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Cottage Weekend and Nana’s 102!!!

On Friday after work Evan picked me up and we headed straight to the cottage.


As someone who lives in the city it sure seems like I am never actually in the city, doesn’t it? I do love living in Toronto (for now not forever) but escaping it on summer weekends is my favourite. If it’s hot I need to be in water!

Summer hours have kicked in for me at work which means I get off on Fridays in the early afternoon, which is super awesome so far. Normally when Evan and I leave for the cottage after work on Friday we don’t arrive until like 9pm by the time we get out of traffic and buy our food and booze and stuff, so getting there early felt like a treat. We barbecued burgers for dinner and went swimming, and then Evan decided he was going to clean and vacuum my car. He has a hard time not doing things. He likes to “toil”, as he calls it. I don’t suffer from that and I don’t have a hard time sitting back and watching him. With beer.


(Boobs wet from swimming mmmkay.)

It was going to rain in the evening so we watched the storm come across the lake…


I love storms SO MUCH. As long as I am watching from somewhere safe and dry. We spent the rest of the evening in the screened in porch playing cards. Pretty perfect Friday night.

On Saturday morning we hit up the Tall Teepee for breakfast — Evan’s cottage is in a First Nations area so there are shops and diners around with ‘teepee’ in the name. Also a lot of drive-thru cheap cigarette stops. Handy! My breakfast was great.


No complaints there.

In other news, we discovered recently at the cottage that the septic tank was full…


The joys of country (and I guess trailer) living. Anyway, it was pumped out and when that happened it was discovered that tree roots had sort of taken over the tank and were affecting the, uh, flow of things. So the plan for Saturday was to cut the roots out of the shitter. Sounds like a fun time. Brotherman and their uncle came over around noon to help with that job and it seemed to be a ‘too many chefs in the kitchen’ type of situation (meaning I was not needed, thank God) so I drove into town to run some errands.

I have been wanting to buy a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) for a while now, pretty much since my friend Hannah and I tried it a few years ago, but they are so expensive (at least $1000!) s0 I have been holding off. Evan mentioned he saw some on sale at Winners so I happened to stop by there in my travels. I found the SUPs, and they were on super sale! I picked up this baby.


It’s an inflatable one, which I was initially wary about, but it is rigid and sturdy and feels like you’re standing on a fibreglass board. And it has a removable fin. I read reviews on it before I bought it and it had some good ones, people said they were good for beginners and experts alike. So that’s good. Beginner I definitely am.


If you’ve ever been on one you know it’s a lot harder than it looks. My legs were shaking immediately. I was definitely using muscles that I don’t work often. But I was surprised how quickly I got the hang of it. I need to get a proper SUP paddle (actually I just ordered one on Amazon) but I’m so happy I got an inflatable one. It inflates in 10 minutes and can easily fit in my car so I can tote it around. We’re camping this weekend and I’m bringing it along, so I’m excited for that. I love it already and foresee a lot of use out of it. Evan took ‘er for a spin as well.


Aw, just learning.

Once the septic stuff was done we hung out in the lake for a few hours.


We were the only ones up in our little bay so it was so quiet and nice. Not the best weather but it didn’t rain so that is a win.

If you frequent Ontario cottage country you may be familiar with the Wolf 101.5, a radio station out of Peterborough. It’s mostly classic rock with a bit of new rock and alternative thrown it. It is an essential cottage station, I’ve been listening to it at cottages/camping for as long as I can remember and when we’re up at the cottage we put it on as soon as we arrive and don’t turn it off until we leave. They do an all-request Saturday night thing so I decided I’d try to call in. I actually got through! I requested Laying Pipe by David Wilcox (one of my dad’s favourite bands), fitting as Evan had been doing septic work all day. I had to seal my request with a wolf howl, which was pretty funny. The entire thing made my night.

Sunday morning we said goodbye to the lake…


And drove straight to my Nana’s nursing home for her birthday party. She turned 102 on Sunday!!!



