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A Career Update

I started a new job this week! I have been meaning to talk about career stuff for pretty much the entire summer but I kept putting it off, so now it has become quite the update. First, some back story.

Around this time last year I was becoming very unhappy in my job. A lot of factors were contributing to this, but rather than going into them all I’ll say the biggest one was that I was no longer doing what I wanted to be doing. My communications/marketing role (so website, social media, PR, graphic design, internal comm, etc.) had turned into running this beast of a program and event management. Still communications as I was the only one in the communications/marketing department, but a lot of the time was VERY heavy on event planning and program management and all the admin work that goes along with that (I am really not an administrator, my strengths are more on the creative side of things).

I can’t blame the company because it was small and they needed someone in that role, but it was becoming very high stress and when I was thinking about my ultimate career goals, my current role was not really in line with them and I felt like I had somehow gotten off my track. It’s funny, because what started me thinking this was an exercise my CEO had us do around Christmas last year, where we had to list 20 loves (which I posted about), our 3-year career plan, and complete a detailed personality profile (DISC profile). My 20 loves were real, and my DISC profile nailed me, but I felt like I was faking my career plan. I had no idea. But after looking at my list of loves, and the strengths and weaknesses in my profile, nothing I was doing integrated with them in any way.

The experience I gained in that role was invaluable. I made lifelong friends and amazing contacts, and I learned a lot about myself. But it was time to move on. To what though, I didn’t know.

I officially put in my 30 days notice in March, but I ended up staying until June until they could find a replacement for me. So around mid June I was done.

I did not move from that job to another full time job. A couple of years ago I would not have been able to do that, but this ended up being the ideal time of my life to figure my stuff out. Evan was extremely supportive of my decision surrounding this. I believe his exact words were “If you’re not happy in your job you should leave. So we won’t save as much money as we wanted to this year, it’s more important that you’re happy.”He is the best ever (as you know), but I would have said the same to him if he were in my situation. We don’t have a lot of expenses right now and we don’t have kids or anything, so it seemed like if I was going to make a change, now was the time to do it. I decided to try consulting and freelancing for a bit to see how that went. I told myself that I would try it for the summer, see how it was going, and then reevaluate.

I was incredibly lucky to score a major client almost immediately. They hired me to do communications/social media consulting for at least 20 hours a week (usually more), and I was so thankful that happened because it gave me time to try to do my own thing on the side while having a steady gig and money. Their office isn’t too far from our condo, so even though I was an independent contractor they invited me in and treated me like I was a part of their team.



It was a very fun place to work, and I had a really good time being a part of their team. Some of the people there are the best I have worked with in my life. Being a consultant was great, and I did have more free time this summer, which was also awesome.

But I was starting to get antsy. My career has always been important to me and I just want to love what I’m doing. I also missed the steady hours and paycheque of having a regular 9-5 gig. My schedule was kind of all over the place and it was getting to me. I like routine. One day I would like to somehow take my income online and do consulting and writing and make enough money to support myself solely through that (so I can move to the middle of nowhere and live on a lake), but now is probably not that time.

I started thinking about when I was at my best career-wise, and I think it was when I was working for OFSAA, a non-profit organization that runs sports championships for high school students in Ontario. I worked there for nearly 5 years and I loved it every day. What I loved about it the most was feeling like my role was important and what I was doing was actually making a difference in someone’s life. And also working with the many volunteers who were so passionate about the mission of the organization. The non-profit sector is just so different from the private, and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to steer my career back in that direction.

An opportunity happened to come up with Girl Guides of Canada, an organization that I am pretty familiar with as I was once a Brownie…


And a Girl Guide…


And long story short, but I am now a Communications Coordinator with them!

I just started on Monday and the first week in a new job is always the worst, you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t know anyone, but so far so good! Their office is also in my old neighbourhood, which means I am back in my old stomping grounds and can take lunchtime walks in my favourite cemetery (that I once got trapped in).



And I’m sure you’re wondering (because I was), so yes, sometimes there are free cookies. That is obviously a plus.


I thought about trying to get that added into my employment contract but it wasn’t even necessary. In my interview they asked me my biggest weakness and I said “Girl Guide cookies,” (which is true, the vanilla ones though, not the mint ones) and they seemed to really enjoy that answer.

So I am feeling pretty excited and like I am back on track.

