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Double Run + Running Apps

So, guess who went running twice today?

I did.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 am (ahhh!), forced myself out of bed and out the door for a run.

In the dark.  And I didn’t love it as much as I look like I am loving it, but I have a really hard time not smiling in photos… My forehead has a really hard time not being shiny, also.

But it wasn’t bad, and I completed about 4.5k in just under 28 minutes.  And of course afterwards I felt goooood!  I find that running in the morning makes it easier to be on the go for the rest of the day.  I have more energy, and don’t mind being busy!

When I got home from work today, Ando was about to head out on a run of his own, so he asked me if I wanted to come along.  I’m not sure why…but I said yes.

Which takes me into running apps.

Ando used to run a lot, and he was my running buddy when I was first starting out…but when I started to get more seriously into running, he got out of it!  The last time he really ran was with me on my practice 5k.

Though running comes fairly easy to him (I am always jealous of boys about this, because it does NOT come easy to me), he gets bored pretty easily and likes to have a goal to work towards to keep him into it.  He also has hurt his knee in the past by running too fast too soon, so this time he is following a program to slowly build his endurance.  He downloaded the Couch to 5k app on his phone to use while he is running.

If you are just starting out with running, I highly recommend using the Couch to 5k program, whether you use the app or not!  C25k is designed to transform couch potatoes into runners by having them follow a three-day-a-week workout program for nine weeks.  By the end of the nine weeks, you will be able to run a full 5k without stopping!

I am by no means an expert, however I used to want running to die, and now my feelings about it range from mild hate to almost love.

It transformed me, the biggest non-runner of all time, into a runner, so it is tickety-boo in my books.

When I was starting out with running, I wish I had known about this C25k app, because I think it would have been ridiculously helpful.  I’m pretty sure you can get it on any smart phone, and the app lets you listen to your own music while giving you audio alerts according to the C25k intervals, telling you when to run and when to walk.

I used a timer to track my intervals when I was starting out with C25k and this would have been so much better!

In Andrewski’s case, I know he could already run 5k, but I also know he has trouble staying motivated (who doesn’t?) so I think this program will help him as well.  When we used it today, he was only on the second day of the program, so it alternated between 120 seconds of walking and 60 seconds of running.  We did about 4k in total and it was nice and relaxing, and we were able to catch up on our day during the walking intervals.

My Fave Running App

There are tons of apps for runners that track time, distance, pace, etc, and for anyone who is already a runner, you probably already have a fave.  I want to share mine with you.

I have tried a few running apps, but RunKeeper has so far been my favourite.

It tracks my time and distance…

And breaks down my time per kilometre (splits)…

It also tells me how many calories I’m burning (though who knows if that’s correct or not), and my overall average time per kilometre.

Annnnd the GPS maps my route!

This route is from my 5k race.  I am careful about posting information about my actual house location on the blog.  I don’t want any stalkers!

You can also set your audio cues so that a little voice comes on while you’re running (if you want it to) and tells you how fast you’re going (or how slow you’re going, in my case).

And you can add a running playlist, coaching, and use it for other activities, like cycling.

This app keeps me motivated, because it saves all my runs and I can go back and compare my time and distance.  I like it :).


Since this is a lengthy little post already, I’ll just share my dinner with you!

Nelly Frittata!

A frittata!  This frittata includes onion, garlic, green pepper, and asparagus.  I made it the same way I made my very first frittata, only with different ingredients.  It was yummy, and good post-run food.  I need to make these more often!

I’m out friends, have a great evening!

What is your favourite running app?


So Let’s Talk Nungas

Guess who has set their alarm every single morning this week for 5:30, anticipating a run?


Guess who did NOT wake up any of those times to run?

Yep.  I pulled a Little Run That Could NOT.  I squeezed in two evening runs this week, but none in the AM.

But this morning I did it.  I forced myself up and out of bed, into my running clothes, and out the door to run.

(that is my little kitty cat Dexter’s tail behind me)

Sports Bra Talk

Now there is something I want to talk about.  Sports bras.  Boys, if you are reading, I suggest you go check out this website and read about how to be a proper man or something, because this probably won’t interest you.

I am just going to make a general statement here and say…I have ginormous nungas.  It is a fact.

No one cares Heidi.