10 freakin 2!!! Can you even believe it? I’m not sure I can. I recently saw a picture of her that was taken at her 98th birthday and she looks better now than she did then! That sly minx keeps getting better with age.


I hope that’s genetic. But seriously I’d be happy to be looking as good as her when I’m 80. She’s a miracle.


Nana enjoyed some Snapchat filters… So did my dad.



My auntie Nancy and dad were in attendance, and my cousins Chrissy and Allie were visiting from BC — it was really great to see them. So awesome they could celebrate Nana’s big day.


The last time we were all together was her 100th birthday!


It should be mentioned that Nana loves having her picture taken… I may have gotten that from her.




We had a tea party and my aunt’s friend Marcia made a pavlova and this other amazing light cake that I wish I was still eating right now. I forgot to get a picture of them but man were they good.

I am so thankful to have had my Nana in my life for so long. I have said this a million times but it’s still so true, she is the most positive person I know. Her go-to reaction to anything is still “Beautiful! Wonderful!” and then a pause and then “Fantastic!!!” If you haven’t read it you should check out the reasons she is the best ever. She is still going strong and those reasons still apply!

What a fancy lady.


And always such a character.


I just love her so much. It was a beautiful, wonderful…and FANTASTIC day!


Fry All The Fish

I have been meaning to recap my Saturday after the 10k a couple weeks ago, ’cause my friend Sherrie hosted a second annual (maybe third annual) Hawaiian games day and it just happened to include a fish fry. It was a dream. After my run and brunch with the ladies, I headed home, showered, grabbed my lover and headed to Sherrie’s house for the annual games day. Sherrie’s boyfriend Will owns the food truck The Feisty Jack in Toronto, and he brought it over for the day.


And I don’t think we are going to be able to go back to regular games day ever again.

Evan had volunteered a few weeks before to help out with the food on the day of and he was SO excited about it. He loves to cook and he loves food trucks and fish and chips in general, so it was right up his alley. He had been talking for weeks about how he was going to chip all the fries. It was cute. The week before he said to me “Do you think I’ll get to wear a uniform?!” Well, I’m pretty sure Will made his life with this official shirt.


He did bring a change for later once he was done cooking.



Will and Evan look alike, eh? They have a ton of nerdy things in common (I wasn’t referring to their glasses, but sure, also their glasses) and even have the same birthday.

Evan was pretty pumped to be working on the truck. He was all over those chips!


Seeing those fryers really took me back to my time working at Dairy Queen when I would occasionally work in the back. We deep fried everything we could get our hands on, even the drive-thru headset, although that was an accident. It still worked after! But it was perpetually greasy for the rest of its days.

Anyway, they made all the fried things and it was incredible.


I don’t know the recipe for Will’s batter because it’s a deep dark secret, but I did hear there is some Club Soda in there to keep it frothy and light.

The food spread was one of the best I’ve ever seen. They had bacon wrapped asparagus, pulled jack fruit (like pork but not) on a bun, actual pulled pork on a bun, tons of salads (not pictured) and chips (pictured)…


And then, fish and chips.


OH. MY. GOD. That fish!!! Totally the best I’ve ever had, no exaggeration. That batter was everything. Just perfect. For the chips Will had set up a make-your-own poutine station, but I couldn’t even get into it because I just wanted fish! All the fish! (I got into the poutine later during our late night snack, I’ll get to that.) Oh, sorry Evan, your chips were good too.

All our peeps were in attendance and we had quite the time eating, drinking and catching up with everyone.


It’s baby season around here so there were many adorable babies in attendance, including little Marcus (Em and Cork’s chicken nugget).


We just passed them around as the adults played all the yard games.


We drew numbers and were split into team’s of two — I of course hoped I ended up with Evan because he’s good at things, but my partner was our friend Chris, who is also, I should mention, good at things. We killed it! We had cow pie toss (aka cornhole), KanJam, frisbee toss…


Ladderball and beer pong.



