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Just a petite catch up

Oh haiiii neglected blog readers!


You may have noticed that I have not written anything for almost three weeks… Or didn’t notice at all, and that’s cool. I certainly noticed, and I feel like it’s been nagging at me every day but it wasn’t enough to make me sit down and write anything. Actually, I sort of took a break from most social media in general, and it felt pretty freeing, I can’t lie. I think this is the longest break I’ve taken in nearly six years of blogging, so I better get back to it before I forget how to do it. As with anything, it’s really hard to start again.


Well, in my case, I’ve come too far to let my blog fall apart because I don’t know what to write about.

Otherwise, no reason for the break. I’ve been busy, but not busier than usual. All is well over here but nothing really new or exceptionally exciting. Wedding planning is still happening, but so far so good there and it isn’t taking a ton of time (yet, probably).

One thing I have definitely not been busy with is working out or running, as I totally fell off that bandwagon back in June after my 10k race. I ran about three times all summer. Whoops.


I know, good job me.

And I have just been eating with abandon – forget counting calories or macros or even eating in moderation. I’ve been eating it all and not caring.


So, that hasn’t been great. That coupled with the fact that I haven’t been doing my usual lunchtime walks – and I had a parking space all summer so I was driving to work instead of taking transit so my walking time was cut down significantly – and I’ve been putting on some poundage.


Not a ton (although I haven’t weighed myself so who knows) but everything is feeling pretty snug right now. Not the biggest of deals except I am getting married in six months and would like to fit into the dress that I ordered. That would be ideal.

This week I was planning on getting back on the healthy track… But then we had an event at work which included what seemed like unlimited cheese (I probably ate about a full block over two days) and those little triangle cut sandwiches and mini deli wraps, none of which I can resist. And then afterwards we went out for pints to celebrate.


Which I like, but my pants don’t. Then my coworker brought in cupcakes and she makes THE BEST CUPCAKES IN ALL THE LAND (she’s actually doing our wedding cake), so I had to eat two of those.


And then yesterday we had a bunch of assorted baked goods to celebrate said event going well…


and welp, here I am. The end of the week, not back on track. Evan and I were talking about doing the Whole30 again in November but now there’s a bunch of stuff going on, including several eating events, and we’re heading to Florida at the end of the month so…I don’t think that’s going to happen. I did sign up for the Orangetheory that’s opening up in my neighbourhood, but it doesn’t open until the end of November, so that won’t be happening just yet.

Also, blogging time has sort of been taken over by Gilmore Girls watching time lately (hence the Gilmore Girls gifs). I’m trying to get caught up before the big revival happens!


I’m sure you’ve seen the trailer if you’re any sort of fan, but here it is anyway.

Oh man, all the feels, especially about the Emily scenes. I can’t wait. But I’m only mid season three so I still have a lot of re-watching to do (not looking forward to seasons 6 and 7, ugh). Evan is watching it with me and he’s never seen it before – it’s fun to watch with someone who’s experiencing the magic for the first time. It pleases me how much he likes it.

And as for blogging, I guess I just haven’t really been feeling it lately. Although, I am feeling it right now. I don’t know, the whole blogging atmosphere has changed so much over the past several years. The whole internet atmosphere has changed so much over the past several years. Everything feels so curated and perfectly Pinterest-y, or troll-y. I’m really not into curated perfection, but I’m not sure what direction I should be going in blog-wise. When I write about my adventures it feels repetitive. I started writing about our Thanksgiving (and I’ll probably finish it) but it just felt like what I wrote last year. How many times can I go on about how much I love eating holidays? I’ve said it for six years now. (But I do love them, so much.) I’ve even nearly stopped taking pictures throughout the day, which is unlike me but has somehow been gradually happening over the last few months…so then I forget what happens. I am working on a new cartoon post actually, I’ve missed drawing! But it is time consuming. And I really want to get back to eating the world! Anyway


I’m done for now.

