Accidental #Gainz, Cat Pinkeye and Hell Week

Just a bunch of random things that don’t really flow together but I feel like talking about today…

I bought a new protein powder a couple weeks ago but the same brand as usual, I was just replenishing my stash, so I grabbed it quickly without really paying attention. A few nights ago I was making my overnight oatmeal for breakfast the next morning, and as I was adding my protein powder I caught a glimpse of the stats on the back of the canister. They seemed higher than usual. Like 160 grams of carbs higher than usual and about four times the calories. I turned it around to look at the front and…

Gainer. Mass GAINER. Great. I was using that for like two weeks. You know what’s not my goal? Gainz. Ugh.

I feel like Regina George in Mean Girls with the “weight loss” bars.

Oh well, good thing it’s Hell Week right now at Orangetheory Fitness! In the eight days leading up to Halloween, Orangetheory is “celebrating” by having 8 days of extremely challenging classes. If you can survive 5 of the 8 classes you earn a coveted Hell Week t-shirt! I will do pretty much anything for a free shirt so obviously I’m doing it. All the workouts have fun Halloween names too, and I’m a sucker for kitschy things like that (all Orangetheory’s follow the same schedule so workouts are the same at every studio).

  • OCT 24 – “Don’t Fear the Burpee” – 23 minute row block
  • OCT 25 – “Don’t Breathe” 16 All Outs
  • OCT 26 – “Drag Me to the Hill” Partner workout
  • OCT 27 – “28 Reps Later”
  • OCT 28 – “Thigh Day the 13th”
  • OCT 29 – “I.T.”
  • OCT 30 – “The Inclines of Death”
  • OCT 31 “Helloween”: where tricks OR treats await you depending on the luck of the draw.

I skipped Don’t Fear the Burpee mainly because I fear 23 minutes of rowing (I actually like the rower, but 23 minutes on it would make me hate it), but I did Don’t Breathe on Wednesday and Drag Me to the Hill yesterday, and dare I say they weren’t that bad? I feel okay so I might do 28 Reps Later after work tonight. I think I’ll skip Thigh Day the 13th but do I.T. (I think it’s going to be an intense tornado, which means switching stations constantly and that’s my favourite) and then Helloween. And that’ll make it five for me so I’ll get a sweet shirt with this logo:

Only three more classes to go.


The little kitty has a name! She is officially Pepper.

It took us about three weeks to decide, but I think it suits her. She’s a Pepper. She is totally crazy. I feel like I forgot how nuts kittens are, and it hasn’t even been that long since Tilly was a crazy kitten. Remind me to read this blog post if I’m ever thinking about getting a kitten again. She is into freaking everything and she rarely sleeps. But, we love her.

In other more unfortunate cat news, poor Tilly is recovering from pinkeye.

That picture is from before the pinkeye, clearly. I didn’t even know cats could get pinkeye, so that was quite a surprise. It was extremely alarming when we first discovered it because it came on very suddenly and looked very bad. She had just woken up from an evening nap and when she first opened her eyes her right one looked so bad that it appeared she may not even have an eye anymore. We panicked. It was awful. We originally thought Pepper must have scratched Tilly while they were play fighting. Evan and I immediately packed Tilly up and took her to the emergency vet and her eye was already looking better when we arrived there (she definitely still had an eye, thank god). After the vet examined her it was discovered that it’s just pinkeye.

Tilly had an upper respiratory infection when we first brought her home from the shelter, but after a couple weeks of sneezing she’s been fine since then. Pepper also has an upper respiratory infection from the shelter and has been sneezing, so the vet said that the virus has probably just been lying dormant in Tilly and with Pepper sneezing on her it brought out symptoms again. Which manifested as pinkeye.

Cats man, who knew.

I’m so relieved it’s not more serious. We’ve been putting drops in her eye three times a day (she does not love this) and it’s almost fully cleared save a little runniness in that eye. But I will never forget that sick feeling of dread I had when I thought Tilly might have lost an eye. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have kids and having to deal if they hurt themselves. Intense.


Well, that’s pretty much it. Except I have NO PLANS this weekend and I could not be more excited about it. Life has felt really busy lately so I’m looking forward to chilling out with Evan. I’m gonna watch Halloween things and read, and maybe do some painting around the condo. We’ll see. Have a great weekend!



5 responses to “Accidental #Gainz, Cat Pinkeye and Hell Week

  1. Super weird but I was just reading about rabbit pink eye last night!

    No plans are my favorite plans. But I have a million plans this weekend. When school is out, I plan to sit on the couch for 3 weeks straight and never move.

    • Does Pants have pinkeye?!
      I’m really going to try to embrace my couch this weekend, but I have a feeling I’m somehow going to keep finding things to do. I know what you mean, all I want for myself is to be able to do nothing!!

  2. I heard the women’s hellweek shirt is not very cute- its a weird cut. But maybe you can get a men’s small?

    • Yeah the women’s shirt looks awful with those weird cap sleeves, and it’s like a mullet shirt so it’s shorter in the front. WHY?! I’m not super enthused about the men’s either, since I think it’s just a regular t-shirt. But, I still want a shirt because it’s a free shirt.

  3. I had a no plans Saturday this past weekend and it was great. I had the apartment to myself so I watched tons of Netflix, ordered Chinese food, and did a lot of reading. It was lovely!