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Fantastic Friday

Hello friends!

Sorry about all that re-blogging business. Is re-blogging your own posts bad blog form? Probably. Anyway, this week has been super busy, and besides work nothing has really been going on. Except for a few minor fantastic things, and those are the things I want to talk about. So today is Fantastic Friday, because alliteration and fantastic things make me happy.

Fantastic Thing 1

There is an amazing bakery across the street from the Starbucks near my work, so if I run out for a coffee around mid-afternoon snack time, I can’t resist stopping by there and picking up a little something…


That little something is usually a cupcake. They have the BEST homemade cupcakes with buttercream icing. You know what is so fantastic about that cupcake? The cake to icing ratio. I have never seen a cupcake with so much icing! I pretty much eat cupcakes for the icing, and I think there may actually be more icing than cake on that thing. That is a huge win. It is so creamy and buttery. I never want that cupcake to end. I could eat that cupcake every single day for the rest of my life (but my pants say no, don’t do it). I almost wish I never had one, because around 3pm I start to fantasize about eating it, and then that is it. I must get it.

Fantastic Thing 2

My work has a beer cart on Friday’s as a reward if everyone completes their timesheets. A BEER CART! Do you know what it feels like to drink beer at your desk while working?


It feels like a dream. I feel like I’m in a dream. They have a really great variety of beer brands also. Today is Friday! I’m already excited for the beer cart! Everyone better have finished their timesheets or I will hunt them down!

Fantastic Thing 3

This bacon tree:


I stopped at this burger place on my way home from work because I heard it has really good poutine, and I noticed this while I was waiting for my food (poutine, obviously). That is actually real bacon hanging from the tree. I wanted to eat it. So festive. The jars of Nutella in the background did not go unnoticed either…

Fantastic Thing 4

I have really been missing having a Druxy’s in my work building. It was so convenient (maybe a little too convenient), and their salads are so amazing I have no words. So I have been going through a little bit of a lunch transition while I struggled to find something close to my new work that I love as much as Druxy’s. I pack my own lunch a lot of the time, but when I don’t it’s very important for my hunger monster that I have a go-to lunch spot nearby.

I found one!


This could possibly be my dream lunch! There is a little deli down the street that has really awesome soup and sandwiches. They have good salads too, but I have really been loving the soup and half sandwich deal. It comes with their homemade chips! I love this because it’s a big lunch and I can stretch out eating it over at least an hour, and then it’s almost mid-afternoon snack time, which means less time without eating. If I plan it correctly I can almost be eating all day. That is a half grilled ham and Brie (I LOVE Brie) sandwich and a maple sweet potato chipotle soup, which sounds like an odd combination but I couldn’t get enough of it. They also have pretty delicious Christmas cookies which I am usually unable to resist. But I don’t get a Christmas cookie the same day I get a cupcake. Usually.

Unhealthy eats have definitely been sneaking in over here lately… So another fantastic thing is I have been walking to work every day. It’s a round trip of about 50 minutes, and seems to be keeping everything in check in the pants department. I’ve also been better with the workouts lately, but that is a story for another (less fantastic) post.

Fantastic Thing 5 (for my cat)

Winnie has a few new sleeping spots that she thinks are quite fantastic. The first one is on my radiator.


I find her there when I get home from work every single day. Winnie likes it hot.

Her second new favourite sleeping spot is not the most fantastic for me. Before I shower each morning I usually lay out the shirt I’m wearing that day on my bed so I can quickly change. Winnie takes this as an opportunity to leisure around on it and lick herself all over it.


Thus getting cat hair all over my shirt.

I am going to say her favourite sleeping spot is with me though.


She is my little weekend morning spooning buddy. Winnie is like my Nana in that she is fueled by love. This means she is going to live forever. Don’t tell me otherwise! She may be 19 but she is still spry!

That is pretty much it in fantastic news. Have a fantastic Friday!


Don & Marcia’s Tropical Jack & Jill

Friday night was my good friend Dawn and her fiance Mark’s Jack and Jill!

Look at those beautiful tropical lovers. I am SO excited for their wedding in Jamaica. Just so excited.

