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Girls’ Weekend of Leisure


It was a pretty simmered weekend over here, which I was actually very thankful for as I feel like this entire summer has been packed with craziness and something exciting always seems to be going on. I am also very, very sad it’s almost the end of August. I’m trying not to think about the impending doom that is winter. I know fall is still in between there, but after August the weather is so iffy.

Anyway, Friday after work I headed over to my good friend Emily’s house for a girls’ night.

Em and I grew up together, but I don’t get to see her very often anymore since I moved, as she now lives about an hour and a half away from me.

Also present for girls’ night were our two friends Joanna and Julie, and we figured out that the last time just four of us hung out together was about 10 years ago. Usually the other girls are in attendance as well, so it has only ever been the four of us one time.

We all remember our last night together vividly, as it was the night we tried to sleep on my dock on the lake. We made it about halfway through the night until we got cold and too harassed by bugs, so we eventually bailed on that idea and headed back to my house. And then I remember Emily making me put her comforter in the dryer repeatedly because she wanted it heated. I did it too. I am such a good friend.

Anyway, as is typical of Emily, she really went all out on the snacks.

Annnnnnd this is why I love coming to her house. She always has the BEST snack table (you may remember she also has a cotton candy machine AND a popcorn machine), and she always includes chocolate chip cookies, which are my absolute fave. We all hung out and caught up while standing around the snack table eating for a good hour. I ate at least four cookies and I felt no shame. Fun times.

After our snack fest we snuggled up on the couch and watched the movie Gone (definitely better than I expected, but I didn’t really enjoy the ending) and I made a new BFF.

Emily’s cat Trixie. She is so snuggly and cute. I even let her sleep with me for a while, and then she was being all crazy and crawling all over my body and keeping me awake so she got cut. Silly Trixie.

Jo and Julie had to leave shortly after the movie, but Em and I had a beautiful slumber party. I have missed spending quality time with my little Emilio, so it was really good to catch up (she is my oldest friend!).

In the morning she took me on a nature walk on a trail near her house.

I was reallllllly hoping we would see a deer or even beavers, but no dice. It was definitely scenic and peaceful though. Em’s neighbourhood kind of reminds me of where I grew up, minus the lake. Though there was a decent sized river.

I don’t think I would swim in there though…

Ah, I miss living in the country sometimes.

When we returned Emily me a very delicious breakfast of an over-easy egg, toast, turkey bacon and coffee before I hit the road.

Trixie wanted in on it. She stalked me the entire time I was eating.

I think Trixie was probably sad to see me go.

After breakfast, Em had a horseback riding lesson so I headed to my friend Sherrie’s house for part two of girls’ weekend. I was meeting her and our friend Dawn for a day of leisuring by the pool in Sherrie’s backyard.

Sherrie’s cheeky little nephew Jayden was our pool buddy for a while as well, and I am pretty sure he had the best time ever.

He loooooved it when I would disappear under the water and grab his feet. He was dying laughing. So cute.

We leisured poolside and swam around for about seven hours, and I loved every glorious minute. I am going to miss summer so much! I want it to stay forever.

It was also a good day of eating. Sherrie made us spicy sausages on a bun for lunch, and for dinner her parents ordered pizza from Toppers, my favourite pizza place ever that is sadly not in Toronto. Which is probably a good thing actually, because I have a feeling that’s all I would eat. I DIE for Toppers Pizza. It is SO good.

And then I came home and got caught up on True Blood and Big Brother while I hung with my own kitty cat and drank wine. Perfect.

So that is my weekend in a nutshell. Lots of fun leisure time with the girls. Just what I wanted, because next weekend about eight of us are going camping in Algonquin Park and I have a feeling it is going to be four days of craziness.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Slow Death by Treadmill

Welp, I am pretty sure I will be having nightmares tonight.

Not because of my scary movie marathon the other day. Noooope, because I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing this mess today:

That would be 51-year-old Doug Hutchison dressed as his 16-year-old wife (oh sorry, she may be 17 now) for Halloween.

Ol’ Douggie-Pants has given me the serious creeps since his role in The Green Mile. I’m sure you all remember the greasy faced Percy, known for killing the cute little mouse, Mr. Bojangles, and for being an all-around D-bag.


Of all the movie characters I would like to punch in the face, Percy remains number one for me (the hunter who shot Bambi’s mom is a close second).

Marrying the 16-year-old Courtney Stodden amped up his creepy level further than I ever thought possible, but his Halloween shenanigans have trumped even that.

I have said it before and I will say it again, people are weird.