Also, I just want to say, if you are unhappy in your job, leave. Life is too short to not enjoy what you’re doing. For me the stress was seeping into other aspects of my life and really starting to affect me. And if you feel stuck because of financial reasons, at least make a plan to get out. It was very scary to leave my job with nothing concrete lined up. It was a risk for sure. I’m not rich, I need to work. But it was the best decision I could have made and I have zero regrets.

So now you’re all caught up!


The Russian Redo and Winnie’s Birthday

It was pretty clear in my last post that Russia left a (literal) bad taste in my mouth. Obviously we didn’t pick a great restaurant. But that isn’t Russia’s fault! It would be pretty unfair to judge the food of an entire country based on one experience at a bad restaurant on a completely different continent.

I know that Russia has to be delicious, so I can’t leave it as the stain on my eating the world (in Toronto) experience. I can’t have myself associating dumplings with those awful pelmeni we ate when every other dumpling I’ve come across has been a dream.

So Russia needed a do-over. Unfortunately, I can’t just fly over there and try out the food. And unfortunately, every Russian restaurant in Toronto seems to be a banquet hall, which I would rather not go back to.

A coworker from Poland mentioned to me that the European grocery store Yummy Market has really good authentic Russian food (and eastern European in general), so I was very interested in checking it out. Yesterday I hit that up and he wasn’t kidding, they had all the things. It was like the Whole Foods of Europe. I even saw the Georgian-style pizza and dumplings we had when we ate Georgia. It was awesome in there and I am totally going back. There are two locations, North York and Thornhill, if you happen to be in the area.

I scored a bag of pelmeni (frozen but my coworker said they are very good and just like the real thing).


And a couple of fresh meat blintzes from the deli.


Although the ones we had at the Russian restaurant weren’t terrible, the meat inside them was kind of weird (like everything else) and I thought they could be better. They deserved a second chance.

The boiled pelmeni looked very similar to the ones we had at Kiev, so I was a bit apprehensive at first…


But they were WAY better. The meat inside was similar, but more fresh and much, MUCH better tasting. No weird greasy aftertaste. I am so glad we tried them again!!! I have to say that pierogies are still my favourite dumpling, but I am glad I can make an informed decision on that now!

And the blintzes were amazing. Also way better and completely exceeded my expectations. We served both with lots of sour cream (as you do – but no dill!).

IMG_3246 (1)

Ridiculously good. I have a feeling I will be regularly going back to Yummy Market. I also got a couple of apple cinnamon blintzes for dessert. The meat ones I pan fried, but the apple ones I heated in the oven. Also delicious. I have been missing out never having those before! I’m so glad we tried again. I will be adding an amendment to my original post.

I also grabbed a beet salad and a Ukrainian cherry  shortbread tart for my Nana, who I was visiting afterwards. She is doing so well! I didn’t get a picture of her because she had some minor surgery recently on the back of her head and she hasn’t been able to get her hair done, so she is not happy about that. Next time!

In other eating news, one of my coworkers, Sami, is from Pakistan and somehow our conversations always turn to food. I was telling him that Evan often makes his nana’s Indian lentils and rice and how much I love it, so Sami told me he was going to bring me his own lentils and saffron rice to try, Pakistani style. Last week, he delivered.


That saffron rice is dynamite! It was so much different than Evan’s lentils and rice.


Evan’s lentils and rice with turmeric mixed pickle on the side.


Sami’s lentils and rice.

Different look and much different flavour also. Evan tends to cook his lentils down a bit more, and his spices are a bit more subtle. I enjoyed Sami’s a lot and it was interesting to try a different style. I love it when people bring me food! Probably my favourite thing.

Finally, in non-eating news, it’s this little kitty’s birthday month!


Winnie turns 22 sometime in November. I am not sure exactly what day her birthday is, so I just like to say it’s the first. I can’t believe she’s 22! She still acts like just a little kitty. Here are my two favourite past blog posts about Winnie:


She is the best. Nana too.

Have a great weekend! Evan and I are going to a murder mystery bed and breakfast with a bunch of friends, so I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty excited to tell you about it next week.


7 Thing Thursday

1/  GO JAYS!!!!!!


Photo from two summers ago because it’s still my favourite.

What an awesome game yesterday. I was sadly not there but you know I was watching that action from home. I am so excited. I hope they go all the way!

2/  I made borscht for the first time last night!


