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Bring Your Brother to Work Day (Plus WIAW!)

First of all, judging by the comments on my camping recap yesterday, there are quite a few tent-camping haters out there!  This was interesting to me, but I guess growing up in the middle of nowhere will make you bug and weird-animal-noise-immune (but not spider immune…blechhh).

Even when my parents weren’t camping, I would usually set up a tent on our property in the summer and have camp-outs with my friends, so maybe this is why tents don’t bother me.  I actually prefer camping to sassy hotel stays, because you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing and what you look like, and not showering for two days (or five) is A-okay.

Not Showering = Good Times

(My hair is wet from swimming…which is almost like showering, only more fun!)

Thoughts like this make me feel like I would be an excellent candidate for Survivor, because I think I could handle the elements.  But then I remember that whole not-eating thang, and what happens to me when I get too hungry…and I’m pretty sure I’d be voted off immediately because my hunger monster would make a HUGE appearance and piss everyone off.  I’d be the person sneaking beef jerky, and hoarding rice, for sure.

‘Cause I like to eat, and I like it a LOT.

Shmanyways, after two days of lounging on a beach with no worries, I was sad to be back to the grind at work today.  Luckily I brought along a slave my brother to help me tackle the back-burner of my to-do list!

Hard at Work

I usually bring him into my office at least once while he’s visiting…he actually likes it!  He thinks my office is fun (he’s correct), and he really likes my coworkers (because they are awesome).

I didn’t give him anything too terrible to do.  He mostly got to upload a bunch of pictures from my organization’s spring championships to our Facebook page, so definitely a step-up from toilet-cleaning or anything weird like that.  And he works at McDonalds, so I think hanging around the office is a nice break for him, and makes him feel like a big bad grown-up.

I didn’t even make him be my own personal assistant, and actually fetched my own iced coffee from Timmy HoHo’s this afternoon.  But he paid (what, I forgot my money).

I also introduced him to Druxy’s at lunchtime (and I paid!), and he was a big fan.

Lovin' Druxy's Like His Big Sis

He ordered a turkey sandwich with a side potato salad (he said both were amazing), while I stayed with my usual and ordered a giant (but this is actually a small!) Druxy’s salad with all the toppings I could handle.

Big Ol' Salad

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times more, I love Druxy’s salads.  They are truly the best.

After work I dropped Eric off at my Dad’s so they could have some quality man-time, and headed home to make myself dinner.  Andreezy’s class was switched to tonight instead of tomorrow night, so for dinna I was on my own.

What’s a WIAW day without breakfast for dinner?

Healthified Egg McMuffin

It seems to be the theme of Wednesday’s.

Andreezy taught me his art of cooking over-easy eggs, and though I haven’t quite mastered it as well as him, I think I did a pretty good job.


And here’s breakfast, too.

Waffley Goodness

Whole wheat waffles topped with peanut butter and Andmo’s G-ma’s delicious strawberry preserves.  An unpictured banana (because I eat a banana at least once a day) served as a side to this.

And now I am off to watch the Bachelorette, since I missed it on Monday!  I have successfully made it through two days without seeing who doesn’t get a rose, and I’m hoping it is not JP or Ben, my two faves!  I plan on squeezing in a run a little later as well.

Have a great night!

What is your least-favourite work task?
Mine is updating our lists of past champions.  I don’t know why, but I dread doing this!


Hurrah for WIAW!!!

Hello food lovahs!

It is What I Ate Wednesday!  Since I thoroughly enjoyed participating last week, I have decided to do it up again.


My eating today was slightly more random than last Wednesday, as I attended a small event at work this afternoon that threw a minor wrench into my healthy eats.  Not that I am complaining, it was fun!  But you know what happens to me at events…I’m a food table hoverer, fo’ sho’.

Shmanyways, let’s get to it.


Oaty and YUMMY

Oatmeal!  And my fave combo of banana, peanut butter, and honey.  It has been a while since I’ve enjoyed any oaty goodness lately, and I’ve missed it.  Hit ze spot.

Mid-morning Snackage

Yogity Yogity

Liberté vanilla Greek yogurt + Enjoy Life granola + blubes.  Yummers.

I would just like to take un momento and mention that although I like Liberté and PC Greek yogurt, more options in Canada would be awesome.  WHY can we not get Chobani, Oikos, or Fage?  Seriously uncool.  Seriously.

Lunch Time

If you like me on Facebook (and why would you not?!? :)), you may have seen my post about how excited I was for lunch.  All morning long, all I could think about was this:

Love My Lunch!

Toasted whole wheat bagel topped with goat cheese and raspberry jelly (halves not combined so this lunch lasts longer ;)), and cherry tomatoes on the side.  I can not get enough of goat cheese.  It is crazy to think that I used to not like it… These days I die for it!

Post-Lunch Snack


Afternoon Snacks

One of the other sport organizations in my building was having a little “Midweek Midway” action in their office this afternoon, with various games you could participate in while also learning about upcoming events and workshops they had going on.  A few of my coworkers and I went down to check it out, and all my little sporty pals were there, so it was pretty fun hanging out and chatting with them.