Having big nungas means I can’t wear cute little bandeau tops like this:

Oh okay Heidi, I know how well that worked out for you…

Strapless is not my friend, which is why I was so grateful to my friend Beth for choosing a dress with straps for her bridesmaid dresses!

Zero wardrobe malfunctions.  I was a big fan.

I have accepted that I am not a member of the IBTC and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I have embraced my chesties.  But this means I can not just throw on any ol’ sports bra and go for a run.

This is something that takes thought and preparation.  I can’t just run whenever I feel like it.  I can’t be out for a walk, and then just break into a run without the proper gear.  I need the girls on lock-down.  I don’t like them to run free and wild in the wind.

I have noticed that several people have been searching “big sports bra” and “running with a large chest” and “bouncy while running” on Happy or Hungry (seriously) so I thought maybe this would be a good topic for me to address for all you ladies who are also blessed (cursed?) in the chest department.

I have a feeling that my lack of owning a decent sports bra in high school contributed to me hating running so much back then, because when I finally got a GOOD one, I noticed a HUGE improvement.  I was so much more confident.

I used to double up, and wear a regular bra and THEN a sports bra over that to keep the nungulars in check.  Now I’m okay with just a regular sports bra, but it has to be a good one!

So here are my faves:

Moving Comfort

The two Moving Comfort sports bras I have owned have been the best bras I’ve ever found for running.

This was the first decent sports bra I owned, and it actually got stolen!

Moving Comfort Sports Bra in Fiona

I was sad… I went out and bought this one though (in black), and I like it just as much!

Moving Comfort Sports Bra in Juno

Both made me feel safe and secure, but not too strapped in.  It’s comfortable, yet super supportive for my gals.  AND my lovely lady lumps are not punching me in the face as I run.  Very important.


Lululemon is super expensive, but the prices of their sports bras I find are comparable to ones that are higher quality elsewhere (Moving Comfort, for example).

My fave bra of theirs is the Ta Ta Tamer.

Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer


Just like its name suggests, it seriously tames those ta ta’s.  And this is the best sports bra I have found for giving you zero uniboob.  Always a good thing, in my opinion.

For strength training and stuff, I do wear other cheap sports bras, but they are bad news for running.  I feel like I am just adjusting the entire time, and it’s annoying.

True that Heidi, true that.

What about you guys?  Do you have a fave sports bra?


I Win.

Hey, remember in my treadmill = boring post, I said that running outside makes me feel like this?

Yeah well, I lied.  It makes me feel like that in comparison to how I feel when I’m on the treadmill, but running doesn’t always make me feel like that when I’m actually running.

Most of the time I want to punch running in the face.  Especially in the beginning.  In the first kilometre or so of every run, I almost always have to fight through a mental block.

I still say the hardest part is getting out the door, but sometimes when I get myself out the door and actually start into my run, I’ll start thinking “wait…I’m going to sweat?  I have to work hard?  Is this what I signed up for right now?  Do I really want to be doing this?”  Almost like I forget what running feels like.

Usually this feeling goes away after the first kilometre or so and I catch my groove…but sometimes it stays throughout my entire run.  Like this morning.

When my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, the difficult part wasn’t making myself get out of bed, changing into my running garb, and heading out the door.  The difficult part set in when I started running.  Mentally, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I wanted to quit immediately.

But I have devised a way to get myself over this!

Music helps, of course, but when you’ve been listening to the same running playlist for a month like I have, it has lost a bit of its touch (I’m totally making a new one tonight).  To make my mind forget what my body is doing, I like to play a little game with myself.   The game is called “I win”, and really appeals to my competitive side.

It’s very simple.  When I am running outside, and I see a car approaching I will say to myself “If I can make it to that stop sign before that car does…I WIN.”

Or, “if I can make it to the streetlight before this song ends…I WIN.”

And, “If I can make it to the store before that annoying little voice in my iPhone’s runkeeper comes on to tell me how fast I’m not going…I WIN.”

I win even harder if I’m running the same route two days in a row, and that little voice doesn’t come on until I’m further than I was the day before.

I usually make it so it is very difficult for me to lose, so I am just winning the entire time, which is an uplifting feeling.  It is a simple, yet effective, method of getting me to run my little shorts off.  I win.

Do you have any methods to getting yourself mentally over a run?

