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Buffets and Engagement Parties

It was a pretty leisurely weekend over here. I ate a lot. It’s a good thing I have still been seeing Gillian and have two appointments with her this week (I will post an update about that because I have been making some progress!).

On Friday Evan and I had a romantic date night at Chef India, an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet…


I had read that there was an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet near me and Evan thought it sounded too good to be true and that such deliciousness couldn’t possibly exist, so I had to prove it. They had quite an ample selection. But all-you-can-eat Indian is really just one plate (but a big plate) for me because Indian food is very filling. I was dying after that plate. We came back to my place after and watched the 6th Harry Potter movie and were asleep by 11pm. Pretty good night.

And we had some more all-you-can-eat buffet action at the Golden Griddle on Sunday morning.


It reminded me of hungover breakfasts in my college days. I haven’t been to Golden Griddle in years! Anyway, stuffed my face once again and afterwards went back to Evan’s and promptly had a two-hour nap.

On Sunday night Evan made me dinner, and it was significantly more healthy than the rest of our meals this weekend. To start he made one of his grandma’s famous soups that has these dumplings made with egg, cream of wheat, and parmesan cheese in the broth…


Interesting combination, but it was heavenly

And then he grilled steak while I cut vegetables for salad (I’m very helpful).


Evan tossed the salad though, since he is an oil and vinegar dressing pro. Everything was delicious.

Saturday was the most exciting day of my weekend. My oldest friend Emily recently got engaged to her longtime lover Corey (as you may know), and Emily’s parents hosted an engagement party for them.


Such lovers. They just warm my heart. And isn’t Corey handsome? We always tell him that he is classically handsome like George Clooney.

The party was at Emily’s childhood home, out in the boonies near where I gew up!


It should be noted that this was Winnie’s birthplace 20 years ago. She lived in that barn at the very back of the picture until I got her as a young kitty when she was old enough to leave her mom. Barn cats are sturdy, let me tell you. 20 years later and she is still a spry minx!


I did just find out from the vet yesterday that she has Stage 2 (out of 4) kidney disease, but apparently it’s not as bad as it sounds and it’s manageable (I have ordered her special food). The vet says it’s possible for Winnie to live for several more healthy years. Fingers crossed. And that’s the only health issue she’s really ever had, so she is a lucky kitty. She reminds me of my Nana.

Anyway, back to engagement activities. All my best pals from high school were in attendance.


Except for Crystal because she lives in Calgary, but Emily had printed her photo and brought it around for pictures, so it was almost like she was there.

And the lads were present as well, including Evan.


He liked to wear my nametag in addition to his own.

photo (7)

I’m pretty sure he is just going to have to take my last name. If his last  name was Lindseyoff I would be all over that!

The party was outdoors and luckily it was a beautifully sunny day. It was pretty nice in the sunshine, but since it has become fall overnight it was COLD in the shade, and even colder when the sun went down. But by then there was a bonfire, so that was a good time.


I have discovered where Emily gets her party hosting skills from.



The picture clothesline was a nice touch


There was even a DJ who played karaoke. I am pretty sure he was the only one who sang, but he sang beautifully. By that point it was nearly dark so we were all over by the fire.

It was a fun night with fun people!


I love Emily’s parents. They are just a good time. Her dad is especially hilarious and asked Evan and I if we would be sleeping over so we could break into the whiskey with him. Sadly we had to leave that night, but next time. Next time for sure because I have a feeling I will be a part of a lot of wedding shenanigans. Emily asked me to be a bridesmaid! She gave all her bridesmaids a Ring Pop and a wedding themed movie with a little note that said “Now it’s my turn to pop the question, will you be my bridesmaid?” It was really cute.

I am so happy for these two and I can’t wait to be a part of their big day. And the fun activities leading up to it.


Ah, young love.


Jamaican Me Hungry

Alrighty, last Jamaican recap post. Let’s talk about the FOOD!

I was a bit apprehensive about the food, because I have heard stories of resort food not being the greatest or making you sick (like in Cuba). Just about how it’s cooked differently and can be bland tasting, and the sauces sometimes aren’t great (and this was a concern for me because I eat things for the sauce a lot of the time). This was not the case in Jamaica at all, and the food for the most part was amazing. And you can drink the tap water! That was a huge relief. I had no worries food-wise, and I was never hungry. Usually I was way too full.

The Buffets

Though we had unlimited a la cartes at our resort, we sometimes went to the buffet for dinner if we wanted to save time, or if we didn’t want to be too full (because the a la cartes left me feeling so full I thought I might actually explode). And we did the buffet for breakfast every day and usually lunch also. Good times in the buffet.


