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The Tartan Birthday

Even though my actual birthday was on Saturday I decided to celebrate on Friday since it seemed to work better for everyone, and then I would have the rest of the weekend to leisure (plus I was celebrating with my dad and Mona on Saturday afternoon).

I am not huge on celebrating my own birthday and 31 isn’t a big milestone or anything so I just wanted to do something low key. Originally I had planned all-you-can-eat sushi with my friends, but then Emily and Sherrie were all “But don’t you kind of want to go to the Tartan?” and when I thought about it, yes I kind of did want to go to the Tartan. The Tartan is a pub in Oshawa that I used to frequent back in Journalism school that I have not been to in years but is ALWAYS a good time. It is different than your typical pub because it has a back room that turns into a dance party on the weekend. They usually have a live band back there that is more like a Bon Jovi cover band, which I dig in a cheesy hilarious sort of way. My bestie and I have had some times there, let me tell you. Who doesn’t love screaming “Livin on a Prayer”? That dance floor has seen a lot of dance floor air guitars.

Sushi was up first (Tatemono in Whitby), and it was plentiful and delicious, and I only have one picture from the entire experience.


Sherrie included that beautiful elephant mask in my birthday card. You had to put it together yourself and I let Evan do that task and he got a bit mixed up with the ears…but I liked it and I think it was more funny that way.

After the sushi we headed to the Tartan. We lost some people after all the eating, but most were still in attendance and excited for the back room. I knew the Tartan was not going to disappoint when I arrived and there was a ladder in the middle of the dance floor…


Renée, Julie, Sherrie, moi, Emily, Jo

I don’t know why it was there, but obviously we used it for a photo shoot.


I just have to say, it was a super fun and hilarious night. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt the next day.

A recap of my favourite moments:

Sherrie’s blow up ring toss cake made it to the bar…


And at one point we had basically the entire bar tossing the rings onto it. Rings were just flying everywhere.


People were getting realllly into the ring toss game. Like these two lads sitting at a table near ours…


We would just throw the ring to some random person out in the bar, and they would throw it back onto the cake. Even “Security” got in on it.


I thought he was coming over to tell us to shut it down, but nope, he liked it. I say “Security” loosely because he was definitely encouraging our ridiculous behaviour (umm like at one point he gave me an impromptu [PG!!!] lap dance and I genuinely thought someone had hired a stripper for me).

The band was also a big fan of the ring toss game and kept singing about it.


So we set it up in front of them in case people wanted to do some ring tossing on the dance floor, which they did.

We also had Sherrie’s monkey with us, as Evan and his new bromance partner Dustin are demonstrating in this picture.


The band LOVES the monkey. Sherrie has been frequenting the Tartan with the monkey over the past year or so and the monkey was seriously like a celebrity. The band kept inserting the monkey into song lyrics, which made me laugh hard because it reminded me of when I do the same thing with Winnie’s name.

The band also sang Happy Birthday to me (along with all my friends and the entire bar), which was kind of embarrassing but is definitely a moment I will always remember. And Evan had given the servers the best cake ever earlier in the evening, so they brought that out to me as everyone sang.


I was VERY. EXCITED. for the cake.  Look at those strawberries!


It was so beautiful. And it was so incredibly good. Evan got it from Highland Farms, where we also got the cake for my Nana’s birthday. They definitely do cakes right over there. We just annihilated it. Even with all of us eating it there was cake leftover, and we didn’t want it to go to waste, so we started feeding it to people.

Security once again really liked this.


As did this man.


We also gave an actual slice to the band, which they enjoyed, and I offered it to the table next to us and the macho guy sitting there was all “Ohh I can’t. I am trying to be healthy for the first time in my life and I am actually going to the gym and eating well and this cake is going to ruin my momentum.” I told him that I understood. We’ve all been there. I am also being healthy and going to the gym, but then I ate his piece for him, because birthday.

And then they played Funkytown during a band break (which I requested, of course), and no one was on the dance floor but that is my jam and I wasn’t going to miss it. So I grabbed the elephant mask and the birthday cake ring toss and I got out there and I got things done.


The Tartan was actually the most dead I have ever seen it, I think because it was so cold outside people didn’t want to go out, which I totally get. I did not mind in the least as I had a REALLY great time with my pals.


