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Labour Day Lake Weekend

My very bestest buddy Lisa is currently visiting from Calgary so I was very lucky to be able to spend the majority of Labour Day weekend with her at her parents lake house.


Yes, we have Labour Day in Canada, it is not only for Americans. But yes, we spell it Labour, with a U.

I can’t think of anywhere else I would have rather been.


Beauty, beauty. Lisa’s good friend Corina was with us as well, who I also know pretty well as she was Lisa’s roomie in university and I spent a LOT of party nights at their place. Their uni house will always hold a special place in my heart. Ah the good ol’ days.


The last time the three of us were together…almost two years ago!


And this time.

Friday evening was pretty low key. We just went swimming, did some hot tubbing, and around 8:30 convinced Lisa’s dad to drive us to a Salvation Army sale that was happening (we could not drive ourselves as we had been drinking in the hot tub). Browsing around was pretty fun, but the sale turned out to be kind of a bust EXCEPT for this pretty sweet game Corina picked up.


It is called Personal Preference and it is definitely from the 80s. Some of the people in the People category we had to Google because we didn’t know who they were, but it is definitely a good time. Basically you pick four cards in different categories and rank them secretly according to your personal preference. The other players then bet on the order of your preference. Corina already owns it but she has played it so many times with her friends she grabbed it in case one of them wanted it. She said she had been looking online and saw it for about $60 but at the Salvation Army she scored it for $1.99. Pretty sweet deal. It provided hours of entertainment.

Because of our late night trip we didn’t eat dinner until about 9:30pm, but we ate outside with Lisa’s parents (who I like to consider my second parents) and it was romantic.


I didn’t take a picture of what we ate so I already forget. See, this is why I like a record of these things. But on Saturday morning we woke up to a famous Lisa’s dad’s (or Daddy Brook) breakfast.


Waffles and peameal bacon. Yes and yes.

We leisured around for a bit until this guy arrived.


Good thing too, because when I jumped in the lake the day before in my life jacket diaper I was wearing my sunglasses and they promptly fell off and sunk to the bottom of the lake. Not really a big deal, but they are prescription from Zenni and I like being able to see. Evan brought me an extra pair AND he brought goggles and went down and retrieved my lost ones as soon as he got there. That was very nice.

Life jacket diaper picture, for your reference.


Evan brought Bolt along with him, and he immediately got settled into leisuring as well.



Lisa’s parents have a little dog named Roxy, and Bolt has not always been great with other dogs (mainly ones that are bigger than him though) so I worried about how they were going to get along. But after a little first meeting tiff they were best friends. They immediately found a common interest in chasing squirrels and were good with each other for the rest of the weekend.



They were so cute together.

We spent the afternoon swimming and hanging around on the dock.



And eating.


Lisa’s mom always has the BEST hotdog and hamburger relishes. 

In the late afternoon, Lisa’s parents took us all on a boat ride.


I’ve never seen Bolt in a boat before so I wasn’t sure how he was going to react, but he was great.


He had just gotten splashed here and did not really know what to think of that…


Much boat ride, so happy.

I loved the boat ride. Lisa’s dad took us all through the locks/channels in the area.


My favourite was looking at all the lake houses and deciding which one I would like to live in one day. Perhaps this blue one.


The crazy thing about that blue house is that is the guest house. The actual house is even bigger behind it. But I’d seriously live in a shack if it was on a lake. A tent even.

The entire area is beautiful. All the rocks make me happy.




This was our favourite dog that we saw…


Can you spot him perched on the end of that makeshift diving board?


So majestic.

Our ride was about an hour and took us over to the falls and back.



Lots of time for doggy snuggles.


Bolt is so snuggly. He likes to snuggle even more than Winnie, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. She lives for snuggling.

And then we got back and I promptly split my pants…


They were wet from my bathing suit and the seams did not like that. They’re my favourite cottage pants!!! Sad day.

We had a nice family dinner together.


We spent more time in the hot tub…


And we played that Personal Preference game into the evening. Evan was making Lisa, Corina and I die of laughter. I don’t even know what he was doing, but I have said before that I just look at his facial expressions and it makes me laugh hard and I think that’s what was happening.

It was a dream day.

I think Sunday might have been Evan’s dream day though because he got to go sailing with the boys.


