually of that nature. I got him a very nice Montreal Canadians clock that he can add to his collection. But I think his favourite present was this leather fanny pack:


Or maybe the beer. But when he opened the fanny pack and realized what it was he exclaimed “AlRIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!” very excitedly. I am looking forward to my retirement and the days where I get ridiculously excited over a fanny pack. Mona said it was necessary because his keys and wallet keep falling out of his sweatpants (again, to be retired…) so he needed somewhere to keep them. Bam, fanny pack. Very handy and practical.

I also need to take a moment to address my dad’s shirt, because it has a story behind it. My dad plays the keyboards, quite well actually (just ask Dawn her favourite song), and a couple years ago Roland was having a contest where you could create your own digital song and send it in. If your song was chosen as the best digital song, you would win a keyboard, and also tickets to some rave party in Montreal, where they would play your song. Of course my dad entered. He wanted that keyboard. He recorded his song and I helped him make it into an mp3 and sent it in for him. He did not win, sadly, but he did get that sweet shirt out of it.

It makes me laugh very hard thinking about if he did win, because my 60-year-old father would be attending a rave.


I’m sure he would have enjoyed himself.

I guess this is nothing new, because my dad used to store this old trailer we had at Trudeau Park in Tweed where the World Electronic Music Festival took place, and one day he was there during it so he just went to the festival on his own. He said he made friends. Bobby’s a fun guy.

Anyway, that’s all I got today. Have a great weekend!


Just Busyness

Busyness. That is what has been going on with me this week. Just busyness.

My work runs provincial championships for high school athletes (I’ve said this a million times, but just in case you’re new), and we had 10 championships this week (four girls’ volleyballs, four boys’ basketballs, and co-ed swimming and wrestling). Each championship has its own organizing committee, but I oversee their website, media relations, and social media stuff, and I also try to get out to as many championships as I can to take pictures. They’re spread around the province, so I usually just go to the ones that are within a two-hour driving distance so I can squeeze in more athlete action.

Including our alpine skiing and snowboarding championships that were last week, I’ve been on quite a few solo road trips lately.

Not all solo though. On Tuesday I brought our intern Hannah on a two-hour road trip with me to one of the boys’ basketball championships, and she is a good time, so that was a lot of fun.

I always seem to bond with our interns…remember Mary?! I love Mary! She was my partner in crime last year.

(My lover Mary and I, aww)

Anyway, getting out to our championships is absolutely the most rewarding part of my job. Not only is it a great break from being in the office, but it gives me serious love bursts for my work. If I am ever feeling even remotely unmotivated, all I need to do is hit up one of our championships and see the enthusiasm of the athletes and I instantly have a second wind for work stuff. I have a lot to catch up on today, but bring on the extra busyness…I will take it.

Yesterday at basketball, one of the coaches from an inner city school in Toronto was telling Hannah and I that most of the kids on his team had never stayed in a hotel before, so coming to the championship was a big deal. And they all had to get dressed up for the banquet, which they were not used to and did not own ties (the coach brought extras for them). He said his team felt all fancy and important in their formal attire.

I just love hearing things like this. It makes me feel warm and tingly. Not unlike my first sip of wine.

So that’s what has been going on with me this week. Just busyness.

Oh, and also on Monday I had my first experience at Panera Bread!

I only know about Panera Bread because of American bloggers, and I didn’t even know we had this chain in Canada. I’ve never seen it before, so when I hear (or read) people mentioning how delicious and awesome it is, I get jealous. Hannah and I were downtown at a championship on Monday and needed somewhere to go for lunch, and when someone recommended Panera to us we were SOLD! I was so excited to try it.

I had no idea what to order and I was pretty overwhelmed with the menu, but when we were standing in line the employees were handing out panini samples, and as soon as I tasted one I knew that was what I wanted.

I got the Smokehouse Turkey panini, and it was pretty delicious. I had no idea what to get on the side, so I just got chips. Silly Hannah accidentally ordered bread for her side…so she had her bread with a side of bread. I don’t think you can ever have too much bread though.

Well maybe this time

In other news, I am the newest member on the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association’s executive board, as the VP of Public Relations. It’s a volunteer position, and I’m excited about it because I think the organization has a lot of potential for public relation shenanigans. I am also excited about it because Saturday was my first meeting, I knew no one on the executive (I know one person, and he wasn’t there), and as a surprise they got me a birthday cake!

I am not sure if they were trying to suck up or not (if they were, it worked), but I told them that the cake solidified them as my new favourite people. That cake was awesome!

Aaaaanyway, back to le grind! Catch ya later!


Samesies WIAW (Featuring a Giant Cake)

Helloskis.  I hope all you cheeky cats are doing well!

I took a petite break on the blogging front yesterday to buckle down and get some work done!  I do a 48-page magazine for my organization every three months (like the entire thing, design, layout, most of the photography, and most of the writing), and the entire project takes me weeks.  It has just been hanging over my head for the past little while and I am so glad it’s finally complete and sent to the printers.  A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders 🙂  Hooray.

But I am back today for What I Ate Wednesday!