(I need to take a second and just mention how much I loved all the adults on the trip, as they were usually more intoxicated than we were and they were absolutely hilarious.)

The selection in the buffet was insane. They had an entire section dedicated to CHEESE (we found Dawn and Leanne in the buffet after the catamaran trip eating plates of just cheese with the buffet tongs – they know how to do it right). The buffets basically had every food imaginable, including pizza, assorted meats, fries, sushi, fish, and a pasta bar. I discovered the pasta bar late into the trip and that’s pretty much all I ate for lunch and dinner for the last three days because it was SO GOOD, I couldn’t get enough.

I apologize for my buffet pictures because I tended to just load my plate up with random stuff and it just looks like a mess.


That would be a giant salad of random goodness, pizza, curried potatoes, some pasta, and roasted vegetables.

This is an example of a lunch salad bar. I would maybe start with a salad (heavy on the cheese)…


And then load my plate up with random goods.


Bean salad, tomatoes and mozzarella, ham, steak, cheese, pizza, rice, fish. That was probably x2. I need to mention also that they had the BEST bread. Ohh how I wish I was still eating that bread. So good.

And after I found the pasta bar…


That is a mess… This one is better.


Ah, that bread!

For breakfast nearly every morning I had a perfectly made omelette…


And I really enjoyed their bacon and hashbrowns. LOVED the hashbrowns. They also had cereal, pancakes, french toast, fruit, ham, scrambled eggs, potatoes, yogurt, and you could get your eggs done however you wanted. They also had assorted juices and a smoothie bar, and their frozen banana with milk smoothie was definitely my favourite there.

The only thing I would usually steer clear of was the breakfast ham and the hotdogs…both were just not made how I was accustomed to and I wasn’t really a fan.

For dessert I usually was too full to have anything besides fruit.

On the third beach, Sunset Cove, there was a little shack that served authentic jerk chicken which was pretty amazing…


Served with seafood rice. You had to be careful while eating your chicken though, because they just chopped up an entire piece of chicken with a large knife and it included the bones.

Also, in the sports bar they served hamburgers, hotdogs, quesadillas, pizza and nachos until 7am every single night. It was fabulous. The quesadillas were the BEST.

The a la Cartes

We went out for several group a la carte dinners.


This was in Poseidon, the seafood restaurant by the third beach. We started with the salad bar and soup here, and then for my appetizer I had muscles…


With shrimp as my main course.


I had several rounds of the salad bar, so by the time I was done my dinner I was so full I thought I might die, so I couldn’t even do the dessert thing.

The next restaurant I really enjoyed was the Mexican restaurant (though several people said it was their least favourite, but I don’t think they really liked Mexican to begin with). Our table had chips, salsa, and guacamole on it for everyone, and I wanted more of it so I also got it as my appetizer.


I had soup as well. And for my main I chose fajitas, because I just love them.


I thought they were really good, so props to the chef.


I was also able to manage dessert here…


I do not remember what that is, but I do remember that it was good.

And my favourite a la carte restaurant was Reggaetoni, the Italian restaurant. We started with the salad bar… 


Again, lots of cheese…

For my appy I had the bruschetta…


And for my main I chose the spaghetti bolognese, and HOLY. I was blown away.


It was amaaaazing. I loved every last bite of that thing.

I was again too full for dessert, so I just had some fruit, but I got a pic of Joanna’s and it looks pretty delicious…


That’s it for the a la cartes for me, but they also had a Indian, Asian, and a steakhouse and I heard they were all really good.

Also, just want to mention the airplane food, because we flew Canjet and I’m pretty sure it’s the only airline that still actually serves meals. Our breakfast on the way there was not good (in my opinion), but lunch on the way back was pretty decent!


That pasta was not too shabby at all, and continued my three-day pasta binge. I also really enjoyed the bean salad.

Welp, that’s it! Jamaica recaps be over, mon! I hope you enjoyed. If you missed any of my others you can check them out here.


Hello, I ate a lot today

Well, yesterday. I ate a ridiculous amount yesterday. I meant to post this last night, but I am away for the next few days at meetings for work (please don’t let that statement give you the wrong impression – I am not a big deal), and I was having some internet issues while I was writing this from my hotel bed late last night. By that point I was too lazy/tired to figure it out, so this post is delayed.

I realize I have been MIA for the last couple of days, but not to worry, I am not dead! This week has just been a little bit crazy on the work front.

Shmanyway, last night a bunch of my coworkers and committee members and I hit up Frankie Tomatto’s, a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner.