Quite the array of events. After each team had played all the games we tallied up the points and the two teams in the lead went to a final tie breaker of bocce ball. I am happy to tell you that my partner Chris and I were undefeated and we made it into the final bocce ball game, which we then also won (with no help from me, it was not my day for bocce). GAMES DAY CHAMPIONS!!!


Pretty exciting. Putting that on my resume.

Later that night we had a bonfire and Will used his extra batter to make DEEP FRIED PICKLES!!! He made more fries too and the poutine bar was still kicking around so I got all up in that…


I’m glad I waited so I could do it right. I actually had several deep fried pickles, whoops. Oh well, summer is for eating. Definitely gained back all those calories I ran off in the 10k that morning…

It was an awesome day and I’m already excited for next year!

And I’m excited to be camping with most of these people next weekend. If it’s anything like our camping trip last year it is gonna be a TIME.


Canada Day Camping

Happy belated Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! #proudtobecanadian

And happy belated Fourth of July to all my American chums. We had Friday off so I was envious of you as I sat at my desk yesterday. I hope everyone had a great long weekend! We went camping with my friend Sherrie and her boyfriend Will, and sadly not in the beautiful mountains above where I was last year, we went to Silent Lake, where my family always went when I was a kid and where Evan and I went to last Labour Day weekend. The weather this time wasn’t wonderful but we had a gooood time.

The reservable sites at Silent Lake booked up really early and were gone by the time we decided we actually wanted to go camping, but there were several sites reserved for walk-ins that you couldn’t book in advance. I called them and they said it was first come first serve for those sites and we should be good if we got there as early as possible. So on Friday morning I left my house at 6am (Evan was coming later with Will), booked it to get Sherrie, left there at 7am, and made it to the park just after it opened.

A lot of people had arrived Thursday night and taken sites so when I checked in the morning there were only a three sites left. It was almost a two hour drive from Sherrie’s place so we sped up there and prayed the sites wouldn’t be taken when we got there. We were super lucky and got the second last available site. A guy in a truck came just after us and got the very last site, and a lady came just after him and was SOL. If we had been even 10 minutes later we wouldn’t have gotten a site, so we were pretty happy about that and raved on about how lucky we were. There were only walk-in campsites left, which meant we had to park offsite and walk our stuff in, but we are resourceful. We made friends with a ranger with a golf cart who let us load up all our stuff.

My tent (on the left in the pic below) is a complicated beast but we were able to get those puppies and the dining tent set up pretty quickly.



Which was a good thing because as soon as we finished it started raining annnnnd it continued to rain for almost the rest of the day. It figures. We’ve had a bit of a drought lately and have had beautiful sunny weather for the past few weeks, but Canada Day weekend comes along and of course it rains. We still thought we were so lucky though, first snagging the site and then getting everything set up before the rain. Typical Canadians raving about their good luck when it rains all day.


We got wet but what can ya do. It wasn’t bad, Sherrie had an extra pop-up tent that is meant to be used to shield from the sun, but we set that up over our chairs in front of a fire we built and it kept us pretty dry. Even with the rain I’d rather be camping!

Our first meal of the trip was not extravagant but it sure did hit the spot.


Sherrie makes the best Kraft Dinner. You can’t get more Canadian than eating Kraft Dinner while camping on Canada Day (it’s our national dish and we eat 55% more than Americans, take that Paula!). I love it. I need to eat more of it.

The rain eased up a bit in the afternoon so we walked down to the lake and then went on a little hike.






It is a beautiful park. One of my faves in Ontario!

The boys arrived together around 6pm and I’m glad they came when they did even though they missed the day. Evan was pretty sick on Thursday (I think he had the bug I had the week before, it was no good) and it was Will’s first time camping, so if they sat around in the rain all day I think they would have hated their lives. Thankfully by the time they arrived the worst of the rain was over.

I was on dinner duty and made us some tacos.