Moving on…

When I left you guys yesterday, I was headed to the gym for some intimate one-on-one time with the arc trainer. Sadly, all the arc trainers were taken when I got there, so I had to go with a back-up plan. The treadmill.

I haven’t ran on the treadmill since last winter, so at first I thought it might not be as bad as I remembered and I may actually enjoy it.

Not quite.

It started off okay, but two minutes in it started to go downhill. Basically this was the chain of events:

Fine, I exaggerate a little. But it was not fun.

It’s not that the treadmill is more difficult than running outside, it’s just that it’s so mindless and boring! I switched it up and watched TV instead of listened to music, thinking that would help keep my mind off the treadmill. No dice.

I don’t know what I’m going to do all winter. I don’t want to stop running. I like the way it makes me feel about myself, and I like what it does to my bod (running is the only exercise I have found that seems to keep everything “in check”), but I do not like the way the treadmill makes me feel.

I think I may try listening to an audio book. Maybe that will help?

Anyone actually enjoy the treadmill? What are your tips for not dying of boredom?

It was so gorgeous today, sunny and 16 degrees C, so I wanted to take advantage of it because I know these days are just about over. As soon as I got home from work I headed outside for a run. Compared to the treadmill, it was a breath of fresh air! I actually enjoyed it.

My little RunKeeper app came on at 1k into my run and said my pace was 5:45 per kilometre. Um, what? I thought it had messed up and had the time wrong, but at kilometre 2 it was about the same pace, so I checked to see what was going on and it was actually correct! That is the fastest I have ever run!

I had to stop at a stoplight around 3.5k and my pace went downhill from there. I find it so hard to stop and then run again, this is why running at a steady pace works best for me.

Anyway, I ended up finishing in about 29 minutes and I was so incredibly happy with myself. Maybe the treadmill taught me not to take running outside for granted? You never can tell…

Annnnd in other news, I discovered Peanut Butter Puffins.

I have never tried them before and OH MAN, they are good!

FYI they are:

  • 100% Natural
  • Dairy Free
  • Low Fat
  • Wheat Free Ingredients
  • Gluten Free (Honey Rice & Multigrain)
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Vegetarian

according to the Puffins website. But that is not why I like them. I like them because they are delicious! They taste like peanut butter Cap’n Crunch!

I topped some Puffins with 1% milk and a sliced banana and I was in heaven.

Puffin' Delicious

Pretty sure I’ll be eating this combo for the rest of the week.

And with that, I am outta here! I have a work event tomorrow evening and probably will not have time to post, so I am hoping to have a cartoon story post I have been working on completed to put up here. Fingers crossed!

Have a great night!


Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes

Good afternoon!

This morning after sleeping in a little bit (9am, my teenage self would not be impressed), I woke up with a serious hankering for pancakes. I have been seeing pumpkin pancakes around a lot, and I had some pumpkin sitting in the fridge that I haven’t really been using lately. I thought I’d try my hand at making my own little cakes full of the pumpkin goodness.

I googled around for recipes, but I wanted pumpkin oatmeal pancakes with minimal ingredients and I had a hard time finding the perfect recipe for me. In the end, I decided to do my own thing and hope for the best.

Oatmeal Pumpkin Pancakes

They turned out really well, and I was impressed with my handiwork. They were delicious.

I am not a cook by any means, but I find pancakes really hard to mess up. Here is the recipe I ended up using:

Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup flour (I used whole wheat)
  • 1/2 cup milk (I used almond milk)
  • 1.5 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp baking powder

Mix all ingredients together, pour onto skillet and cook a la regular pancakes. Makes about 6 decent-sized, thick, pancakes.

I only had a little bit of maple syrup left, so I topped one of my pancakes with that, and then the other two with Nutella.


This made me wish I had actually put Nutella in the mix! I loved the chocolately flavour. So good. Ah well, next time.

Though I am now a fan of pumpkin, I found that I couldn’t really taste the pumpkin at all in these, but it added a smooth and fluffy texture that I was a big fan of.


After breakfast, I leisured for a bit, completed a few chores around the house, cuddled with this little ball of cuteness…

Winnie Kitty

And then hit up the gym!

I debated going for a run outside, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Since that is pretty much the only form of cardio I’ve been doing lately, I thought I’d switch it up and use the arc trainer at my gym.

I actually really enjoy the arc trainer. I feel like it’s a better workout than the elliptical (just my opinion, I don’t know if that’s true), and not as boring as the treadmill. I also can read a little bit, so I spent most of my 40 minutes on the arc trainer reading magazines and catching up on my celebrity gossip.

