The Kitty With No Name

Guess what, guess what?! On Sunday we adopted a new kitty!

Aww I have a picture with baby Tilly in that same room when she was about the same age a bit over a year ago.

Evan and I had been talking a lot lately about adopting another cat. We have the space for it, loved having Bonnie here for the short time she was with us, and honestly think that Tilly would love a friend. Not that I am an expert on what cats are thinking, but where I could tell Winnie would have been fine with being an only cat forever, Tilly is more like a dog cat. She still has so. much. energy. at a year and a half and seems like she wants someone to play with. She loves going to our catsitter’s, who has two other cats that Tilly has become buddies with.

We have been checking the website of our local cat rescue over the last month or so but didn’t see any kitties that really tickled our fancy. We thought we were looking for a young (under four or so) male cat that would also maybe be a nice lap kitty (Tilly is not, she loves to be pet and be near us, but she will only let me snuggle with her when I first get home from somewhere, and only for about five minutes). On Sunday afternoon we were driving home from Evan’s grandmas and happened to pass the animal shelter we got Tilly from so we decided just to drop in and check out the cat situation. Big mistake, I know. Who can just look?!

There were a few male cats at the shelter, but none were for us. One had a disclaimer that he was totally crazy (we already have Tilly who has her crazy moments), one was 10-years-old and needed to go to a home with no other animals, and one was FIV positive, so again, no other animals. But then there were four kittens that were originally found abandoned on the side of the road and just came in from being fostered, who were all fixed, had their shots and were ready to go. Our new baby was part of that litter. We loved her immediately! Of all the kittens she was the most friendly right away and loved being held by us. I really would have preferred to give an older cat a home and I know how fast she would have been adopted but…I just couldn’t leave her there. So we filled out an application and brought our little nugget home!

She is ridiculous cute. I can’t get enough of her.

She is currently nameless. In the shelter they were calling her Shirley but I don’t think we’re sold on that. Our top name contenders right now are Pepper, Piper, Jasper, Cleo and Ruby but we’re open to suggestions! We’re sort of waiting for her personality to shine through. It’s weird because Tilly was always just Tilly. That was the only name we discussed for her and as soon as we said the name it was clear that’s who she was. This one is a bit of a mystery.

She already loves the cat tree.

One thing she does that probably needs to stop is suckling, on pretty much any part of our bodies she can get her mouth on, but her favourite is Evan’s earlobe. She kneads his neck and just goes to town suckling on his ear. I was reading about it and apparently it’s a comfort thing and a lot of kittens do this when they were taken from their mom too early. Poor little kitty. It was really cute at first but it’s already starting to get annoying and I don’t want her trying to suckle on everyone’s body parts when she’s a grown-up cat.

And as for how Tilly’s doing, she’s really coming around to her new friend! Things are already going better with New Cat than they ever did with Bonnie. If you’re cat savvy you probably know that when you’re introducing a new cat you’re supposed to have New Cat be a mystery guest in a spare room for a couple of weeks and have the cats sniff each other under the door, swap them out so they can smell each other’s spaces, feed them on either side of the door, etc. etc. We did this for weeks with Bonnie and honestly I don’t know if it really made a difference because they never lived in harmony anyway. Tilly always wanted to play and would constantly harass her, and Bonnie wanted to sleep all the time and was having none of it.

The kitten and Tilly are much closer in age though. With the kitten we kept her in the spare room at night and any time we’re not home, and they were immediately showing interest in each other so when we’re home they’ve been chilling in the same quarters. Tilly was quite hissy at the kitten for the first couple of days, but wasn’t showing any signs of aggression, she mostly just wanted to play, and so did the kitten. Tilly’s dream finally came true! She quickly got over her “WTF is this thing?!” and it’s only been a few days but they’re already almost friends!

I can’t get over the size difference. Tilly was still a little baby kitty to me before the kitten arrived, but she looks freakin’ huge now and seems like such a big grown up cat all of a sudden.

I saw them give each other some kitty kisses, and a quick drive-by groom, which warmed my heart. Last night they were even sleeping on the same mat!

Not touching or anything but that would never have happened with Bonnie!

So anyway, we have a new kitty that we are loving on. She is just the cutest.

A bit of a jerk still as you know kittens are, but seriously the cutest.

And Tilly is still the queen of her palace.

I think it’s just a matter of time before those two start snuggling, and I’m excited for it. Tilly is such a good cat so I’m hoping she can give New Cat some guidance. Maybe she’ll teach her how to play fetch.

Also, tell me your cat names!


19 responses to “The Kitty With No Name

  1. Ahhh, what a cute little muffin. You guys are so sweet to give her such a loving home. Her big sis Tilly looks so happy to have a new friend. My name picks are Madison, Bella or Haley, enjoy your new little one.

  2. Agnes, Eleanor, or Mildred. I love a good old lady name for animals. 🙂 Oh! Or Hazel. She’s got hazel eyes.

  3. She looks like a Sprocket to me. She also looks like my old kitty Jinx!

  4. Gym son has one like her he calls Gidget. She is very playful even at 16! Brings out things from the kids room during the day when no one is home. He is constantly picking up after her and she meows till he goes to bed after coming home from work. She is a real Gidget.

  5. What a sweet little nugget! I’ve never been much of a cat person, but my fiance really wants a kitten and I think I might be coming around. My thing with cats is how independent they are, I need an animal who is really loving and affectionate so I’ve always been more of a dog person. I recently started following our local animal adoption center on Facebook though and I keep seeing all these cute kittens! Who knows, maybe sometime in the future we’ll add a kitten to our little family.

  6. She is so cute!! Animal friendships are the best. Normally I don’t like human names for pets but for some reason I’m feeling Harriet or Sadie here.

  7. Congrats on the new cutey!
    To quote you “…and brought our little nugget home!”, and I thought ‘Hmm…she does look like a Nugget’.
    I currently have Luna, and Cookie, and in years past, Artemis, Bunbury and Kamir. All of them were

  8. Kittens are just the best!

    We have a gray tabby named Jasper. 🙂

  9. Super cute kitty! If you are a Game of Thrones fan I suggest Maisie. Maisie Williams plays Arya Stark and without getting in to the whole backstory of the show there was a time she was the girl without a name. So, since your kitty is the kitty without a name it fits nicely. I suggested the name to my mom when she got a kitten, but she went with something else. Good luck!!

  10. I also like names with an ‘ey’ or ‘ie’ at the end. Two of my three cats are named after my favourite book characters. Maybe think of some of yours? Also, just thought I’d share, my friend had a human baby on Tuesday, and still hasn’t named him. So you are not alone! Lol. Btw, what a cutie! Glad they’re becoming friends(ish).

  11. A few more names for your sweet fur baby, Lexi, Autumn, Gracie, Kali, Chloe and Sadie. Have fun picking a name.

  12. We named out guinea pig Whiskey for reference. Lol. How about Taffy??

  13. I thought she looks like a little fox. But Foxy would be a weird name, but I like Roxy.