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Rocky the Attack Cat

So, I love cats. I have always loved cats, my family has always owned cats, and you may remember that I was catsitting for two separate kitties over the Christmas holidays. And of course I love my spry elder kitty Winnie.


Love her a lot.

But it is a little bit surprising that I love cats so much, because I had a very traumatic experience when I was quite young involving my family’s first cat, Rocky.


He liked to photobomb me.

Rocky was not exactly the friendliest kitty. I’m surprised he is letting me pick him up in the above photo because generally Rocky was not a fan of that. Sometimes he would sit near me and allow me to pet him, but if I tried to take our snuggling to the next level he would to get grumpy and make a getaway. Fair enough, I was young so sometimes I was a bit of a dick to him. It is understandable that I was not his favourite. Winnie still does not particularly like children because of how horrible my brother was to her when he was younger. Usually I let Rocky do his own thing and didn’t bother him too badly.

Unless I had a friend over and I wanted to show off.

One day when I was about three, my childhood friends Amanda and Chad were over, and Chad and I discovered how much fun it was to harass Rocky.




We chased him around the house for the entire morning. He would try to hide from us, but wherever he went, we would find him.


Rocky would jump on top of the counter thinking it was too tall for us to be able to reach him, but we would get him.


He would hide under my parents bed to get away from us, but of course we would find him.


We played this game for a couple of hours. We would find Rocky, rough him up a little bit, he would run away, we would find him again, and repeat. Rocky got progressively more annoyed. Eventually we became bored with the harass-the-cat game and went off to play by ourselves. Rocky continued hiding.

That afternoon, hours after the Rocky-harass-fest, my mom asked me if I could go down to the basement to get a can of apple juice out of the cold cellar for snack time.

No problem. I loved apple juice. I started to make my way down the stairs to the basement.


But as I was going down the stairs, I slipped.


I lost my footing and I fell the last three steps down to the basement floor, thumping very loudly the whole way.



Rocky was still hiding from us, and his hiding spot of choice was the closet under the stairs. When Rocky heard me thumping on the stairs as I was falling, he assumed I was coming to get him. But Rocky had had enough and he was not going to take it. He decided to seek revenge.

Before I could get up, Rocky leaped out of the closet and onto my face.



He scratched me, jumped off me, and ran away to hide again.



He sliced me just under my nose with his front claw, all the way to my mouth. All I remember is lying on the basement floor while my mom’s best friend held a green J Cloth to my face to try and stop the bleeding. There was massive amounts of blood. Just blood everywhere.

I had to go to the emergency room, and in the end I needed to get three stitches.

Rocky lived on to have a long and amazing cat life. But he left his legacy on my face forever.


It’s fairly faint, but it is there. Of course, this was my own fault for bothering Rocky so badly. He was really just trying to protect himself.

So the moral of this story is, don’t harass cats. They will try to claw your face off.


And then I drew more stuff

As per Gracie’s request…

t-rex curling hair

I tried…

t-rex curling hair

Now that’s just silly.

And drawing stuff is time consuming. I really enjoy it and wish I could do it all day long, but sadly I cannot. I think I’m just going to pepper your requests in once a week or so with my regular posts. I’ll get ’em done, not to worry!


I Drew Some Stuff

Not much though, don’t get too excited. I had some extra time last night so I decided to play around on my new drawing tablet. Thanks for your suggestions the other day! I haven’t had time to do them all yet, but I plan to!

Here are a few for now.

My friend Catherine (or CathRON) asked for this:

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 12.08.48 AM

So here you go…


Sorry about the machine gun. Drawing guns apparently isn’t my forte.

And then there was this request, which warmed my heart:

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 12.11.01 AM

So heeeere is the Winnie.


She is tricky to draw because she has so random colours in her.

My blog pal Steph requested an evil squirrel:

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 12.27.03 AM

evil-squirrelIt’s coming after you Steph. And it has blood dripping from its fangs because it just ate a baby.

I still think it’s cute though.

And finally, Susan asked me if I could draw Evan:

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 12.13.33 AM

Nope, you have not missed it! I haven’t drawn him yet. So here is his debut!


That is the most detail I’ve ever put into a drawing of a person. I actually think  it kinda looks like him…


Little bit? I don’t think I really captured his essence though.

That is all for now! But after practicing a bit, I have to say that I am a huge fan of this tablet thing.

Although I am not sure what my plan of attack is going to be for this yet…



A short comic about the time my friend Melissa was over for a sleepover and I accidentally crotched myself.


It hurt a lot. The End.


The Donkey and the Phone Number

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do an illustrated story for you guys to show you how much I love you and appreciate you following along with my antics.

So I started thinking about what I could draw, and what my most memorable Valentine’s Day is. And I don’t really have one. I seriously cannot remember any of my Valentine’s Days, and I think it is because it’s not really a big deal and I just like Valentine’s Day for the chocolate. Also, I thought of this last minute and I don’t really have time to draw anything elaborate.

But I do have a lot of stories. So here is a beautiful love story (or probably crush story would be more accurate).

When I was in Grade 9, I used to go to this bowling alley all the time with my childhood friend Amanda. Her mom and brother played in a league there, and since we lived in the middle of nowhere and had nothing else to do, we would join them on the nights they would play and just hang out, acting cool. This particular bowling alley had a huge arcade, and you could win tickets that you could then cash in for prizes.

