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Emilio’s Birthday BBQ

On Saturday I celebrated my oldest friend Emily’s birthday.


Photo from Em’s birthday in 2012

Oldest as in my friend that I’ve known the longest, not the oldest age-wise. Age-wise she is still a spring chicken (side note: my Nana calls anyone under the age of 85 a spring chicken).

Emily’s birthday was actually on Sunday but Sunday’s are not for partying. Sunday’s are for napping. So on Saturday Em and Cork threw a barbecue party at their place to celebrate the big day.



I have to say that Corey and Emily’s parties are always my favourite. They have a great yard and there are always a ton of games going on back there, and the food spread is ridiculous. My photos of the food this year were pretty inadequate, but it was basically the same as Emily’s birthday last year, and the year before (the good thing about blogging, what you ate on certain days remains on the internet forever). All the delicious barbecue fare, all the salads, and all the finger foods. And those little chocolate cupcakes with the white swirl icing that my mom used to pack in my lunch in elementary school. Really takes me back.

Anyway, I ate a lot. Evan and I showed up in the early afternoon ready to party.


Babies seem to be the happening thing in my crowd these days, so they sure were in attendance. Leanne’s little nugget Colton was donning his old man hat and was also ready to party.


He is so cute. His reactions to things just kill me. That is what his smile looks like!

And then there was Mark and Dawn’s new(ish) little muffin Scarlett, sporting her party tutu.


And I am not sure if there is anything more cute than a baby in a tutu.

Ladder ball and frisbee cup were set up in the backyard, and Evan and I got Emily a new addition to the yard games for her birthday, the KanJam (<- that is the official website), shown in the picture below.


Basically two garbage cans that are open at the top and have slots in the front, and you have to throw your frisbee at the can. Your partner stands on the other side and tries to knock your frisbee into the can for a point, and if you happen to slide your frisbee into the front slot with no help from your partner it is an instant win. Good times with those cans!

Corey’s uncle happens to be a DJ which is pretty handy since we have DJ at all our parties now. He also really enjoys karaoke and he has a sweet set up for that. The highlight of the afternoon for me was probably our friend Dustin’s rendition of Push It by Salt n’ Peppa.


It was pretty amazing and his talent for entertaining shone through even though he didn’t know all the words. I really hope someone recorded this.

Here was the crowd watching him:


Just captivated. He had everyone’s full attention and that is no easy feat.

You know I like karaoke, so Sherrie and I got in on the action and sang the Boot Scootin’ Boogie, by Brooks and Dunn.


We eventually got the DJ up to sing with us. I don’t think we had as much audience attention as Dustin, but I like to think people enjoyed it.

You may remember Julie’s Dad Kenny from chugging beer out of the boot at Emily’s birthday last year, and it would appear that he is talented not only at beer chugging, but also singing. He made friends with the DJ and the two of them sang beautiful music together.


That Kenny is quite a character. I think he is Evan’s role model.


I asked my longtime friend Joel if we could get a nice picture together since it had been a while, and this is what I got…


He looks super happy to be taking this picture with me.

Second time is a charm though.


Facebook profile picture worthy right there.

I think Emily had a really good time. But I think it’s impossible to not have a good time while doing birthday cake shots with your family!


It was nice to see everyone, and to catch up with all the ladies.


Yes I am wearing Colton’s hat (speaking of Colton, he is being quite cheeky in the above photo) and also a feather hair clip. The feather clip looked better on Evan.


And I guess we truly are old now because nearly everyone was gone by 8pm. Just can’t party like we used to. Not Evan and I though, we were sleeping over so we were in for the long haul. Once everyone was gone we told stories by the campfire.


Fun times. Hope the lovely Emilio had a good birthday!!!


She is my favourite (Scarlett too).


The Tartan Birthday

Even though my actual birthday was on Saturday I decided to celebrate on Friday since it seemed to work better for everyone, and then I would have the rest of the weekend to leisure (plus I was celebrating with my dad and Mona on Saturday afternoon).