Camping tacos are the best tacos.

Evan still wasn’t feeling 100% so he had a spectacular napular in our tent.


Poor muffin. He’s a trooper.

It rained on and off until about 9, but we got a little sunset break!


We spent the rest of the evening hanging out by the fire.

In the morning Will cooked us breakfast.


And it was probably the best camping breakfast I’ve ever had.


Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fried tomatoes, and potatoes. The potatoes were the highlight. He had boiled and seasoned them before he left so he just had to throw them in a pan and brown them up. Excellent idea and so, so good.

After breakfast we headed down to the lake to rent kayaks for a lake adventure.


Evan and I kayaked the whole lake last year in a couple of hours — we also walked around the whole lake in about five hours. It was 15k on uneven hilly ground and it was torture, this was not the weekend to do that again. But the kayaking we knew was a good time. There are no motorboats allowed on the lake so it is perfect for kayaking and canoeing, and it’s small enough that you can see the entire lake.



I love the rocky shoreline and the little islands you can explore.





Evan picked us water lilies! Romantique!


Mine had bugs all over it so it went overboard pretty quickly…

At the far end of the lake it gets pretty shallow and narrow. It’s a fun area to explore.




It was a windy day and it was quite choppy in the main part of the lake, but the little channels were calm.


It’s so pretty.

After our kayak adventure we headed back for burgers (homemade by Will and delicious) and then hit up the beach. It was not the warmest of days but I really wanted to go swimming. That was basically the entire point of leaving the city for the weekend. You can’t have Canada Day weekend without swimming! So, we swam.


We also played some beach bocce ball.



We stayed at the beach for a few hours before going back to hang at our site. I was feeling pretty groovy in my camping attire.


The lake was really close to our site so we walked down for one last hurrah before it got dark.

IMG_8117 IMG_8120


And then Will made us the most amazing dinner. Corn on the cob cooked over the fire…


Shrimp skewers, chicken and vegetable skewers, and coleslaw.


It pays to be friends with a chef!

And we had some spider dogs later that we cooked over the fire.


We also went down and looked at the stars over the lake once it got dark, and they were some of the best stars I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad we had a good day on Saturday, it made up for the Friday rain.

We all had to work on Monday so on Sunday we just packed up and headed home. It was a real good time camping with these guys!


And we didn’t even have one noise complaint! There was a group in their early 20s who had two sites just down from ours and they really took the attention off of us. We were walking by them in the dark on Saturday night and one of the guys yelled “HEY do you guys want to come hang out with us? …or are you cougars?” I said “Maybe we are…” and we kept walking back to our old people site with our old people music (70s/80s rock — probably not cool to them). Ah to be young. And then they got a noise complaint, suckers.

We actually have a big group camping trip coming up in a few weeks which I am really looking forward to, even more now. I have the camping fever for sure.


First Cottage Weekend of the Season

This weekend was our first cottage weekend of the year! Yeahhhhhh! I was really excited about it, I’ve been looking forward to it since…well, probably October, our last cottage weekend. It’s just so beautiful and peaceful up there.


And quite a change to go from listening to traffic and car horns and what sounds like people street racing outside your window at night, to listening to extremely loud bullfrogs and crickets. I grew up in the country and I miss hearing those noises, though I’m surprised how quickly I got used to the noises of the city. Used to, but they’re not my favourite.

Anyway, before we hit up the cottage on Friday we celebrated my good pal Emily’s birthday with all our friends and all-you-can-eat sushi (last year we celebrated with Paula and Fabian!!!). I accidentally left my phone in the car but just picture a sh*t ton of sushi and you get it. It was plentiful and delicious. Afterwards a bunch of us continued the party and did an escape room at Durham Region Escape in Whitby. We decided to do a guys vs girls thing and I am very sorry to report that somehow the girls did not escape. I am even more sorry to report that the guys did escape.


So, F you guys.