Terrible photo, I took it quickly and the lighting was bad, but it is seriously delicious and I feel very proud of myself. It was a time-consuming sucker. I made sort of a mash-up of recipes because when I went to make it I realized I only had half of my Nana’s original one. My cousin sent me the recipe a while ago but the first part was missing…


So I googled around for other authentic Ukrainian borscht recipes to find the quantities of stuff. Otherwise I followed my Nana’s recipe pretty much exactly (including the vinegar, but I did not add meat). It turned out SO well. We have so much of it that I have a feeling we’re gonna be eating borscht for weeks. I will have to do a full post with the recipe when I get some better pics and/or get my Nana’s actual full recipe.

3/  I am doing some communications consulting and one of the companies I am working with is having strategic planning sessions with their marketing department, so I am in on that. The marketing leader asked us to name something we are passionate about and without even thinking I just said food. What, it’s the truth. Everyone actually agreed that they are also passionate about food, and they have decided to relate their entire marketing strategy back to this. A coworker asked what I thought of when I heard the words “cooked to perfection” and I told her that my mouth was already watering. So now one of their new values is “Cooked to perfection” which essentially means that everything they produce is the absolute best they can do.

I don’t ask that you relate what I’m working on to food, but hey, they are speaking my language!

4/  There is this amazing pizza and curry place near us that we have been going to a bit lately. That’s right, pizza and curry. It is actually called Pizza and Curry. It is a bit of an odd combination but both their pizzas and their curries are really good. And their curry pizza is amazing! I don’t think I ever would have ordered it, but our roommate had leftover tandoori chicken pizza in the fridge one day and I tried it and could not stop thinking about it afterwards.

So I ordered a fresh tandoori chicken pizza:


And we also tried the butter chicken pizza:


The tandoori chicken pizza is my favourite. I was seriously blown away by how good it was. Blown away, I tell you! Both times I called and ordered those pizzas for pick-up, and both times they forgot to make my order and I had to wait around an additional 40 minutes after I arrived (the owner is very particular when making the pizzas and ensures that he places every topping just so, I watched him). Not exactly the best service but that pizza is so good that I don’t even care. I will keep going back. They also gave me a free samosa and a pop while I waited so…


I can’t hate on them too badly.

5/  What a stupid costume idea.


A lumbersexual, what is that even. That is in no way a funny Halloween costume. Come on now.

I actually did go as a lumberjack for Halloween in Grade 6 because I was originally Bart Simpson but I couldn’t see out of my mask and I had to come home for a back-up costume. My mom slapped a plaid jacket on me, drew a beard on my face and was all “there, you’re a lumberjack!” and off I lumbered. It was almost as good as the year I went as a snowmobiler. A lumbersexual though? That’s just ridiculous.

6/  I am not sure what’s going on but I haven’t been super into blogging lately. Sometimes this happens. Sometimes I go through phases. Right now I think it is probably because my blog doesn’t really have a clear direction anymore and if I don’t have some sort of adventure to recap I am not sure what to write about. Lumbersexuals I guess. And also, blogging is just not the same as it was back in 2011. Everyone is turning their blog into a business these days, and good for them, but once that happens I tend to lose interest as a reader. I don’t want that to happen here. I don’t know. I guess what I am saying is bear with me. I do love blogging and I will continue to blog. I’m not going anywhere! But I don’t think I will ever be able to do five days a week. I do hope to step it up around here though.

7/  Evan and I are hopefully eating Turkey tonight (the country, not the bird) so I hope to have a new Eats The World tomorrow!


33 Additional Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

Happy Birthday to the amazingly cheeky Evan, who is turning the big 33 today!


If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may remember me posting 31 Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever and also a 32 MORE Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever on Evan’s birthday the last two years, so I thought I would keep up tradition.

It’s interesting because I feel like it is almost more socially acceptable to be negative about your spouse and to complain about them than it is to rave on about how amazing they are. But you will never convince me that more positivity is a bad thing. I personally love hearing about how awesome other peoples’ lovers are, and Evan truly is amazing. He deserves a blog post dedicated to his amazingness at least once a year. At least!

Also, this means I have done 96 reasons in total why Evan is the best ever and you’d think it would be difficult to come up with that many, but it wasn’t at all! I will try not to repeat the ones from the last two posts.

Here we go! In no particular order…

33 Additional Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

33  Every morning before we get up we read together in bed for half an hour while we drink our coffee (like separate books, we’re not THAT cheesy). It is my favourite part of my morning routine.

32  He gutted and then rebuilt our entire kitchen. With his bare hands.









31  He cooks very often in the kitchen that he built with his bare hands, and he looks hot doing it. Even while wearing a ridiculous apron.

I sure do love a man who cooks…in luau attire.

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I also like that we make dinner together whenever we can.