I am not huge on celebrating my own birthday and 31 isn’t a big milestone or anything so I just wanted to do something low key. Originally I had planned all-you-can-eat sushi with my friends, but then Emily and Sherrie were all “But don’t you kind of want to go to the Tartan?” and when I thought about it, yes I kind of did want to go to the Tartan. The Tartan is a pub in Oshawa that I used to frequent back in Journalism school that I have not been to in years but is ALWAYS a good time. It is different than your typical pub because it has a back room that turns into a dance party on the weekend. They usually have a live band back there that is more like a Bon Jovi cover band, which I dig in a cheesy hilarious sort of way. My bestie and I have had some times there, let me tell you. Who doesn’t love screaming “Livin on a Prayer”? That dance floor has seen a lot of dance floor air guitars.

Sushi was up first (Tatemono in Whitby), and it was plentiful and delicious, and I only have one picture from the entire experience.


Sherrie included that beautiful elephant mask in my birthday card. You had to put it together yourself and I let Evan do that task and he got a bit mixed up with the ears…but I liked it and I think it was more funny that way.

After the sushi we headed to the Tartan. We lost some people after all the eating, but most were still in attendance and excited for the back room. I knew the Tartan was not going to disappoint when I arrived and there was a ladder in the middle of the dance floor…


Renée, Julie, Sherrie, moi, Emily, Jo

I don’t know why it was there, but obviously we used it for a photo shoot.


I just have to say, it was a super fun and hilarious night. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt the next day.

A recap of my favourite moments:

Sherrie’s blow up ring toss cake made it to the bar…


And at one point we had basically the entire bar tossing the rings onto it. Rings were just flying everywhere.


People were getting realllly into the ring toss game. Like these two lads sitting at a table near ours…


We would just throw the ring to some random person out in the bar, and they would throw it back onto the cake. Even “Security” got in on it.


I thought he was coming over to tell us to shut it down, but nope, he liked it. I say “Security” loosely because he was definitely encouraging our ridiculous behaviour (umm like at one point he gave me an impromptu [PG!!!] lap dance and I genuinely thought someone had hired a stripper for me).

The band was also a big fan of the ring toss game and kept singing about it.


So we set it up in front of them in case people wanted to do some ring tossing on the dance floor, which they did.

We also had Sherrie’s monkey with us, as Evan and his new bromance partner Dustin are demonstrating in this picture.


The band LOVES the monkey. Sherrie has been frequenting the Tartan with the monkey over the past year or so and the monkey was seriously like a celebrity. The band kept inserting the monkey into song lyrics, which made me laugh hard because it reminded me of when I do the same thing with Winnie’s name.

The band also sang Happy Birthday to me (along with all my friends and the entire bar), which was kind of embarrassing but is definitely a moment I will always remember. And Evan had given the servers the best cake ever earlier in the evening, so they brought that out to me as everyone sang.


I was VERY. EXCITED. for the cake.  Look at those strawberries!


It was so beautiful. And it was so incredibly good. Evan got it from Highland Farms, where we also got the cake for my Nana’s birthday. They definitely do cakes right over there. We just annihilated it. Even with all of us eating it there was cake leftover, and we didn’t want it to go to waste, so we started feeding it to people.

Security once again really liked this.


As did this man.


We also gave an actual slice to the band, which they enjoyed, and I offered it to the table next to us and the macho guy sitting there was all “Ohh I can’t. I am trying to be healthy for the first time in my life and I am actually going to the gym and eating well and this cake is going to ruin my momentum.” I told him that I understood. We’ve all been there. I am also being healthy and going to the gym, but then I ate his piece for him, because birthday.

And then they played Funkytown during a band break (which I requested, of course), and no one was on the dance floor but that is my jam and I wasn’t going to miss it. So I grabbed the elephant mask and the birthday cake ring toss and I got out there and I got things done.


The Tartan was actually the most dead I have ever seen it, I think because it was so cold outside people didn’t want to go out, which I totally get. I did not mind in the least as I had a REALLY great time with my pals.


Fun times all around.