I suspected they might escape with Evan on their team. I am just going to say that we were all too full from the sushi to be able to properly concentrate. Okay, and ours was legitimately difficult — the girls’ room only had a 14% escape rate and the guys room was 20%! I think we can use that as an excuse. But it’s fine that we sucked. It was fun.

Afterwards, it was cottage time. We didn’t end up getting there until about 11:30 so we pretty much just went to bed. We initially wanted to bring the little Tilly kitty with us, but dinner and escape room were about an hour from the city in the direction of the cottage so it wouldn’t have made sense to go back home after to pick up the crazy. Instead we had a neighbour come and hang out with her for the weekend. Apparently they super bonded and Tilly had some new toys when we came home on Sunday, so it looks like they had fun. Next time she’ll be comin!

On Saturday morning I headed out for a run before it got too hot. It didn’t work, it was already super hot and humid by 7:30am and I felt sluggish. I wanted to do 8k (it was my last “long” run before my 10k this coming Saturday), but unfortunately I had a bit of a bathroom emergency and had to cut it short. I ended up doing 6k but ya know, with the heat I was okay with that.


If it wasn’t so hot and humid I would have really enjoyed running at the cottage. I love a good dirt road.


When I got back Evan and I headed into town to grocery shop, pick up some booze and go out for breakfast. We sat outside on the cute little patio and watched the fisherman do their thing on the river beside us.


I was in the mood for a benny.



It was Evan’s dream to go to yard sale, so after breakfast we went on a hunt. It was a good call, we found one with an awesome park bench for $10. And even better, it fit in the backseat of my car. It is perfect at the cottage by the lake!



That thing’s going to get a lot of use.

We spent the rest of the morning and a good part of the early afternoon putting the dock in. It is a lot of work. It was actually worse than taking it out (we did that on Thanksgiving).


All the pieces are just really heavy and awkward. But eventually we got that sucker in.


I was a sweaty mess afterwards but luckily I could just jump in the lake. That’s handy. We’ll be using the dock all summer so putting it in was anecessary evil. I’m glad it’s over with. I blew up the party raft and spent the rest of afternoon leisuring around on that and occasionally rolling into the water when I got too hot, while Evan worked on his boat.


Our friends Sherrie and Will happened to be at Sherrie’s parents for the weekend, not far from us, so they popped by on Saturday in the late afternoon. We hung out on the dock/raft for a bit and then Sherrie and I took the canoe out for a relaxing paddle.




And the boys took the little tin boat out.



There is quite a large hole in the boat that appeared over the winter, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with that. They spent most of their boat ride bailing the water out. It really looked like they might sink, but all was well.

We had a feast…


We watched the sunset…


We drank beer and played boccie ball and had a bonfire by the water. The moon was CRAZY. It was so bright.


The weather was perfect for the cottage and it was such a great first weekend up there. I can’t wait to go back!


Til next time!


BBQ & Bobby’s Birthday

Sorry I’ve been sort of MIA lately — a few people have asked me if everything is okay and what’s going on, and yep and nothing! Just lazy. Okay, well weekdays lately have been really busy and by the time I get home I want to watch Game of Thrones with Evan and not open a computer. I am really hoping to get back into a regular routine though. This is me breaking the ice.

On Friday a few coworkers and I walked to this Italian deli near our work for lunch. It’s really just an Italian grocery store with a little deli in the back (La Salumeria), and it is quite unassuming but it has fresh bread and buns and an insane amount of meat and probably more kinds of cheese than I’ve even heard of.  I scored the most amazing sandwich.


In the end I went with the garlic turkey breast, prosciutto and Gouda. It was a tough decision but I have no regrets about it, it was delicious. It was a super hot day so we broke out some popsicles afterwards. These remind me of childhood!

Evan and I usually have a pho date once a week at our favourite Vietnamese place, Pho Com Vietnam, so after work on Friday that’s where we headed. It was way too hot for a big bowl of soup, so I decided to switch up my order.