I’ll tell you what does make me feel like this:

After my run is completed!!!!  There is no better feeling!  That is what makes me love running (that and of course for the beautiful effects it has on my bod).

Anywhoozles, I completed about 4.5k this morning, and felt pretty darn fab about myself afterwards.

Don't Stop!

(shirt via SkinnyRunner, and I will get around to explaining it one of these days…)

I rewarded myself with a big ol’ bowl of my breakfast bff.

I Lurrrrve my Oats

I topped my oatmeal with peanut butter, a bit of honey, sliced banana, and a small handful of walnuts.  I haven’t had oatmeal in like a week, and I have missed it!  So delicious!  Winning breakfast after a winning run.

Lunchtime at work today was quite groovy.  After a toasted whole wheat bagel topped with goat cheese, blueberry jam (TRUST. ME. Sooo good)…

Yummers in my Tummers

(and sliced red pepper on the side that ended up going unpictured)

…my lady coworkers and I decided to go on a little adventure!

Mid-Day Work Hike

Our destination was Tim Hortons for iced coffee, but we took a little detour around the back of some apartment buildings and found a trail that went around the Don River.

Bridge Fun

Not a good river for swimming.  You’d probably come out of there with a third arm.  Very pretty though!

We didn’t plan on staying out very long, so we are going to explore this trail a little further tomorrow.  Maybe even bring the boys along and have a picnic ;).

The walk was an awesome way to break up my day.  We were quite sweaty afterwards because there is a humongazoid hill that we had to climb, so this really hit the spot:

Jacked on Iced Coffee

I healthify the Tim Hortons iced coffee up a little bit by asking for milk instead of cream, and getting them to skip adding the pre-mixed sugar to it (which makes it too sweet!), instead opting for one packet of Sweet ‘n Low (I know Sweet ‘n Low is bad for you, but I really don’t think one packet is going to kill me).

Dinner was just whole wheat spaghetti with lean ground beef, sliced green pepper, baby spinach, onion, garlic, and Prego pasta sauce.  I forgot to snap a pic, but trust you have all seen spaghetti before.

I am off to have a Big Brother marathon with Ando.  We have PVR’d the last three episodes so I’m excited to get caught up.  I friggin’ love that show!

Have a great night!


Sitting is Killing Me

It’s true.  Sitting down all day is slowly killing me softly, and it might be killing you, too.

Sorry to be a Negative Nancy and get all Debbie Downer on you, but I have been reading an increasing amount of articles lately on sitting all day and what exactly it is doing to your body.  Maybe some of you have even seen this cartoon…

Sitting is Bad, Mmmkay?

I’m not going to post the whole thing, but you can click on that pic if you would like to view it.

I have known that sitting is bad for you for a while, but it came to a head for me yesterday.  There is a blog I have been reading lately called The Art of Manliness (I know, I’m not a man.  Ando thinks it’s funny that I read it, like I may find out all of his he-man secrets ;)), and though I am not looking for tips on growing a bad-ass beard like this fine chap’s…


(Found that man in a bar a few years ago, obv had to get a pic with him)

The Art of Manliness does have some good articles, specifically in the Family/Relationships section.  I definitely recommend checking it out, even if you are a gal like moi.

Anyway, yesterday I read an article on there about the comeback of standing desks, and it reiterated how absolutely terrible sitting is for you.  This was the clincher for me:

When you sit, the electrical activity in your muscles flat lines, and your body uses very little energy. Powering down your body like that for long periods of time leads to a cascade of negative effects. Your heart rate, calorie burn, insulin effectiveness, and levels of good cholesterol all drop.  Your body also stops producing lipoprotein lipase and other molecules that are only released when you flex your muscles, such as when you are standing and walking. These molecules play an important role in processing fats and sugars; without them, your metabolism suffers.

Well damn.

The other scary point was that exercising does not counteract this.  Just like you can’t eat a few double QP-eezies with cheezies and then eat a bunch of carrots and think you’re all good and healthy, you can’t sit around all day, and then run like a maniac for an hour and call yourself active (which is what I have been doing, haha).

I sit all day long at work.  From 8:30 to 4, Monday to Friday, my office is a sit-fest.  Sure, I am out fairly often at events (which I am grateful for), and I am standing then, but the majority of the time, I’m sitting.  Short of getting a stand-up desk, there’s really nothing I can do about this.  I have to be sitting at my desk to do work, so if I was standing around all day, I’d be pretty unproductive.

