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Date and Plate-Filled Weekend


First of all, I think you guys should all check out my guest post on my friend Catherine’s blog Kitten The Cat. I think you will enjoy it even if you are not a cat fan, as it is a pretty funny story about how I accidentally locked my friend Lisa’s cat in my suitcase for three days (ACCIDENTALLY). He was fine, all is well, and you can all laugh guilt-free.

But then come back here because I am not done with you yet.

Um, did Daylight Savings creep up on anyone else? I totally forgot about it until I woke up this morning pleasantly surprised that it was only 8 instead of 9. Hooray for an extra hour of sleep!

Total unhooray for it being dark at 5:30 pm now though. Kind of a bummer because I am a fan of sunshine, but I am not going to let it get to me.

Today was pretty ho-hum around here. House chores and grocery shopping took up most of my day, but I did squeeze in a little gym time – 40 minutes arc trainer + 20 minutes weight machines. It wasn’t a bad little workout, but nothing to really write about.

Mainly I want to talk about yesterday, because it was busy, fun, and packed full of eating.

First we had a little brunch party at Andrew’s parents for his older sister Sharlene’s birthday.

Beautiful Girls

If you have followed my blog for a while, you probably know that brunch at Ando’s parents is pretty much my favourite thing ever.

Check the Spread

Andy-pop’s family really goes to town in the brunch department. And I go to town filling up my plate.

It’s the least I can do.

New to the brunch spread is this amazing breakfast casserole type thing that Andy’s mom made. It was amazing. It’s on the left, and I don’t know the exact ingredients, but I know it included bread, eggs, cheese, and peameal bacon, so…it included heaven, basically.

And of course I loaded up my plate with the yummy as always Tortilla Orlando at Dawn (bottom of plate).

And then I loaded up with cake and ice cream.

I had to eat and run because I had an afternoon date with my friend Leah and her bridal party (which I am so happy and honoured to be a part of) to go bridesmaid dress shopping!

Edit: I have removed the photo in case we do go with the dress I was wearing, as I am pretty sure Leah wants the choice to be a surprise, and I didn’t think of that when I posted it!

We narrowed it down to three choices, so I’m not sure yet what dress it will be, but they are all beautiful and I would be happy with any of them.

And after dress shopping extravaganza, I had a girls’ date with my high school homies, where we had a ton of girl talk and ate a lot of food.

Some of the highlights:

Crackers with goat cheese, sliced tomato and basil that my friend Joanna made, which were AWESOME. I had about four of those.

Sliced apples with a delicious cream cheese and caramel dip with crumbled Skor bar (Heath bar in the States) that Joanna also made, and I was hoping it was going to make an appearance because it is so good. I need to remember to make this the next time I need an appy.

Chocolate and peanut butter chip (!!!) cookies.

And my fave…

Joanna’s mom’s KILLER apple crisp. The apple crisp I made a few weeks ago absolutely pales in comparison to this deliciousness. Remember when I said Joanna’s mom used to make this when we were in high school and send it along with Joanna to school to give to me because she knew I loved it so much? Her recipe has not changed at all, and it was just as good as I remembered. I die for this apple crisp.

I filled my plate up several times with goodies.

My friend Emily also made a really good roasted red pepper and artichoke dip that included red peppers, artichoke hearts, banana peppers and cream cheese (on the crackers to the right) that I think I will also have to recreate.

I was a bad friend and did not contribute anything to our appetizer party. Not to worry though, I will get them next time.

Definitely a weekend filled with treats, but the rest of my eats were the usual healthy fare.

I am off to watch The Walking Dead and prepare for the week ahead! Have a great night!


Hockey, Blizzards, and Bridesmaid Dresses

Today has been eventful!

I spent most of my day papparazzing around at the Mastercard Centre (official practice rink of the Leafs!) at my organization’s boys’ hockey championship.  I really enjoy watching hockey, especially live, (hey, I’m Canadian) so it was a fun way to spend a workday for sure.

I carpooled over there with my boss, and we saw this:

Storm Hunta!

The Storm Hunter!

(Edit:  Ando was reading this and was like “You saw what, a Jetta?”  I guess it’s hard to make out all the instruments on his roof, but it really was crazy looking.  You can click on the picture to zoom if you’d like.)

The Storm Hunter has a show on The Weather Network where he chases storms…I guess.  I’ve never seen it but I assume that’s what storm hunters would do.  And I googled it and confirmed my suspicions.  I was impressed with all the crazy tools on his roof though…it reminded me of Twister!

I was a little worried about the lunch situation, since my boss is not quite as lunch oriented as I am (who is?) and we were arriving around 10:30 and planning to stay until about 3.  Prime lunchtime, and what if there wasn’t anywhere to eat? (I know there had to be food, obviously, in a building packed with high school athletes, but I can’t help feeling uneasy about unknown eating situations.)

Thankfully my boss is awesome and knows me well, and as soon as we entered the arena he said “Oh good, I see a snack bar.  You’ll be able to get lunch.”

:D!  Music to my ears.  Any little worry niggles were gone immediately, and I was able to fully enjoy myself.

I managed to squeeze in a nutritious lunch…

Chicken Fingers + Fries

If fried foods are nutritious.  Arena food is not the healthiest… I haven’t had chicken fingers in forever though!  They were actually very good, but I didn’t eat very many of my fries.

After work I headed straight to my friend Beth’s house.  Beth is getting married in August and has asked me to be a bridesmaid, hurray!  So we had some serious bridesmaid dress shopping to attend to.  We hit up Everlasting Memories in Port Perry and had fun trying on dresses.  And pretending to try on dresses…

Nice Bow

Not a bad colour though.  I dunno, I think we should just use the pattern from that beautiful wallpaper in the background…

And we found this gem as we were leaving.

Not Colourful At All...

Pretty sexy, eh?  EH?!  Maybe it would be better without my coat on.

After making our selection (which will remain a surprise), we went out for dinner at Jester’s Court, also in Port Perry.

Jesters Court!

It is a super old house that was renovated into a restaurant.  We used to come here all the time in high school, and it’s haunted!  I never had a ghost experience here…but I have heard a lot of stories.  And I saw it once on Creepy Canada!

Bethers and I both ordered the chicken stir fry on wild rice.  I wanted to keep my meal on the lighter side after my fried lunch.


The stir fry was huge and de-friggin-licious.  I have some saved for my lunch tomorrow, so I’m excited for that.

Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen (actually the one I worked at in high school) for a little dessert action.  We both ordered Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzards.

Beth + Blizzard

So good.  It has been wayyyy too long since I’ve had a Bizzard, especially since I used to eat one practically every day ;).  And let me just say, they make them a lot chintzier than I used to…

You may have noticed when you order a Blizzard from DQ the server will hand it to you upside down (when I worked there we were required to serve Blizzards that way).

One time when I was working, I was blizzing one up a for a drive-thru customer and I accidentally tore the cup on the blending machine.  I just slid that cup into another one, and went to hand the blizzard to the customer (upside down) not thinking anything of it.  The cup holding the actual ice cream promptly fell out of the second cup and landed ice cream side down straddling his open window on the driver’s side door.  The blizzard fell into the car and ice cream was dripping alllll down the side of his door.  He was not the happiest of campers, to say the least…

No workout today, but I have spinning tomorrow which almost counts as a double workout, I think ;).

Hope you all have a fab Friday!