30  In said kitchen, he built me a custom wine rack to hold my box of wine.


Because it’s very important you have a spot for your box of wine.

29  I was incredibly busy at work and also really stressed out about it back in January. I was rarely home before 8pm. Every night I came home late, Evan would have dinner waiting for me on the table. I appreciated this so much. We were also doing the Whole30 at the time, which means we had to be more creative with our meals and they could take longer to prepare.



I would not have been able to do it without him.

28  Evan pretty much lives to help people, and continually goes out of his way to do this however he can, especially with people in our condo building. helping other people seriously recharges him!

27  He was a total saviour when it came to our friends Emily and Corey’s wedding. Our friends filmed a video for Em and Cork that I was editing to show at the wedding, and it was taking a long time and I was on a deadline and starting to get frustrated with it. Evan totally swooped in and smoothed it over and fixed things that I hadn’t noticed and did the little frustrating things like making sure the audio in the video was consistent. It sounds silly but I was so thankful for this. And I love that he is technically inclined and is better with multimedia than I am. On the day of the wedding, Evan acted as the runner all day while the bridal party was getting ready. Anything Emily or Corey needed, Evan was all over it, running all the last minute errands. And not because anyone asked him, because he wanted to. I know it was really appreciated.


26  When the power was out in our building and I had to leave for work, Evan didn’t want me to have to walk down the pitch black stairwell and into the equally dark parking garage alone, so he quickly got dressed and escorted me with a flashlight.


25  When my friend Sherrie was going in for her knee surgery, Evan texted her to tell her good luck. I was even more touched because it’s not something I asked him to do or even really mentioned to him at all. He just knew she would appreciate it.

24  He is incredibly supportive of my decisions. I mentioned in a previous Evan is the best ever post that I trust him so fully that I believe anything he does will work out, and I know that he truly feels the same about me. I left my job in June because I was very unhappy there and I didn’t immediately have another job lined up. When I brought it up to Evan, his words were “You need to leave. So what if we don’t save as much money as we wanted to this year, it’s more important that you’re happy in your job.” I was so grateful he was supportive about it.

23  If my dad needs help putting up a light in his kitchen, Evan is there, and he’s bringing his brother along to help.


22  My mom really enjoys collecting rocks. Evan knows this, and when we were visiting her he went out of his way to find cool rocks for her. When I mentioned to my mom that I was doing this post she said “Make sure you tell them about the rocks he found for me!”

21  Watching Evan with his new baby nephew. Seeing him with a baby that he loves so much is a whole other side to him I haven’t yet experienced. It melts my heart.

20  He is incredibly handy and it somehow even translates to boat motors. When he couldn’t get those boat motors running he took the motors apart, took out the pieces that were broken, replaced them, and rebuilt the motors until he could get it going. His patience and dedication is incredible.




It was so impressive!

19  Winnie is turning 22 this fall, and as such she is not as spry as she used to be. She loves to be up on our bed, but she is having trouble getting down now because jumping to the floor is tough on her little legs.


So, Evan made her a step.


He found a storage crate at Home Depot and then he customized it by adding a cushion on the lid that he made with padding and fabric that he found at Fabricland (stapled to the underside of the wood).


Winnie loves it, and I love the fabric that he chose.

18  He still cleans and he still loves to vacuum. When the power went out at the cottage this summer his first thought was “How am I going to vacuum tomorrow before we leave if the power is out?” This made me laugh.

17  When we were at the hunting camp with Dawn, Mark, Emily and Corey in the spring, we were playing BINGO and we discovered that Evan was cheating. He was calling the numbers but rigging it so that his numbers were the ones being called. When we discovered this Emily and I were SHOCKED. It was hilarious, but I was absolutely blown away. It was so out of character for him that I could not get over it. When we asked him why he cheated he said he just wanted “a cheap thrill.” We were dying and it still makes me laugh when I think about it. (I should note that he purposely let himself be caught cheating by us, he did it so we would discover him and think it was funny.)

16  He can come across as kind of shy at first, so his hilarity is always a surprise to people because it’s unexpected. He’ll be quiet but then he’ll bust out with some fantastic one-liner. I love watching people’s reactions to it!

15  I continue to love his descriptions for things. He was describing a dog that lives in our building and he said “It’s the one that looks like it was shot out of a cannon,” which so perfectly describes how the dog looks that I could not stop laughing. Another time he was talking about some ridiculous thing he saw and he said “Man, they must have been smoking coconuts when they came up with that!”