One last thing though. Americans, THANK GOD your election is coming to an end, I can’t take hearing about it anymore and I don’t even live there. You must be so looking forward to it being over.



Have a great weekend!



The Bird Dog and the Totes MaGoats Guacamole Burger

On Wednesday evening I was invited to South St. Burger‘s 10th anniversary Secret Menu launching. It was quite a top secret thing, apparently.


South St. Burger’s PR team, Instigator Communications, sure does things right. They were also behind the Slide The City event, and when my invitation for that arrived in the mail it included a giant Super Soaker water gun. It wasn’t even in a box or anything, it was fully sticking out of a little gift bag. It was especially funny because Evan and I were both at work when it was delivered, so the Super Soaker had to stay in our condo’s office until I got home and the Super of our building (Mario, his name is Super Mario) was like “We have an interesting gift for you in the office…” Super Soakers don’t come in the mail every day.

This invitation came in the above Top Secret envelope, which was also filled with classified high-quality images of hamburgers. I liked it. I appreciate these extra touches. It makes me excited.

Anyway, on Wednesday 20 of us gathered at South St. Burger on King Street East. I didn’t know what to expect, but I hoped to at least be eating a burger of some sort. I brought Evan as my +1, because he also enjoys burgers, and also just eating in general, so I knew he would appreciate.


I was delighted to find South St. had a whole event planned for us around creating our own secret menu items.


We got to create our own burger! We got to pick any toppings we wanted on the menu (and their toppings are extensive!) to create them.


We did this while we drank beer and milkshakes (weird combination but I will not ever pass up free beer or milkshakes) and ate fries. It was a dream. Just a dream.

Once we completed our burgers we named them, photographed them, and then had to post to Instagram with the hashtag #SouthStSecretMenu (click that if you want to view them!). The judges then went through and voted on best name, most original toppings, and best photo. There was also a fourth “people’s choice” category that the participants voted in (you couldn’t vote for your own burger). The four finalist burgers are then being recreated by South St. Burger next week, taste tested, and the winner of that gets a party at South St. Burger for 20 friends.

I wanted to win, of course, but mainly I just wanted to eat burgers, which I got to do., So either way I already felt like a winner.

My original plan was just to put every kind of cheese available on my burger – cheddar, goat cheese, pepper jack, mozzarella, swiss cheese, and brie. But then I noticed that one of the secret burgers was exactly that (The Cheesey Vegetarian – all the cheese on a veggie burger, which I will definitely be going back and ordering).

Next I thought about doing a Tex Mex burger, with salsa and guacamole, but then, again, I saw they have a very similar one on their menu already (The Nacho – cheddar, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, and jalapeno sour cream), so that was out.

My third choice was a simple and delicious (in my opinion) combination. A 6oz burger with goat cheese, guacamole, tomato, and red onion on a whole wheat bun. I call it The Totes MaGoats Guacamole Burger.


I thought it was a thing of beauty.


Tell me you wouldn’t eat that.

Evan’s mission was to be a bit more outrageous. I knew it. I knew he wasn’t going to just go for a regular old burger. BEHOLD! The Bird Dog!


Evan would like me to tell you that those are eyes, and to get your mind out of the gutter. But it does look like a rude, lewd and crude burger machine. It is a grilled chicken burger with bacon, a hot dog, pepper jack cheese, pickle, red onion, mustard, spicy Ketchup, and gourmet dill relish. Also quite a thing of beauty. When the organizers pulled up his photo on Instagram they all burst out laughing and showed it to everyone around them. Evan was super proud. He whispered excitedly to me “They’re looking at my burger!”

Evan’s burger won for most creative toppings, meaning that The Bird Dog will be moving onto the final taste test next week. I am excited to see South St. Burger recreate that thing, and I hope they do it justice. The manager of that South St. location said that she wasn’t sure it would win for best taste BUT she loves the burger so much she is hoping to do something with it in the future. Perhaps you will see The Bird Dog on a secret menu one day!