So apparently Jack & Jill’s (sometimes also called Stag & Doe) are a Canadian thing, and every time I mention it someone asks me what it is, so I am just going to explain it before that happens. Basically you host a big party, usually in a rented hall (but I have been to ones in someone’s house before), invite everyone and their mother (literally and their mother), get them all liquored up so they’ll play a ton of games, do a raffle, and the goal is to raise money to help the bride and groom out with their wedding expenses.

It is basically like a wedding, but only the party portion, and with games. And, well, slightly more redneck. And I use that term out of love. We all grew up in a small town that is a bit on the redneck side, and also seems to be Jack & Jill central.

Anyway, Jack & Jill’s are a very fun time, is what I am saying. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a bad Jack & Jill. You Americans need to get on this, I’m telling you. What is more fun than hanging out with peoples’ inebriated relatives? I can’t think of anything right now.

Since Dawn and Mark are having a tropical Jamaican wedding, they decided to have a tropical themed Jack & Jill.

So we busted out the lei’s and the coconuts for the occasion.

(myself, Leanne, Julie working the door)

This was the first Jack & Jill I have attended where I have been part of the wedding party, so it was a lot of fun for me because I got to be involved in things. Like working the door for a bit with my pals.

(Emily and I with the first $20 of the night)

This was fun because we got to greet people coming in. And we had a Rastafarian hat, so we liked to make people wear it as they entered.

They liked it.

My official duty was kind of the “MC” of the Jack and Jill. It was not as intense as being the MC at a wedding though, I basically just announced the games and the raffle draw winners. The prize for the limbo contest was a trophy full of the booze of your choice and I brought the guy who won on stage and got him to chug his rye out of the trophy in front of everyone. Luckily he did not throw up, or that may not have been the best decision…

Pretty sure he was feeling good though…

The most popular game of the evening was definitely the Toonie Toss. The prize is a 60 of booze. We did the Toonie Toss twice, and so the booze in this case was Jamaican spiced rum and also Crown Royal. You put the bottle on the floor and do exactly what the name suggests: throw Toonie’s at it (so actually, I am not sure you Americans would be able to do this, as you have no Toonies). Whoever’s Toonie is closest wins the booze, and the rest of the money is donated to the bride and groom.

People tend to get pretty intense over it…

I mean, a lot is at stake there.

There was also a pirate ship pinata!

Which no one was interested in. And I really bigged that up in my announcing. People are really more into the booze prizes than the candy ones at these events.

Best costume of the evening probably goes to Dawn’s mom Brenda (or just Brennie), on the left:

I loved her braids. So attractive. I enjoyed her friend’s hat a lot also. She really looked like a tourist somewhere.

I love Dawn’s family. They are a lot of fun.

I like to crash their family photos. You may remember Dawn’s dad Bri-bear from my friends’ Leanne and Dave’s wedding.

Our old teacher Mr. B was supposed to come but ended up not being able to, so we were disappointed. Until Marni, our other favourite high school English teacher, showed up!

She is next to me on the right. We love Marni! I was so excited to see her. And I can actually call her by her first name, which I told Mr. B I will never be able to do with him. It just doesn’t sound right. He will always be Mr. B.

We had fun catching up with her, and I hope there are more shenanigans with her in our future. Hanging out with your teachers is COOL I tell you.

There was also a food table, so I picked up some quality snackage…

I made two cheese balls for the occasion. One was the salmon cheese ball from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry, and the other was a recipe I found on Kraft Canada. Both actually turned out really well, but the second one didn’t get brought out since there ended up being a ridiculous amount of food. No worries though, I slept over at my friends’ Emily and Corey’s, and we brought the cheese ball back with us and annihilated it until 3am. Good times.

It was such a fun Jack & Jill, and I am so proud to be a part of my little Dawnald’s upcoming big day!


Chobani Workout Parfait Party

Tuesday evening I was invited to a blogger bootcamp thing at BarreWorks downtown, hosted by my favourite Greek yogurt company Chobani.

And I am not just saying Chobani is my favourite because they invite me to fun events, actually talk to me, feed me, and give me free stuff (like those sensual workout shirts). Wait, yes I am. That is basically the way to my heart. How could I not love them? I think companies need to take note here, because Chobani does the social stuff extremely well, and I believe that is why they are so incredibly successful. Well, and they really do have great yogurt, which is of course helpful.