14  It is amazing that he loves to eat and he is just as food-oriented as I am. Happy or Hungry Eats the World was actually his idea!

13  He’s confident and comfortable in his own skin.



12  When we got back from camping last summer, I put all of our stuff in the washing machine, turned it on, and it immediately broke. Everything we had with us smelled like a bon fire, so this was not ideal. I was like “Welp, I guess we’re going to the laundromat,” but somehow he had the machine fixed in 10 minutes.

11 He is always up for anything. Whether it is going to a demolition derby, or hiking a 15k trail, or squeezing into a tight cave. He loves adventure and needs very little convincing.


10  He is unbelievably attentive, to me, but also with everything. I have never before experienced anyone who is more in tune with my needs, my moods, my emotions, my facial expressions, my tone of voice. It’s nuts.

9  He has a bit of a hilarious sass face, and when I look back at photos I can tell that it’s always been there.




8  When my single friends hang out with him for any length of time they will say “I need to find myself an Evan!”

7  I once walked in on him trying to teach himself how to play my favourite Jack Johnson song on the guitar. I nearly melted.

6  He is always so flabbergasted when I tell him how lucky I am to have him. Like he genuinely thinks he is the lucky one!

5  He didn’t fart in front of me once until we were together for an entire year. I still don’t understand how that is possible.

4  His level of enthusiasm for things makes me enjoy them more.


Like his love for footlong hotdogs.

3  He is a true partner in life and not a day goes by that I don’t think about how fortunate I am to have him.

2  He makes me so ridiculously happy I feel like it should be illegal. I feel almost guilty for how happy he makes me.

1  He still offers me the last piece, the biggest piece, or the best piece of whatever we’re eating. That is love right there.

So a big happy birthday to my favourite lover Evan! You are the BEST. EVER.


Past Evan Is the Best Ever posts:

If you want to chime in with a reason your lover is also amazing I am all for it! I love hearing nice stories!


Friday Things

1  All summer I have been noticing a curious dent in the middle of my calf on my right leg. Only my right leg, my left leg is normal. I had no idea what could be causing this and I was starting to think my wonky dent was something that had always been there and I just hadn’t noticed. And then after a long meeting earlier this week I uncrossed my legs and saw this:


Note the redness around where the dent is. So it would appear the cause of the perma dent is CROSSING MY LEGS. Great. I don’t know how else to sit! I’m now trying to make an effort to not cross my legs when I am sitting, but the dent is not disappearing. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on the state of the dent. Has anyone else experienced this?

2  I have mentioned before that Winnie is absolutely obsessed with her brush.


She cannot get enough of it. She will yowl at you and make you follow her to the ottoman to give her a brushing any chance she gets. But we can’t brush her as often as she would like (she would like constant brushing), so this finally happened:


I have been meaning to get it for her for a long time and I finally caved. She loves it.

She doesn’t love it quite as much as her brush, but now she can brush herself all day long!

3  A couple weeks ago we had an ice cream eating contest at work. We were partnered up and blindfolded, and then we had to feed ice cream to each other. Whichever team finished first won. I know, brain freeze central. Well, I’m new (I kind of switched jobs, I am going to have to tell you more about this later) and my partner didn’t know me very well so he didn’t know that a) I will do anything to win a contest, and b) I like eating a lot. So while I basically put his entire bowl of ice cream on one spoon and shoved it in the general direction of his face, he was so afraid of giving me too much that he was feeding me empty spoons. I was yelling “Give me more! I can take it! I PROMISE I CAN TAKE IT! MOARRR ICE CREAM” like we’re not going to win with empty spoons here!

Needless to say, we did not win, and I barely ate any ice cream so that was sad.


But it was fun. For future reference though, the most important thing is winning, and I can handle large quantities of ice cream. Give it to me.

4 Farm Boy, that amazing grocery store in Ottawa that I mentioned a while ago because I was raving about their lemon garlic dressing, finally opened a location in Whitby. I have been waiting for this all summer. It’s not Toronto but driving 45 minutes for salad dressing is preferable to driving 5 hours. I was in the neighbourhood on Sunday so I popped by to see if they had the dressing. They do. Ohh they do. And my fridge is now stocked with it.


I can’t even describe how excited I am about this. The only ingredients are lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and salt and pepper and I have tried recreating it myself but it is just not the same. I love that dressing! I may have bought a fresh apple pie and homemade tortilla chips also. It was a productive trip.