Evan is just happy for the recognition, and because he got to choose a prize. He could get $20 in South St. Burger bucks, or he could choose from a few prize items on a table. Evan said he wanted a souvenir, so this is what he chose:


A rolling pin with little burgers combos on it! He is excited about it, and I am excited for him to make me burger sugar cookies.

My burger won nothing. But we got to eat our burgers after we took pictures of them and mine was so good! I have never had goat cheese on a burger and it was just as amazing as I would have thought. Next time I am at South St. Burger I am going to have to try to get them to recreate the Totes MaGoats Guacamole burger for me. It was so delicious.

Evan’s was honestly surprisingly good as well. Fingers crossed he wins the taste test round and we can have a big party!

It was such a unique event and a really great evening all around. Thanks for having me South St!


Adventures in Niagara Falls

Well, we had quite the adventurous weekend.

On Thursday morning Evan and I drove to the Buffalo airport to pick up these two cheeky American cats.

niagara falls

Fabian and Paula. I mentioned in my last post (and several other times) that Paula and I met through our blogs a few years ago and decided that we needed to be real friends. Evan and I met her and Fabian for real a little over two years ago when we stayed with them while we were in Florida, and we had such a good time. We had been talking a lot about them coming to visit us in Ontario, so I was really excited we could finally make it happen. The four of us have only met once before but I feel like we have known them forever. Fabian said this too. It is a cool thing.

I was absolutely giddy as soon as we picked them up, and when I hugged Paula at the airport she was all “Did you just wrap your leg around me?!” Yes, yes I did.

It was convenient to get them in Buffalo because it’s only about a two hour drive from us, and they had never seen Niagara Falls, which is right on the border. So that was the first leg of Paula and Fabian’s Great Canadian Adventure.

niagara falls

That stuffed parrot is Alan Barkin, and I know Paula is planning on explaining him so I will just briefly tell you that Alan was spending his days in a crane game until they rescued him, and now he is living the life.

Our first stop was the hotel, the Marriott Fallsview on the Canadian side, where we were staying (not to be confused with the Marriott Gateway on the Falls, they are two different hotels). We all bunked in one room to save moolah, and we obviously needed a room with a falls view, because who knows when any of us will be back! Here was our view:

view from marriott fallsview

Pretty great.

After checking in we hit the street. If you’ve never been to Niagara Falls, please know the view is beautiful right from the street.

niagara falls

None of us had eaten lunch yet so that was our first activity on the agenda. We went to The Secret Garden since we were over in that area and we noticed they had a patio. With interesting trees.


Fabian and I both ordered the ham and cheese croissant with fries, and I poutined my fries because poutine.


It was Paula and Fabian’s first poutine experience (first Molson Canadian experience also!) and sadly it was not the best example of poutine. The gravy wasn’t great and the cheese was just shredded cheese and not cheese curds (very important), but they got the idea. The croissant was okay, though for some reason both Fabian and I expected it to be warm and melty and it was cold and dry. Warm and melty would have been better, but what can ya do. Evan loved his fried eggplant sandwich though, so I might dabble up in that if I go there again. And I’ll tell you where the Secret Garden redeemed itself for me, the dessert.


Just insanely good. An ice cream sandwich with two homemade chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough ice cream.

After lunch we headed over to the Hornblower, the new boat formerly known as the Maid of the Mist. It was definitely a must-do for us, Evan and I haven’t even done it before!

niagara falls

They hand you some pretty sweet pink ponchos before you get on the boat, since, you know, it is misty.

hornblower niagara falls

The Hornblower goes by the American falls first, and there was a pretty rainbow.

hornblower niagara falls

hornblower niagara falls hornblower niagara falls

And then heads over to the horseshoe falls.

hornblower niagara falls

I kind of felt like we were in the middle of a hurricane.

hornblower niagara falls

The entire tour is about 20 minutes or so, but definitely worth it. It’s a good time and I am glad we did it!

hornblower niagara falls
I saw a sign somewhere that said Niagara Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, but it actually is not, though many people feel it should be. It is still quite a natural wonder even if it is not one of THE natural wonders.