He was pretty excited about that. We girls stayed back and had reading time. And I was pretty excited about THAT. I love my reading time. Every time Lisa and I are together we end up having reading time. We always have. I’d say the only difference in our reading time now and 20 years ago is our choices, but Lisa was re-reading Remember Me by Christopher Pike so it would appear that nothing has actually changed. I remember loving that book so much. I am going to have to re-read it.

Picture of Bolt and Lisa’s mom just because:


And we had another amazing lunch.


And then, sadly, it was time for Evan and I to hit the road.

On Sunday night, Lisa and I met up with the girls at my friend Dawn’s. Baby Scarlett slow danced with Donatello.


And we spent some time catching up in the pool.


It was really nice to have a low key night in with the ladies.

Perfect last weekend of summer. Just what I would have wanted to do.


Quick Calgary Adventures

I am back from my western adventures. That trip was very speedy. I really would have loved to spend an extra day in Calgary, but my last work event is this coming Monday so I had to be back in the office yesterday to get some stuff done. I am really excited for Tuesday, when everything is over. For now…

Anyway, both of the events on Monday and Tuesday this week went really well. After our first event in Toronto I was feeling a lot more confident about things, but because of the travel involved with these two I was very worried that I was going to forget something important. I checked my lists a million times to make sure I had everything. Name badges, label maker, signs, programs, presentations, Sharpies. I had everything. All good.

But it wasn’t until I got to Calgary on Tuesday that I realized I forgot something very important.

Pants. I forgot pants.

It wasn’t a problem on Monday because I wore a dress to the event, but on Tuesday I was planning on wearing dress pants with a blazer. Except I forgot to pack said dress pants. I even forgot to pack jeans. I had my gray running tights that I wore on Sunday and were all sweaty from my run, black Lululemon flared pants, black 3/4 tights also from Lulu (my only two pants from Lululemon, don’t get the wrong idea and think I am rich or anything), and a pair of shorts. So I had a plethora of leisuring clothes, but I was really lacking on the business attire. Rather than wear the same dress, I improvised with the 3/4 length tights and a pair of tall boots. Luckily the shirt I wore underneath my blazer was long enough to cover my bum area, which was my main concern.

The airline accidentally shipped my coworker’s luggage straight from Vancouver to Toronto and missed Calgary, so all she had was what she was wearing and she was also wearing tights. So at least I had a partner in crime. I’m really glad that didn’t happen to me because I was wearing a shirt that had cats on it on the plane. Nothing screams professionalism like cats.

Our event on Tuesday was at the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary, a super luxurious hotel that reminds me of the Titanic. The lobby was absolutely stunning.


And the room we had our event in was just as beautiful.


My bestie Lisa lives in Calgary, so she came to the event!

photo (1)

I was so excited to see her, and I was so glad she came. I haven’t seen her since the summer! I am definitely more confident when she is around and I really loved having her there for moral support. She ended up helping me out, and she took over the registration table like a pro. The guests thought she worked with us, and she had the whole “And here is your name badge, and coat check is to the right, bathrooms are around the corner, and there’s tea and coffee right there” down pat. It was super helpful.

At one point when the canapés were coming around she said to me “I’m really impressed with how cheese-heavy this event is. I can tell you did the menu.” She should have came to the Vancouver event where one of the appetizers was just a ball of goat cheese on a stick.

Afterwards we went over to her sister Heather’s with a bottle of wine to catch up, and it was the most hilarious night I’ve had in a long time. I took a picture of the three of us, but it’s so dark you can’t tell what’s going on. So here’s a good one of us.

photo (3)

I am the weirdo on the left. Lisa is just to the right behind me, then our old pal Amanda in her fabulous purple snow pants, and then Heather on the far right. We have known each other for a LONG TIME!

Here is a more recent one from the summer.


When we were wearing our life jackets diapers.

The night with those two was hilarious and I was so glad I was able to squeeze it in. I was hurting the next day from all the laughter (maybe the wine also) but it was well worth it.

I got home from my travels on Wednesday evening and I was sooo insanely exhausted. Just done. Evan totally boosted my spirits though. He surprised me when I got home by redoing our master bathroom ensuite while I was gone (with the help of Brotherman). Like the entire thing. He painted, installed new tile, put in a new toilet and sink, new cabinet and mirror and he put up shelving. I don’t think shocked would even describe my reaction, I nearly had a heart attack. Evan and Brotherman said my reaction was like one of those people on a home show. It was like While You Were Out! Just add this to the reasons why Evan is the best ever. I never would have expected that. Best surprise of all time.

