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The 100th Birthday Party

I still have quite a lot of trip recapping I want to do, but I need to take a little break because yesterday was a VERY important day and I want to talk about it while it’s still fresh in my mind. My Nanny turned the big 100. Evan and I headed over to her nursing home in the late morning, along with my family and Nanny’s friends, to celebrate this huge milestone.

Heeeeeere she is!


Looking so sassy in her white silk blazer and pants. What a birthday girl. She is a minx to the ninth degree.

Note that she does not have to be in a wheelchair, she can walk…but sometimes she likes to walk without her walker, so she had a little fall a couple days ago. Just on her bum, she’s okay, but I guess she wasn’t feeling the best the day before her party and my aunt was like “Well ya better pep up ’cause we’re having a big party for you tomorrow!” And she did. Ohh she did.


She was so happy to see all of us, and my cousins were there from BC and brought their children, our Nana’s grandchildren, who she cannot get enough of. She was just so excited.


My cousins Allie and Chrissy


My Auntie Nancy, the Nanners, and my dad

Seeing her so incredibly happy with all her family and friends brought tears to my eyes. It is bringing tears to my eyes right now as I write this.

Nanny had other reasons to be excited. She got all these letters from very important people congratulating her on her big day. Including her MP (Member of Parliament if you are not Canada savvy)…


And that bottom quote “laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live” is something my Nana very much lives by.

The Governor General of Canada…


And YEP, she got her letter from the Queen!


Well, the Queen’s office. That is official Buckingham Palace stationary, so kind of a big deal. And yes, this is a thing in Canada. The Queen will send you a personalized letter on your 100th birthday, and also for 50th wedding anniversaries. You do have to request it though. I know Nana has been waiting for that letter!

In honour of Nanny’s big day, I made perogies (or pedaha as we have always called them), from her very own recipe that she has been using for years and years. It was my very first time, but they turned out pretty good!


I will post the recipe, but maaan they are time consuming. They took me two evenings. Worth it though, they are so good and they really did taste just like Nana used to make them. My dad said he couldn’t even tell the difference, which was basically the highest compliment I could have received. I really have to thank the staff at her nursing home because I just brought them in frozen and they boiled them in the kitchen for us and then covered them with butter. Very nice of them.

Evan also made my Nana’s famous salad. He is the only one I know who can get the dressing close to hers (oil and vinegar, you know, the salad). 


Adding garlic really helps. Nana eventually just added entire cloves of garlic into the salad, surprisingly better than it sounds…but chopping it up is good too.

My Auntie Nancy also made a cabbage roll casserole (Nana used to make cabbage rolls all the time), so it felt like I was eating a meal at Nana’s house.


For dessert my Nana’s friend made a chocolate mint pavlova, which I didn’t even know that I liked…but it was probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I was dying over it.


Seriously so good. I need that recipe in my life. I want to eat it every day.


And cookie cake.


Because my Nana loves her cookies.

And of course we had champagne, which means MIMOSAS!!!


Does she look good, or does she look good? I don’t know what it means when your 100-year-old Nana probably has less wrinkles than you do. I am hoping that with age they just go away. We were all raving about how great she looked and how amazing her skin is, and she said “Oh, it’s makeup! It’s just makeup!” I’d like to know what kind of makeup that is, ’cause I think it’s magic.


But it’s more than her physical appearance. She just has a light behind her eyes.

I saw so many people I haven’t seen for a long time, which made me really happy. I especially enjoy spending time with my beautiful cousins, and I am sad they are a five hour flight away. Our visits always seem so short and so far between.


Even my friends Emily and Corey came out to say happy birthday to Nana.


Really nice of them. Nana hasn’t seen Emily probably since we were in elementary school, but she remembered her!


I can’t believe how with it she still is. She was asking about Lisa, my bestie, and wanted to see recent pictures of her. She remembered and was asking about Eric’s girlfriend Kenya and she’s only met her once. She always asks how Winnie is doing.

For every birthday, all my Nana ever asks me for is pictures of me. That’s all she wants. Just pictures of her grandchildren. And so, for her birthday present Evan and I made a photo album of our recent vacation photos. She loved.


That Nana is so photogenic. She is always instantly photo ready. I feel like this might be where I get that from. Camera is pointing my way? Must smile. My Nans has always been like this, and I found a bunch of pictures of me when I was kid when I was at my mom’s recently, and I seem to have always been like that too.

So the happiest, happiest of 100th birthdays to the Nana.



I know that my Papa was smiling down on her (please note she still faithfully wears her wedding ring, even though my papa passed away when my mom was pregnant with me over 30 years ago).

We better be celebrating number 101 next year!


Happy 100th Birthday to my Nana!!!

That’s right, you heard me. My positive, happy, strong, beautiful, most amazing Nana turns 100 today. 100!!!!!


I can’t believe it. She was born in 1914. Can you even imagine all the things she’s seen?

To celebrate her big day my family is heading over to her nursing home for a party this morning. It’s gonna be a good time and you better believe there’s going to be champagne, and you better believe my nana is snagging that 100th birthday letter from the Queen.


I’m gettin’ my letter.

I don’t even know what to say about my Nana that I haven’t already said before. She continues to be the most positive woman I know, with the happiest outlook and the sunniest disposition. When something is worrying me she still tells me “Don’t worry, you’re beautiful,” and she still tries to take care of me with her “care packages” (last time she gave me a box of Ziplock bags and a bunch of Werther’s Originals). She is the biggest example of enjoying the small things in life, and the two words she uses the most often are “wonderful!” and “fantastic!”

This is why she has lived so long, I know it. She is the prime example of not sweating the small stuff. She has not had the easiest life, and her early childhood years were particularly tumultuous, but she has not let that be an excuse to not be happy. It is so easy to blame circumstances or people for the things that are wrong in your life. But she does not. She just carries on. Even being in a nursing home. It’s not ideal. I’m sure she doesn’t love it there, but she knows it is the best place for her to be and she makes the best of it.

She has been the best influence to my cousins, and my brother and I.

photo (2)

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