After the Hornblower we walked around the falls for a while, looking at all the touristy things and taking advantage of all the photo ops.

niagara falls

niagara falls

niagara falls

niagara falls

niagara falls

We went to the very end of the street, where the falls start, and I think watching the water rush over the ledge was a highlight for me. It is really crazy how fast it flows over the rocks.

niagara falls

Pictures do not do it justice. It is amazing and I feel like everyone needs to see it at least once.

We had a fairly late lunch, so after our walk we hit up Spyce Lounge for some pre-dinner drinks. We had a perfect people-watching spot on the patio, with a view of the Fallsview Casino.


There are no people to watch in the above photo, so you’ll just have to trust me it was good for that.

I eventually switched to beer, but I started with a Caesar.


Because it’s a drink and a snack all in one!

We stayed for a few rounds and then hit up Coco’s for dinner. It was a bit chilly but we were all on the same page about sitting on the patio. Any time I can patio, I will patio.

coco's niagara falls

We all shared two kinds of pizza, the Americana (which was really funny because the exact same pizza at Spyce Lounge was called the Great Canadian, so they may want to sync up on that…)


And also a margherita pizza. I was really impressed with both, definitely would recommend eating there. I also recommend Copacabana Brazilian Steak House, we went there one year for my friend Joanna’s birthday (the time we met Vanilla Ice) and it is EXCELLENT. But we’ve all done the all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat before so we decided to switch it up. And Paula and I both agreed that if we ate too much meat we wouldn’t be able to drink, and that would be no good.

We hung out on the patio drinking and catching up until the place closed down, and then we walked to the falls again for night viewing.


Obviously much better in person.

We ended the day with a stop in the casino, just to check it out.


In the morning we pretty much just got up and got ready to go, as we were headed to Evan’s cottage and wanted to have most of the day there. I truly do think that one day in Niagara Falls (not including Niagara on the lake) is enough time to take it all in, unless there is anything specific you want to do (like a wax museum or something). And we even had a celeb sighting! While we were waiting for the hotel valet to bring us the car Joey Pantoliano (The Matrix, The Sopranos, Daredevil, etc) walked right by us. I don’t think I ever would have recognized him but Evan spotted him immediately. He totally recognized Evan recognizing him, but he was on the phone so we didn’t chase him down or anything. Just took a sneaky picture of his back.


Hard to tell in this photo but he was looking pretty snazzy. Evan, our resident researcher, found out later for us that he was there for a Comic Con Ottawa, and so was Jason Priestley! I wish I had known that earlier because I may have done some stalking. Joey Pants was definitely a good ending to our Niagara time though. On to the cottage!


20 Things I’ve Learned in my Four Years of Blogging

I passed my four year blogging anniversary a little while ago, and I can’t even believe it. Four years I have been rambling on about what I’ve been eating and the things that have happened in my life. That is crazy to me.

I am definitely no blogging expert, however I have learned a few things from my four freakin’ years of blogging. Here they are! In no particular order.


1. Your first post will be the hardest you write.

It just will be. Getting the courage to write and then put that first post of yours out there for who knows who to read is the hardest. It’s difficult to break that ice. When I was writing my first post I was so uneasy because I felt like it was the first time I was really putting myself out there and giving strangers a glimpse into what was happening inside my brain. That’s scary! You are basically asking to be judged. But once it’s done, it’s easy. Now I don’t really care what people think of me or what’s going on in my brain. I just do my thing.