Fun times all around.

When we were leaving Emily, Sherrie, Evan and I were standing in the pub section and there was this dude sitting by himself just mowing down on the best looking poutine I have ever seen. We were all blatantly staring/drooling. He looked up and caught us, so we were all “that looks sooooo gooooood,” and he actually offered some to us. I couldn’t believe it. I would never offer strangers my poutine, but…I guess I did just offer strangers my birthday cake… Anyway, we declined, but it was nice of him. And then we went back to Sherrie’s and ate her famous taco dip and The End.

Thank you to my buds who came out and made my big day special 🙂


Chatterpaul’s Birthday Celebration

Good morning!

I never got around to posting yesterday, as I was a busy beaver at work all day and had a date with my high school friends in the evening. And then my internet was being a big jerk when I finally did sit down to write about my adventures in eating last night, so I aborted that mission.

But here I am! And it is recap time.

We had a small meeting yesterday in our office, which I wasn’t in, but instead of ordering lunch, the meeting gang headed downstairs to Druxy’s and you better believe I tagged along.

I mixed up my usual salad order and decided to go for a sandwich. I rave on about Druxy’s salads all the time, so it should be noted that their sandwiches are equally as impressive. I opted for a chicken sandwich on a kaiser with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, swiss cheese, mustard, and a bit of mayo. I also scored a pickle and a small cup of potato salad (which comes free with the sandwich) on the side.

All very yummy. That sandwich was dang good, and reminded me that there is more to Druxy’s (and to life) than just salads.

After lunch, we enjoyed some surprise afternoon cuteness in the form of my office BFF Lexy who dropped by with her baby Hudson.

Hudson is getting so big and is SO. CUTE.

Look at that little muffin. I want to squeeze him for hours.

Lexy is pretty cute too. I love how often she drops by our office. I really miss having her around and it is always great to see her. And of course we all love seeing her baby.

This picture of our boss with that cheeky little cat pretty much killed me.

So cute. They are already buddies.

After work I had a date with my high school homies to look forward to, celebrating my friend Lisa’s 28th birthday!

Joanna and I with the beautiful birthday girl (in the middle). Actually it is her birthday TODAY! Happy Birthday Lis! 😀

We talked about how we are all (sadly) nearing 30, and who is the first person in our group of friends to turn 29. And it’s me. Not for a few more months, but still! It is approaching!

We hit up a restaurant in Whitby called Chatterpauls, which I have never been to before, but I keep hearing great things about. It is a little bit on the expensive side (about $20-$50 per entrée), but I keep hearing that the food is to die for, so I was anxious to try it out.

While we waited for our entrées, our server brought us each a little appetizer to try.

That would be grilled zucchini topped with a bruschetta mix. I am not a big zucchini eater, but let me tell you that will be changing right now. That was the best little piece of zucchini I have ever eaten, and I don’t think it would be tricky to recreate this little appetizer at all. Though mine would probably not be as tasty…

It also happened to be $4.99 martini night, so in a change from my usual beer or wine order, I opted for a Euphoric Sunset martini.

I don’t even remember what was in that (besides coconut and peach schnapps)…but I do remember that it was GOOD!

For my entrée I chose the Chattercake and Greens, which was a crab cake consisting of lump crab cake, vegetables and spices, served atop a mix of fennel, pineapple, tomatoes, pepitas and flax seeds with a pineapple mango chutney.

That crab cake was ridiculous. So, so good. I can’t rave on too much about the rest of the dish, because it really was just a salad (though a good one) and I found myself wishing I ordered pasta or something more substantial than just greens.

Like this dish for example:

White roughy served on top of pasta, which is what the birthday girl and a few others ordered. I had a bite of Lisa’s and it was delicious! I regretted my entrée decision slightly (hate when that happens)…but, that’s what I get for ordering a salad.

After our meals we had birthday cake to look forward to!

Isn’t the cake (and the birthday girl) gorgeous?

One of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen. It just looked like a big ball of deliousness.

And it definitely delivered in the delicious department.

That’s chocolate with whipped cream AND buttercream icing! I was in heaven.

It was a fun evening out with my gals.

We have all been getting together more often lately, and I am loving it.

Gotta go yo, it is work time! I hope you all have a great almost Friday! Hooray for short weeks :).