But seriously, I really appreciate that even though Chobani is an American company, they make an effort to include us Canadian bloggers. We usually get shafted on things like this, so it’s refreshing.

Anyway, I met up with my bloggy pal Stephanie on the subway so we could go over there together. We originally met at the last Chobani Toronto blogger party in June.

We had been blog/Twitter stalking eachother for a long time before that though. I wasn’t sure who was going to be there, so I was excited to arrive with someone I knew.

We know eachother even better now, as we had quite a bonding experience on the way to Barre Works. I was perfectly on time to meet Steph, and I was late for the last Chobani blogger party because I had trouble finding the restaurant, so I was excited to actually be on time for this.

Too bad we walked for 25 minutes in the wrong direction. Neither of us had been there before so we didn’t know where it was, and when we got off the streetcar we walked for about 15 minutes down Queen street. The wrong way. I don’t even know how that happened. I am not the most directions savvy, I will admit, but I had my trusty iPhone (I would never find anything without it) and it has never let me down. But alas, it did. Once we realized we were going the total wrong way, we turned around and started speedwalking back where we came from. And then again, I don’t know what happened, but my silly iPhone AGAIN gave me the wrong location, so somehow we walked about another 10 minutes PAST BarreWorks. Totally missed it.

So, late again. We arrived at BarreWorks technically about 25 minutes late, but only five minutes after the warmup started. It was alright though. We had just been practically running, so we were pretty warm. And I was already sweaty.

Chobani’s instructor Tiffany led us through a pretty intense bootcamp workout. And I do mean intense. Intense as in zero breaks. One thing after another; squats, pushups, burpees, crunches, and exercises I have definitely never even done before. All with balls and bands.

And of course incorporating the bar.

I love that Chobani has hired a workout instructor for their employees. I work in a building full of sports organizations and we don’t even do that. Well, we did have office yoga, but we organized that ourselves.

The workout was super intense and I was extremely sore afterwards. My legs were especially dying. It’s two days later and stairs are still a bit iffy. Tiffany was no joke. Steph even said that she just finished eight weeks of bootcamp and it was nothing like this. I liked it though, the hour flew by and I desperately needed an ass-kicking after all the ridiculous things I have been eating lately.

After our sweat session, Chobani had the perfect post-workout snack waiting for us…

Ah, that beautiful Chobani parfait bar.

I packed my jar with as much deliciousness as I could. I don’t think I could have squeezed any more in it…

And then I went back and did it again. And I took a third jar home with me for breakfast the next morning…

You see?! You see why Chobani is my favourite? Chobani yogurt also has double the protein of regular yogurt, is fat free, and made with all-natural ingredients. So I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about my three jars. Not even about all the toasted walnuts, chocolate chips and dulce de leche I jammed in there.

The event was also catered by The Food Dudes who made some pretty delicious appetizers for us that were Chobani-inspired.

I don’t even know what that is, but there is Chobani in the crust, and it was really, really good.

Two other Toronto bloggers who I originally met at our first Chobani party were also in attendance, Morgan from Life After Bagels and Gillian from Battle of the Bites. Steph and I had fun re-meeting and catching up with them.

The four of us closed the place down!

I also had a really good time talking with the cheeky minx Lindsay from Chobani, and the girls from High Road Communications. I love being included in things like this. Thank you to all of you for having me, I had such a great time! Please come back to Toronto!


Shower Snacks & Fun Friends

My weekend of eating did not stop with the Italian wedding. Nope. It continued right until Sunday. It was my good friend Dawn’s bridal shower!

That is Dawn and her beautiful lover Mark, taken when the three of us went to “prom” earlier this year.

Man, that was a fun night.

Dawn and Mark are getting married in January in JAMAICA! Yeahhhh. I am a bridesmaid and let me tell you, I am pumped. My friend Sherrie and I are eachother’s dates, and I know it is going to be a ridiculously good time.