2. It’s okay if you don’t have a niche.

Everyone has a damn niche. And everything you read about blogging will tell you to pick your niche before you start your blog. It’s true, your blog has a better chance of being popular if you have a set niche and you focus on that subject. But I don’t have a niche and I am here to tell you, you don’t need one. Originally it was healthy living for me, or food maybe. I’m still food heavy because it’s very important to me, but probably not enough food to call it my niche. I’m not very home design savvy, or at least not enough to be giving advice to others, so that can’t be my niche. I like to look nice but otherwise don’t care very much about OMGFASHUN. I’ll tell you how to wear a cardigan but that’s pretty much all I’ve got. My beauty routine consists of towel dried hair and mascara 6 days a week so, nothing to report there. I don’t even pluck my eyebrows (I really am lucky on the hair front but this is mainly because #laziness), so I definitely can’t tell you how to highlight those. I don’t think I’m very twee (I hope I’m not at all twee). I’d love to be a travel blogger but sadly I don’t travel enough. But this is all fine because the blogosphere is oversaturated with all of those things anyway.

All I can do is be myself and tell you about my life and sometimes draw pictures. So, I guess that’s my niche.

3. It might take you a long time to find your voice or your blog’s purpose (or your niche!)

When I first started my blog I basically modeled it after every healthy living blog that I was reading because I thought that was what I was supposed to be doing. But being a


wasn’t for me. I couldn’t keep that up for very long because it didn’t feel right. I wasn’t coming up with groundbreaking new workouts or recipes, I was copying others. But things that happen to me are unique, and that is what I want to share with the world. It took me a while to get there and I still haven’t perfected it.

4. You will look back at things you’ve written and cringe.

All the time. I can’t stand to go back and read things I wrote in my first year of blogging. I want to edit it all.

5. Your blog isn’t going to write itself.

This is disappointing. Sometimes I will have so many ideas for great blog posts in my head, but sitting down and getting it out is another story. Making the time is difficult.

6. Blogging is incredibly time consuming.

Before I started blogging I assumed it was going to be easy to throw a post up every day. From the outside it seems like it isn’t a lot of effort. But let me tell you, I have never spent less than one hour on a blog post. I might be doing it wrong, but for me, it’s very time consuming. I like doing it, but it takes a while.

7. Self promotion is my very least favourite part of blogging.

If you build it, they may not come. So you might need to tell them about it, therefore promote yourself. I feel very weird trying to pimp out my own stuff, so I still have not mastered this even though I would probably be more successful if I spent a little time on it.

8. Pinterest is both awesome and stressful.

I love Pinterest but I hate feeling like I need to make some sort of amazing pinnable image to go with every blog post I write. Everyone is making these lame pic money collages/images purely so people will pin it, and purely to gain traffic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “content is king!” but this new way of blogging makes me feel like content isn’t king, like you can just slap up some crappy pinnable image on some crappy blog post and get a ton of traffic. Maybe that’s the smart thing to do and goes back to the self promotion thing that I’m bad at. I don’t know. But I don’t like it.

9. People really, really like lists.

10. Sometimes people will disagree with what you have to say.

Which is all good. How boring would life be if everyone agreed with what you had to say all the time?

11. You’ll need to grow a thick skin.

It’s cool if people don’t agree, but sometimes people are just jerks.


Thankfully I haven’t attracted many trolls, but it does happen. You gotta just laugh it off. I am confident and comfortable with myself (it comes with age), so if an internet stranger wants to call me a fat chick or tell me I’m stupid, that’s fine. If my friends and family were talking shit about me then maybe I would be concerned.

12. As a blogger, you will be offered really cool experiences and/or products.

Traffic is the currency of the internet and companies want to use you to get the word out to your readers. This can be awesome. Many amazing things have come my way because of my blog. I will never, ever turn down free cookies. It’s a dream!


13. As a blogger, people will ask you to write about lame things that have absolutely nothing to do with you or your blog, for free.

When I first started blogging I pretty much accepted every opportunity that came my way because I was just excited to be offered free stuff. If I did that now my blog would turn into me shilling you things like canned peaches. I can’t tell you how many times a company has approached me and asked me to write about canned peaches. What am I going to say about canned peaches?! Or someone will email you and be like “Hey, tomorrow is national kumquat day! Can you write a post about it please?!” WTF? No.