When we were leaving Emily, Sherrie, Evan and I were standing in the pub section and there was this dude sitting by himself just mowing down on the best looking poutine I have ever seen. We were all blatantly staring/drooling. He looked up and caught us, so we were all “that looks sooooo gooooood,” and he actually offered some to us. I couldn’t believe it. I would never offer strangers my poutine, but…I guess I did just offer strangers my birthday cake… Anyway, we declined, but it was nice of him. And then we went back to Sherrie’s and ate her famous taco dip and The End.

Thank you to my buds who came out and made my big day special 🙂


Birthday Tubing & the Boot Scootin’ Boogie

On Saturday my good friend Sherrie turned the big 2-9, and quite the birthday celebration ensued. I am not sure how she’s going to top it next year when she turns dirty thirty, but knowing Sherrie I’m sure she’ll figure out a way.

Evan and I met up with Sherrie and some of her closest friends on Saturday afternoon at Lakeridge Ski Resort, aka my old stomping grounds, for some snow tubing!


Sherrie and her luscious mermaid locks are right up front.

I haven’t been skiing for years (though the last time I went I also hadn’t been for years and as soon as I was on my skis I felt like I had never stopped), but I have never been tubing before. I have always wanted to do it, so I am very glad Sherrie chose it as her birthday activity and forced me out there. Evan had never been either.


You are pulled up to the top of the hill, and then you ride your tube down, with up to six fellow tubers at a time.


We had seven people in our group, so we had to split up.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as intense as a rollercoaster, and that’s what I got. I can not believe how fast we went and how much fun it was. I could do nothing but scream my face off the entire way down.

The way up was a little more leisurely…



I was afraid I was going to fall out of my tube, or my tube was going to come unhooked and I would slide down the hill knocking into everyone and bringing them down with me… much like my very first ski experience on the bunny hill tow rope which we will not talk about because it was one of my most embarrassing moments. But I was all good. I stayed in my tube and my tube stayed hooked up.

Surprisingly, the most embarrassing thing didn’t happen to me, it happened to the guy who worked there. There were four of us going down together and he was standing in front of all our tubes to stop us from sliding down while we waited for the people in front of us. But somehow our group started sliding, and we slid into him and totally took him out. He fell directly on top of us and almost came down the hill with us. He bailed at the last second, but we saw the fear in his eyes. I don’t think I have ever seen someone look so afraid. When we got to the top and saw him again he said that was the first time he has ever fallen on a group of tubes like that. I’m glad it was ours because it was hilarious.

Eventually we stopped for dinner, and I had my second poutine in two days from the chalet.


They are not both mine. But the bigger one is. I did not realize when I ordered it that it was going to be a full dinner-sized plate piled with fries and that amount of cheese and gravy. In hindsight maybe not the best idea. Good thing I worked it off with all that physical activity! (not) Ordering poutine is a tradition for me at Lakeridge. I was in the ski club in high school and that’s where we skied, and I always, always got a poutine. Every single time. So, you can’t mess with tradition.

After the tube party we headed back to Sherrie’s to get ready for our big night out with the birthday girl. We were unleashing our inner country at The Corral!


I have talked about the Corral before and how much we like it there. It is our favourite country bar. And actually that last time I just linked to I was with Sherrie and her friends also.

When we all went out to Lonestar a couple weekends ago I distinctly remember everyone being like “we’re going to all be wearing our western gear at the Corral, right? Let’s dress like cowboys!” and then it would seem I was the only one who followed through with that and dressed like a cowgirl. I had a bit of a Legally Blonde moment, like everyone told me it was a costume party but then I was the only one who dressed up.


Alright, not really. I just wanted to post that. Evan was clad in plaid also, and when you put a cowboy hat on him he looked like he was ready to go for a ride on his tractor.


That is probably my favourite picture ever taken of him. He had a realllllly good time.

Sherrie and I have a long history with the Corral.


Circa 2005


Circa Saturday night

I love my Sher Bear. And I love that she brought a bucket with her to drink out of. Bucket party of one. Normally that would be cause for getting kicked out of the Corral (they are strict), but on Saturday they seemed to like our shenanigans and Sherrie’s bucket. I guess because we are older, and therefore wiser.

