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Nothing But Good (and new friends) #ChobaniTO

Goooood morning!

I am in an exceptionally fab mood today. I feel giddy with excitement! First of all, my work has been trending on Twitter in Canada all morning, and if you are familiar with Twitter you know that is a BIG. DEAL. (well I think it is…it is, right?) I run my organization’s Twitter page so I feel so unbelievably proud. Though it probably has nothing to do with me, and more to do with the 16 championships we are running this week… Still though, I feel like a proud parent!

And the second reason for my fabbest of the fab mood today would be because of the amazing time I had last night eating my face off with a bunch of fellow bloggers. I was invited to a blogger party at the Fifth Grill in Toronto, hosted by the awesome girls at Chobani!

It’s true, we love the Cho.

You guys probably already know I love Chobani Greek yogurt. I have raved on about it before, and how excited I was when it FINALLY came to Canada after seeing it on American blogs all the time.

I was pumped for this event, but I had no idea what to expect. Unlike the Yogurty’s and Jamba Juice party last week, I knew no one in attendance. I showed up alone (alone and wet, it was raining), and I had no partner in crime. I felt very shy at first, and started to prepare myself for awkwardly inserting myself into conversations that were already going on.

But almost immediately I found Steph, who I feel like I already know, as we are Twitter friends and fellow blog stalkers. This is amazing to me because basically you are just instantly friends. It is funny to know someone without actually knowing them, but I immediately felt at ease and ready to confidently get my eat on.

The restaurant was awesome and served a ton of Chobani-inspired appetizers. Each app had Chobani incorporated into it somehow, and ALL of them were delicious. All of them. And you better believe I made a point to try everything (…several times).

There were some other things, but those were the highlights for me. I never wanted to stop eating. And I definitely took away tons of ideas of how to use the delicious Chob in the future.

And, oh my sweet baby cheeses, there was a make-your-own Chobani parfait bar for dessert.

I am a sucker for make-your-own anything, because it gives me the chance to LOAD UP, which I definitely did.

Twice actually, because the Chobani crew is amazing and a half and provided lids for those cute little Mason jars, so we could take our parfaits home! I ate my second one this morning for breakfast. Beauty.

It needs to be noted that I did not once feel weird taking pictures of anything. Normally when I am out with people and I snap a pic of my lunch, someone will be like “Um, are you taking a picture of your sandwich?” Yes, what does it look like I’m doing? But everyone was a blogger, so they understand the importance of pictures (no one likes to actually read anything anymore, c’mon). It was camera city!

And not only was everyone cool with taking pictures, everyone wanted in on the pictures!

(Ali, Steph and I)

My friends are pretty cool with my incessant picture-taking, and I actually think they like it, but not as much as these gals did!

(Me, Steph, Stephanie, Siobhan and Britta.

I loved making new blog friends! It was so great to meet so many like-minded, picture-taking freaks. I see more meetups with these girls in the future for sure!

And I need to say that the cheeky American minxes from Chobani, as well as their Canadian PR team, are super awesome. I kind of already guessed this, as Alyssa from Life of bLyss has raved on about their amazingness several times, and she was not wrong. I really enjoyed talking with them. And they liked getting in on the pictures, I’m pretty sure…

(And so does that man in the poster)

Chobani peeps = the three black blazers on the end.

Just such a good time, honestly. Perfect for my first blogger meetup. Thank you so much for having us Chobani! I really do love you!

Oh, also, the Fifth Grill has a really cool freight elevator. Just want to say that.

Right?! For an elevator? Super cool.


All the Toppings in the World

So last night I was invited to a tasting at Jamba Juice and Yogurty’s on Bloor Street West in Toronto. I was pretty excited about it, as the word tasting was in there, so I was pretty sure I could expect to taste some deliciousness. Obviously I was more than down with that.

My friend Lisa works for rock-it promotions, the PR agency that represents Jamba Juice/Yogurty’s, which was great because I ended up going over with her.

It was nice to have a friend there. If I was alone I probably would have been standing around by myself all awkward-faced, and I probably wouldn’t have eaten as much as I did. I needed a partner in crime.