Anyway, work time. I am insanely excited for the weekend. Have a good one!


The Bestie Weekend

I have been looking forward to this past weekend  for months. My very best friend (since Grade 3!) Lisa was visiting from Calgary!



I have talked about Lisa many times before, and I most recently saw her around Halloween when she was last in town (which was too long ago!). She was only here for the weekend, and I feel like I just got to see her and then she had to leave again, but it was great to catch up even for a short time. And I know I’ll see her this summer, so this thought consoles me.

Her mom (who I would consider my second mom) dropped her off at my pad Saturday afternoon so we could have a little bestie catch-up time before the rest of our friends arrived later. Lisa and I seem to go through the same major life events around the same time, even though we are so far apart. We both lost our jobs around the same time, started new jobs around the same time, left those new jobs around the same time, and started newer jobs around the same time. We even ended our past long-term relationships around the same time, and started dating our current lovers around the same time. All without even talking to each other about it until after it was happening. It’s weird, but somehow we are very in sync. And I could talk to her for hours and hours about the most random things.

My friend Emily arrived a couple hours later, after some drama downtown. I guess she was on a bus and a fight broke out, so she had to get off. I got a random text from her saying “There was a fight on the bus so I got off. I’m getting a ride there,” which may have been the most random text I’ve ever received as she didn’t mention who was giving her a ride here. Lisa and I were wondering if maybe she was getting a ride from the winner of the fight? Anyway, I didn’t know how to respond to that. It turned out she got a ride with her boyfriend’s friend though, who happened to be downtown, so it was all good.

After she arrived safely, the three of us went out for sushi.



We went to Echo Sushi, which I recently visited (and blogged about), and it was just as good as the first time. That brown rice sushi is my favourite! I didn’t eat quite as much as the last time I was there, but I still left feeling pretty full.

We waddled back to my apartment just in time to meet up with the rest of the girls for a night on the town. It seems to be the theme whenever Lisa is visiting. Or even when I am visiting her.


All my high school lovers (minus our friend Crystal, who also lives in Calgary), plus my friend Sherrie who I went to Journalism school with.

We went to a pub called The Unicorn, which I have never been to before, and which has an actual unicorn.


Which makes sense. If you’re going to call yourself The Unicorn, you better have a unicorn. That unicorn looked like it was having some horn issues though… I think it needs a makeover.

The Unicorn wasn’t all that busy, and probably would not have been a ton of fun had we not had the resources to make our own party. But of course, we did.


I am clawing Lisa’s arm because obviously I don’t want her to leave.

We are quite a big fan of glasses, as you may know, and Sherrie brought a few new pairs for us all…


I seem to have missed the tongue memo.

It was a fun time with the ladies.


We ended our night at Philthy McNasty’s, which is basically just how it sounds…

On Sunday Lis and I slept in a little bit before meeting up with our friend Matt…


And Evan!

The four of us had a brunch date.


We went to Bamburger, which I have been to for brunch at least twice before and have always been very impressed with. Not on this day. My coffee was burnt, my toast was burnt, my peameal bacon was a very sad portion, and it took forever. I did really like our server though, so that redeemed it slightly. Hopefully they were just having a bad day. But if it happens again I’m writing a letter.

And then sadly it was time for Lisa to go back to Cowtown, so Evan and I dropped her off at the airport for her 5pm flight.


I look happy, but I am sad.

I was really excited for those two to finally meet!

Aww, my two faves. I knew they would like each other.

And that was basically my weekend. Definitely a good one, and much too short.


We like to eat a lot

Hello friends!

I hope you have had a great Halloween and a good week despite whatever Hurricane Sandy may have done to you. I am feeling for you all on the East Coast. The weather was crazy even here in Toronto (my cat was looking at me like we were going to die), so I can’t imagine what it must have been like being in the middle of it. I was stalking CNN and thinking of you.

I have been MIA this week because my very best friend Lisa is visiting. (!!!)

(That picture is not from this week… I just chose it to demonstrate how much we love each other. And that Canada is beautiful.)

Lisa is basically my sister. She is certainly my food soulmate. She grew up here but now lives in Calgary, so unfortunately I do not get to see her very often. The last time was when I had my trip out west and we had our Calgary Stampede adventures

Followed by our girls’ day in the mountains, with our amazing friends Dawn and Crystal, who were coincidentally also in town.