14. Be yourself. People like it.

Just like with anything in life, you are going to run into problems if you start trying to be someone you’re not. This includes photoshopping your selfies and lying to your readers about your running times. People aren’t dumb. If you’re not being genuine, you will be found out. Just be yourself!

15. Success is not going to happen overnight.

I’ve been blogging for four years and I’m still not internet famous. I also did not make a dime from my blog until this year. So, give it time. And if your main goal is to make money, that’s going to be really obvious and your readers aren’t going to like it (*unless you’re Pat Flynn, in which case it works).

16. Other bloggers will be more successful than you.

Always. You’ll never be THE BEST, and you can’t let it get to you. Stop comparing. Just do your thing.

17. Strangers will know what is happening in your life.

I know I ask for this by writing about my life, but it still surprises me sometimes. Even with my friends, I’ll be telling them a story and they will say to me “Oh I know, I read that on your blog.” Oh right.

18. You are going to make amazing new friends, who you will feel like you already know when you meet them for the first time, just from reading their blog.


Like Paula!

And her bunny Pants, who I also felt like I already knew because of her blog.


19. And you will also be friends with people you’ve never met in person.

I can think of several bloggers who I have a genuine love burst for, who I have never actually met (yet!). But even without meeting them I feel like we are friends.

20. The blogging community is the best.

It really is. It still surprises me when I receive a heartfelt email or comment from a blog reader that something I wrote about resonated with them. It is such an amazing feeling and one of the main reasons why I want to blog, to connect with people. Just one comment can brighten my entire month.


Blog Dates!

One of my favourite things about blogging is definitely making new blogger friends. I have had several meetups over the last year with a few Toronto bloggers, Casey from Waffling Design, Shanondoah from Twenty Something in Toronto, and Michelle from Eamonn and Jack. Originally the four of us would meet up to run together in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery (the one I got trapped in) so we called ourselves the Blogger Joggers. Very clever, I know. I can’t take credit for that name, that was all Casey. Then the actual jogging kind of fell by the wayside and we were just meeting up to eat pub food and drink, so I think our current name of Bloggers & Lagers is more fitting.

Last week we met up to eat and drink things at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village.


It is a super cute restaurant that is known for its amazing brunch, but we thought we’d try it out for dinner because as Casey brought to our attention, they serve gnocchi poutine.


I am just going to repeat that. Gnocchi poutine. Instead of fries, it is gnocchi covered in gravy (oxtail gravy and there was some meat in there as well), and mozzarella cheese curds. They had an ample menu but that was obviously what I ordered. I can’t resist poutine most of the time anyway, and I love gnocchi, so gnocchi poutine? Yes and yes. It was so, so delicious. Everything I imagined. It’s on their menu as a share plate but I had that as my meal and found it to be filling on its own. And I still had room for dessert.


I can’t even remember what that was, but I do remember that it was amazing and I ate every bite.

The four of us hung out and talked for hours.


Me, Shanondoah, Michelle, Casey. Good times with those girls.

Also, sometimes the glasses I’m wearing make me look like Sam the Eagle because of the white strip at the top…

"THE MUPPETS"..Ph: John E. Barrett..© 2011 Disney

Just felt like I needed to tell you that.

This past Tuesday (St. Patty’s Day!) I had a date with another Toronto blogger, Liz from One Twenty Five. I hadn’t seen Liz since our brunch date in the summer so I was excited to catch up with her over green beer!


It doesn’t look very green, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

We met at the Duke of Kent at Yonge and Eglinton, my old stomping grounds when I first moved to the city. I miss that neighbourhood a lot. The Duke was super packed when we got there, because St. Patty’s, and everyone was out in full force in their green attire. Somehow we managed to get a table immediately though. I am still not sure how this happened because there were definitely people who were waiting ahead of us, but we will take it. We had a lovely time.