You know my friends and I love our props, and Sherrie brought a pretty awesome one. Sometimes when we are on the dance floor we like to do the fish move. She will cast an invisible fishing rod and I will be the fish and it will hook me and I will dance over to her as she reels me in like I am her catch of the day. It’s not even as cool as it sounds, but it is kind of funny. Well no worries, this time we didn’t have to pretend. Sherrie brought a fishing rod along, so she could actually catch me and reel me in for real.


We even hooked a few plaid strangers.


Not sure if that beats the saxophone, but it is definitely up there. Sherrie also had an inflatable monkey, which is the hit of every party.



And we brought a blow-up birthday ring toss game.


And that gentleman in plaid is Sherrie’s birthday twin.

There were dance floor parties, as there always are.


And my favourite moment of the night is a toss up between when Sherrie and her friend Alicia got the ENTIRE dance floor to line dance to Boot Scootin’ Boogie, or when we had a dance floor dance-off and I won when I pulled out the dance floor air guitar.


Photo from a different dance floor air guitar long ago, but also at the Corral. Basically same thing.

Or when Evan gave the singer of the band the cowboy hat, and he wore it and then put it on the end of his guitar for a bit.


And the reason that moment was so awesome is because Evan was just ecstatic about the whole thing.


It was a hilarious and amazing night. I had so much fun.

And then we came home and Sherrie made Kraft dinner, because she makes it THE BEST!


So a really healthy day of eating coupled with my ginormous poutine. But I have managed to drag myself to the gym three times this week so…it counteracts, right? RIGHT?!

Anyway, good times. So glad Sherrie had a great birthday!


Cork’s Birthday and Organization Weekend

On Friday night my pals and I all gathered to celebrate our friend Corey’s 32nd birthday. It has been two years since I first introduced our friend Corey on his 30th birthday party.

birthday girl

Two years ago!

He was a beautiful birthday girl. We went all out in a very mature way to celebrate his big 3-0, complete with princess signs and creepy gift bags (I say we, but I mean mostly Dawn. She makes a very good birthday and she gives me good blogging material.)

Last year Cork’s birthday was a slightly more grown-up house party, but still included some interesting elements (the Stud Undies), and good friends, and was a very fun time.


This year, it would appear we are now adults. We met at a pub on Friday night to celebrate the Corkster turning 32, and no one brought any glasses, there were no props, and there were especially no giant princess boards.


Also from two years ago.

So I guess we really are maturing in our old age. It’s probably about time, as one of us has a child (not me), one of us just had a baby (not me), and another one of us is pregnant (again not me), so I guess we should be setting examples. It seems to be baby time! I knew this day would come.

But we are all still young at heart.

Also, Evan and I did gave Corey his gift in a sweet Treasure Troll loot bag that we found at this amazing convenience store near us. The stock in there hasn’t been replenished since the early 90s, so there’s some good gems to be found. We’ll be hitting that up for other birthdays in the future for sure.

Anyway, it was still a really great night with all our friends (about 20 of us!)


Sherrie and I

My high school band friends and I heard our old official band song start playing (Stand By Me) and decided to get a nice old friends picture in honour of the moment.


Ohh, band. We were so cool.

I didn’t take many pictures (for once, I don’t know what was going on!) but someone did send me a few good ones of Corey.


He was really excited for his birthday.


He’s a good sport. He likes whipped cream in his face.

The rest of the weekend was spent organizing the condo now that it is just Evan and I. This sounds like it would not be very fun at all, but honestly it was hilarious and probably the best weekend I’ve had in a while. It was really nice to just hang out with Evan and get all our stuff together. Most of my things were still in boxes up until this weekend as I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone and overcrowd the condo (with all my books mainly). It looks really empty now that all the Stars Wars figures have been cleared out (not joking), but I’m liking it.

We found some gems while we were unpacking and organizing…like this beautiful photo of my friends and I in Grade 9 at Dawn’s surprise party.


Surprise, I’m having a balloon child!