That trip was an absolute whirlwind, so I was anxious to see Lisa again under less hectic circumstances. But since she was originally only planning on staying in Ontario from Thursday night to Monday, and when you visit your hometown eight million people and their friends and their babies and their cats want to see you, I knew I was probably only going to be able to see her on Saturday (when we have a massive girls night planned). But then her plans changed! She arrived Tuesday afternoon instead and I picked her up from the airport and we dove right into best friend leisuring.

Which means, basically, that we have been eating a lot. I’m not even going to tell you everything that was consumed between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening, because I’m embarrassed about it. Well, I mean, I’ll share some with ya.

On Tuesday night we ventured downtown in the rain to Yuk Yuks (Canadian comedy club), and we met up with our friend Matt there, who actually also happens to be visiting from out west. I went to Journalism school with Matt (or we also call him Bumper), and it was really good to see him!

I haven’t seen him for about two years, and the three of us haven’t been together in years and years, so we wanted a nice picture of us with the Yuk Yuks sign. Maybe something for Matt’s mantelpiece in his apartment.

And then this girl came over and was all “Oh I have to get in on this! I am photo bombing your picture!” And who are we to crush someone’s dreams of photo bombing?

So we let her in. Perhaps I should have told her she would end up on my blog. Oh well, I liked her. She was funny.

Unfortunately, the comedians were not. They were not funny. I am pretty easy in the laughter-department and I will laugh at pretty much everything, often at things that are not funny to anyone else. Like in the beginning of the show, because I am expecting to laugh and I am anxious for all the laughter, the comic can ask “How’s everybody doing tonight?!” and I will just start dying.

So I was in that mindset and it started off promising.

This man had a mustache and was wearing a skirt and was making his shirt into a belly-top, and that is funny in theory. But somehow it was just not. And as the night and the lame jokes wore on (and a couple people seriously just stood there and didn’t know what to say, it was weird), I felt uncomfortable and I couldn’t even give them a fake laugh. It was a special Halloween amateur night, but sadly just not very funny (I am not THAT comedy savvy, but Matt and Lisa are and both said it was the worst they’d seen).

But that’s okay! The entire show was only $4, and we had each other and this plate of fried ridiculousness:

So we soldiered on. Matt is actually getting into the stand-up comedy scene in Vancouver and recently performed at his first amateur night, and he is actually funny (I saw his video, I know what I’m talking about). I wanted him to go on stage and take over. Next time.

Anyway, afterwards we went over to Jack Astor’s for a drink and I mayyyy have ordered this…

I was thinking of getting something healthy, considering our fried goods earlier… But then I figured if I ordered a salad, by the time you add the four kinds of cheese, bacon, croutons, raisins, craisins, nuts, seeds, those little fried crispy tortilla strips, and dressing I’d probably be looking in the same calorie range as the loaf of bleached white cheese bread soaking in hot garlic butter anyway (I will tell myself this, but I really just wanted grease and carbs). So I went with the cheese bread. It’s just so good! I couldn’t resist. I could only finish about half, and that was with giving Lisa a piece, so I just packed the rest right up and ate it yesterday as a snack. Still good!

Also, Halloween was on Wednesday, as you know, and this is the first year I can remember that I haven’t dressed up (last year I was Ke$ha). But ohh, we celebrated. With possibly the best takeout sushi I have ever had.

We put a little plastic fern on the top plate to make it look more appetizing because we didn’t think this picture would do the sushi justice (and it doesn’t). But man it was good. That sashimi was so fresh!

And then we continued our celebration with chocolate and candy. And chips.

We do not mess around when it comes to snacks.

We had some errands to run at the Dollar Store during the day, so we decided we might as well buy a bunch of cheap junk food since it was Halloween. And it is a SHAME to not eat junk food on Halloween.

We obviously didn’t eat all of that, not to worry (though I am stuck with the leftovers and am currently eating a Twizzler). But we made a pretty good dent while we watched cheesy scary movies (like Ernest Scared Stupid, which, not as good as I remembered from when I was a kid).