Other than work stuff, not too much has been crack-a-lackin’ with me the last few days, so you did not miss much.  And I honestly ate exactly the same foods for breakfast, lunch, and mid-morning snack both today and yesterday.

Same breakfast…

Cream Cheese + Jam = the JAM

Toasted whole wheat bagel topped with cream cheese and grape jelly.  Yeah, maybe a weird combo, but SO GOOD!  So good I ate it twice.

Same lunch…

Salad Beast

Beastly salad including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrot, green onion, and my black beans and salsa mix leftover from my burritos the other night.  I dressed this puppy up with a bit of Italian dressing.  V filling and quite a groovy yumfest.

And, same mid-morning snack.

Yoggity Snack

PC Strawberry Green yogurt mixed with fresh sliced peach and raspberry.  This has actually been my go-to mid-morning snack for the past week or so.

I have snuck in a few treats as well though.  When Ando arrived home from work yesterday he was all “I have a present for youuuuuu” and held up a big plastic bag.

I love presents and surprises, but in this case I’m pretty sure I just said “Meh,” all disinterested.

Andy-pants works in communications for a company that manufactures cleaning supplies and products, so usually the “presents” that he brings home from work are things like heavy duty paper towels and disinfectant spray.  Please forgive me for not peeing my pantaloons in excitement.

But yesterday he had an event going on, and that is not what he brought home.  This is what he brought me:

Holy Cake, Batman

A GIANT piece of cake.  THAT piqued my interest immediately (because, as you know, I like to eat).  I was pumped as soon as I saw that thing.

That picture is not really doing the cake justice…


There ya go.  Now THAT is a piece of cake, my friends.

I wanted to eat the entire thing, but I managed to hold back and just cut myself a “sliver”.

Jusssst a Sliva

This cake was frickin’ delicious.  The cake itself was some kind of banana, but it was the icing that took the (literal) cake!  One of the best buttercream icings I have ever tasted.  I was dying.  And I loved that there was icing in the middle as well.  I much prefer icing in the middle to lemon filling or something.  I don’t want anything tangy messing up the taste of my sweet buttercream.

I kept going back to the cake throughout the evening and snacking on icing.  I couldn’t stay away!  I totally ruined my dinner appetite after that thing.

But here’s tonight’s delicious dinner:


Cheesy taco bake!  Topped with salsa and lettuce.  This is such a great alternative to tacos.  I loved it.

No workouts at all yet this week as I have been trying to catch up work-wise, I have been getting up at 5am just to go into work!  But for the rest of the week I am going hardcore.  Here is my plan of attack:

Thursday – Boot Camp
Friday – 4+ k run
Saturday – Body Pump
Sunday – 4+ k run

Welp, I am off to watch Survivor and catch up on some blog reading.  Have a great night!


  • What is your favourite kind of icing?

Mine is buttercream, hands down!  Love it!


Superman and Candy Land

Hello little pallies 🙂  I hope you guys are having a great weekend filled with lots of shenanigans.

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday.  This weekend has been flying by for me.

Yesterday morning after a 4k run outside with A-Rod, we hit up his ‘rents for a little bit of brunch action with the rest of his fam.

Brunch Spread

We enjoyed the usual spread (turkey bacon, sausage, broccoli and cheddar quiche, Tortilla Orlando at Dawn, pancake).  And as usual the egg salsa tortillas (Tortilla Orlando at Dawn) were my fave, but I loved everything and cleaned my plate.  I think brunch may be my new favourite meal.

This brunch was in honour of Ando’s grandma’s 90th birthday!

Birthday Girl!

Which you may remember us already celebrating, but her official birthday was on Friday.  I guess if you turn 90 you are worthy of two birthday parties.  I’d take it.

I think this was A’s G-ma’s first birthday in 10 years that wasn’t celebrated at the Mandarin.  Meaning no Mandarin birthday polaroid this year, which I guess isn’t really a big D since she has at least 9 Mandarin birthday polaroid’s that look exactly the same, since she is always the only one in the photo.

Just found this on our fridge, actually:

Anywhooz, obviously I scored some cake, and I also had a little slice of Skor DQ Treatza Pizza.

Dessert Plate

It’s been so long since I’ve had a Treatza Pizza!  I forgot how good they are.  I’m going to start buying these bad boys asap.  My pants say no, but my tummy says YES YES YES.

I’m pretty sure I worked off all of that brunch being Andy’s niece and nephew’s human jumping castle for the rest of the afternoon.


I am almost sad I introduced them to “Superman”, because they are both big fans and request it all the time.

Auntie Lindsey is in high demand.  It’s a tough life.

And then Caitlyn wanted to brush my hair…for 8 bagillion hours.

And I wasn’t allowed to talk, touch my hair, move any body part, and my legs had to be crossed and my head had to be back.  And I had to listen to her repeatedly say “Not beautiful yet!”

Nope.  Not yet.

I sound like I’m complaining, but it’s funny and I like it 🙂  She is the cutest ever, so I will do pretty much anything to play with her.