Just a note to people who actually know us, Dawn and Mark’s Jack & Jill is next Friday, Oct. 12 and I am selling tickets, so if you are interested in attending let me know (or contact Emily, Leanne, Julie or Melon, whoever is more convenient for you). It is going to be a tropical party and a half. And Dawn has appointed me MC of the evening, so it should be entertaining to watch me embarrass myself at least. I may even bust out Funky Town. You just never know. And you can still come if you don’t know us and it has always been your dream to party with us, but please not if you’re creepy. I do have a ticket screening process.

Anyway, onto the food, because there was two tables full of it.

Sorry, blurry. This is what happens when you try to take a quick sneaky pic. But you get the idea. Dips, dips and more delicious dips. And cheese, and kielbasa… I love party food so much.

And then there was the dessert table.

Oh, my heart! Here is the reason I love showers. Bridal showers, baby showers, whatever. The food is always dynamite. And I ALWAYS go to town.

Sunday was no exception. I went to town.


And then I dabbled in some dessert.

Oh man those marshmellow peanut butter squares. I haven’t had those in so long. My mom used to make them and they instantly took me back to my childhood. Just pure deliciousness. And that chocolate, Skor bar and whipped cream trifle may have been the best trifle I have ever had.

On Saturday night when I was complaining about how full I was from the Italian wedding food, someone mentioned that you don’t actually have to eat everything in front of you. Um, pardon me? Yes you do. It is rude not to. How can you say no to all of those amazing things? I sure can’t. Monday to Friday I usually eat oatmeal, salad/soup/sandwich/some sort of combination of those three, English muffin pizza or some sort of lazy dinner, and then repeat. So when these amazing things are in front of me I take full advantage, because this does not happen every day. Just every weekend, apparently…

After the ridiculous food fest, it was time for Dawnald to open her gifts. She received her dream present:

I am not being sarcastic when I say dream present. She really, really wanted that thing. I have never seen someone so excited about a power washer. Being a grown-up is so much fun.

Gift opening is apparently a very tough job, and Dawn had a lot of helpers.

They were so cute.

Dawn, I am coming over to eat whatever you make in your new dip tray.

Emily and I made friends with one of the helpers.

She was sitting on Emily’s lap and she had her feet on mine, so she just started lightly kicking. Emily was all “Kick her! She likes it!” so she began to kick me as hard as she could. Someone needs to put that girl in karate or something, because she has a pretty good kick. I think I had bruises.

I was going to tell her to stop, but she was just so cute I couldn’t do it.

Plus, she seemed to like food a lot.

She is a girl after my own heart.

I had a really good time catching up with all the girls, and it was a pretty funny shower.

I am seriously sucking it in here… I was so full that if I didn’t I was afraid my dress was going to rip open and I would just bust out all over the place.

I just saw all the girls on Friday also, which was great. We invited a bunch of people to go out thinking that only about four or five of us would actually be able to make it, but somehow everyone was free. So our little planned girls night turned into a massive impromptu one.

Soo many girls. A couple more met us at the bar, so at one point there was 13 of us. We were a force. An absolute force. We didn’t even need props.

My friend Leanne brought her new puppy on Friday also (just to the pre-party, not to the bar), and I need to mention this, because oh man, cutest little puppy in the entire world!

I was in love.

And that concludes my weekend recapping. And hey, this time it’s only Wednesday!

Oh. It’s only Wednesday. Ho hum…


How to Gain 10lbs in One Weekend

It is very, very easy. Allow me to demonstrate.

I recommend starting your weekend off right with a huge burrito bowl for lunch on Friday.

That was deeeeelicious. And don’t be fooled by the lettuce. That bowl also included rice, chicken, pinto and black beans, corn, cheese, two kinds of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. So basically everything you can possibly put in a burrito bowl. I do not mess around.

Next, hopefully one of your friends will have a little potluck gathering pre-bar and will make an amazing dip that you can eat for hours and hours.

That was probably the best spinach and artichoke dip I have ever eaten. Huge credit to my friend Lauren for that warm and creamy deliciousness. I couldn’t get enough.

And if you are out with friends who you haven’t seen for six years and you don’t want the party to end, you should definitely hit up a 24-hour diner that serves everything imaginable. And poutine is always, ALWAYS a good idea, no matter what time it is (even at 3am).

