Thanksgiving Weekend

Hey girllllllls (and maybe a boy or two), Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! A bit late ’cause that’s how I seem to roll on here lately, but I think you can still be celebrating Thanksgiving week. I’ve still been eating with wild abandon all week. Whoops. I’ve always had my priorities straight.

However these days I’m more thankful for one boy in particular, rather than all the boys.

Anyway, my boy and I had a good weekend. I went to Orangetheory early on Friday, and by early I mean 5:30am if I want to make it before work. That is early, but I tell ya it feels good to get it done and then be free to eat everything all weekend. As I went into the class my favourite front desk lady pointed out that I had hit the 100th class milestone a couple weeks ago and it was actually my 112th class! Crazy! When I came out afterwards she surprised me with a certificate commemorating the occasion.

Uh yeah, I get real sweaty. Don’t judge.

So, that got my day off to a pretty great start. I’ve been working late most nights the last couple weeks because we have a big gala coming up at work this Saturday (however, unlike my old work’s gala, I am NOT planning it alone, I just support, so that’s wonderful) but not on Friday! On long weekends we get off an hour early and I made sure I got all my stuff done so I could take full advantage. Evan and I were heading up to the cottage until family Thanksgiving celebrations on Sunday and we wanted to get up there ASAP. Evan’s mom was staying at our place for the weekend to watch the kitties, since the still nameless Little Kitty is still too young and crazy to be by herself for more than a day (I keep telling Tilly to reign her in but it seems like she supports her behaviour), so I picked her up on my way home and brought her back to our place for the kitty party.

We left for the cottage earlier than usual when we head up on Friday’s but we hit some long weekend traffic and by the time we stopped for groceries, dinner (Mucho Burrito what), etc. by the time we got up there and unpacked it was like 9pm. We just played a game of cribbage on the porch and hit the hay early.

Saturday was dreary and rainy so we went out for breakfast, leisured around inside and read our books and napped. Pretty much a dream Saturday.

The weather cleared up around 4 and it was unseasonably warm (summer finally graced Ontario with its presence in late September and it’s been warm every since) so we hit up the dock and continued our leisure fest.

It actually got kind of hot once the sun was fully out and I was comfortable out there in my t-shirt.

It’s so nice at the cottage this time of year, even though the fall colours aren’t quite at their peak yet. It’s our third Thanksgiving in a row there and I love that it’s become a tradition.

We made dinner around 6, pork skewers and grilled peppers on the bbq (by we I mean Evan, all I did was mix the premade salad).

Don’t be jealous of that boxed Caesar salad but DO be jealous of those bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers! They’re from M&M’s and my friend Joel introduced me to them last weekend and I can’t get enough. I want them at every meal.

After dinner we went for a walk to watch the sunset. It was a good one!

We like to match at the cottage.

Annnnnd then back to the dock until the sun went down.

Followed by more cribbage on the porch with a few drinks until bedtime.

On Sunday we packed up and headed to Evan’s dad and family’s for Thanksgiving dinner (well, lunch). Have I told you lately how much I love eating holidays?!

YASSSS. I look forward to that dinner all year. I love that Evan’s family adds sauerkraut and pork and sausage in addition to all the usual Thanksgiving things. It’s new to me. My family always stuck to the traditional Thanksgiving fare (also delicious!). And we had homemade pumpkin pie for dessert which was amazing as usual.

Evan’s dad has a hobby farm so after lunch we walked around and visited with all the animals, specifically my favourite mammoth donkey Zeke.

This actually marks my 5th Thanksgiving of pictures with him.

Thanksgiving 2016 in my best plaid.

Thanksgiving 2015. Donkey selfie.

Thanksgiving 2014. Whispering sweet nothings.

Thanksgiving 2013 when Zeke’s pal Rosie was still around and photobombing us.

Zeke is 22 and according to the Google donkeys live for 25-30 years so I’m hoping for a few more Thanksgivings with my favourite buddy!

I feel like we have a special bond.

After lunch we drove home and had a sleepover with Evan’s mom, and then on Monday we did brunch with her at our place. Followed by the usual weekend house errands and a quick nap (I napped two out of three days, so not too shabby!).

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Or a great regular weekend if you don’t live in Canada.


5 responses to “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. Congrats on your Orange Theory accomplishment! I started working out in the mornings recently and I love it. It’s hard to get out of bed but it makes my days start off so much happier and it’s nice to be able to come home after work and relax rather than trying to squeeze a workout in there too.

  2. That’s a great accomplishment but..I don’t get it. 112th? Is there a significance to that number? It’s not 100th…it seems like an odd number.

    • Ah the certificate says 100th class but they didn’t notice until I hit that milestone until 12 classes later. Normally I would have received that on my 100th class. But yeah, haha, 112 would be an awkward number for a certificate.

  3. Congratulations on your Orangetheory accomplishment! I’ve heard the best things about Orangetheory, and feel like I should probably check it out.

    I’m also super jealous of your Thanksgiving. I’m from the states, and my mother is southern, so we head to Georgia to visit family for Thanksgiving. “Traditional” Txgiving dinner may involve turkey ham, but I never get to it, because we have beans, fried okra, black eyed peas, and casseroles galore. It is the best meal ever, even if I need to be rolled away a la Violet Beauregarde.