The bun cha! Grilled pork with other delicious things on top of rice noodles. We also ordered the pork spring rolls to share — we’ve both been loving them lately and even tried to make our own a few weeks ago (good, but these ones are the best). Anyway, that was all just as delicious as it looks. Afterwards we came home and watched Game of Thrones (we’re just finishing season 3 so no spoilers!) all lazy and full.

On Saturday I went for a run because I’m still training for that stupid 10k. Alright, for the most part it’s been fine but it was just so hot the last week that I felt like I was really sucking and it was discouraging. I think I need to switch up my times and go super early in the morning or just before it gets dark. At least my route is pretty.


Around noon we headed downtown in our Blue Jays gear to hit up a game!


I was excited to show off our matching shirts.

Unfortunately our tickets fell through so that didn’t end up happening. It was disappointing, but what can ya do? We went out for lunch on a rooftop patio and watched part of the game on TV there instead. Drinks were cheaper than the game I tell you what!

When we got back on the subway some guy saw us in our apparel and approached us saying “oh you guys like the Jays! I have two tickets for the game going on right now that I can’t use, do you want them?” The tickets were in the same section we were supposed to be sitting! So, that was a crazy coincidence. If he had asked us an hour before we would have been all over it, but we didn’t end up taking them. We had afternoon drink and BBQ plans with our friends Sherrie and Will, and it was an exciting game that went into extra innings, so we would have been super late for that.

So we headed to Sherrie’s and we sat outside with drinks and played games — we even had a little bonfire. They also made us THE BEST dinner, a full rotisserie chicken over the barbecue and a bunch of other delicious things.


Really good times.


Gratuitous couple shot because I can’t believe how excited I am to marry this amazing man. And it’s been a month and I still can’t stop staring at my ring.

Sunday was my dad’s birthday, the big 65! His actual birthday was the weekend before, but Sunday was the party. We had beautiful weather and a bunch of family was there, and it was a really good time.

I’ve mentioned this before but my dad (aka Bobby) plays the keyboards and he used to be in a band with his friends from work. One of the guys, Rob, was at the party, so the two of them jammed out like old times. I was surprised at some of the new stuff they were playing. They were really good! Here’s Bobby in all his glory.

Ladies and gentlemen…my dad.

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Not new, that’s a classic Bobby song.

My dad is a big Collective Soul fan – he actually took my friends Dawn, Leanne, Julie and I to see them at Ontario Place with the Cranberries when we were about 16. Every time I hear any songs from their CD Dosage it reminds me of my dad driving around in his white Lumina with the disc man plugged into the tape deck blasting Heavy. So for his birthday Evan and I got him the Collective Soul CD and also tickets to see them with the Goo Goo Dolls in August. With us. Hanging with us, that’s a present in itself.

He got some other great things as well, like a metal detector for his adventures on Florida beaches.

Really funny because we almost got him that also.

And my Auntie Nancy’s best friend Jo-Ann who grew up with my dad made him this amazing album of old pictures…


And a bunch of candy they used to enjoy back in the day.


Bobby liked.

Mona went ALL OUT with the food and had the most amazing spread from a Greek restaurant she and my dad really like. Somehow I didn’t get a picture of it, but I can still see all that delicious Greek food when I close my eyes…

And strawberry cream cake. It’s becoming a birthday tradition and it’s so good!

Good family times all around.


^ my dad and his big sister, my Auntie Nancy



Hope you had a good birthday dad!


And let me know when you’re free to go to Shoppers Drug Mart with me so I can take advantage of your senior’s discount. 😉


The Last of Summer

Welp, that’s that. Summer is officially over. Happy first day of fall! I’m not super pumped about it because I know the cold weather is a comin’, but I had such an amazing summer that I am feeling satisfied. One of the best I’ve ever had. Also one of the busiest. I would not be able to keep up that level of activity year round and I can’t lie, I am excited to do a little hibernating on winter weekends. Just a couple of winter weekends though. I don’t need six months of winter weekends. I keep hearing that we’re in for an exceptionally long and cold winter and please, please no! I don’t want it!