5  I am obsessed with this song right now. It is a beautiful addition to my running playlist.

After a serious gym hiatus this summer I am getting back into it and that song is definitely helping.

6  Thanks, Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.01.02 PM

Great photo placement. I appreciate.

7  I just need to say, it’s not fall! It’s still summer until September 23rd and I have had enough of hearing about boots and leaves and pumpkin spice lattes every time I open any social media. It was 35 degrees yesterday (95F) and it is going to stay around that temperature all weekend. That is not fall. Don’t rush it!!!

8  Have a great Labour Day weekend! (if you have a Labour Day weekend) Evan and I are going camping so I am very excited to escape the heat of the city (see above). Actually I don’t know if I can call it camping, because we are renting this yurt!


It will be our first experience yurt camping so that should be interesting.

Have a good one!


Books vs eBooks

I have been reading a lot of ebooks lately. As in, either on my iPhone or on my iPad.


When I tell people this I often get the response “Oh I don’t think I could do that, I love books too much,” and then they look at me like I must not love books that much if I am able to read an ebook over a book book.


It’s like telling someone they’re not a real movie lover because they prefer to watch movies on Netflix over DVDs.

Hey, I love books too! I get it. I totally side-eyed electronic books when they were first becoming a thing. I too love the smell of books and the feel of books and holding an actual book. And more than anything, I love bookstores. I worked at a bookstore for several years. I spent most of my paycheques on books. I dragged home boxes of heavy books from the Toronto Book Expo every year. To think that ebooks might one day replace the experience of going into an actual bookstore and buying a book makes me sick. I know the smell of a bookstore so well that when I walk into a mall my senses can detect that there is a bookstore in that mall. Seriously, this has happened. I walked into a mall once and was immediately like “there’s an Indigo in here” before I even knew there was an Indigo in there. Because I smelled it. I have a sixth sense for books.

And I love owning books, they’re my most prized possessions! I have extensive bookshelves filled with them and have toted them around with me on every move, even though those boxes filled with books were heavier than anything else I was moving. I still have my Archie Comics from when I was a kid, my collection of RL Stine Fear Street, Christopher Pike, and I am recollecting the Babysitter’s Club books because they hold so many memories for me.


So trust me when I say I am a book lover. I promise I am.

But I can’t lie, I’m doing most of my reading on ebooks these days. I’m just finding them more convenient. Books are heavy! When I was reading Lord Of The Rings years ago I had all three books in one hardcover that I was toting around. It was super inconvenient and my friends all thought I was reading the bible. If I’m reading a hardcover book in bed at night my arm starts to hurt from holding it up. And when it’s dark I have to turn the light on to read and also disturb Evan (book lights are crap).

If I’m out and about and I happen to find myself with some downtime, I’ll just play Candy Crush or something if I don’t have a book with me. But when the book is on my phone, it’s always with me! I don’t have to lug it around. It takes up zero space. I can carry an entire library in my pocket.


I am reading so much more!

It’s also extremely easy to buy books from the Apple store, they download in seconds and are on both my devices immediately. If I stop reading on my iPhone and pick up my iPad to continue reading later, it automatically syncs and picks up exactly where I left off.

I can adjust the text size, the contrast, the background colour in a second. I can instantly look up words I don’t know in a built-in dictionary. I can highlight text if I want to save a passage for later.

I also like that no one knows what I’m reading. If you want to read 50 Shades Of Grey in a public place (don’t read that though, you can do better), no one will know.

There are times when books are still best, like if you’re in the bath or at a pool or lake and don’t want to have your electronics by the water.


But I am almost reading ebooks exclusively now. When I first made the switch I forgot I wasn’t reading an actual book within 10 minutes and I haven’t looked back. A book is a book is a book, no matter how you consume it.

I am hoping to publish my own book over the next six months or so (a collection of my cartoon stories, plus new ones), and I am going the self-publishing ebook route because trying to self-publish a printed book with illustrations would be crazy expensive (I’ve done extensive research and don’t want a publisher). So even though my book will be in ebook form, I hope people won’t turn up their nose at it and will still give it a chance.

When DVDs first came out I was hesitant to accept them because I was so attached to videocassettes (and loved rewinding, apparently), but in the end I had no choice. Same with CD’s and cassette tapes, though I have happily embraced mp3’s. Of course I hope that ebooks don’t ever replace books, and I will still buy the physical copy of books I really like (so in the end I am buying the book twice).

But this is what technology is for – it’s given us a choice. I have to choose convenience.

Which do you prefer, books or ebooks? No judgment here!