The games were pretty fun!

Game Time

Golf and basketball (to the right, but hiding).

More Games

War (you got poker chips to play this game, and I lost all mine immediately.  I lost every hand :().

I spent a lot of time by the food table, and snagged popcorn, some chips, and an ice cream bar.

Event Snacks

I actually had about three of those little cups of popcorn.  So addicting!

At one point my boss came over to me and said that our new coworker Liz wasn’t sure where I was and thought I had left…but he told her that she must not know me very well yet, because there’s no way I would have left without hitting up the food table.  And then he said he looked over, and there I was, at the food table, snacking on an ice cream bar.  Funny.

And guess who won the How Many Candies Are In This Jar game?

How Many Candies Are In This Jar?

Oh yes, ME!  I guessed 78 and I was bang-on!  Craziness!  I won the jar of candy, which is currently residing in my office (with a few missing ;)).

The Midweek Midway broke up my day pretty well, and it was fun to get out of my own office, see everyone, and snackity-snack it up.  And WIN CANDY!

I also made sure to drink a lot of water all day long.


I read an article about sitting down all day and about how it is basically slowly killing you (I think I’ll talk more about this in another post) so I am trying to drink as much water as possible so I need to use the bathroom a LOT.

On my way home from work I felt like I needed a little pick-me-up, so I hit up the Timmy HoHo’s drive-thru and got one o’ these…

Iced Coffeeeee

Interestingly enough, the first time I tried iced coffee I thought it tasted like bacon…now I may be developing a slight addiction.  This iced coffee stuff is gooood.


Sammy for Dins

Deli turket sammy with lettuce, tomato, hummus and mustard on honey-oat bread, with leftover corn on the cob, and extra tomato slices.  Extremely simple, and it did the trick.

Annnnnd dessert…


The last of the Maple Crunch ice cream.  We are now all out.  Ohh well, I guess I have to try another kind!

Yeehaw and hurrah for WIAW!!!


My burn is feeling better, so I’m going for a RUN!!!!

Have an awesome evening!

What was the best thing you ate today?!


WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday)

If you follow healthy living blogs, you may have seen “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW) posts, where bloggers post nearly everything they have eaten that day (on Wednesday, obv).

This is my first time participating in WIAW.  I usually post most of my main meals almost every day, but I have never posted everything I have eaten in an entire day, and I don’t usually post my snacks.  Probably because I eat a lot, and each of my posts would be a million years long.

At the risk of boring the pants off you non-food lovers (read yesterday’s post instead if you don’t get down like that), here is EVERYTHING I ate today.

First up, breakfast!


This morning before work I blended myself a green monster smoothie that included:

  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1.25 cups almond milk
  • 2 handfuls baby spinach
  • pinch xanthan gum (to thicken)

Pretty yummy, though I think I prefer my smoothies to include just one type of berry.  I just used a mix that was in my freezer.

Around 10:30 my tummy started a rumblin’, so I headed into my work’s lunch/storage room to make myself my first snack of the day.

Morning Snack Attack

Liberté Vanilla Greek yogurt topped with blueberries and oatmeal.  I LOVE vanilla Greek yogurt, it tastes like dessert!  This hit ze spot and kept me full until lunch.  Which was this…


Definitely not the most attractive thing I ate today, after sitting in the fridge all night and morning, but this was leftover soft taco bake from yesterday that I topped with salsa.  It was actually pretty delicious.  A lot better than it looks.

(Don’t hate on my super attractive plate…those are the ones available in the lunchroom ;)).

That was really just a little sliver of taco bake, so I supplemented that with a homemade salad.

Lil' Bit o' Salad

Baby spinach, tomatoes and cucumber with sunflower seeds and Italian dressing.  Pretty good lunch!

Followed by a pretty lame dessert…

Fruit Snacks

Usually I prefer somethin’ a little more “desserty”.

My afternoon snack (around 3:00) was just an apple.  Usually I have PB with it, but I didn’t bring any with me today.  When I arrived home after work I was FAMISHED.  I was so hungry for some reason.  So before I hit up my gym’s 5:30 BodyPump I quickly made myself a second afternoon snack.

Second Afternoon Snack

A whole wheat tortilla smeared with a tablespoon of peanut butter wrapped around a banana.  Definitely helped to power me through a great workout!

After feeling the burn at the ‘Pump (and ohh I felt the burn) it was dinner time!


A homemade pizza with PC multi-grain pizza crust topped with tomato sauce, spinach, mozzarella cheese and turkey pepperoni, with steamed broccoli on the side (not nearly as good as the pizza).  I like to finish dinner feeling FULL, so this is where the veggies come in.  I can eat more without eating a zillion pieces of pizza.

And that is it for eats today! (so far ;))

I think this would be a pretty accurate snapshot of my every day eats.  Obviously I snack more on the weekends, and more (probably worse foods) if I am eating out.  And tons more if I am at some sort of event!  But day to day, that about sums it up.

My favourite meal of today was definitely my smoothie this morning!

What was the best thing you ate today?