Our whole time together just reminded me of being young with no worries again, and I think it is what we both needed since both of our lives have been weird lately (we seem to randomly go through the same huge life changes at the same time, even though we are so far apart). So if your life feels weird and unfamiliar, it’s good to be able to have some best friend time to regroup and rejuvenate yourself so you feel like you again. I could talk to Lisa about anything and she would never judge me. And I feel like she appreciates the little details of every story, so that is nice.

Anyway, that is all. But my apartment now looks like it’s been ransacked. And we have some shenanigans coming up this weekend before she leaves…possibly with props. So I’m excited for that.

And happy Movember ladies! When every man looks like a greasy Ron Burgandy for an entire month. Hooray! But at least it is funny.


Last Hurrah with my BFF

Hi friends, I hope you’re having a great weekend!

My Bestie Lisa has been visiting from Calgary for the past two weeks, and is currently on a plane back there, so it was my plan this weekend to soak up as much time as possible with her.

Lisa Beesa

I had Friday afternoon off work, so after the nunga talk, I headed up to her parents’ cottage to spend the day with her in the sun!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch out on their deck that overlooks the lake.


A homemade barbecued cheeseburger topped with hamburger relish, sweet corn relish (so good), pickles, ketchup and mustard.

The best part of this burger was that it was on a cheese bun!

Cheese Bun & Chips

And the best part of this lunch was the view:

Lake View

And obviously the company.

After lunch, Lisa’s parents took us out on this bad boy.


Lisa’s dad is actually president of the sailing club in their area so he knows his way around that thing and took us on a sweet tour around the lake.

Sailing looks like quite a bit of work.  Thankfully, we didn’t know what we were doing (or I didn’t, at least), so we mostly just leisured up in the bow of the boat and enjoyed the view.

It was the ultimate leisuring experience.



Lisa’s mom is so cute behind me, hehe.

It was so relaxing that at one point we were both laying down on the bow and we fell asleep!  I grew up on this lake, so being on it gives me a sense of comfort :).

Later that evening we headed back to my house to hang out some more.  We had tons of girl talk, along with this:

Skinny Girl

Lisa’s cousin Katie gave us each a bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita’s when we went out for sushi last week, which Lis and I were both eager to try.


We thought the margarita was a little strong on its own, so we mixed it with a splash of Perrier to tone it down a little.  We made a drink for Ando and his friend Cam as well, who we made honourary skinny girls for the evening.  They actually liked it :).

I think I would have liked it a whole lot more if it wasn’t tequila, but I’m definitely not a big tequila drinker and it definitely had a tequila taste.  Not bad though, I’d probably drink it again!

In the morning, I made Lis and A-Rod oatmeal pancakes for breaky.

I topped mine with peanut butter and maple syrup and dug in.

Lisa was a big fan of them!

Yay for Pancakes

I followed the same recipe as usual, only I added some Enjoy Life Mega Chunks that the company sent me to sample.

Enjoy Life Mega Chunks

These were an awesome addition, and we all commented on how chocolatey and delicious these little chunks were.  They made the pancakes extra yummy, and we were surprised at the ingredients, only brown sugar, cocoa and cocoa butter!  It made us wonder what else is usually in chocolate…

Chocolately Deliciousness

I’ll have to see if I can find these little chunks around, because they may be my new fave chocolate chip.

More Cottage Time

Anywhoozles, after breakfast Lis and I headed back up to her cottage to spend the day doing what we did for countless summers when we were growing up.  Suntan by the lake, swim, and read.

Lisa is one of the only friends that I can just sit around and read with.  It is something that we have always done since we were little and reading Archie Comics and RL Stine Fear Street books (remember those?!).  We were huge nerds growing up and both LOVED to read.  We would read together (but our own books, separately), for hours, talking occasionally if anything exciting was going on in our books, or if our books reminded us of something we wanted to talk about.

We both consider it quality time :).  It is our best friend ritual.

We also took this little boat out for a spin across the lake.

The Sea Flea

The Gals

The View

So much fun.

Annnnnd we enjoyed some delicious eats.


Barbecued sausage, roasted potatoes, and a big salad beast that Lis and I made.

We spent the entire day just talking, and reading and leisuring and swimming, and it was really awesome.  I was so sad when I finally had to say goodbye, I’m going to miss this girl!



But I know I will see her again soon, and that she is just a phone call away!  I’m so glad I got to spend a lot of time with her though.

What is your favourite thing to do with your best friend?
Mine is lay on the dock in the sunshine and talk about the things that you just can’t talk with anyone else about 😉