Before the arc trainer I did the 20 minute fit fix, which consists of 9 machines designed to work every muscle group in your body in a short amount of time. Perfect if you are trying to squeeze your workout in. I hadn’t done the fit fix since last year around this time, and my weight has increased quite a bit! I love being able to notice a difference in my strength. It is motivating.

And then I stretched. A lot. My muscles have been feeling really tight this week, particularly my calves. I gave them some much-needed love and attention.

I was very sweaty afterwards.

Gym Mirror Self Portrait

I love going to the gym on Saturday (once I get there). I feel refreshed and ready to take on the weekend! In particular, ready to take on some all-you-can-eat sushi action and my friend Sherrie’s going away party – both on the agenda for tonight! ūüôā

Enjoy your Saturday!


Marlene’s Pink Warriors

If you guys caught my post the other day, you may remember that I was running in the CIBC Run for the Cure 5k race today, in honour of Andrew’s sister’s aunt Marlene.

Go Marlene’s Pink Warriors!

I’d like to say the weather was amazing for the big day, but that would be a lie, sadly. For this time of year, I don’t think it could have been any worse. It was rainy, and 6 degrees Celsius! That is COLD.

Thankfully my teammates and I were all layered up, and the craptastic weather didn’t put a damper on our spirits!

Marlene, Sharlene, Courtney, Dee, Myself

Well, most of our spirits, anyway.

Poor little miss Caitlyn…

I was wearing a workout tank, a jacket, and a T-shirt on top, and I was freezing while I waited for the race to begin, and I didn’t ever get too hot while I was running. Sharlene’s aunt Marlene (who we were running for), gave us all pink gloves when we arrived, which were soo welcome. I don’t know what I would have done without them. My poor fingers would have frozen off.

The atmosphere of the race was so energetic, and also very emotional, as many people were running for loved ones who were currently undergoing intense treatment for breast cancer, had passed away from it, or survived it (like Marlene!).

Starting Area

Most people had a card pinned to their shirt that noted who they were running for, and some included little stories on their cards about their loved ones. I loved reading them all.

I really enjoyed the race course, but it felt a little deceiving to me distance-wise. The first 2.5 kilometres were an out and back loop, which I was a fan of because you get to pass people on the other side as you’re running, and it is the best for people watching. It took my mind off what my body was doing for a while. But the loop came back to the start/finish line, so I thought it was the end!

I wasn’t paying attention to my time, or how far I had run, so when the finish line was in view I started sprinting for it! I then saw volunteers waving everyone passed it, so I kept going for a minute or so, and then noticed a sign that said 3k.

Um, what, 3k?! I thought I was done! That was slightly disappointing…

The remaining 2k were on a paved trail, and though the people watching wasn’t as good, the scenery was pretty nice.

I powered through and finished strong in 29:11, though the race wasn’t chip timed so that may not be exactly accurate. I just kept track of this myself with my RunKeeper app on my iPhone, and I forgot to stop it right away after I crossed the finish line. It may have actually been slightly less than that.

I am very happy with my time, considering I ran my last 5k in April in over 32 minutes. I didn’t think under 30 minutes would have been possible for me! I was excited. I felt so happy and proud of myself afterwards.

I know that finishing a 5k probably does not compare to the feeling you have when you finish a marathon at all, or even a half marathon, but since it is the furthest race distance I have run, it’s the only experience I can talk about. It’s all relative, ya know? When you used to rather get stabbed in the eyeball than run for more than 30 seconds, every run is a big deal!

The other day I mentioned our team had raised almost $24,000 for the cause. We actually came in as the highest fundraising team in our area, and I don’t know the total amount of what we raised yet, but I do know it was over $25,000. Amazing! That seems like enough money to really make a difference.

Can you spot Marlene with her sassy pink wig?

I was so proud to be a part of that team.

Before I left for race-fest this morning I made myself a big ol’ bowl of pumpkin oatmeal.


Yeah, pumpkin oatmeal, something I formerly hated on. It looks gross, but it tasted so good! Now that I have discovered what I’ve been missing out on avoiding pumpkin all these years, I am trying to catch up. I added a few spoonfuls of pumpkin to my cooked oatmeal, as well as a teaspoon of both brown sugar and cinnamon, and sprinkle of the pumpkin pie spice I made yesterday. I then heated it for about 30 more seconds to make sure the pumpkin was nice and warm.