I have learned a few tricks though.

  • Drink lots of water.

Drink Yo' Water!

(Recycled pic from yesterday)

This has been pretty key for me lately.  Not only do I have to get up and refill my water bottle many times throughout the day, but lots and lots of water = lots of bathroom breaks.  To get to the bathroom, I need to stand and actually walk there.

  • Eat lots of (healthy) snacks

This is easy for me as well, since I am a constant snacker.  I keep my snacks in my work’s lunch/storage room, so I have to get up to get them.

  • Get up and talk to your coworkers

I have four coworkers in my office.  We all have our own office off of our main suite (which is pretty sweet).  Our offices are all very close together, and our walls are pretty thin, so I could ask any of them for something while still sitting lazily at my desk.  I have been guilty of yelling at my boss from my chair to tell him something.  I have also been guilty in the past of picking up the phone to talk to a coworker whose office is right next to mine.  No more.

Now if I need to talk to someone, I make it a point to get up and physically go over to their office.

  • Stand while talking on the phone

My coworker Mike is always doing this.  I always see him pacing around his office while he’s on the phone, and I used to make fun of him (to his face, so it’s okay).  Now I get it!

Standing on the Phone!

It gets me up and moving!

  • Take your breaks

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I am not a big break taker.  Even at lunch, I usually sit and eat at my desk.  We have a Druxy’s and a convenience store downstairs, and Tim Hortons is a two minute walk from my building, so now I make it a point to walk somewhere, even if I don’t leave my building.  Mid-day iced coffees from Timmy HoHo’s have been a sweet part of this deal.

Or sometimes I will go and visit one of the other sport organizations in my building, just to say heyyyy-o.

Office Boccia

Well I realize not everyone has activities going on at their work at lunchtime, but if you do, take advantage!  If I hear of any event going on, I am THERE!  Standing.

That’s all I really got… Do you have any tips to combat the lethal sitting?

Enough of that negativeness, let’s talk about something exciting.  Like EATING.

Let’s talk about salad beasts in particular.

Lunchtime Salad Beast

Today’s lunch was a homemade salad beast consisting of baby romaine lettuce, butter lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, walnuts, craisins, and goat cheese topped with light Italian dressing.

All Mixed Up

The goat cheese, walnut and craisins combo I think is a new fave of mine.  I love that the goat cheese gets all creamy when you shake it up!  There were so many different flavours happening in this salad, and I was a big fan of them all.

And alright, here’s dinner as well…

Scrambled Eggs & Salsa!

A scrambled egg and salsa wrap!  I scrambled up two eggs before adding salsa and a sprinkle of cheese and wrapping it up.  It was a very quick and easy dinner, and it was also just what I was in the mood for.  Some sliced green pepper on the side squeezed in mah veggies!

Annnnd now I have been sitting for a while writing this, so I am off to get standing.  I’m going to unfortunately not counteract my sitting with a run!

Have a great evening!  Hooray for Friday tomorrow! 😀


A Lazy Food Blogger (+ Balsamic Pork Loin)


So I have noticed lately that for a food blog, I have been slack-a-lackin’ slightly in the recipe posting department.  I tend to eat a lot of the same things on a daily basis…bagelwiches, Greek yogurt bowls, salads, smoothies, crock pot pulled pork or chicken with veggies, homemade pizza, etc. which is all good stuff, but it can get a bit repetitive on here.

At the same time,  I definitely do not want to feel like I am obligated to cook or bake new things all the time, just so I have something to post on my blog.  Ja know?  But I like to post every day.  Conundrum.

To me, eating > cooking.  I genuinely like to cook, but I don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes (especially after work), and nor do I really want to.  I’d rather be eating.

Sometimes I bake.  Sometimes I’ll make an elaborate recipe (though it’s not usually my own).  But I do cook and I always eat ;).

Something that I have personally always struggled with is eating healthy on a time budget.  If I get home from work and I’m not sure what to make for dinner, I’ll immediately suggest takeout, or ordering pizza.  Which is terrible for my bank account first of all, and also means that I don’t really know what I’m eating.  I don’t know what went into making my food, or how many calories are in there, or how much protein or fiber I’m consuming, or how many servings of vegetables it includes, and I like to know these things.