It is so funny how well you feel like you know someone just from reading their blog. We had so much to talk about and never had a conversation lull.

I have eaten here many times before and have always enjoyed my meal, but this time I went with the quesadillas and was not impressed. So just a note if you go there, don’t order those.

As we were chatting we were approached by a girl, Amy, who said she read both of our blogs and recognized us! It was awesome, I totally felt famous. She was there with her friend Amanda and she was so nice and seemed fun so we told her to grab her friend and come sit with us. We ended up having a few more drinks with them and found we had a ton in common so we kept the conversation going for another couple hours. By the end Liz and I had made new friends!


Me, Amanda, Liz, Amy.

Amy, thank you so much for coming over and introducing yourself! We had such a good time with you girls. We are going to have to do this again for sure.


Blogger Brunch for Two

I had a sassy brunch date on Saturday morning with the beautiful Liz from One Twenty Five!


Yes I know we are dressed the same, our jeans were even the same shade of denim, and no we did not plan it. She messaged me just before I arrived and said “Hey, I’m on the patio in bright pink!” (as if I don’t blog stalk her and wouldn’t recognize her), and I thought it was funny because I was also pretty in pink. But then when I saw her and I noticed that we both got the black cardigan + dark denim memo I just stared at her and pointed from her to me several times. We were twinning hardcore.

Anyway, the brunch was awesome. I have been reading Liz’s blog for a while now and we have been trying to meet in person for several months but it just hadn’t happened. We finally planned the meetup for Saturday and I honestly was really looking forward to it. For our first time meeting it was pretty crazy how much we already knew about each other (because blogs), and how much we have in common. She lives right near where I just moved from, we’re in a similar field, the online dating experiences (you may know my experience with online dating was hilarious, and then horrible, but eventually absolutely amazing). And of course we talked about blog stuff. It’s fun talking to another blogger who knows about blog things. I’m not really active in the blogging community so I don’t do that often. I could have stayed there talking all afternoon, and I think I interrupted her a few times because I felt like I had so much to tell her! It was like catching up with an old friend. Really, really nice.

Anyway, Liz took me to Origin at King and Church, which, if you follow Liz, you know is a frequent brunch spot for her. I have been wanting to go there since she started posting about it because her food always looks so amazing. Liz was pretty adamant that we needed to start with the scones, and I think the best way to start anything is with a carb so that was A-okay with me.


They came with yogurt and jam and were seriously so good. I didn’t even think I was a scone person, but if all scones are like those ones yes I am!

In keeping with our twin theme, for our main brunch entree we both ordered the same, the tostada ranchero.


Liz said it was in her opinion the best item on the menu, so I trusted her. Hiding in the above photo is salsa, guacamole, and black beans. It was RIDICULOUS. Seriously so good. When it first arrived at our table I was really worried about how I was going to eat it. I am the least elegant eater, am continually dropping food items on my (and down my) shirt, and I thought as soon as I tried to cut into those tostadas they would just break apart and everything would become a big mess. But I need not worry, all was well. I didn’t have any trouble and I didn’t even spill anything on myself. Still not sure how that happened.

Normally I am a speed eater and basically just shovel everything down, but I was talking so much that I was a little on the slow side for once.

We also scored free blood orange mimosas because Liz is famous.


(picture jacked from Liz’s blog)

The best brunches are the ones that include mimosas.

I really had such a fun time. Our first hangout of very many, for sure! And if you’re in Toronto you gotta go to Origin for brunch. It was fancier than the type of brunch places I frequent (there are few things in life I enjoy more than a greasy spoon), but the prices weren’t too bad and I thought the portion was a decent size. I probably could have gone for potatoes (there are also few things in life I enjoy more than potatoes), but I was fine without them. Though I certainly would not have been complaining had my meal included potatoes…

Anyway, good times!