With Joel, Lisa and Emily. Two of them are in the photo with me above also. Aw, old friends. We were so innocent.

And this lovely card from Dawn for my 18th birthday:


Which STILL makes me laugh hard. We used to just die for TheSpark.com. I wish that site was still around.

And this beautiful frame given to me when I was leaving Dairy Queen after working there for quite a long time.


I actually started in 2000, but whatever, I’ll let it slide. And I’m surprised I wasn’t fired earlier for hiding in the freezer and eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and cookie dough…

We found a bunch of fun things of Evan’s also, like his old report cards (he was a really good student!) and his high school yearbook, which I really enjoyed looking through.

And this game of his Nana’s that we are definitely keeping:

You play this while listening along to a record. Pretty groovy. We also happen to have his Nana’s old record player, so perhaps we will have to play this at a game night in the future…

So it was a great weekend and it was nice to hang out at home for once rather than be all over the place. I like.


The Teppanyaki Birthday

I am back from the family Thanksgiving party that was this weekend, and I have officially solved the mystery of what Winnie does when no one is home.

2013-10-12_14.42.21.677 copy

She sleeps. She sleeps all day, every day. She gets up a few times a day to eat, use the litter box, and groom herself, but otherwise she just sleeps. The live camera was about a million times less entertaining than I expected. It was pretty cool to check in on her though. And we had the app set to record movement, so everything she did is documented. If we missed her waking up we could go back and watch her later. Not like it was exciting to watch or anything, but it was nice to have the option. We used the app iCam if anyone is interested. It was $4.99 on the app store.

On Friday night we had some pre-eating festivities, and we celebrated my friend Lisa’s 30th birthday!


This photo is from Dawn and Mark’s Tropical Jack and Jill last year, not Friday night. But I like it so I am posting it. My friend Sherrie is having a Hawaiian party in a few weeks, so good thing I brought my coconut bra along with me on the big move!

Lisa and I have known each other since Grade 4 when she moved to my school and immediately took over my best friend Stefanie. I was not happy about this so I told her to go back where she came from. She cried. We were enemies for a bit, but we are all good now. We became close in Grade 7. She came to my birthday that year and she got me all the cool happy face paraphernalia. I can distinctly remember it. Happy face earrings, necklace and belly top (yes, belly top). I was the epitome of fashion for about a month. And please tell me you remember the happy face craze. Dawn didn’t go to our elementary school (we met Dawn, Joanna and Joel in Grade 9) but as soon as we mentioned the happy face stuff she immediately said “Grade 7.” Correct.

Anyway, Lisa and I have been friends since Grade 7, is what I am getting at here. All our old friends got together to celebrate her turning the big 3-0.


Lisa and Brad


Evan, me, Dawn and Emily


Joel, Tiffany and Joanna


Corey, Evan, Mark and Joel

And our men, of course.

We went to The Villa Sushi in Whitby, which apparently has both all-you-can-eat-sushi and teppanyaki cook tables. Lisa had reserved a cook table for us. I love teppanyaki, so I was excited.

Cook tables can be a really good time if you have the right chef, and I felt pretty confident about ours.


Good times right here

They were both hilarious and made us laugh quite hard. And vice versa. I think we made their night.

We of course requested the onion volcano.


It’s a crowd pleaser for sure. Though I was a bit afraid when it turned into a scary fire ball.


But he assured me it was under control. They were also throwing eggs in the air and then cracking them as they came down on their knives. Pretty impressive. We cheered very loudly for them. I’m pretty sure the other restaurant patrons were not the biggest fans of us. But, what can ya do?

Our chef even let Dawn wear his hat.


Dawn has been blogging again recently, and she has some big news for you! (Click on that link to read it.) I have been waiting for her to officially announce this before I said anything, but I am so excited for her!

I love places like this because you are eating the entire time. You start with miso soup and salad while they are cooking up the rest of your meal. And then they just start loading up your plate. I got the salmon and steak, which comes with rice and vegetables also.