I do like to make my own meals, and when I cook it myself I know.

So you guys have probably noticed that I won’t have a new recipe every time I post.  I would rather talk about every day life with a few healthy (fine, sometimes unhealthy) eats thrown in, because healthy living should just be life, and it needs to be manageable and maintainable.

When I read other blogs, that is what motivates me.  Just a healthy-active lifestyle in general.  How is this person maintaining an active healthy lifestyle, while juggling life?  That’s what I want to read about, and hopefully that’s what you want to read about, too.

But I definitely hope that you can get meal ideas from my blog, that are not extravagant recipes, not crazy time-consuming, and easy to prepare.  My fave recipes are easy, quick, healthy!

And on that note, I tried a new pork recipe for dinner tonight 🙂


It was pretty quick and dirty.  I loosely based my recipe on this one for Balsamic Roasted Pork Loin from AllRecipes.  I liked it because it only had four ingredients:

  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Steak seasoning rub
  • Olive oil
  • Pork

I didn’t like the entire half cup of olive oil in there though, and I didn’t like how it had to marinate overnight.

When I arrived home from work, I put three boneless pork loins in a bowl, rubbed each side with steak seasoning, and poured about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar and one tablespoon of olive oil on top of the pork.  I let it marinate for about 20 minutes while I tidied up the kitchen and made a side salad (which I’ll get to, because it was super yummy).

I then cooked the pork on a griddle sprayed with olive oil cooking spray until it was cooked through (maybe 7-10 minutes per side).  Easy peasy.

The Whole Shebang

For the salad, I recreated the one that was served at my friend Beth’s bridal shower last weekend.  It included baby romaine, walnuts, craisins and goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.  Alejandrew said it was the best salad I’ve ever made!  It was definitely pretty awesome.  We also had corn on the cob, which reminds me of summer so much!

It was a great little dinna.

In other exciting news, I have discovered my new favourite kind of ice cream.

Soooo Goooood

Maybe not this flavour (though it is pretty good), but this brand of ice cream has been making me scream lately.  I have tried four different kinds in total and they have all been ridiculous.  The Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavour is so far the frontrunner for the title of my fave.  I ate it all weekend and was DYING for it.  Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chunks and extra swirls of peanut butter?  HEAVEN.

Maple crunch isn’t too shabby either, and it served as a delicious dessert tonight…

Hello, Yumfest

Pretty awesome.


Today’s workout hasn’t happened yet, and quite frankly, it may not.  I woke up this morning at 5:30am with a run on my mind, and I even made it out of bed and into my running gear before I decided the run wasn’t happening.

This may seem like a lame excuse (Ando thought it was ;)), but I have a pretty bad sunburn on my back from the beach on Sunday (which is surprising because I rarely burn, I usually just get really dark), and tight-fitting clothing is irritating it.  Last night at BodyPump during squats when I put the weight bar on “the meaty part of my back” (they say this every time without fail in BP), the bar was killing my sunburn, but I hunkered down and pushed through anyway.

This morning when I put on my heavy-duty sports bra for running, it immediately hurt my burn :(.  Running in it was out of the question, and running without it was out of the question, because without it the gals would be running free and wild in the wind…and I prefer to keep those suckers strapped in tight while I am running.

Ohh well, hopefully I’ll be all good to go by tomorrow.

I’m off to do a bit of leisuring instead.  I hope you all have a great evening!

A few articles of interest for you:

The Best And Worst Sandwich Condiments (via Men’s Health)
The 20 Worst Foods For Women (via Eat This Not That)
10 Surprisingly Healthy Foods (via Cooking Light)


Summer Event Eating


I have had a really fantastic weekend that has been jam-packed with good times (recap in un momento).  I’m sure you can guess what else it has been jam-packed with… EATING.

One of my friends had a girls’ night last night, and I find that any time a bunch of girls get together, the conversation inevitably finds its way to diet, exercise and health in general.

We talked a lot about how you would think winter is the time for unhealthy eating, since people tend to hibernate a bit more, couch it up, and binge on nachos and pizza.  But after some reflection, we all agreed that it is not winter that is the dangerous season, it is the summer!