I actually thought this restaurant was a chain, but I just googled it and it turns out there is only one in the world, and contrary to the above picture, it is not in Vegas.

Frankie Tomatto’s is an Italian buffet restaurant with 16 food stations, and I’m pretty sure the only type of food they don’t have is sushi. They have eight billion types of pasta, pizza, rotisserie meats, seafood, soups, salads, breads, pastries, cakes, ice cream, etc. etc. etc…. It is the craziest buffet I have ever been to, and a food lovers dream for sure.


This place is perfect for eating yourself right out of your pants, which is pretty much what I did last night.

It also has a lot of Italian paraphernalia hanging around.


is perfect for…

photo ops.

I would like to say that I kept my eating in check and refrained from annihilating the buffet, but that would just be a lie.

I started off innocently enough with a salad plate, but it was just a warm-up for my pasta plate, which did include quite a lot of pasta (and a little pizza too)

Now, you may be saying to yourself “where da veggies at?”, but look a bit closer.

That is eggplant Parmesan. And eggplant is a veggie.

I do typically avoid vegetables at buffets though, as I never find them to be that great and I can eat them any time. So I followed up that plate with a meat and seafood plate, and some dessert that went unpictured. This place is seriously amazing, and it was like $15.99 plus tax. Score.

I had to endure quite a few jokes during dinner, mainly about how I should be sitting on the end of the table for safety reasons (easy access to the buffet, and ensuring people do not get trampled), but this is nothing out of the ordinary and it makes me laugh pretty hard. More on the jokes later though. Back to meeting time for me!

And not to worry, I had a hot date with this thing in the morning.

I hated nearly every second of the 5k I ran, but I sure felt great afterwards. And like I might be able to wear pants again.

Back to meetings! I will catch you guys later!


Buffets Are Dangerous

No workout for this girl today, and good thing since I ate half my body weight in Chinese buffet food…

Ando and I had a lunch date with my dad and stepmom Mona at Imperial Buffet (which is basically the same as the Mandarin, only maybe slightly better?)

My Dad, Bobby, and I

His friends call him Bob, but my friends call him Bobby.  He likes it.  I have told him time and time again that denim on denim is supremely uncool, but why listen to your obviously much cooler daughter when you can be a Denim Dream?

And yes, he is my wonderful Nana’s son.

Mona eluded any photos.  I guess she doesn’t want to be famous ;).

My favourite part of lunch was when my dad came sauntering over to the table looking all proud of himself carrying this giant plate of food, and I said “Dad, your fly’s undone.” (which it was, I wasn’t trying to slip in a dig about the abundance of denim), and as he looked down to check it out, a chicken ball slid off his plate and onto the floor.  Hehe.

You guys, and I tell you this for free, it is impossible to eat healthy at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  It is a good thing I don’t go to these very often, because I filled my plate up about four times, and veggies seemed to evade all of them…

Salad Plate

Highlight of that plate was the shrimp and mussels for sure.  The crab salad wasn’t bad either.  The potato salad was.

Fried Meat Plate

Chicken balls and torpedo shrimp, and pretty much anything I can put that delicious red sauce on, are my absolute favourite (I eat things for the sauce, remember).  The soggy looking broccoli beside the fried meat stood absolutely no chance, but who goes to buffets for broccoli?  I also had a couple sushi rolls, a cob of corn, and a slice of garlic bread (one slice, not 47) that went unpictured.

And finally…

Dessert Plate

Highlight of this plate: WAFFLE!!!!!!  I love them.  Although everything on this plate was good.

I was beyond full.

Though people tend to joke about my behaviour at buffets (like the comment my coworker Brian makes about me knocking over all the old ladies who are in my way), I am actually not that big of a fan of them, as they obviously focus on quantity over quality and I really don’t find the food to be the greatest.  The exceptions would be fried meat, and dessert, both of which I cannot get enough of.

Grandparents really seem to love buffets though.  I find that Chinese buffets are always a big senior party.  Andrew’s grandma is all about the Mandarin, and we go there every year for her birthday.  There are at least 10 polaroids of her by herself at the Mandarin, in a magnetic birthday frame, one from each year.  If you go through them all from the beginning you can literally watch her age.

After lunch Andreezy and I hit up a couple car dealerships because our current lease is almost up and we are on the hunt for something new!

I’m off to figure out what’s for dinner…although I’m pretty sure I’m never eating again… Oh, you know I’m kidding 😉

How do you eat healthy at buffets?  Any tips, or do you just avoid them altogether?