The prizes were of course nothing spectacular, unless you saved your tickets up for ages and ages, which I never did because I am impatient. But the particular prize that I was after was the guy who worked behind the counter.

I thought he was just ridiculously dreamy and I had been keeping my eye on that prize for months. He looked like James Van der Beek, and he was my dream. Whenever I was at the bowling alley I would frantically play games so that I would win tickets so I could go to the prize counter and have an excuse to talk to him. I would order coke upon coke and a ridiculous amount of poutines so that I could walk by his counter to the food area and maybe he would notice me. My go-to plan of attack with boys I liked at that age was to stalk nonchalantly (although looking back t it was probably pretty obvious) from afar.

It did not work. I don’t think he ever said anything to me besides “Hey. What do you want?” as he gestured to all the prize bins.

And I was extremely shy around boys and could barely make eye contact, let alone strike up any sort of interesting conversation.

But one day, after a few months of this, my friends and I were all at the bowling alley for Rock n’ Bowl, and I felt brave. I had my pals as backup (sometimes I am fueled to do crazier things than I normally would if my friends are with me, even now). Clearly James Van Der Beek was not going to take the initiative and ask me for my number, so I was going to have to take matters into my own hands. I decided that I needed a creative way to get his attention.

So I won a bunch of tickets from the games room, strolled on up to his counter, looked him straight in the eye, and presented him with my winnings. And then I pointed to a bin full of plastic farm animals and I said




And then I felt shy and I broke my eye contact and looked away all embarrassed. I prepared myself to run away.



SUCCESS! He wrote down his number for me, and he seemed excited about it.

And this story really goes nowhere because I did not know proper phone etiquette at that time, and called him a little bit too often. Like repeatedly if no one answered the phone. This was before cell phones of course, so it was his home number and one time when he finally did answer he told me that his parents told him to tell me to stop calling so much. I did not have call display yet, so I didn’t understand how he knew it was me, but I was still too embarrassed to call back after that.

And then MSN happened and we somehow reconnected just as I was graduating high school and we went out once and he didn’t look like James Van Der Beek anymore (puberty hit him hard) and I realized his personality wasn’t that great anyway.

Sometimes my friends still say to me “Hi. I’ll take that donkey and maybe your phone number,” as a joke. It makes me laugh.

So the point of this story is, if you are without a lover this Valentine’s Day and you have a crush, make the first move! It works! You ask for that donkey and that phone number!

And with that…


Hopefully that will be me today.


They’re Magically Delicious

This story is dedicated to my mom, as it is her favourite story about me and she asked me recently why I haven’t told it yet. So heeeeere it is!

When I was just a little kitty, my very favourite cereal in the entire world was Lucky Charms.


So magically delicious. Like every child I of course looooved the marshmallows. Could not get enough. I could eat an entire bowl of just the marshmallows, easily.


Whenever I would eat my bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast I would eat all the boring oat pieces first and then save all the little marshmallows for last. I still do this with my dinner plates: eat the stuff that isn’t my favourite first so then the good things are all saved for last. It’s a good eating method. I recommend it. This way your favourite thing is the very last taste in your mouth.

One day when I was about three or four, my mom bought a giant family-sized box of Lucky Charms. She brought it home from the grocery store and as soon as she took it out of the bag I was all over it.


My mom noticed me admiring the box of deliciousness.


And she decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea to just leave the box lying around, as I’d probably get into it.



But I didn’t WANT them for breakfast tomorrow, I wanted them right NOW.

My mom thought that a good place to “hide” the Lucky Charms would be on top of the refrigerator, because I was just little, and wouldn’t be able to reach it.


But when I want something that badly, I want it, and I WILL get it.

I stared at that box for the rest of the day. And as I was going to sleep that night, all I could think about were the Lucky Charms just sitting on the top of the fridge waiting for me. I had to have them.

So I woke up super early, before my parents, with the plan of acquiring that box of Lucky Charms. And actually I am not even sure how I woke up so early, but it’s possible that I didn’t sleep at all.

But anyway, I woke up super early (it was still dark), crept into the kitchen, and there they were.


In the same spot my mom had left them the night before. Still too high for me to reach.

But I was a resourceful little minx. So I grabbed a chair from the kitchen table, quietly dragged it over to the fridge, and climbed up onto the counter.








The Lucky Charms and I were reunited.

I quickly (but quietly) put the chair back, took the box of Lucky Charms with me into my bedroom and shut the door. I was alone with my conquest. The Lucky Charms were all mine.

I immediately dumped the entire box onto my floor.


And then I sat down next to the mound of Lucky Charms and got to work.

I meticulously separated the marshmallows from the boring oat pieces one by one. It took me ages, but I didn’t give up. I picked out every last colourful piece of marshmallow and set it aside. In the end I had a pile of oat pieces (which I discarded), and a perfect pile of just marshmallows.


Which I then ate. I ate the entire pile of marshmallows.

In the morning my mom woke up a bit later than usual and thought it was weird that I wasn’t up and harassing her yet. It was very unlike me to be so quiet in my room so late. So she came in to check on me.


And this is how she found me.




As my mom tells me the story, and as she tells everyone she tells this story to, she found me eating the very last marshmallow in the box.

I spent the rest of the day alternating between laying around in a sugar coma and magically throwing up the rainbow.

But surprisingly I am not sick of Lucky Charms even now! And I still love those little marshmallows!