We started off the night of sampling at Jamba Juice, which I had heard of, but had never been to before. I figured it was just like a smoothie place/juice bar, and it is, but I had no idea about all the other amazing things they have.

Like oatmeal, my breakfast BFF!

This is my new best friend Dean (best friend because he is holding a tray of samples) and I with steel-cut, fresh banana oatmeal.

I was so impressed with the oatmeal. SO impressed. I sampled three different kinds: blueberry & blackberry, apple cinnamon, and fresh banana. All three were amazing. Like, ridiculously amazing. And I am a (self-proclaimed) oatmeal connoisseur, so I like to think I know what I’m talking about.

I never make steel-cut oatmeal for myself though, because it takes a million years (well, an hour), and I definitely don’t have that kind of time in the morning. I am all about instant.

Jamba Juice had a ton of breakfast options!

If there is one in my new neighbourhood I just may have to drop by in the a.m. for some b-fast action. And everything is under or around 300 calories also.

There were some other samples floating around as well, including possibly the best sweet waffle I have ever tasted, and a delicious tomato twist pastry thing.

And of course, smoothies!

Starting June 1, Jamba Juice is introducing Fruit Refreshers in three flavours: tropical mango, strawberry lemonade, and watermelon splash.

I liked them all, but watermelon splash was my ultimate fave. It really was refreshing (and the girl in the banana costume holding the tray of them was so cute).

After our Jamba Juice party, we headed over to Yogurty’s for some frozen yogurt adventures.

I was realllly excited for Yogurty’s. I knew it was going to be the highlight of the evening for me because I have never been to a froyo bar before, but I keep hearing about their amazingness. I think they are a lot more common in the US than here in Canada, because I see American bloggers eating froyo with crazy toppings all the damn time. I was always so jealous. I have been DYING to try something like this, but I know there are no froyo bars in my neighbourhood, and I wasn’t sure where to go.

Well now I know. You go to Yogurty’s.

This may be old news for those of you who are froyo savvy, but because I was not, and I know that most of my friends are not, I am going to explain it.

You choose your flavour of frozen yogurt…

Only chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are shown here, but they had a wide variety. I sampled tart honey, peanut butter chocolate, Greek yogurt (!!!), red velvet, salted caramel, cotton candy, and a couple others that I can’t remember…

And once you’ve chosen your yogurt, you lay on the toppings!

The toppings are RIDICULOUS. I have never seen so many options. I was absolutely dying of excitement (ask Lisa, she said she wanted to videotape my reaction). I can’t believe we were even allowed to use all of them! I was sure there had to be a limit. I expected someone to rain on my parade at any moment and say something stupid like “now go pick your ONE topping!” I probably would have cried. But they basically said “Go to town!”

And well, you don’t have to tell me twice…

Sweet baby cheeses and all things holy and delicious… Isn’t that picture beautiful? The cup of amazing froyo looks like it is floating on a cloud.

And how could I not go crazy? I couldn’t. Not with these toppings…

For my froyo, I chose a combination of my two favourite kinds of yogurt that I sampled, red velvet cake and Greek yogurt (so impressed there was Greek yogurt, it was great). And for my toppings, I pretty much chose everything chocolate.

I ate the entire thing, and I felt no shame. But in my excitement about the toppings, I forgot something very important. I don’t particularly like a lot of crunchy toppings in my ice cream/froyo…I kind of prefer it smooth and plain for an optimal eating experience. So in hindsight, I got a little carried away. It was still delicious though, obviously.

But not to worry, after my first cup of froyo I went back for seconds (MUCH smaller seconds) of ONLY red velvet cake, and some strawberries and blueberries that I missed the first time…

I was so sad I missed out on the cookie dough and brownie chunks and the WAFFLES. Totally missed them the first round in my excitement over the other toppings. I wouldn’t have gone for the fruit the first time though, come on now. You gotta do it right.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can even put into words how awesome this place was. And it can be a low-calorie dessert (though mine was obviously not).

It was just an amazing night of eating. I am so glad I was included in this, and so glad the world of froyo bars has been opened up to me! I feel like a new woman.