You think it’s better because you’re outside and you tend to be more active, but the summer is sneaky.  It isn’t even July yet and my weekends are already almost booked with events and functions until mid-September.  Barbecues, showers, weddings, camping trips, cottage trips, birthday parties, etc.  All are fun times, and they make me love the summer, but these are the places I tend to go to absolute town in the eating department.

I eat pretty well when I am in my regular routine.  My meals and snacks are almost scheduled, and this helps me to keep my appetite in check and not overeat.  But I’ll tell you what is bad for me (if you haven’t already discovered this from reading my blog)… EVENTS.  Any sort of event out of the reg makes it almost like…the food I eat doesn’t count?

And though my stomach and I are BFFs and I don’t really have any allergies or issues with food, overeating does make my tummers feel like bummers.

I don’t really have a suggestion to overcome this.  I guess try to make healthy choices as much as you can and continue to be active and you’ll be alright?  I dunno, ask me at the end of summer.  I don’t want this to be a “do as I say, not as I do” thing, because I am still learning how to keep my eating in check.  I think I am just going to try to make eating something I’m conscious of when I’m at a party or event.  Conscious of, but not obsess over.  I still want to enjoy my eats and not stress about how many calories are in a piece of cake.

And I want to keep up with the working out three to six days a week.

Anyhoozle, now that that’s out of the way, weekend recap time!

Yesterday we spent most of the day at Android’s parents house to celebrate his dad and nephew’s birthdays.


Birthday Boys

The brunch spread was ridiculous, as per usual…


On my plate from left: turkey bacon, chicken and broccoli quiche, egg and salsa wrap, french toast casserole, pancake.  I snagged some fruit on the side that went unpictured, so this is not unhealthy, but more than I would usually eat and I was FULL afterwards.

But of course I had cake…

Yummy Cake!

It was a beautiful little cake, and it was even more beautiful on my plate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

A Thing of Beauty

I love how often Andrew’s family gets together.  It is always a good time.


Courtney, Taylor and I

Ah, teen angst ;).

The glasses made a reappearance…

Good Glasses Times

And there were some decent basement disco dance parties…

Disco Dance Party!

And doll-playing…

Doll Time

Caitlyn’s doll had some trouble keeping her nungas covered up.  Such a hussy 😉

A fun day, fo’ sho’.  I had some other fun stuff going on as well, but my camera took a vaycay…and I don’t want this post to be a million years long.

Bridal Shower

Today was my friend Beth’s bridal shower!


MacBeth and I

I seem to be having a similar wardrobe malfunction as Caitlyn’s doll…

In addition to my shower gift for Beth, I framed this gem for her, a pic of us taken about 10 years ago at our Grade 12 prom!

Prom Pic

Hello yellow hair and punk Beth.  Hehehe.  I love old pics.

The shower included a ridiculous food-spread…

Appetizer Spread

I brought the goat cheese and honey dip (what else would I bring?), and the other dips were quite fab as well.  I actually thought this was it for food, so I definitely hung out by the table and did my fair share of snackage.

But then, there was more!


All the food was amazing.  Such a good combination of flavours and I truly enjoyed everything on my plate.  From left: salad with goat cheese, walnuts and craisins (SO GOOD. I WILL be recreating this), bun with salmon, small scoop of potato salad, tuna salad sandwich, hard-boiled eggs, crackers with goat cheese and honey dip (I can’t stay away from it!), bean and chickpea salad, pickles, Babybel cheese.

Yumfest.  I was stuffed.

And then there was cake!

Best Wishes to Beth!

Obvs I snagged some of that…


Face Full o' Cake

We played some fun games as well!  The first game was how well you know the bride, which I would have KILLED had I been a participator rather than a moderator.

The second game we played I was in charge of, and it is my very favourite bridal shower game.  Toiler paper bride!


Beautiful Brides

In groups of three or four, you designate one person to be the bride, and then you deck them out in a toilet paper wedding dress.  I did participate in this one, and my group’s bride was Allison, Beth’s Maid of Honour, who is on the left.  All the brides were beautiful in their dresses ;).


Bridal Party

Beth and her bridal party 😀

Good times!

In keeping with my promise of summer workouts, I am off to squeeze in a long run before the season premiere of Trueblood.  I’m hoping to do at least 5k, so wish me luck!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

One question: How did you keep your eating in check at summer functions?