I had some help finishing that, because right before I filled up with this:

A chocolate shake and poutine seemed like a really great combination when I spotted them both on the menu. And actually, my instincts were not wrong. No regrets here.

If it’s a beautiful day on Saturday, you should probably take advantage and sit out on a patio. And it’s hard to sit on a patio and not order food when everyone else around you is…

So that explains this:

I’m not sure if you’re supposed to share that, but I ate the entire thing.

And then when the people at the table next to you order the most ridiculous waffle you’ve ever seen and your eyes almost fall out of your head and you start salivating uncontrollably, you obviously have to order it too…

Because not ordering that would have been an absolute tragedy. I would have thought about it and regretted it for at least the next week. Possibly even the rest of my life. But I did split that with my friend Rebecca, so don’t worry, I didn’t get too crazy.

Oh, and you should also go out for brunch.


After all, it’s the best meal of the day!

And you should probably drink.

Yeah, definitely need to drink.

Quite a lot.

(Best mojito I have ever had.)

And that should do it. I haven’t weighed myself, but if I’ve gained 10 pounds since Friday because of my gluttonous antics I would not be surprised. Though one of my goals since I moved to the city was to try out different restaurants, so I feel I made a decent dent in that this weekend.

Now please excuse me while I go and lie in my bed of shame. Ohh just kidding! I ran this morning. All good.

I hope you guys had a great weekend, filled with amazing eats. I had a really, really amazing one, so I still have some recapping I want to do. But for now, enjoy the food porn!


Food Lately

Let’s talk about food! I have been pretty busy this week and I haven’t been doing anything all that exciting, and I haven’t been blogging a lot (perhaps you noticed), but I have been eating really well and I need to address that.

On Tuesday I got together with my beach volleyball team for a little end-of-season potluck party. Actually, I forgot to mention how we ended up doing in volleyball. Our team came third in the third tier out of six in the recreational league. So not amazing, but not horrible. I am going to say we are exactly average. Hopefully we can step that up in the spring.

Anyway, we met at my friend Laura (that is her in the above pic) and her boyfriend Ryan’s house and I left there pretty ridiculously stuffed.

I brought a layer dip (from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry), which is always a hit and a half. I annhilated my own dip, and also the plain Ruffles chips and dip. I always forget what a good combo that is. I don’t know why I don’t buy it more often. Oh, probably because I would eat it all the time and then be 400lbs.

We also ordered pizza, so I had a few slices of that. And for dessert Laura made these absolutely ridiculous chocolate peanut butter bars.

I was originally hoping for cookies, I cannot lie, because she makes the best ones and I am a cookie connoisseur. However, I forgave Laura as soon as I tasted that chocolate peanut buttery deliciousness. Those bars were so good! I could have eaten the entire plate.

They were so good I brought a few in to work the next day, and they went very well with the impromptu picnic lunch our boss Margaret ended up bringing in for us.

I need to just take a moment and say I really, really enjoy working here. This lunch was ridiculous! Margaret had been talking about bringing in this amazing smoked salmon for a while, but she didn’t mention she was going to bring in all those other amazing things. When she pulled it out of her bag and started spreading it out on the table, I couldn’t help it, I told her I was in love with her.

Meals filled with various different food items are pretty much my favourite, because I love randomly snacking around my plate.

That was my first plate, but I filled it up a few times and was eating well into the afternoon. I can’t even pick a favourite item on that plate. Best lunch ever. I was so impressed.

She also brought in brownies and nanaimo bars for us.

Which we saved for the next day since we had Laura’s awesome bars.

And did I mention we have a snack station in our office?

I am totally going to gain weight working here. I am eating the chocolate covered raisins pretty much all day long.

Also, since I am temporarily still in my old work building, I have been trying to take advantage of Druxy’s being in here while I still can. This means my favourite lunch combo has been making a few appearances.

Grilled cheese with brie (BRIE!!!!), and soup. This soup was tomato mushroom florentine, but when it comes to Druxy’s soup I am not picky. All of their soups are delicious.

And that is basically what’s new with me in the food department. I get so excited about food I’m almost embarrassed for myself. Almost.

Have a great weekend!