I also played two rounds of Candy Land with her, and she beat me pretty badly both times.

Candy Land!

Do you guys remember that game?!  I used to DIE for it when I was really young.  The ice princess was my favourite (because she was the prettiest, and closest to the end).  I kept getting stupid Jolly with his gumdrops and had to go back to almost the beginning.

I know there is absolutely zero skill or strategy involved in Candy Land, but I officially suck at it.  I played a few years ago with A-Diggity and Taylor and lost like 5 games in a row also.  Terrible.

I will stick to Guitar Hero (which I have a really weird natural skill for.  I play on expert, and sometimes I don’t even know what my fingers are doing.  I once randomly won $100 in a Guitar Hero contest in a mall.  Those 12 year old boys didn’t stand a chance.)

I have to get a bunch of shtuff done today, so it looks as if my leisuring days are over.  Ohh well.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Question for ya:

  • What was your fave board game when you were a kid?

I LOVED Candy Land, Operation, Hungry Hungry Hippos and TROUBLE!

  • What game or sport are you naturally good at?


Party Eats

It’s been a busy little Sunday!

Andrewski and I woke up this morning and had a nice leisurely breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast

Over easy eggs (Ando makes them perfectly every time) with turkey (thrown on the griddle for a minute) and mozzarella cheese, on a toasted whole wheat English muffin.  Basically a healthified Egg McMuffin!

Egg McMuffin!

The runny egg version, ’cause I like my yolk!

It’s been a while since I’ve had eggs for breakfast, and I’ve missed them!  This breakfast kept me good and full all morning and into the afternoon.

After running some errands we headed over to our friend Steve’s to celebrate his son Nayte’s fourth birthday.

Homemade Super Mario Cake!

Some of our really good friends were there, including Mike and Bri.

Mellow Yellows (Bri & I)

We had a great time hanging out in the sunny backyard (it was just as nice as yesterday!  Though a bit windy…), and of course, eating.


The shrimp and the cheese tray were the highlights for me and I kept sneaking back inside for more.  I have a hard time resisting finger foods at parties.  Chips aren’t usually a problem but if there’s a cheese tray I’m usually parked in front of it ;).

The snacks held me over nicely until our early dinner of barbecued burgers, green salad, and potato salad.


It was my first barbecue of the season and my burger was so good!  It reminded me of summer ;).

Of course I also scored a slice of that homemade cake!


The icing was the star of this show.  My fave, butter cream!  It was great, but it left me wanting more icing!

Have a great evening!

A few items of possible interest:

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7 Ways to Lighten Up Your Snacks (via Health.com)
Boost Your Energy (via Women’s Health)


Jo’s MUZIKal Birthday

Last night myself and a bunch of ladies had a big night out to celebrate our friend Joanna’s birthday!

Beautiful Jo + Beautiful Cake

All my gals from the Mr. B dinner were in attendance, as well as another friend of Jo’s, her sister, two cousins, and soon-to-be sister-in-law.  There were 10 of us in total.

All The Ladies!

Obviously we took a million pictures.

The agenda included taking a limo to an upscale club downtown called MUZIK, but first we all met up at Jo’s sister’s house in the afternoon for dinner and to get ready together.

Set Table

The birthday girl made us all a beautiful dinner including stuffed chicken, asparagus, roasted rosemary potatoes and salad.

Yummy Dinner

Everything was deeeeelicious, and I cleaned my plate.  The stuffed chicken was definitely the highlight, and I want to recreate that dish myself, so I will try to find out the recipe Jo used and post it on here!

Of course I also snagged a slice of that good looking cake…


I loved this cake.  Butter cream icing is my very favourite icing in the whole world (it reminds me of my Nana‘s cakes :)), and this butter cream icing was incredible!  I ate my entire slice, and also had some extra icing that some silly fool scraped off their cake ;).

Dinner Party!

We had a great dinner party!

After dinner we got ready for our impending dancefest and waited for the limo to arrive.  We took an SUV limo downtown, and it was still very roomy with all of us jam-packed in there.  We had a fabbity-fab time snapping pics and jamming out to limo beats!

And of course, as is customary in limos, champagne drinking.

High School Loves

Our limo driver was super awesome.  He made a sneaky pit stop on the way home and got us a surprise pizza!  We were all big fans, of course.  I ransacked two slices and they were goooood.

MUZIK was pretty luxurious… I am not a big club person so it was my first time there, and it was very fancy shmancy.  And expensive.  Apparently this is the place to be seen in Toronto if you are into the club scene, and I hear it’s usually packed with celebrities (unfortunately no celeb sightings for us).

Blurry MUZIK Girls

We all had a very good time dancing and generally feeling important.

Feeling Important

And I did feel very swanky.


Obviously the glasses made an appearance, I don’t think Dawn goes anywhere without them.  We wore them inside and were a hit immediately, especially with the Playboy Bunny-type girls who are just inside the club ready to greet you.

I had a great time.  It was a fun girls’ night out, and I know Jo had an awesome birthday!

Now I’m off to get some chores done before tomorrow, because March Break is OVER and it’s back to reality for me!