The steak and rice were done a bit after the salmon, so they hadn’t made it onto that plate yet. It ended up being a lot of food and I couldn’t finish it all, so that was sad.

This filled me up also though:


Ah, Sapporo. I do not have you often enough. I try to get it whenever I’m at a sushi restaurant.

Anyway, Friday night was a lot of fun, and I feel nothing but love for the entire evening.


Aww, rice love

It was a great low-key birthday celebration, and the perfect warm up to the weekend of eating I had ahead of me.

Happy 30th Birthday Lisa!

I hope all you Canadians had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and to everyone else I hope you had a great regular weekend!


The Dirtiest of the Thirties

On Saturday I officially welcomed my childhood friend Emily to the Dirty Thirty Club (of which I am already a member). 


(This picture is from Emily’s amazing birthday party last year.)

Em’s birthday was on Saturday, and she and her lover Corey hosted a big barbecue at their love shack for all of their family and friends. Evan and I skipped out on the evening painting activities (oh darn!) to attend this, so we quickly went from painty slob-fest…


To apropos barbecue attire.


I originally wasn’t sure how we were going to be able to make it to the party because it is about an hour and a half drive to Em and Cork’s from Evan’s cottage (and for some reason it took us two hours to get home), but Evan is beautiful and when I brought up my concern about this he immediately offered to drive. I was so happy. Emily is the greatest, most thoughtful friend (remember the stocking she got me for Christmas?!) and I would have been so sad to miss her big day. I still remember playing velcro catch in Emily’s backyard on her 10th birthday, so I had to see her turn 30!

And it was great to see all our old pals.


Friends since Grade 9!

I wouldn’t have thought Emily and Corey could outdo their free pony rides (but not actually) soiree for Emily’s birthday last year, but I was wrong. Those two sure know how to throw a party.

They had the typical BBQ fare of burgers and hotdogs, so I scored a burger and also some of everything on this table.


And maybe this table also…


I was especially excited for that cherry cheesecake. Homemade and delicious.

The birthday girl accidentally burned her finger while attempting to blow out her sparklers, but she is a trooper and didn’t let her finger burn damper her evening.


She was still quite happy.

We played some fun games outside for a while, like frisbee cup.


It’s a drinking game. You are supposed to throw a frisbee at the other team’s sticks and if the cup flies off the other team has to drink (we also played this at my friend Leah’s bachelorette on the beach last summer). No one should have ever put Dawn and I on a team together because we were both not the greatest at the frisbee throwing.


I am going to say I was distracted by Dawn’s amazing mustache glasses. We both seemed to get better the more we drank though, and Emily and her sister Sara (in the picture beside Dawn) were quite good. They were able to redeem us so we could get these guys over here to drink.


Also in attendance were all the parents who chaperoned us at Dawn and Mark’s wedding in Jamaica in January.


Well I say chaperoned, but in reality they drank more than we did. Aren’t they the cutest, happiest grown-ups of all time? They had quite the reunion. Dawn and I were explaining to Julie’s dad Kenny that in Jamaica we each had a day when we were the most intoxicated (catamaran for Dawn, Negril for me), and we asked Kenny what his day was. His response was “I guess pretty much the entire time,” which made us laugh hard.

I also told Kenny that I didn’t recognize him without his sunglasses on.


Because in Jamaica he wore them the entire time. Even indoors.

Kenny enjoys us quite a lot, and us him.


We also convinced Kenny that he should drink a beer out of the Oktoberfest boot. He said okay.


He had to wear the birthday cape for this.

And not to be outdone, Leanne’s dad Bobby did the boot thing as well.


And since those are our examples of how to be a proper adult, the birthday girl and I mayyyy have gotten in on this boot action also. And I may have been wearing the birthday cape…


Oh it was a fun time.

So happy dirty 30 to my little Emilio! Thank you for hosting the best party!


And thank you for the beautiful photobomb Joel!

I said at the end of my post for Emily’s birthday last year that 29 years from then I hoped we would be throwing parties just like that one, and I am happy that at least one year later nothing has changed!

Dawn had a really great post about Emily’s birthday also if you want to check it out.