Anyway, since this past weekend was the last official weekend of the summer, Evan and I decided to spend it at the cottage. When I originally checked the weather last week it was supposed to be beautiful and sunny all weekend. But of course, as usually happens when we decide we’re going to the cottage, as the weekend approached the weather turned to shit. It was beautiful and sunny all week, and it is beautiful and sunny all this week, but Friday afternoon and Saturday were crap. So when we arrived it was overcast.


But hey, at least it wasn’t snowing.


Evan wanted to make sure his boat motor was still running, so we took the little aluminum boat out on the lake for a bit.


It started no problem but we came thisclose to running out of gas, so that was pretty nerve-wracking. It would have been a nightmare. We made it back though, just before it started raining.


It’s still my favourite place, even in the rain.

We ate burgers and listened to the Jays game on the radio and were in bed reading by 10. Party animals.

We didn’t stop for food or anything on the way up on Friday, so on Saturday morning we headed into Hastings, a little town near the cottage, for breakfast and groceries. For breakfast we went to the cutest little place called Banjo’s, right on the lake.

banjos 2

(not my photo)

There are only maybe eight tables in the entire restaurant, so it’s really small and it doesn’t look like anything exciting, but they have great breakfast, I tell you what.


My breakfast was so good. Simple, and I don’t even think I could tell you what was so good about it, but I really enjoyed it.

After grocery shopping we drove by a rummage sale in a church basement, so we decided to stop and check it out. When we walked in the ladies handed us a plastic grocery bag and told us to fill it up with anything we wanted for $5. The rummage sale had already seen a lot of rummagers, and it was pretty picked over in there, but we scored some good VHS movies for the cottage!

Rummage sale haul! Got some sweet VHS tapes for the cottage! I am especially excited for the story of the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays. And the...bathtub spout.

Because yes, the cottage still has a VCR. With a dual DVD player. High-tech. As I mentioned on my Instagram, I am pretty excited for Sky High! The story of the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays. Also the bathtub spout. That was Evan’s pick. He thinks he will be able to use it on an upcoming project.

It was raining when we got back, so we pretty much did nothing for the rest of the day. We read and napped on the couch and it was awesome. The rain eventually stopped in the early evening, so we made it outside for a bit.



You can’t tell in the photo, but the combination of the sun and the clouds was making the trees look like they were in high-definition or something.

Dinner of champions right here!


Kraft Dinner, it’s been so long!

Sunday was beautiful. Finally.


Not a bad way to start my morning.

It was a bit chilly in the shade, but the sun was so warm and nice. After breakfast, Evan and I decided to take the canoe out on an adventure.



We explored all around the bay that the cottage is in, and I think it was the most peaceful I’ve ever seen the lake.


The sky was perfect, there was no wind, and the lake was smooth as glass. It was an easy paddle, and we kept mostly to the shoreline so we could see creatures (or as even calls them, crit-jures).





We saw a turtle, some fish, a ton of birds, and a lot of beautiful skyline. Just gorge.


When we got back we played cribbage by the lake, while again listening to the Jays game. I haven’t played cribbage in yeeeears. I think we’re going to be busting it out this winter on hibernation weekends.


I should mention that we specifically have “cottage clothes” that we leave up there to bum around in. Hence why Evan is always looking…his best. I know you’re checking out his outfit.

On the way home we stopped at this amazing takeout barbecue joint, Yorkie’s Bar-B-Q, for dinner. I’ve had a pretty good beef brisket from there before, but this time I went for the pulled pork and maaaan.


It was good. We also shared popcorn chicken, which was just as good as I hoped it would be.

So it was a pretty great way to end the summer, especially Sunday.

And now I am okay if people start talking about sweaters and boots and pumpkins and leaves. But not excessively!