And I also crumbled a Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal cookie on top before shoveling that bowl down. It was perfect pre-run fuel. It left me feeling full, but not gross, and I had zero tummy troubles during the race.

Some other foods consumed today: a bag of sour cream and onion PopChips that I snagged from the finish area, Greek yogurt with fruit and a bagel with cream cheese as soon as I arrived home, two coffees, homemade crock pot chicken noodle soup (<– recipe is there if you want to make it – it is comforting and delicious!)

Chicken Noodle Soup

A pumpkin spiced oatmeal cookie, and a chocolate chip blondie (made with chickpeas – this is still mind-boggling to me!)

Chickpea Blondie!

Some other fun stuff went down this weekend that I want to blog about, but all I want to do right now is crawl into bed with A-Diggity and the kitties and watch a movie…or Breaking Bad ūüôā

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Weekend of Treats

Sup buttercups?!

Thanks for all your comments on my first video blog :).  I think I was actually more nervous talking by myself to the camera than I would be talking to a room full of people.  Kind of weird, but I think it was because no one was there to give me any feedback, and I am alllll about the feedback.

When Ando watched it he mentioned that he didn’t think the video fully captured my “essence” because I seemed nervous and I said the word “um” a bajillion times.¬† I totally agreed with him, but I enjoyed doing it and I just may do another one sometime soon.¬† Hopefully I’ll be able to relax more the second time.¬† And not say “um” 10 times a minute ūüėČ (not even an exaggeration).

Also, thanks for your pumpkin tips!  I went grocery shopping today, and look what I found!


Hiding out in the baking isle with the pie filling.¬† Of COURSE that’s where it would be!¬† Yowza, that was a huge blonde moment for me.¬† I am going to blame that on me trying to rush through the grocery store on a Friday after a long work week :).

Anyway, stay tuned for some sort of (hopefully) yummy recipe featuring de pumpkin goodness.

So, this weekend was absolutely terrible for me on the eating front.¬† Alejandrew’s parents were away so we stayed at their house with his grandma (who lives there), and she kept feeding us treats!

Yummy Baked Goods

Ando’s grandma reminds me of Claudia in The Babysitter’s Club because she has treats hidden everrrrywhere.¬† Any drawer you open, guaranteed you will find a box of Junior Mints, Chocolate Buttons, Smarties, TimTams, Chocolate Mallows, or Penguin Bars.¬† Chocolate everywhere!¬† Honestly when we lived there for a year while we were waiting for our house to be built, I gained almost 20 pounds!

And she always has tons of baked goods kicking around.¬† Throughout the weekend I consumed a strawberry tart…

A red velvet cupcake with whipped icing…

One of those pastries with the cream filling that are in the box with the rest of the goodies in the above pic.

And Andy and I shared a cinnamon bun.

Annnd we also shared a box of Junior mints and a macaroon.

Luckily I don’t believe that one bad weekend in the eating department will make you gain a million pounds, BUT I like healthy eating and how it makes me feel (awesome and energetic), and right now I am feeling pretty gross.¬† This is why I cannot have any of those goods around our house.¬† If I have that stuff sitting around, I can’t not eat it.¬† I am a huge out of sight, out of mind girl.

This weekend felt like a getaway, so I went to town on the goodies and didn’t give it a second thought, but I will be happy to get back to my regular eats tomorrow morning.¬† A clean slate.

We also took grandma out for dinner yesterday to Swiss Chalet, a Canadian rotisserie chicken restaurant, and his g-ma’s fave (actually, probably every older person’s fave restaurant).

I kicked off my meal with a cup of their chicken noodle soup, which is so delicious and tastes homemade!

For my main course I selected the Southwest Rotisserie Chicken Flatbread with a side of Greek salad.

The flatbread was new to the menu and included Monterey Jack cheese, roasted red pepper, and Southwest mesquite sauce.  It was pretty dang yummy and I was impressed.

I also snapped a pic of this morning’s breakfast…

A little over-easy egg sammy on whole wheat bakery bread.  Nothing says Sunday morning breakfast like eggs!

I had a great couple of days away.¬† A-Rod’s parents have a beautiful property and it was so gorgeous outside, we had an awesome time hanging out and enjoying the weather.

Andy's 'Rents Backyard

I also started and finished Room this weekend.

I LOVED it.¬† Could not put it down.¬† It was so different than any book I’ve ever read.¬† I highly recommend it.


As soon as I got home today I went for a run.  It was pretty tough mentally at the beginning, I had to convince myself constantly for the first couple kilometres to keep running and not turn around and go home.  I was feeling lethargic and just blarg.  But I kept going, and in the end I completed 5k.  Success!

I am feeling a little better about my weekend of treats now.

I’m off to enjoy my Sunday evening.¬† Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Question of the Evening:

  • Do you avoid buying treats or “bad foods” at the grocery store?
  • When you do indulge, what kinds of high cal treats do you enjoy?
    I used to be really bad around Jos Louis, Flakys, those little duo-packed cupcakes with the swirl icing, etc.  But I do not eat any of that pre-packaged sugary stuff anymore.  When I indulge it is usually on bakery goods.  And cookies!


Fear Street and Goosebumps

Hello friends!

I had my third boot camp class tonight!¬† Tonight’s class was actually pretty killer, and I thought I may die several times.¬† It was such a good workout, and definitely one I would never complete on my own.¬† The instructor was hardcore.¬† I will be sad when my TeamBuy coupon is all used up, because the class on its own is pretty expensive, and with a gym membership as well, it’s not really in my workout budget.¬† Ho hum.

Oh and I made sure I was stocked up on hair elastics so I didn’t have a repeat situation of my first time

Triple Threat

Here’s hoping to no kinky necks!

In Other News…

Looky looky who I found!

R.L. freakin’ Stine.¬† On Twitter.

Anybody remember this guy?  Let me help you out.

And also…

I definitely grew up in the thick of the R.L. Stine phase and was a HUGE fan.¬† I was a bit too old for Goosebumps when they started coming out, so I didn’t really get very into them, but you can bet I read every Fear Street book!¬† On the books front, R.L. Stine was a major player for me once I graduated from reading Babysitter’s Club (that is a story for another post) and before I moved on to Christopher Pike books.

Fear Street will always hold a special place in my heart.  I still have all the books, on a shelf in our extra bedroom.

Teenage Suspense-fest

My brother Eric was actually reading some of them recently while he was visiting.¬† I was excited to introduce a new generation to the greatness of the Stine ūüôā

I love that R.L. Stine is now accessible, because I had a burning question for him that has been bothering my Bestie Lisa and I for years.

Catsuits!¬† The females in his books were always wearing catsuits!¬† Who wears a catsuit?!¬† Weird…

I guess in R.L. Stine’s defense, he doesn’t exactly look like the type of guy who would be very knowledgeable on tween fashion.


Just sayin…

Besides the catsuit references, I especially loved the way every chapter would end with a HUGE climax, and then it would turn out to be pretty anticlimactic.

One of my faves…

“She picked up the phone and it EXPLODED in her hand!”


“It took her a moment to realize the phone was just ringing.”

Shmanyway, I was excited to find R.L Stine on Twitter…and that is kind of an understatement.¬† I immediately had to tell my Bestie Lisa.

And oh, she remembered the catsuits.

Word.  I totally wanted to be those girls with the catsuits and the chokers and the hair scrunchies.  Epitome of cool.

Onto Eats

I  managed to stay on the healthy bandwagon today, except for lunch.

My Office bestie came in with her little baby Hudson, so another coworker and I hit up the cafeteria across the street with her and her babes for some lunch action.

Lunch Action

I was planning on just getting the salad bar…but then the pasta started calling my name, and I caved.¬† It was alright.¬† Not as creamy as I expected, but that was a good thing!¬† And though Caesar salad is my least fave kind of salad, it was pretty good.¬† And the company was fab also.

Baby Action...or Non Action

He’s getting so big already!¬† So cute.

The rest of my meals today were pretty decent health-fests…

Waffle Party!

Toasted whole wheat waffles topped with peanut butter and banana, and a little bit of “pure” maple syrup for breakfast.

And for dinner…


Naan bread pizza!¬† Ando wasn’t feeling the naan pizza, so this was a solo meal pour moi.¬† I topped my naan with Prego pasta sauce, fresh spinach, mozzarella cheese and sliced green pepper and baked it for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

Delish.¬† And any green pepper that did not make it onto the pizza quickly made its way into my belly before the pizza was even out of the oven.¬† I just couldn’t wait to eat.

Time to wind down before bed.  Catcha lata!

Questions of the evening

  • Were you a Goosebumps gal, or did you have a Fear Street Fetish?
  • What is your favourite R.L. Stine book?
    I really liked the Fear Street Trilogy РFirst Horror/Second Horror/Third Horror, and Goodnight Kiss because it was about vampires.  And the lifeguard one.  So many.
  • What is your favourite book from when you were a kid/tween?
    Mine was Remember Me by Christopher Pike. LOVED that book. I have read it at least a billion times.